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Chapter 229: Painless Pig Killing

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

“Good afternoon everyone, welcome to Mushroom Village! This is the entrance of my Master and Big Brother Demon Xing’s houses. Later we will hold a pig killing ceremony in the open space next to here.” Since Song Xinran accidentally leaked his relationship with Bai Li in a live broadcast, he stopped hiding it with Bai Li’s permission, and usually addressed Bai Li directly with the words “my Master.” 

The audience in the live broadcast room was sour and envious. They didn’t expect this kid to be LiLi’s apprentice. No wonder his resources were so good! They also want to be LiLi’s apprentice. However, since it was a teacher-apprentice relationship, what was the skill that LiLi taught him?

Song Xinran lovingly finished the greeting, and the live broadcast room also gave a good response.

[Good afternoon Peachy. Good afternoon Star. Good afternoon LiLi and Big Brother Demon Xing! I didn’t even eat lunch to watch the pig killing!]

[Hahaha! It’s what Peachy isn’t doing. He’s shouting ‘Master’ to LiLi, why not call Big Brother Demon Xing ‘Master’? Are they not a pair?]

[Crap! That feels quite right. Big Brother Demon Xing is also little brother Peach’s master!]

Song Xinran looked at the content of the pop-up screen. He was confused, quickly glanced in the direction of Wen XingYao, then began to unconsciously avoid direct eye contact with him.

How could he put it? He’d actually imagined a scene where he called the other party “master” before, but when he faced people other than Bai Li, Wen XingYao had always been a cold and unapproachable persona. Song Xinran couldn’t really imagine what would happen if Wen XingYao heard himself addressed that way. What kind of expression would he show?

He felt that his eyes would be very scary. For the sake of his life, he followed his fellow netizens and called him “Big Brother Demon Xing.”

“Haha, this isn’t necessary. I just call one person master.” 

Song Xinran said with a smile, “It’s now 14:00, and today’s live broadcast has officially begun. I’ve asked Big Brother Demon Xing for access to his yard, so let’s go see how the pigs in the pen have grown up.”

Song Xinran said that as he walked in the direction of the pig pen. Wen Chen quietly followed him, but didn’t say much. However, if they looked closely at his expression, they would find that his eyes were shining from time to time, as if he was thinking about something crazy. Then, if they looked at the corners of his mouth, and the way that curved up. Old fans would know that was a unique expression when he met good ingredients and good food. It was clear that Wen Chen was looking forward to today’s live broadcast with great anticipation.

Bai Li and Wen XingYao were following behind them, one with a smile on his face and the other with a quiet expression, like parents who have brought their bear children out to play, and the feeling that they would need to help hold the bear children in their arms no matter how they approached things.

The audience “Hee, hee, haha,” had been exchanging words, and said it was so soon that these two fell into the old husband and wife mode? However, not a moment later, their attention was drawn away by the creatures in the pig pen.

When they heard the movement of someone coming over, a big pink pig’s head emerged from inside the fence. That fat look, to look at what should be a little greasy, but it still let people have the urge to “wow” out loud.

The pig that had been raised for a month actually looked like that?

[Wow! This pig is so big! Just looking at the head feels like a dozen kilos. The total weight, how much will it be?]

[Not to mention, look at the clean, pink and tender look of the pig’s head, I really can’t bear to eat it. The wild boar came into the village that time, when little brother Peach and Old Stars got together to make the wild boar meat, the taste was really good. Now I’m greedy, such an opportunity I don’t want to give up!]

[Why are the same pigs Big Brother Demon Xing has, fat and white, but the ones in my pig pen are skinny and small? The piglets I bought half a month ago aren’t even a quarter of the size of Big Brother Demon Xing’s…]

[The people from the same village can tell you why. Big Brother Demon Xing’s pigs, are living in the most expensive To Prevent Escape Fully Automatic Pig Pen, eating the most expensive Super Pig Feed, drinking Mountain Spring Water from the game store at 20 star coins a bucket… a few times I also saw Big Brother Demon Xing go to their food trough to put pet snacks in there…With such living and eating conditions, growing up like that shouldn’t be too much, right?]

[Good guys, no wonder you often say that pigs aren’t inferior to people. I don’t eat as well as pigs! QAQ!]

The topic of conversation unknowingly landed on the issue of food costs for the pigs, but was pulled back by Song Xinran’s words, “Well, now that we have seen the pigs, let’s choose one to lead out. If there isn’t one that you like, I’ll just pick one?”

As soon as his words fell, the pop-ups were full of voices telling Song Xinran to wait. The audience said they were very skilled at this thing, picking pigs. At that moment, their thinking seemed to be synchronized. The ten pigs in the pen were analyzed from the first on the left, according to the clockwise direction of the number, and there was a frantic discussion, then they finally selected the best-looking, fattest pig, pig number seven.

