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Chapter 224: One Willow Tree Makes Shade Village

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


On that night, the fellow netizens witnessed numerous capsizes, but a few players escaped the fate of the doomed rafts and returned home safe and sound.

Water Port Master, a player who lived in the 2,000th Newbie Village, was on the road with his game buddy Shallow Water. Since there were only two of them, the raft they made was smaller than the others, but it was such a tiny raft, that it took them to float around the sea smoothly. Perhaps because both of them had the word “water” in their names, they were quite safe along the way, as they their nets twice and catching a net of small shrimp and a net of anglerfish 1 respectively, the latter of which, because of its ugly appearance, was screenshotted and posted to the forum. Their fellow netizens scolded them, and said that one look at the fish and it would take their whole life to heal.

Water Port Master happened to learn cooking skills, so the anglerfish, to him, was high-end ingredients. The most simple way to cook it was to braise it. When he picked up a piece of the fish with his chopsticks, the meat was thick, and a bite caused him great satisfaction. The fish had thorns so they had to be extra careful. After they ate, they also published an “after feeling” in the forum. Don’t look at the fish as ugly, the taste was superb. The fish meat, tsk, tsk, the tender inside covered a hundred ugly!

[Believe us, if you enter the game, eating this braised anglerfish will also be really good.] Water Port Master posted.

His fellow netizens were so angry. If they could enter the game, who would come to the forum to see the text broadcast abuse!

After that, the two were also very lucky to come across a fruit island, on which dozens of lemon trees were growing. Lemons weren’t common in their village, so the two were like bears who smelled the strong smell of honey, and they rushed the small raft over. It took a whole hour to pick all the lemons on the trees. The two people were finally able to stop, and then they looked at their backpacks, which hadn’t expanded, even though they had been filled with fish and lemons. This time, if they encountered anything else, they could only carry it directly in their hands.

They were still low leveled, their skills weren’t complete, and they weren’t well-prepared!

With only a small raft to sit on, they hit the road back home.

Unbeknownst to the two of them, their experience caused so many players, who were forced to stay home, to feel envious and jealous. Sometimes, it was really, really good to know what they know, sometimes bland was bliss! They’d rather not encounter sailfish, pirates and the rarest of stray NPCs! It was too bitter to see it but not touch it.

There were such smooth groups, and naturally there were also some lucky groups.

A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish was a cheerful and outgoing female player. She was also one of the five game anchors of the 133rd Newbie Village. 

However, she was only one person with only one pair of eyes, so she couldn’t keep an eye on the village all the time. Therefore, she made good friends with all the players in the village, and added them as game friends, just so that they could think of her when they encountered something interesting and might tell her the time and place, so that she could run to live broadcast it.

For that reason, she also came up with a gimmick of “breaking news with prizes.” For her live broadcast revenue and breaking news, the players would get a 70-30 split.

The 133rd Newbie Village players were naturally very active, and now A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish’s live broadcast was one of the more popular live broadcasts. But A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish never thought that she would one day be one of the main characters in the new game.

After watching Bai Li and his group’s live broadcast, she was invited by the other players in the village to make a raft for the sea. When the raft was successfully made, she and three other players got on one of the rafts, and the four took turns to control the direction of the raft. In between waiting, A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish ran to the game store and bought 10 [Seafaring Surprise Boxes] to open.

In those 10 boxes, she opened three 30-minute time limit underwater breathing items, four life buoys, two underwater searchlights, a number of fishing nets, and bait. Before she and her buddies shared their harvest, their raft, because it accidentally hit a reef in the water, fell apart…

Four lifebuoys were the first things that came in handy. The four people with lifebuoys didn’t know how long they could last drifting in the sea. During that time, they accidentally made the discovery of a small island. They didn’t even think about the direction of the island and swam over.

The audience of the live broadcast room had been paying attention to the situation of the four people, and found that they actually encountered an island, so the pop-up screen immediately became lively.

[Oh, is this the legendary One Willow Tree Makes Shade Village? I originally thought the anchor was about to cool off. After all, they are floating in the sea, but they actually still encountered an island?]

[This luck is absolute. I hope it is not a Pirate Island or a Wandering NPC Island. They may be able to get a little benefit from the other several islands which would make this trip not in vain.]

[I’m still betting with my friends when they will be teleported back. After all, there is no raft, and floating in the sea is still a bit dangerous. Who knows whether there are sharks or piranhas underneath them? Since the anchor actually encountered an island, I am more and more looking forward to the subsequent development!]

