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Chapter 227: Village Upgrade Task

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


This night, for the Interstellar people who liked to stay up late, was a night worthy of frequent reminiscing. They deeply understood the truth that “human joy was not the same.” Some people just went out to sea and were sent home, but some people made a lot of money, which attracted the envy and jealousy of too many people.

That night, they learned that the treasure on Treasure Island belonged to everyone who participated, that the world under the sea was extraordinarily beautiful, that the Treasure Map’s “treasure” was not “treasure” in the conventional sense, and that when opened, the large scallops number of pearls was still uncapped.

As the group of players who went to sea in small rafts returned one after another, and those who ran out of transportation chose to jump overboard and go straight home, the discussion about them in the forum gradually died down, and the post was slowly suppressed by a new topic post. Soon, there was an attention-grabbing title that entered the sight of drowsy fellow netizens.

“288th Newbie Village, playerID: Missie. This buddy said he would never choose to jump into the sea to die and transport back. Come and watch how long he can last!”

Missie was an old player who had been in the game for more than a month, and was also one of the anchors of the 288th Newbie Village.

His live broadcast content was rather special. It was called “how boring I can be.” Once he had made a few sacks of wheat grains into a teary cat head, and disguised himself as a scarecrow to scare the birds that come to feed. Then he spent a day sitting in the fishing spot just to count the players, how many fish could the players catch, and so on; basically people’s unbelievable behavior.

It could be said that he had a live broadcast for many days, so how many boring things had been done? None of the things were repeated, the live broadcast room audience said, and although those things were really boring, somehow it didn’t make them uncomfortable, as they watched the (difficult) daily (suffering) existence of others.

During the spontaneous activity of all the people on their small rafts, Missie naturally didn’t miss anything. He didn’t choose to team up with other players, but instead tied together a small raft that could only sit a person with only a little space left to move and set off.

How could it be described? He had a smooth journey, there were no little ripples, like pirates or islands at all for him. He also didn’t cast a net to catch fish. The live broadcast process for most of the time was him lying on his back on the raft, going where the wind blew, where he floated, with no destination, and he didn’t know where the end was.

The audience watched for a short while and couldn’t stand it. They said in the pop-ups that he should find something to do, even just sing a song to everyone, otherwise the people would think that they were watching a hypnotic live broadcast.

But Missie wouldn’t, he firmly refused the audience’s proposals. He said this was a boring trip, and as long as the raft didn’t not fall apart in the middle, he could lie there until the end of time. After he said that, he took out a cookie, broke it, ate several pieces, gulped down most of a bottle of water, and lay down again. However he also took out from his backpack a fisherman’s hat to cover his face.

The audience looked at the small raft that was firmly tied to the mast by various vines, with an additional circle of straw on all sides to increase buoyancy, one twice as thick as those made by other players, and speechlessly left a string of ellipses on the pop-up screen.

They felt that they couldn’t be the only group of people suffering from such a boring live stream, so that post was born on the forum.

When Bai Li woke up early that morning, there were already tens of millions of people in Missie’s live broadcast room watching him drifting on his “boat” who were shocked. He hadn’t capsized yet, a record breaker!

Bai Li nestled in Wen XingYao’s arms, squinted and lazily watched the game forum for a few moments. Then he  repeated what he saw to Wen XingYao, and stayed in bed for a while. Finally, he crawled out of bed little by little, dressed and got ready to wash up and go out.

Now it was already more than half an hour later than his usual breakfast time, and he was much hungrier than yesterday. He could no longer replenish his physical strength, and his waist and legs were weak, along with his hands to the point he felt his entire body was going to be soft.

When he thought of the perpetrator, he turned around, rolled his eyes and said, “Why are you still lying in bed? It’s getting late, hurry up and get up.”

Wen XingYao was more leisurely than Bai Li expected, and always made him feel like a faint green tea scent was around him. “There’s no hurry, I’ll get up later. I’m afraid that if we get up now and run into Big Brother when we go out, he’ll be angry again. You know, he doesn’t seem to accept our relationship yet.”

Following Wen XingYao’s words, Bai Li also thought of the scene yesterday morning, and he didn’t feel much embarrassment, but just a natural relief. So in turn, he comforted Wen XingYao, “It’s okay. I admit it, my brother doesn’t accept it for the time being, so if you are really embarrassed, lie down for a while, and I will cover you!”

Wen XingYao, “…”

Although he was very happy for Bai Li’s taking care of him, why did he think that this was a little weird? There was a kind of soft feeling?

However, to the surprise of the two, after a night, Zhu MoLing seemed to have figured it out. When he saw the two come out of the room talking and laughing, he just rolled his eyes, and didn’t say anything strange to Wen XingYao again.

