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Chapter 231: A sense of sight

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

Fortunately, Mo Song and Jiang Huaibi were somewhat talented and managed to fill a perfect blood sausage despite their clumsy movements. The spectators sighed, but knew they didn’t stand a chance.

The rest of the blood sausage was done quickly by Song Xinran and Wen Chen because they were still too slow.

Bai Li looked at the large group of people gathered nearby and asked Wen XingYao, “Isn’t it a problem that we are obviously the owners of the pig, but after providing a pig, we’ve done nothing. We gave the whole stall to Xiao Song and the others then just sat around waiting to eat the meat.”

“Then let’s go up and help too?” Wen XingYao proposed. “Although I don’t know what they are preparing to do, I have learned cooking skills, and have had many opportunities to practice offline, so I should be able to help a lot.”

Bai Li suddenly remembered he wasn’t good at cooking, “…Forget it.” He pulled Wen XingYao’s arm to prevent him from getting up, as he tried to dispel his thoughts, “That’s Xiao Song and Wen Chen’s live broadcast room. Let them go and interact with the audience by themselves. What if we go over and steal their thunder?!”

Wen XingYao saw Bai Li’s real thoughts and said with a smile, “It seems that our game developer is very concerned about his own godly aura.”

Not only the “godly aura” in his eyes, Bai Li seemed to glow all the time. His glowing range: the whole body. Even though his small mind was seen through, Bai Li wasn’t embarrassed. He grabbed Wen XingYao’s arm and muttered a few words, and quickly finished up the matter. He didn’t want to go over and help, it would lengthen their live broadcast time, not to mention that it would also affect his image in the eyes of his fellow netizens. If possible, he would like to just be an all-around game developer and game player.

Not far away, Song Xinran was finishing the last step of the pig’s blood sausage, boiling it.

After about fifteen minutes, when there was no more blood coming out of the needle when they were poked, he hurriedly fished out the blood sausages to ensure their most tender taste.

Song Xinran put the cooked blood sausage to the side to cool as he said, “This pig blood sausage is one of the ingredients of a dish we will make later, so we’ll set aside some of it for later use. As for the extra, I will cut it up with Brother Xing Chen and invite everyone to eat it together.” After that, he also waved towards Bai Li and Wen XingYao, “Master, Big Brother Demon Xing. The pig’s blood sausage is ready. Come and eat it together!”

The audience in the live broadcast room was already excited. They posed as flies and arrogantly ordered Song Xinran and Wen Chen to cut a big plate full of blood sausage for them. Really, couldn’t you see the golden gifts in their hands? If it tastes good, they would not give it as a gift, right? Hey, cloud players should get a bite to eat, it was really too hard! Unlike the real players in the game, they not only couldn’t eat on the spot, but they couldn’t make it themselves afterwards, so they were really envious!

Bai Li and Wen XingYao heard the call and came over, just like the most ordinary onlookers, as they waited for the two chefs to feed them. The taste of the blood sausage from these two people was very authentic, and was about one-third of Gusteau’s power. Wen XingYao looked at it and wrote “making blood sausage” into his future plans, so that if he had the chance in the future, he could make it for Bai Li in reality.

The dozen or so blood sausages, except for a few that were left aside, and a plate cut up for the live broadcast room audience, were divided up among the surrounding players.

Gray Scales brought his pet boar, Iron Head, along with him, and he even saved a piece from his own mouth to feed Iron Head. Iron Head was worthy of being the first land creature to go to sea, as he ate with gusto, without a bit of guilt for eating his own kind. Players who saw this scene said that the two main pets were considered to be ruthless people and ruthless pigs.

Having missed the lard dregs, the live room audience finally ate pig blood sausage and was moved to tears.

[Oooooh, this blood sausage is so delicious! Tender and a little chewy, not at all the fishy taste I thought. Inside is a rich onion, garlic and pepper flavor. Those three ingredients and the pig’s blood are simply a perfect match!]

[Aha! I really thought right! Whether it was the large intestine of the pig or its small intestine, the taste is great! The previous meal of braised pork large intestine I ate I thought about for a long time. I didn’t expect today that after eating pig’s blood intestine, that I would quickly defect. I am really an easy to move scum, ah…]

[Mm-hmm? Wasn’t there a big plate of cut pork blood sausage? Why does it feel like I haven’t even eaten a few pieces and the plate is at the bottom? You aren’t running along the network line to this side, are you? If you stole the food quickly, then give it to me! Spit it out!]

