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Chapter 226: True Underwater

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Finally, this rare mermaid skirt was photographed by A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish and Starting Next Semester. It was worn by A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish on a three to five basis, and by Starting Next Semester on a two to six basis. The rest of the day was left for no matter who was home, and for people to visit.

In case the female players in their village wanted to wear it.

No, let the dress rest for a day…

As for the price of the dress, it actually sold for a whopping 600 star coins, a result that made the audience who watched the whole process tsk-tsk, and say that women’s obsession with beautiful clothes was really exaggerated to a terrible degree. Everyone knew how before, when LiLi sold the big octopus, it was only for 666 gold coins. Converted into star coins, that was only 66.6 star coins.

At the same time, there were other village players who secretly decided that when they had the chance, they also wanted to explore the sea, preferably to find the Treasure Island and open other colors of mermaid dresses from the rewards given by the Treasure Island. Only blue? They don’t believe it! Black, white, yellow, red, green…It had to be all of them!

After the dress was dealt with, the last thing this Treasure Island did was to give the two male players a venue for treasure hunting.

The maze sank. The whole island became more bare, but also more convenient for the two people to find treasure on it. The Treasure Map was composed of simple lines and simple small icons. Even if someone had never been exposed to that type of treasure hunting, they could follow the map and easily find the target.

The audience could see from the Treasure Maps spread out by the two people that the treasure spots marked on them weren’t in the same place, which made them happy and a little disappointed at the same time. They thought they would get to watch a free treasure battle!

A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish looked at the bare ground, made a few glances in the direction of the sea, then her eyes turned around a few times, and pulled out two things from her backpack and went towards Starting Next Semester.

“Xiao Semester, do you want to go under the sea to stroll? I have an underwater breathing item here. You use it to have 30 minutes to move freely under the water. Looking at the Treasure Map, it is so simple that those two should be able to handle themselves. Should we also go to have some fun?”

Starting Next Semester agreed immediately. She took one of the items and used it while she smiled and said that she would also go buy a few Sea Surprise Boxes later. Next time it was her treat!

This time, it was the turn of the audience in the live broadcast room to have a difficult time. To  choose between watching the treasure hunt of the two male players, or follow their anchor to see what the world under the sea was like. However, before they could figure it out, they saw A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish pull another familiar object out of her backpack.

The blue mermaid dress, flashing with the light of bling, did not take the audience as an outsider, and directly pressed a one-click change. The original ponytail tied at the back of her head was put down, the thick hair draped over her shoulders with a slight curl, like seaweed in the water.

On A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish’s head a small golden crown was firmly fixed, and in the top of the crown was set a large golden pearl with a few small stones around it. Her neck, wrist, and even waist, had matching jewelry; gorgeous.

Because she was still on land, the mermaid dress was long to the ground in a fishtail style, they just didn’t know if when she entered the sea, if it would directly let A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish legs turn into the shape of a fishtail.

Audience, [If you wear this skirt, then we can come with, ah!]

Those days, both men and women were old-fashioned, so who cared about the two tall, grizzled treasure hunters who were already digging with shovels in front of their eyes.

As the closest person to A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish that was the same sex, Starting Next Semester had her right at hand. She stepped forward to hold each other’s arms, as her fingers dishonestly poked her body, and she lustfully said, “Sister, I did not expect your body to be like this. You are usually wrapped so tightly I can’t see it! Hey, hey, hey!”

In that regard, the live broadcast room audience expressed full envy.

[The woman’s waist is really white. Oh no, the skin is really fine…The skin is so thin…]

[Stop it. I want to slide on the collarbone of the Pisces now! (PS: I am a female, and date males, do not ask me why I say so, I am simply horny!)]

[This dress is really great! Pure and lustful. It is in the end obviously wrapped around her so tightly, but might it also let my phantom limbs in…?]

[Younger sister Pisces’s body is so great! Fragrant and soft! I declare, from now on I am the double fish girl body powder!]

The above was all from the female audience. As for the uncomfortable male audience, the topic had been relegated to “wearing such a dress in the end was not suitable for walking on the seafloor” and such directions.

A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish was a little embarrassed at first, but quickly adjusted her emotions and bravely showed her beauty. Then she joined hands with Starting Next Semester and stepped through the waves to the bottom of the sea.

Before their figures were completely submerged by the sea, they abandoned their partners. If the others found the treasure before they returned, then they would wait for them on the shore.

Sunny Night Moon and I’m so Careful looked at each other, and together they laughed bitterly. They suddenly had the feeling that opening the Treasure Map seemed not to be such a happy thing now. They also wanted to go to the bottom of the sea to play! Still, the most important thing now was to find their treasure first!

