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Chapter 228: Gradual “mushrooming”

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


After accepting the various settings of materials submitted by the players, Bai Li and Wen XingYao were content to check out what was in the storage space that they didn’t expect.

“Hmm? Isn’t this the crab shell and crab legs of a crab? It’s still hollow…This group of players aren’t using this place as a kitchen waste disposal center, right?”

“I see more than that. The seventh row appears chicken feathers, duck feathers, goose feathers, rabbit fur, other animal pelts, and there are quite a lot of them. Why on earth didn’t they collect these materials in the usual way? Is this perhaps a fur processing center?”

“Haha, look at the ninth row! It’s starting to show the various fabrics left behind when they opened their gift bags. It’s mostly red, while the different colored ribbons are taking up several compartments. Should I update the style of the gift bags every once in a while to prevent aesthetic fatigue?”

“Remember the fish we caught yesterday? It was also submitted by this group of players…” 

“I guarantee that a large part of those few rows of individual items were submitted by Heart’s Jade, who loves to collect weird items! She should be given an award for the ‘most variety of material submitted’, but unfortunately I didn’t arrange that.”

“It’s okay, you’ve done a good job.” Wen XingYao comforted him. “Let’s also submit the materials we brought over, then go home and look around to see what else can be used, and bring it all over. Anyway, we can’t be exceeded by others too much.”

“Yes, I have a lot of crops in the locker in my room, so I can submit some of them as materials.” Bai Li said as he handed over the soil, stones, gold, silver and copper ore as well as some gems, flower seeds and the like from his backpack to the Village Chief.

Other people were so dedicated to upgrading the village, how could they lag behind?

Bai Li soon returned to his home and began to rummage through his dozens of lockers. Since playing the game, he had only sold a small portion of the crops he grew, and the money he got was used to buy new seeds and other necessities, while the rest he hoarded in the indoor lockers. Perhaps it was a habit he picked up during his time as an Agricultural Deity, but he especially liked to stock up on food. Not because he was worried about starving himself, but simply because he enjoyed the joy of a good harvest.

This time, however, Bai Li intended to donate a large portion of these crops. They were no more important than the materials necessary to build, but their existence was justified. As long as the materials were donated, they would have their own use, and wouldn’t be wasted at all.

In addition to a large number of crops, Bai Li was also gradually mushroomed by the Mushroom Village players, as he silently pulling out broken fishing rods, empty bottles of magical spring water, empty food baskets, eliminated all kinds of furniture and other things…finally he decided to just do a big wave of cleaning and get rid of the complete feeling of waste…

It was only at this time that he suddenly realized that he had collected so many items that had lost their value!

Ahem. Anyway, he submitted so many strange items, but it wasn’t bad for him. Moreover, he was also curious about what these strange, useless items would do in the village upgrade process, Bai Li thought with some vanity.

After he finished up, Bai Li went out to look for Wen XingYao next door, but found that Wen XingYao seemed to have not been inside the house, but was standing, dumbfounded, at the door of his pigsty.

“Wen… Ah, Demon Xing, what are you thinking about? Is everything ready?” Bai Li was able to freely enter and leave the courtyard of Wen XingYao’s house, and came in right behind him and tapped him on the shoulder.

Wen XingYao slowly came back to his senses and said slowly, “Oh, you said something, ah. I haven’t gone to prepare…I just got home and received a notification from the system that the pigs I raised were ripe and it asked me what my plans were. I didn’t know what I was thinking about it now. Are you done already?”

When he heard that, Bai Li looked over in the direction of the pig pen.

He still remembered that at the beginning of last month, Wen XingYao bought ten piglets in one go at the Village Chief’s shop, and also spent 500 star coins to buy a “to prevent the escape of fully automatic piggy bank”. At that time, it attracted a lot of the village players to watch the settlement of the piglets, and look at the little piglets eating down the golden feed, then issue a “people are worse than pigs” cry.

Now a month had passed, and after daily careful feeding, especially since they ate the game store’s most expensive Super Pig Feed, the small, cute and soft piglets had become fat and strong, and their skin was also particularly pink and clean. When the master arrived they were also active to peek out their heads, as they grunted greetings, completely unaware that at that time they were actually in a very dangerous situation.

Looking at the ten big fat pigs, Bai Li couldn’t help but remember when he was still in the immortal world. Whenever the pigs he raised grew up, Gusteau would come to him with a large group of immortal friends and cut the biggest and fattest pigs perfectly on the spot, then make a whole pig feast!

Pork shoulder, pork neck, pork loin, pork tendon, ham hock, pig tail, pig feet, pig head, pig ears… The most perfect look of those fresh ingredients as they were cut up flew through his mind, and Bai Li admitted that he had a craving. So he looked at Wen XingYao, and hoped the appetite revealed in his eyes wasn’t too obvious.