As the breeder of the pigs, Wen XingYao was able to check its weight directly. After he brought out the number seven pig, under countless pairs of eyes, Wen XingYao calmly spat out a number, “566 kilograms.”

That was a thousand pounds!

For a while, the live broadcast room was as happy as they were when they finally got a spot in the game.

A whole big fat pig was standing next to Wen XingYao. It was half his height, fat and strong, and looked around with great interest, not knowing what would happen later.

Seeing the crowd still sighing, Wen XingYao took the pig silently towards the open space outside the courtyard, where all the cooking utensils, tables, chairs and stools were already prepared, just waiting for the pig to be killed and eaten afterwards.

So the question was, with such a big pig, had someone learned the special skills to kill a pig?

The players on the scene exchanged words.

“I remember with the group of wild boars, it seemed to be the old Village Chief who helped to slaughter them, ah?  This time the village chief didn’t come, but it’s hard to believe that LiLi and Big Brother Demon Xing are planning to do it themselves.”

“Well, some cannot imagine these two together with what the killing of pigs looks like. It seems bloody.”

“Are they any less bloody methods? I really have something to say after being walked by them in the first two events!”

“But…They shouldn’t be able to kill a pig either. Who would specialize in learning that these days?”

“Maybe LiLi is going to do it. After all, he is the developer of this game as well.”

“Who says the developer has to be able to? I saw LiLi whispering with Big Brother Demon Xing. Do you think they are discussing this issue?”

Wen XingYao came up to Bai Li’s ear and whispered, “Bai Li, now…You can tell me how to kill pigs in the game now, right?” 

That was right. Until now, wasn’t sure he knew how the pig was actually going to be killed. Would it be straight up with a kitchen knife? Or was there a special way to kill a pig?

He had also asked Bai Li this question before, but the other only smiled mysteriously, and said he would know.

Bai Li no longer deliberately teased him. He instructed him to step forward to reach out and touch the pig’s body, then silently in his heart think “slaughter.”

Wen XingYao did as he was told, and the next second a dialog box popped up in front of him that only he could see, which asked if he was sure he wanted the pig in front of him to be slaughtered. Wen XingYao clicked OK, and soon a hazy red light surrounded the entire pig. The red light lasted for a full minute, with no screams coming from the pig. However, when the red light faded, the pig was cleanly dismembered. The pig head, pig hooves, pig offal, pig blood, plus various parts of the pig’s meat were neatly placed around, and also thoughtfully settled on a padded cloth with a transparent dust cover.

At that moment, whether it was the players on the scene or the audience in the live broadcast room, after a few seconds where they blanked their brains, they exploded together.

[Hmm???? What happened to the big pig? I just blinked a few times, and it turned into a pile of meat?]

[So this is the legendary ‘pig kill’ live broadcast, ah! I was looking forward to it for a long time, but the results really only took a minute. I still don’t know the body processing methods. I am so miserable. Ooo…]

[666, ah! Painless pig killing, you deserve it! Do people really want to see that kind of bloody scene? Obviously this way it’s easier for people to accept it!]

[Also, oh…There are old people and children watching this live broadcast, so indeed the scene isn’t suitable for too much gore. Forget it. Let’s focus on the results. Let me see which part of the meat tastes best…]

At this time, Bai Li also told the audience how to “painlessly” slaughter their raised livestock. It was true that players could use the most primitive methods to get their meat and fur after hunting, but who could resist a way that saved time and effort?

After he explained the method, he also apologized to the players, “I was negligent before, and didn’t think of the problem of the bloody picture. This is my temporary optimization. In the future, if you need to slaughter something, you can follow the method I gave you.”

The players immediately waved their hands and said, “It’s okay, it’s okay. Even without LiLi’s method we can figure it out ourselves. You don’t have to apologize! But LiLi, you said that livestock can be slaughtered, so apart from pigs, can’t chickens, ducks and geese be slaughtered too?”

“Yes, yes! Can chickens, ducks and geese also be killed for meat? To be honest, I’ve been craving their bodies for a long time, but a while ago our village’s Easy Victory life accidentally starved a few chicks to death, and it seemed to upset the Village Chief, so I haven’t dared to try it  myself…”

Bai Li smiled and nodded. “Yes, for chickens, ducks and geese and other birds that are raised. You can choose to let them lay eggs, sell them to the Village Chief for money, and you can also eat them. It doesn’t matter. As long as they are successfully raised, the Village Chief won’t be angry.”

On the spot, there were a lot of village folk who showed their eagerness. They intended to wait to see the hustle and bustle of the place, and then go home and give it a good try. Hey, at the beginning, just building the chick cottage took so much effort, now it was the turn of those chick cottage residents to repay them!

As the commotion from the “painless pig killing” subsided, Bai Li gave the stage to Song Xinran and Wen Chen, as he told them to use the meat as they wished, then he and Wen XingYao ran to a bench in the corner to join the village residents to watch.

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