Under the sea, A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish’s body in the mermaid dress quickly changed shape. Her legs really temporarily morphed into a fishtail. At first she was still a little uncomfortable. As the fish tail stirred, the surrounding sediment was lifted up, and the water gradually became turbid.

It was difficult to control for a while, but she reluctantly adapted to it,  and used small swings of the fish tail, and inch by inch she began to move in the water. Finally, Starting Next Semester couldn’t stand it and pulled her to swim to the deeper part of the sea. She couldn’t help but spit out, “I was thinking about only letting you wear this dress for a few minutes longer, but look at you now. Forget it, I’ll go back to the beach to practice first.”

A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish also had some regrets. She should have known not to be so hasty. Although she really wanted to wear the newly arrived dress out to give a show, the time she picked wasn’t good, since she was in her open live broadcast time. Now, well, the audience was beginning to make fun of her as a short-circuit fake mermaid…

The two dove down almost fifty meters to the bottom of the sea, which was specially set up in the game. After all, where in reality there was such a shallow bottom! The underwater world of Carefree Farmstead wasn’t pure black, just a little darker than the brightness at night, so they were barely able to see the surrounding environment.

Huge, colorful coral reefs stood around them, with dozens of different shapes of hot ribbon fish swimming leisurely among them. The bottom was covered with a layer of fine sand, walking on it barefoot, it was soft and it made people feel a little itchy. Under the fine sand, there were also some small animals that were easily overlooked: starfish, sea urchins, large scallops, hermit crabs, small shrimps, and a few large lobsters!

A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish had set the live broadcast camera to follow them, with it occasionally sweeping around automatically, then Starting Next Semester, carrying a small bamboo basket, began to pick up the seafood that could be eaten!

Oh, but they couldn’t just pick up the good tasting things. Beautiful-looking things couldn’t be spared. Like those hot ribbon fish. If they were raised in a home fish tank, they would make a good decoration, ah!

So, after loading two big boxes with seafood, especially the large lobsters, sea urchins and scallops, everything around them was wiped clean. Then the two pulled out a net, and began to catch those fish swimming in the coral reef.

Golden lobster, stingray, peacock fish 1, moonfish 2, clown fish, kissing fish 3… As long as the girls felt something was good-looking, and easy to catch, nothing escaped the clutches of the two.

It was a pity that the fish there still carried a bit of intelligence, and after the initial daze caused by the little ones being caught, they all fled to the distance, and it wasn’t long before the pair could no longer see any fish. The two still felt some pity that they had not yet caught enough.

The audience in the live broadcast room said, [Enough is enough. You have caught too much. So many fish, it’s enough for you to make a fortune!]

However, the audience’s discouragement was minimal for the two, and the girls seemed to be addicted to their carpet search in the extreme, as they didn’t even let go of the coral reefs left behind after the fish ran out.

After all, they had been playing for a month, and who’s backpack hadn’t expanded by a few dozen compartments, ah. They did better than the previous two, Water Port Master and Shallow Water, these people’s backpacks could be loaded more, and so after 30 minutes of time was about to end, and the two people were about to leave when they saw that the area wasn’t like it was before.

A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish and Starting Next Semester didn’t know that there were enthusiastic viewers who had encouraged them to go to the bottom of the sea and left them a screenshot. They posted it to the game forum, caused a lively discussion, and the two changed their methods. The game players who were visiting the forum showed up and were shocked that the game could be played like this. They had to learn from these two seniors!

Later, the seaside was crowded with players who grabbed the underwater breathing item to salvage the seabed, and from time to time there would be a few fights caused by the battle for seafood. Fortunately, it was a game, and the sea resources would be refreshed every once in a while, otherwise with so many players around, the marine resources would be depleted sooner or later.

Of course, that was an afterthought. Let’s not mention it.

A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish and her girlfriend didn’t know what kind of consequences their behavior would have as they nimbly swam out of the sea, and went back to the shore. When they saw that the other two people had opened their treasure chests and were on the reef waiting for them, they casually asked, “You guys so quickly finished! Have you dug up any treasure?”

Sunny Night Moon lowered his head. “I dug up a pair of pirate’s torn pants. If I sell them to the village chief to recycle them, I can probably get a copper coin?”

I’m so Careful grimaced. “I dug up the pirate’s fan. The pattern on the top…It’s unpleasant to look at!”

“No way, is it that bad?” A Fish That Loves to Eat Fish saw two people’s expressions didn’t look fake, so she had sincere sympathy for the two for a few seconds, and then from her backpack pulled out two large scallops, and put one each into the hands of the two people. “Okay, don’t be sad. Look what we found from the bottom of the sea. Special large scallops, which are likely to produce pearls! You want to try?”


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  1. there are actually tons of different peacock fish, I just picked this one


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