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Chapter 225: Treasure Chest Reward

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Time: April 6th at 2:00.

Location: The first Treasure Island discovered in Carefree Farmstead.

At that time, the sky was dark, there was a bright moon hanging in the night sky, the stars were bright and shining, and as another embellishment of the night sky there was twinkling in between. There was also a sluggish wind blowing on Treasure Island, and the sound of waves lapping the shore reef became the background sound to A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish and the other people’s squeals.

“Ahhhhhhh! Don’t be discouraged! Let’s switch to the other side and keep going. Time waits for no one! Hang in there, we should be nearing the end!”

“Ha, huff…I never thought I’d run so much in a game! That said, this is not a relaxing farming game, why are we having such a hard time?”

“I’m dying! How can I keep running into dead ends! Has our luck run out with discovering this island? QAQ!”

“Come on, hang in there. Victory is just ahead! Think about the hardships we had along the way, and then think about the treasure! We are very envious of other people exchanging or the pet evolution liquid, maybe if we find this treasure, it will be better…”

Four people were at planned medium speed run in the maze, and although the countdown of ten minutes was a sword hanging over everyone’s head, and audience for them was holding its breath, but the magic was that A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish didn’t give up or panic, but chose to calmly and actively respond. When the countdown was five minutes away, they had actually gone through most of the maze.

If there was no accident, the island’s treasure should be in their pocket.

This should have been an extremely positive scene, moving for Carefree Farmstead, moving for the entire empire. The live broadcast room audience gave a silent cheer for the four people at the same time, although they couldn’t help but want to laugh out loud.

The laughs could still be held back, but the hands catching the screenshots were already moving. Occasionally, strange statements floated by on the pop-ups.

[Pfft, the expression of Pisces looks so hideous, it’s simply a capital meltdown. I’ll take a screenshot as an expression pack. She shouldn’t mind, right?] Pisces was what A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish’s live broadcast room’s fans lovingly called her.

[Hey, I couldn’t resist taking a picture of each of them, and putting them together. It works wonders. [four faces confused.jpg]]

[I’m not satisfied with the still images anymore, so I’ve created a gif. Help me pick a suitable text. What do you think? [four people turning around together and running wild]]


As a qualified anchor, A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish had long developed the habit of taking time to glance at the pop-ups every once in a while no matter what she did, but this time, she regretted that she had developed such a habit. She stumbled, and almost hit the wall in front of her.

It didn’t matter if people would be injured, but if they lost the opportunity to get the treasure, she was afraid that she would leave a shadow on the hearts of this group of viewers.

What expression pack!? This was black history! A proper black history! In order not to affect the other three, A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish tearfully kept silent. Everyone was waiting for them to run out of the maze!

In the next five minutes, A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish not only accelerated her speed of running, but also chose the right direction at the fork in the road several times. Finally, with 30 seconds left in the countdown, they saw the exit 20 meters away.

The four of them almost ran out of the maze with tears of joy, and when all of them were outside the maze, the third reminder from the system came.

[Congratulations to players A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish, I’m so Careful, Sunny Night Moon, and Starting Next Semester for successfully passing the Treasure Island maze. The reward has been issued. Please check it in your backpack!]

The reward for passing was a small pocket-sized treasure chest that lay quietly in each person’s backpack, which made A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish unconsciously relieved. Fortunately it wasn’t the kind of ready-made large treasure chest placed there so they would have to pick someone to open it.

Now everyone had a treasure chest, and with each person opening their own, there would invariably be much less conflict. Moreover, the original treasure chest that could only be opened once had become openable four times, so it completely quadrupled the joy!

The live broadcast room audience was very realistic. They put away their previous cat’s sneaky screenshot behavior and didn’t mention a word. They just directly urged the four people to open the treasure chests on the spot.

A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish turned around and asked her companions, “I’m going to open my treasure chest now, what do you think?”

“I’ll open mine now! I’m going to open it while the air is still fresh!” Starting Next Semester hastened to take a stand, for fear that the former wouldn’t let her have a piece of fun if she spoke too late.

I’m so Careful and Sunny Night Moon looked at each other, then followed by nodding. Since they had their treasure chest, and could open them with their own hands it was an unexpected pleasure. As the two girls had said they were going to open theirs, if they didn’t participate as well, it would spoil the mood. 

Audience, [Open, open, open! Hurry up and open, go faster!!!]

So, the four people found a huge reef by the beach. They all climbed up and sat down, and then each took out their respective treasure chests and put them in front of themselves.

“Who’s first?” A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish raised her head and asked, her eyes sweeping over the faces of the other three from time to time.

