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Chapter 232: Honey

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

Bai Li and Wen XingYao didn’t notice Small Butterfly’s discussion about them, and by this time had walked to another large table. The last dish, stewed white meat and blood sausage with sauerkraut, was also brought to the table. That dish was made in huge portions and was served directly in a large iron pot.

“All right, the dishes are ready, let’s eat!” After that, Song Xinran took out a whole set of bowls and chopsticks from his backpack and gave Bai Li, Wen XingYao, Wen Chen, Jiang Huaibi and Mo Song a bowl and a pair of chopsticks each, signaling them to hurry up and eat.

As for the other players…who didn’t have some eating utensils in their backpacks? They didn’t need to be told by Song Xinran to get their bowls and chopsticks ready one by one.

Bai Li went for the “pig killing dish” that he was most interested in, and put a large chopstick full of it into a bowl, including sauerkraut, white meat and blood sausage. Although the sauerkraut had been stewed in it for a while, it did not become soft, but kept its initial crispness, and the sourness blended perfectly with the broth, forming another unique flavor.

The white meat was moderately fatty and lean, and not greasy in the mouth, while the light oil flavor made people want to eat bite after a bite. As for the blood sausage, obviously everyone had tasted it before, but now it was a different taste. The players took the blood sausage, which didn’t have the same taste, into their mouths and froze for a few seconds before crossing their fingers and expressing their love for the dish.

In addition to this grand finale, the other dishes also had their own fans.

Those who like to eat spicy madly attacked the big soup pot of boiled pork, and their mouths were spicy from the spicy sausage but they didn’t want to stop. The garlic white meat was a little less spicy than the former, as it emitted a burst of garlic flavor. The pancetta with a thin layer of skin like a transparent gelatinous jelly. One bite was like heaven, tender and smooth, and the taste was also very good.

Players invented a way to wrap them in lettuce and stuff them in their mouths.

Soft braised pig’s trotters, sweet and sour pork, soft and flavorful steamed pork…Each was a dish that ignited the players’ eating atmosphere.

“Oooooo, little brother Peachy and Star’s cooking is simply fantastic. I still remember when little brother Peachy first started to do live broadcasts. He could only do some simple steps, the zero difficulty dishes. I never expected that when only a few months passed, ah, it actually worked out like this. Is this the charm of culinary delicacy?”

“Yes, yes! I’ve watched these two doing live broadcasts all the way, and little brother Peach’s cooking skills have improved a lot. Star used to evaluate the various culinary delicacies and his thesaurus has also expanded a lot. He is also only in the middle of the night live broadcast, no wonder the night people call him ‘all evil old dreams’!”

“Now well, with these two strong people, we can eat well, but at the end of the live broadcast we will always have a feeling of disappointment. Forget it. There is so much to think about doing. I’ll go grab a few more bites to eat, I haven’t eaten enough!”

“Mmmm, those marinades are amazing. Who would have thought that pig tail could be so delicious! Too bad there’s only so much of it…”

There were about twenty people who had time to watch the pig feast at Wen XingYao’s house, and all of them were familiar faces. Plus Bai Li, the total number was still less than thirty. However, even that number of people actually ate up all the dishes that Song Xinran and Wen Chen had spent a lot of effort to make in just half an hour.

To be more specific, they probably ate up to half a pig.

In front of the camera, the players ate gracefully, but not slowly. However if their hands were a little slow, the next bite of the meat they saw would be taken by others. When all the dishes were finished, they touched their bellies with satisfaction, felt as if they were bulging, and thanked Bai Li for his hospitality.

As for the chefs, they loved to see people eat all the dishes they have made, which was the highest praise for their skills.

Song Xinran said today’s sense of accomplishment was really super high, and he got a burst of pleasure inside. He pursed his lips, a little disappointed and said, “Unfortunately, Brother Xing Chen and I didn’t find honey, otherwise we could also make you a ‘honey baked pork.’ It is a sweet dish you should also like.”

“Yes, it’s indeed a bit of a pity,” Wen Chen said. “We found out that honey can make a lot of dishes. Honey crispy wings, honey barbecue, honey lemon grapefruit tea…All require honey. However, the Village Chief’s store doesn’t sell honey, and we haven’t found any bees in the wild, let alone a beehive…”

He sighed, and his eyes were full of regret. However he wasn’t too disappointed, just because in this update “honey” didn’t hit the shelves, it didn’t mean that it wouldn’t show up in the future. With more and more players in the game, the demand of the players would also grow, and with LiLi’s dedication to the game, he would definitely arrange everything they wanted.

Wen Chen was just saying a few emotional words. After that, he planned to work with Song Xinran to finish the live broadcast.

However, at that moment, he saw one of the 20 or so players’ hands weakly rise up, and then he heard a girl’s voice say, “That…Do you need honey? I have it here, so I’ll give it to you?”

Although the volume of her voice wasn’t high, the effect on the whole group was to silence them when the words fell.

Overturn the Mythical Beast was the most ordinary member of the team of dry rice people, but at this time she got the attention of everyone. The two players beside her reacted the most, and on the spot their eyes went as wide as copper bells. They exaggeratedly, and tactically leaned back, so the posture of the three of them was probably “\\丨/” like that, almost like a flower blossom.

Overturn the Mythical Beast, “…” Those two douchebags!

How to say, she suddenly regretted it a little, that she made a sound, but after she did it meant LiLi would talk to them, how good!

It was a pity that it was useless to regret it now, as she had already been noticed.

Bai Li looked in the direction of the voice and immediately recognized who was speaking. Yo-ho, wasn’t that Overturn the Mythical Beast?