A minute ago, Wen XingYao, who was thinking about the possibility of successfully taming a domestic pig into a mount, “…”

So, the correct use of domestic pigs was to eat them? Unexpectedly, Wen XingYao’s habitual thinking expanded outward. He thought of the three kinds of eggs collected from the chicken nest, duck nest and goose shed, and the increasingly obese size of the chickens, ducks and geese that laid them, and realized that he had missed the most direct source of ingredients.

What hunting in the woods? Didn’t it taste good to eat what you raised? That said, why did the other players also not find this bug, when every day they were addicted to picking up all kinds of eggs? Was it because of love?

“When we come back from the village chief, let’s pick one to kill, and I’ll make you roast meat to eat?” Wen XingYao proposed. The expression on his face was more gentle.

“Yes!” Bai Li agreed. He thought about it and asked a question, “By the way, should we find Xiao Song and have him live broadcast? The two of us can’t finish such a big pig, if there are more people then it’s more lively. Plus, when the wild boars attacked the village, Xiao Song and Wen Chen also made a live broadcast, and it was quite interesting.”

Bai Li found himself being “mushroomed” more seriously. When it came to things that were more interesting, the first thing that came to his mind was to find people to live broadcast it, rather than to just call friends to have a good meal, and do nothing else. However, this seemed to be the common problem of the game. Players, and their common appreciation of strange things, not only had to share the game experience, but also let those who hadn’t been able to enter the game join, those gluttonous players…

After such a small request from his boyfriend, Wen XingYao, of course, would not refuse, and left the task of contacting Song Xinran and Wen Chen to Bai Li to complete. He then went into his room and searched for useless materials that he could submit to the Village Chief.

However, as a Kryptonian who relied on Bai Li to help him collect most of the icons and then loved to part with them, Wen XingYao couldn’t really find too many items that he could take out, so finally, he focused his attention on various livestock feeds, as well as practical items such as fertilizer and magical spring water.

Well, anyway, at first he bought a lot, and now donating so little also didn’t matter. The important thing was one hand to use things up, and buy them again. There was one thing he still wanted to say. He still thought Bai Li’s price tags for the game store items were a little low. He only needed to spend a little money, and he could buy a lot of things!

After deciding on the items to be handed in, Wen XingYao walked out of his room and went to the Village Chief’s house for a second time with Bai Li.

Before this, Song Xinran and Wen Chen received Bai Li’s invitation, to ask if they would like to come to his and Wen XingYao’s houses in the afternoon to help make a live broadcast. As for the content of the live broadcast, it was simply and brutally designated as “killing a pig!”

In response, Song Xinran said excitedly, [Yes, yes, of course I want to come! Killing a pig or something. It’s exciting to think about it! So we can eat sizzling pork again?]

Wen Chen also returned an OK expression pack, [OK. It just so happens that I have studied the various ways of eating pork during the Ancient Blue Star period, and if I work with Peachy again, it should have a good live broadcast effect.]

After Bai Li answered Song Xinran’s question, he talked to Wen Chen and agreed to meet him at 14:00, and then ended the chat for the time being. After that, Song Xinran and Wen Chen met for a short while. They were very excited about the live broadcast of Carefree Farmstead in the afternoon. After they discussed the dishes to be cooked, they went to the Starnet and the game forum to promote the event.

Followers of Carefree Farmstead were always the first to respond.

Jin Yu, [What what what what? LiLi and Big Brother Demon Xing are going to kill a pig? Then I must be the first to go and see it!]

Yang Muyang, [I still remember a month ago, a Mushroom Village player posted about Big Brother Demon Xing’s luxurious piggy bank and his ten little pigs. I don’t know what they have grown into, whether the meat is tender or not, or whether they are good or not. Hehehe!]

Ye Jin, [The piggy is so cute, of course, we have to fry it and steam it into countless hard dishes!]

Confucius, [I’m from Mushroom Village. Please asking when I can go to the scene to watch. No other reason. I want to know how, without the help of Village Chief, LiLi and Big Brother Demon Xing plan to kill a pig. Hehehehehe…]

[I always thought I could only wait for them to grow up and sell them for money! I’m about to reach level 20, while I’m waiting for this afternoon’s live broadcast. If the pigs are good, I’ll upgrade immediately after the arrangement!]

When 14:00 was still a few minutes away, both cloud players and real players came quickly and sat in a row to wait for the live broadcast to start. Song Xinran and Wen Chen turned on the live broadcast in advance, as they intended to show the audience the setup of the pig killing location first, but the audience was drawn away by the other people around them.

[What a guy! Isn’t that Blunt Opinion? He took the day off from the live broadcast room, saying he had some personal business, and it turned out that the personal business was to come and watch people kill a pig? Maybe he’s waiting for his share of the pork?]

[Why, not to mention Blunt Opinion, Heart’s Jade and Give Me a Bowl of Rice also came, it seems that our LiLi in the game knows really good people!]

[Pfft! Hahaha! Look who I found, Gray Scales! He came here alone. Why? Don’t you want to release the baby, Iron Head, and let it witness the killing? Is that appropriate? He’s the devil, really the devil!]


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