[Welp, how come this island is bare? It looks like there are many big rocks? What kind of island is this? It doesn’t seem to fit with the islands LiLi described…]

[Don’t guess. We’ll know when the anchor goes up.]

The discovered island was not far from the people. A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish and her three little friends with life preservers on their bodies, paddled frantically in that direction. It didn’t take long to reach their destination and when they set one foot on the land of the island, the system directly sent them a warm reminder.

[Congratulations to players, A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish, I’m so Careful, Sunny Night Moon, and Starting Next Semester who found the Treasure Island (maze). If you pass the maze, you can get this islands long buried treasure…]

The four wet people immediately became silly.

Starting Next Semester was a cute girl, and her game ID showed her age wasn’t very high. Her already round eyes widened, and she said incredulously, “This…this is actually a Treasure Island? Fish, did you see the system prompt? We actually have such luck! It can’t be that my eyes are blurry, right?”

“Haha! You’re right, I got this message too!” The player, Sunny Night Moon, was a male player with a big body and a thick voice. When he laughed, even the stone walls nearby seemed to rustle with dust.

Infected by his laughter, the other male player, I’m so Careful, took out some clean cloths from his backpack and gave each of them a piece to wipe off, then looked at A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish and proposed, “Fish, first let’s take a break to replenish our strength, and then go into to the maze.”

In the course of the discussion, A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish operated the live broadcast lens to shoot a lap at the highest distance it could go. Because of the properties of the island, the live broadcast lens could only stay in the air up to three meters high. The maze, which accounted for the majority of the island, had walls that were also about three meters high, so it almost eliminated the possibility of “cheating” using the live broadcast room viewers.

She listened to I’m so Careful’s suggestion, so A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish nodded and responded, “Okay, let’s sit down and eat while we discuss how to get through this maze, and hopefully we can clear it in a short time.”

While the four people ate, the live broadcast room audience was not idle, either picking up their handy nutrition liquid to follow along with the food, or running to the game forum, to promote the game’s first Treasure Island. When the four people were ready to enter the maze, the number of viewers in the live broadcast room had risen to more than ten times what it was at the beginning.

A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish inadvertently glanced at it and was amazed. She thought that this was simply the peak of her anchor career, and treated the matter of walking the maze more and more seriously.

In last month’s game event, she luckily entered the second round, with the “100 big maze,” so she boasted that she had some experience in maze walking, and took over the task of leading with the consent of the other three.

Through previous observations, she found that the maze on this island wasn’t too complicated, and as long as they were given time, they would be able to walk out. Therefore, she adopted the method of starting from the entrance of the maze and walking along one side of the wall all the time. So long as no changes were made in the middle, they would definitely find the exit.

Before she officially entered the maze, A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish turned her head and said confidently, “Stay close to me, I will definitely lead you to the exit and get the treasure!”

Her attitude not only infected the other three youngsters, but also made the audience in the live broadcast room excited as well, as they threw gifts like crazy and called for them in the pop-ups.

[The anchor rushed the duck! I believe you will be able to lead your team to victory!]

[The anchor is right. It’s just a small maze, bring it to you!]

[The gift has been sent. If the anchor succeeds in finding the treasure, I will add more. How about five Buddha Jumps Over the Wall?]

[Well, I have a bad feeling that things won’t go as smoothly as everyone thinks…]

[BIG Guts! Shut the fuck up in front of me! I don’t want you to think, I want me to think. I just believe that our anchor will succeed in finding the treasure!]


A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish looked at the pop-ups a few more times after she finished, and when she saw that so many viewers believed that they could succeed, she was touched in her heart. Finally, she made a cheering gesture and stepped into the maze with one foot.

However, just as the sole of her shoe touched the ground, her face changed abruptly, as the familiar system prompt came again: [Congratulations to players A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish, I’m so Careful, Sunny Night Moon, and Starting Next Semester for opening the Treasure Island maze. If you walk through the maze within ten minutes you get the treasure, if you don’t get out of the maze within ten minutes, the treasure will sink into the bottom of the sea. Everyone cheer up…]

A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish’s group, “!!!”

The live broadcast room audience, “!!!”

This maze actually had a challenge time limit, and the treasure wasn’t as easy to get as everyone thought. A bad duck would fly.

A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish took a deep breath and quickly returned to her senses, her face solemn, she tensed up and said loudly, “The situation has changed. Everyone listen to my command. Let’s run forward!”


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