“I’ll go first!” Sunny Night Moon was the first to speak out, as he smiled, “I once heard an old saying, called ‘one drum, and then decline, three and exhausted.’ Combat is like that, and so is opening boxes. Maybe the system gods will look at me as more brave and give me a good item because of it!”

After that, both his hands grabbed the latch of the treasure chest, and snap, the treasure chest opened with a sound. The items inside also revealed their true nature.

[Mysterious Soil: It works on a piece of land and can turn ordinary land into black land, from then on the plants growing on this land will grow taller, stronger and bigger.]

[Ancient Seed: Can grow mysterious plants, please players explore the specific planting method.]

[Treasure Map: There are unknown treasures buried on this island, please players follow the hints on the map to find them by themselves.]

Sunny Night Moon, holding the Treasure Map made of parchment in one hand and squeezing the Ancient Seed and Mysterious Soil in the other, had a dull look on his face and said, “The treasure chest opened from the Treasure Island gave me a Treasure Island Treasure Map. LiLi is really good at nesting dolls…”

The audience laughed at his reaction, but also understood that the surprise of this sudden pie in the sky also made their hearts sour, as they urged the others to open their chests.

Perhaps Sunny Night Moon’s harvest was only a rare case of good luck, and the others wouldn’t not have the same luck as him. Only such a result could barely soothe the wounded hearts of the audience.

A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish and the other three were also greedy, and didn’t need to tell the audience more than a few words, as they took the initiative to open the treasure chest belonging to them.

A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish, “Ah, I also got a Mysterious Soil and a turtle pet egg! Oh my God, I’ve made a fortune! I didn’t expect to get a pet egg for free when I went out to sea.”

Starting Next Semester, “Oh my God! There’s really a pet evolution liquid in here. Old Sunny, your mouth is open, when you said what comes, it was too good! Love you! In addition to the pet evolution fluid, I also got a seafood curry. It seems to be food, so when we go back to my house, we can have a whole good table, ah!”

I’m so Careful, “I got a costume, um…A mermaid costume? It sounds like women’s clothing, so how can I wear this? Eh? I also have a Treasure Map, the same as Old Sunny that can only be used on this island. Let’s go treasure hunting together later…”

I’m so Careful’s voice was getting fainter and fainter, because he found that the two female players present seemed to be no longer listening to him. Two pairs of eyes glowed as they stared at him, or rather stared at the fabric of the clothes in his hand.

“Mermaid costume? Come on, come on, shake it out and let us see!”

“Wow, there is actually such a hidden appearance in the game! The game store doesn’t sell it, the Apparel Surprise Box shouldn’t open it. LiLi is too good!”

A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish and Starting Next Semester were coming together left and right towards I’m so Careful, as they squeezed him in the middle.

Fearing that the two would do something he didn’t expect, I’m so Careful hurriedly shook the clothes out in his hands and a gorgeous dress was displayed in front of everyone. There was a light blue skirt, and the upper half of the fabric was less. Someone could imagine a player who wore it would reveal a slender waist and delicate collarbone. The lower half of the skirt was a fishtail style, and the fabric was dotted with broken diamonds and a fish scale decoration. It went straight to the female players’ love of beauty.

In addition to this skirt, this dress also had a matching crown, necklace, waist chain and bracelet, so it was armed for all aspects of the body.

The mouths of A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish and Starting Next Semester opened into an “O” shape. Their hands raised unconsciously. They wanted to touch it but didn’t dare to touch it freely, as they feared that the decorations on it would be accidentally knocked off by them.

The live broadcast room also had a lot of girls in the audience, and when the mermaid dress appeared in front of them, they let out a cry.

[The mermaid dress is so beautiful that you can become a mermaid princess if you wear it, right? LiLi, is the design of the dress according to the Ancient Blue Star fairy tale “The Little Mermaid”? The idea is really good!]

[I am also a new player in the 133rd Newbie Village. This dress is simply my dream love dress ah! Anchor you help me ask your friend, would he like to sell me the dress? How much is he selling it for?]

[The same request, I also want to buy! The sisters in front, pull the knife!]

[I’m different. I’m more interested in seeing this little brother in a dress, hehehe…]

[You’re not right in front! Finished. Once the brain has the idea, it cannot be retracted…How about little brother first tries on and then sells the skirt? Anyway, it’s in the game, so I don’t mind if the dress is second-hand…]

When she saw that the live broadcast room had impatient players starting to offer, and the price was already getting higher and higher, A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish hurried back and grabbed one of I’m so Careful’s hands and said loudly, “Brother, you are my dear brother. You’ll sell the dress to me, right?”

At the same time, the person sitting on the other side of I’m so Careful also made the same action and said the same thing.

Well, there was a strong competitor on the scene.


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