Bai Li was happy to not be caught between the two sides. After eating, he went online and found that the village was much quieter than before. The players in the village either went out to sea overnight and were now offline to rest, or they were still busy at the beach, building rafts, collecting seafood, and even setting up the evening market at the beach instead of the entrance of the village, in order to have a seafood stall…

Of course, all these contents were relayed to him by Mo Song and Song Xinran through the buddy system. The beach was too far away, and Bai Li didn’t want to go there again. He asked Wen XingYao to go with him to find the Village Chief, and see how far the progress bar of their village’s Village Upgrade task had reached.

There were two people and their pets on the road, a panda, a white fox, a golden koi, a small lion plus a macaw; a family of seven blocked the road and greatly improved the rate of return. In a short while, the two came to the Village Chief’s door. The old Village Chief was still the same as before, as he sat on a bamboo backed chair, and kindly faced every village resident who came to him.

Bai Li went up to talk to him and inquired about the Village Upgrade.

The Village Upgrade task was when the players’ village reached a certain “prosperity” and would open a game. The prosperity level was related to the upgrade of players’ houses, the friendliness between NPCs and players, the planting and raising of farmland, fruit trees, livestock, and the circulation of money, etc.

The initial prosperity of the villages was 5,000, which represented the 5,000 players that lived in each village. When the prosperity reached 100,000, the first village upgrade would begin. As the first village chief of Carefree Farmstead, this NPC had existed for more than three whole months from his completion to today, and the prosperity of 100,000 in their village had been reached long ago.

The way to upgrade the village, and the original Village Chief’s Residence task were similar. It would be completed after a large number of materials were submitted. However, this time, Bai Li didn’t specify the type and quantity of materials, he relied on the player to consciously submit.

In the process of submitting materials, an upgrade progress bar would appear. When the progress bar was full, it meant the village had reached the upgrade conditions, but it was up to the players to decide whether to start the upgrade or not. If the players felt that the materials submitted were still not enough, they could continue to find the Village Chief to submit until they were satisfied with the amount of accumulation, and then start the upgrade.

Of course, once the progress bar was full, it was also possible to start upgrading immediately, but the results of the village upgrade would certainly not be as good as a village where players had submitted more materials. However, in order to prevent players from holding back the upgrade, Bai Li put in a limit. When the progress bar reached 3,000%, that was, when the total number of materials required was at 30x the minimum, it wouldn’t rise any longer.

Since they were the invisible “top cancer” who didn’t want their village to have a sub-par existence, even if the upgrade progress bar in for the Village Upgrade was full on the first day, no one proposed “let’s upgrade it now.” On the contrary, each one of them was full of energy and submitted all the extra materials they had on hand.

This was in order to make their Mushroom Village become the first village of Carefree Farmstead, then the first town and the first city in the future. As a result of this, Bai Li didn’t panic, just ran over today with Wen XingYao to the old Village Chief to submit materials.

In the design of this play, Bai Li also made a corresponding transformation to the old Village Chief NPC. After the completion of the game upgrade, each Village Chief of a village got a huge warehouse with unlimited capacity, which was specially used to store the various materials submitted by the players.

At the same time, players could also query the latest 100 material submission records.

Each player could view the warehouse with the old village chief, but they couldn’t touch anything. At most they could take a picture and run to the forum to boast about their Versailles some.

The content was similar to the following.

[So annoying. I obviously submitted 500 wood and 500 stones, but it wasn’t even a splash, our village liver emperor, he alone submitted ten times what I did!]

[Hey, our village’s material collection progress bar has reached 500%. Other village friends may work harder and more desperately than we do, so we can’t slack off and must continue to work hard to submit materials…]

[The previous month, I was addicted to working in the mine, and I collected a large pile of unsellable gems. For this Village Upgrade task, I simply turned them all in. Anyway, they aren’t worth more than a few dollars. Much better as a contribution to the village upgrade!]

[The front of you Van Bufan. You could learn from our village. With honest work, and diligent efforts, the entire village of 5,000 people twisted into a rope. We brought the power of cohesion to a piece! [Screenshot of progress bar reaching 1200%]]


As a village resident who came to the old Village Chief for the first time to submit materials, Bai Li inevitably wanted to find his “seniors” to copy the answers, so he opened the Village Chief’s materials warehouse without any preparation. In this process, he did not interrupt his communication with Wen XingYao, so Wen XingYao also followed him and opened the same warehouse. Then the two, faced with a warehouse full of a wide range of materials, densely packed, choked on their breath. Their eyes went to look at the flowers, and for half a day could not speak out.

Bai Li, “…” In this game, there were actually so many different materials? I am the game developer, so how did I not know?!

Wen XingYao, “…” We only brought regular ore, wood, and soil. I inexplicably have a feeling of being defeated!


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