[Wake up in front. It is clear that you ate it. Don’t deny it, ah. You said the possibility does not exist. Instead of blaming this and that, why not let Peachy and Star cut another plate for us…]

Song Xinran enjoyed the audience’s “after-eating” talk, but when he saw the situation he hurriedly addressed their demands, “It is impossible to cut more. You aren’t thinking ahead. Later pickled vegetables stewed with meat and blood sausage will be prepared. They are for that, you also need to save some stomach space for this dish!”

He didn’t realize that he had accidentally spilled the secret that he had been keeping since the live broadcast began. However it wasn’t bad to say it in those few minutes, since they would soon start making other dishes.

When he saw that the audience’s attention had shifted to the name of the dish he announced, Song Xinran’s face was torn for a few seconds then he simply told them the story of the dish.

“You also know well that Brother Star and I usually like to study Ancient Blue Star history, especially the culinary delicacies. Recently we found a special term, ‘pig killing dish.’ Every New Year’s Eve, there is a place where people will prepare to kill the New Year pig, and the ‘pig-killing dish,’ which is a kind of stew made from killing the New Year pig, is a local special culinary delicacy.”

“This is the information we found some time ago, but we couldn’t find a stable source of pork, so we put it down for the time being, and only made the ‘sauerkraut’ for it, which is what is in the jar  that Brother Star took out. He made a lot of it in one go, and I’ve already helped eat some of it. It is fragrant and crisp, and the sourness is just right, especially for dinner, and also for relieving greasiness, so I think there will be a magical chemical reaction later.”

He said this, but everyone’s curiosity had mobilized. They had just eaten and drank enough to sleep, but the greedy woke up again, especially at “fragrant and crisp, the sour taste is just right.” With those descriptions, many people present quietly gulped, their mouths filled with water.

Perhaps because the surrounding people’s eyes were too hot, or perhaps because the previous production of blood sausage took too much time, the two people seized the moment and simply sped up the production.

Blood sausage with sauerkraut was just one of the dishes, followed by white meat with garlic, boiled pork, fried pork, braised pig’s feet, sweet and sour pork, steamed pork, various pork marinades and other delicacies that were put on the table one by one.

When these culinary delicacies cooked and aromatic were on the table, the audience only felt that their own selection difficulties were going to be large. It was delicious and they also wanted to eat it all, but people only had one mouth, and that mouth was only a little big. It was impossible to eat all the food on the table in one breath, so it really entangled them!

In a flash, the pop-up screen was full of comments on how a dish tasted, as well as going crazy with gifts so it made people look at the gift screen.

It was the turn of the players who were onlookers to be aggrieved. For the live broadcast room audience they were already eating everything while they temporarily could only look, not eat. Someone had to take the initiative to come forward and maintain the order of the scene, as they said to wait for the dishes together and then eat together.

Otherwise, the two chefs who worked so hard to make a large table of delicious food, in the end there would be no time for a bite. How chilling!

Players thought of the giant mouth of the abyss that grew on them and thought deeply. They may actually eat all the dishes on the plate, then even lick the bottom of the plate clean. After all, eating more in the game wouldn’t hold them up. They could eat as much as they wanted.

In the process of waiting, people weren’t idle, and did what they could to be near Song Xinran and Wen Chen. However, when they were done they looked back and found that the place where they were standing had been rearranged by Bai Li and Wen XingYao.

Now there was another huge table with a huge cloth on top, and on top of the cloth, there were all kinds of snacks, drinks, and delicate desserts. Some of them had clearly come from the Food Basket, while some were made by cooking skills, and some could even increase some short time buffs after they were eaten.

The quantity was huge, enough for everyone present to eat for a while.

In the face of the puzzled crowd, Bai Li explained with a smile, “Everyone took the time to come and watch this live broadcast, so how can I let you just eat the pig’s dinner and then leave? These were prepared by me and Demon Xing together. Consider it a buffet. You can take as much as you want.”

The players nodded in understanding, thanked the two for their generosity, and then went up to the front, got a drink in their hands and sipped it slowly.

Small Butterfly also brought a few sisters to mix with them. She smiled and they giggled together, as she whispered that it was like she was attending LiLi and Big Brother Demon Xing’s wedding.

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