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Chapter 230: Blood sausage

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

Because they had experienced this before, Song Xinran and Wen Chen were very comfortable with cooking a whole table of pork. Even before they started cooking, their actions drew a lot of interest from the audience. They looked at each other, nodded, and started pulling things out of their backpacks.

The first things taken out were the most basic seasonings: oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar and sugar, all packed in small jars that were neatly arranged on top of the long table. Each person had a set. Then there were the spices that the audience didn’t really recognize, all kinds of oddly shaped spices, each packed in a special bag, but not one that would isolate the scent.

Some curious viewers came over and sniffed hard. The exciting smells went straight into the nasal cavity, and caused them to sneeze, and they hated to turn off the olfactory synchronization for a while.

[Peachy-boy! Star! What are you guys taking out? Why does it smell so strange? I haven’t seen you guys take it out and use it before…] the audience asked.

We thought it would be something good again, but we didn’t expect it to be irritating gas.

Wen Chen smiled and explained, “This is part of the game upgrade after the appearance of the village chief’s store. It is also a kind of seasoning. Before, weren’t you curious why I eat some food that has a special fragrance? A lot of these spices actually play a role in that.” He casually picked up a bag of spices, pulled out something from inside, and taught the audience, “This looks like a star, so it’s called ‘star anise’, also called ‘anise.’ It is very hard to the touch, but when it’s broken open there is a crunch, and the taste comes with a sweet aroma. After getting used to it, I think it smells quite good. It can be used to brine and stew meat, and not just meat, but many parts of the animal can be brined and stewed.”

He looked down, picked up another bag and poured out from it a small handful of yellow green colored items somewhat like unhusked wheat. “There is ‘fennel.’ Then there is also ‘cumin.’ Fennel is similar in function to star anise, and is used in marinades and stews.”

After that, Wen Chen beckoned Song Xinran to give a brief introduction of the remaining spices as well. The audience sighed in amazement and made noises about these things that they hadn’t seen before.

[That cinnamon bark…It really wasn’t just pulled off of some tree? What’s the difference between it and the dead bark that can be found everywhere if you don’t smell it?]

[Little brother Peachy didn’t say. It is indeed the bark of the cinnamon tree, ah, so what you say isn’t wrong. But who would have thought that one day bark could be used as a spice…]

[Who said only the bark can be used? For the laurel, you can use the branches, the fragrant leaves, the berries…actually all of those laurel things can be used. But to make them into spices, the most important thing is the concoction. Without that step, they cannot be added to the food.]

[Other spices are also interesting, although they are ugly, but they can be used for stewing and marinating meat, ah. It is said that the meat stewed with them will be particularly delicious. My mouth is already secreting like crazy.]

[Warm tip, we are looking at a live broadcast. Don’t be cheap and go to to search or even order them, or your easily built up impression of the spices will be instantly broken! Don’t ask me why. Ask if my hands are cheap! QAQ!]

[Crap, brother. What you said was really timely. I almost placed an order. Hurry up and quit, hurry up and quit, or just honestly watch the live broadcast…]

After he introduced the spices, Wen Chen pulled out a large jar from his backpack, smiled mysteriously and said, “This altar contains our secret weapon for this cooking. As for what is inside…I won’t tell you at first. You will know later.”

The audience was angry, but there was nothing they could do. If they wanted to successfully eat meat, they had to rely on the two culinary experts to anchor it.

Wen XingYao looked at the two people doing the live broadcast, turned his head and found Bai Li had an enlightened smile on his face. He was a little curious, and thought that Bai Li already knew what was in the jar, so he quietly poked the back of Bai Li’s hand in an attempt to get the answer in advance.

As a result, Bai Li played dumb. He twisted his head and his eyes fluttered and blinked, but he didn’t say anything, and gave him a “what are you poking the back of my hand” look. If it wasn’t for the smile that crept out of the corner of his mouth, he would have easily been fooled by him.

Wen XingYao found that since Bai Li recovered his memories which belonged to Zhu QingLing, his personality had also changed. If he was a little loose before, now he was completely free!

Those details could cover the reality of Bai Li’s various initiatives, or what he should do to grab everything he wanted done. In the game, he was now like this. He’d obviously guessed, but was also acting as if he didn’t know and playing innocent. At least before this he would hide the cunning in his eyes!

“Really won’t tell me what’s inside?” Wen XingYao did not poke the back of his hand, but changed to scratch the palm of his hand. It was the same kind of scratching that tickled people’s hearts.

Bai Li’s body stiffened. He always felt at times like that, that Wen XingYao was a little dangerous, so he honestly gave him the answer. However,  he didn’t say it very loudly, the volume was probably one only the two of them could hear.

It was inevitable that they needed to come closer for that, and in the eyes of the other players, the two bigwigs were whispering in front of everyone. The gesture was so intimate that they treated others as air. It was a good coincidence that the pair’s “whispering” was caught by the live broadcast camera, so the live room audience also saw it.

When he heard that his brother was planning to start a live broadcast, Zhu MoLing, had gone to the live broadcast room early. “…” Yuck! Bad luck!!!

[Such an important moment! What are those two talking about? What content is there that we can’t listen to, really treating us as outsiders, crying!]

[Ahhhhh! I knocked again. These two really use every moment to put in the sugar, ah. Official sugar. CP girl moved to tears!]

While everyone said a few more words of gossip, then their attention was quickly drawn away when the live audience’s exclamations came from a certain direction. Everyone originally thought that Song Xinran and Wen Chen would choose to deal with the pork that looked delicious first, but they did not expect them to start with the pig blood and pig intestines.

“They used to believe that people with blood deficiency and anemia could eat blood sausages to replenish their blood, which gave birth to the delicacy of ‘pig’s blood sausage.’ We found an archaeological video of making blood sausage from that time. However, because this is the first time we’ve tried it, I don’t know if it will be successful. We’ll see what happens.” After Wen Chen finished, he continued to rub the small intestines with salt, intending to clean them before the pig’s blood was ready.

Song Xinran, meanwhile, was in charge of handling the pig’s blood. The blood from a pig weighing more than 1,000 pounds filled several large pots and couldn’t be used up all at once. So Song Xinran picked only one of the pots and continuously stirred the blood with a clean rolling pin to prevent the warm blood from coagulating and affecting the final taste. After the pig’s blood cooled, he added some warm water to it and mixed it well, and then put in pre-cut chopped onion and garlic, followed by the right amount of salt, pepper and monosodium glutamate. During the process, the rolling pin never stopped stirring, and when all the things were added, they were stirred evenly with the pig’s blood to complete the seasonings.

The audience was dazzled, and when Song Xinran stopped moving, they couldn’t wait to ask him if it was ready. However, Song Xinran shook his head with a sweet smile on his face and said soothingly, “Wait a little longer. There is still a little bit left. It will be done soon, I promise!”

The audience, “Okay, okay, let’s wait. Whatever the chef says is right!”

After he reassured the anxious audience, Song Xinran went back to work. He found a relatively fatty piece of pork, cut it into small pieces and poured it into a pot, then boiled it to make lard, removed the impurities from the pot and poured it into the pig’s blood after the lard had cooled and stirred it well again.

As everyone knows, the refining of oil with pork will produce delicious “lard dregs,” which was a good choice to eat directly or with other ingredients. So the extra lard dregs after the refining weren’t wasted at all. All of them were distributed to the players who were gathered around to watch the fun.

The amount was small, and each person could only get one piece, but even such a small piece brought the players a great sense of happiness. With the fragrance of oil and crispy lard dregs in the mouth. With a few crunches, it was a delicious spiral to heaven!

This invariably intensified the dream of players to “upgrade and raise pigs soon.” The pigs were really delicious, delicious! Such lard scraps, they could eat them until the game closed down!

Blah, blah, blah. Carefree Farmstead wouldn’t go out of business, it would always be in business.

The players were happy, but the live broadcast room was almost flooded with tears unlike the audience. Such a big tub of lard crumbs, but today they hadn’t reacted fast and the group of eaters snatched it all up!

Those people not only had fast hands, their eating speed was also fast. After they immediately put it into their mouth, they ate like they were afraid that someone would grab it! Even if there were others who were watching the live broadcast, who wanted a taste of the lard crumbs before they were eaten, so what? They were already eaten, woo woo!

The audience’s cries were too loud. When Song Xinran and Wen Chen were ready to start filling the blood sausage, the first thing that greeted them was the audience’s lard crumbs return application, where they said that if they weren’t given lard crumbs to eat, they would cry and hang themselves.

Two people, “…”

Finally, they discussed their intention of waiting until the end to give the audience boiled lard crumbs, when they would let them eat a batch. It just barely appeased the audience’s wounded hearts.

The next step was to pour the prepared pig’s blood into the pig’s small intestine.

Wen Chen found some thin threads and tied them to the end of the small intestine in advance to prevent the pig’s blood from flowing out. After that, a funnel was attached to the other end of the small intestine, and a large spoon was used to scoop up the pig’s blood and carefully pour it into it little by little. In a short time, starting from the end of the small intestine, the intestine casing slowly plumped up and was filled with the spiked pig blood. When the small intestine was filled, and then the other end was firmly tied with a thin thread, the blood sausage was finished.

With their first experience, the next few times were much easier, and since the two were used to doing work on the stove, their hands and feet were very nimble, so they soon prepared a large plate filled with blood sausages. 

The two most curious ones, Mo Song and Jiang Huaibi, came directly to the table, and when Song Xinran and Wen Chen looked up at them, they laughed dryly and didn’t ask them to back up.

Song Xinran looked up at the two of them, and then looked down at the pig’s blood and intestines that the two of them were staring at, and suddenly asked, “Do you…want to try it?” After he said that, he made a gesture of filling the blood sausage.

At that, Wen Chen also stopped moving and nodded towards the two, and looked very much in agreement with Song Xinran’s proposal.

For this kind of live broadcast process, a small accident could bring good live broadcast effects. Jiang Huaibi and Mo Song were considered lucky guests.

It was an unexpected blessing! The two of them had only planned to come up and learn, then later they would have the opportunity to do something similar at home. They hadn’t expected to have the opportunity to practice.

Mo Song, “Is it really possible? Then I’m really on it! Don’t worry, I didn’t miss any of your blood sausage filling actions just now, I’ve learned it completely. I won’t waste your ingredients.”

Jiang Huaibi, “Me too, me too! Blood sausage…You should be tired, so go and take a rest, and leave the rest to me and Brother Opinion!”

If it wasn’t for Song Xinran’s sudden opening, the other players in the room wouldn’t have realized that there was a traitor among them. Those who stood in the innermost layer of the circle immediately showed a regretful expression. Alas!

Someone said sourly, “Really? I don’t believe it! It’s not just that my brain says I’ve learned it, my hands say I need to see it a billion times more, right? If you guys are not good at filling, can we do it instead? One of my life skills is cooking. I definitely have more experience than you two!”

The two of them were so nervous that they didn’t try to refute the player’s words and went straight to work under the guidance of Song Xinran.

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