After the first event of the game Corn Master, 20 players grabbed the pet egg, then they came together to have a live broadcast of the pet eggs breaking, and this girl’s pet egg was one that was “difficult to birth.”

He could say it was a difficult birth, mainly because the individual in the egg was too small and it was a little difficult to break a shell on its own. But the final result was good. Overturn the Mythical Beast got two small bee pets.

Now it seemed…were those two little bees starting to produce honey? Plus it looked like their production was good.

Overturn the Mythical Beast pushed through the crowd, searched in her backpack for a while, and handed over the honey she mentioned to Wen Chen. The honey was in a clear glass bottle, the bottle was heavy in her hand. The players could clearly see the golden color of its contents.

The bottle was tightly sealed, so all she had to do to access it was turn the top cap.

Wen Chen shook the glass bottle from side to side and the honey inside slowly flowed. The golden color was mesmerizing to the eyes.

“Can I open it and see?” Wen Chen asked in a soft voice.

“Of course you can!” Overturn the Mythical Beast had eased up from her initial nervousness, and said with a smile, “I told you before. This honey is for you. You can use it for cooking!”

Wen Chen was hesitant to accept her kindness, and Overturn the Mythical Beast’s eyes rolled. She guessed that the other party might not want to accept the honey because it wasn’t easy to come by, so she summoned her pet bee and showed it to everyone, then explained, “Just take it. Honey is something that may be difficult for others to obtain, but for me it’s too easy. My pet is two small bees that were born a few days after the maturity, and then began to multiply non-stop. Now under the eaves of my house is a large beehive, and it’s all full of bees.”

“The bees usually fly out to collect honey. I thought it was nothing at first, but two days ago I received a system prompt that the bees I raised had finished making honey, so I hurried to collect it. I got a whole ten bottles of honey. I was worried about how the honey should be used, then I heard you guys say you can use honey to make honey barbecue or something, hehehe…”

This laugh, everything was in those words.

Wen Chen understood in a flash, and immediately said, “Then I’ll cheekily accept your honey, and when I make honey barbecue later, I’ll save some for you, okay?”

“Mm-hmm! Of course! Thank you, oh!” Overturn the Mythical Beast nodded in satisfaction. This dude was really on the ball! If she had known, she would have given away a few more bottles, maybe then she could have gotten more personalized culinary delicacies, hehehehe…

Wen Chen opened the lid of the honey jar, and a faint sweet aroma wafted out. The taste wasn’t strong, and it smelled fresh and pleasant.

“The honey can be scooped out and melted in water to make honey water for relieving body fatigue and replenishing energy. If you don’t mind the trouble, you can also drink it with lemon, grapefruit and other fruits as a drink. If you need, I will send you a copy of the information I have collected later.” Wen Chen observed the texture of the bottle of honey as he told Overturn the Mythical Beast about the simple usages of honey. He could already see that Overturn the Mythical Beast had a rare honey, but did not know what to do with it, so it would be a waste.

Overturn the Mythical Beast, who had no reason to refuse, hadn’t stopped nodding. These guys weren’t as cold as she thought they would be. They were warm and gentle, and they were really worthy of being Mushroom Village big brothers! Smoothly Wen Chen, Song Xinran, Bai Li and Wen XingYao came over to add her to their game friends.

Since they had honey, the live broadcast could continue for a while, and Wen Chen and Song Xinran went to make honey barbecue, while Overturn the Mythical Beast was surrounded by other players who responded.

“Oh! My dear Li, why didn’t you tell me earlier if you had such a good thing?” Jiang Huaibi happily ran up and hugged her arm. The two were already good friends, and had long since become BFFs. “Don’t you know I love those strange and weird items? Tell me we can work together on the right way to use honey!”

“Why? Well, before I forgot about it. The game just upgraded a few days ago. There’s too much to play, and that’s when I received the honey, careless.” Overturn the Mythical Beast apologetically touched Jiang Huaibi’s head. “If Old Dream of Stars hadn’t mentioned it, I wouldn’t have remembered that I still had ten bottles of honey in my backpack.”

After that, she took a bottle out of her backpack and shoved it into Jiang Huaibi’s hand. “Here, take it. What Old Dream of Stars has, my best friend should also have. You take it back and drink it. Come back to me when you’re done!”

It was like her intention was to contract Jiang Huaibi in the game for all the honey consumption.

The other people’s eyes were red with envy. Mo Song leapt out, rubbed his hands and asked with a shy face, “Hey, younger sister Overturn the Mythical Beast, do you have any intention to sell the honey? You set a price, I want to buy a bottle…”

He didn’t even make a direct offer, so that it was clear that the honey was wanted in Mushroom Village regardless of the price.

When the other players saw that they had a competitor so soon, they all shouted loudly.

“Yes, Overturn the Mythical Beast. Will you sell this honey? I also want to try what honey tastes like!”

“Honey barbecue, honey water. I also want to have a bottle!”

“They only want to drink honey water, a few brothers together can make do with a single jar, ah. With such a big bottle, one person can’t finish drinking it…”

“Overturn the Mythical Beast, if you are willing to sell honey water, you are our village flower!”

As she listened to the words which grew more and more outrageous, Overturn the Mythical Beast directly, “Da Ba”, decisively refused the Mushroom Village, village flower” title. After that, she quietly discussed it with her little sister, and decided to sell five bottles, each bottle priced at 50 gold coins.

This price wasn’t high and wasn’t low. In the absence of other sources of honey, everyone easily accepted that. Mo Song was the first to pay, and after the money was paid, he happily took the honey and ran to the corner to hide it, so that he wouldn’t be robbed by the observant.

In addition to him, Small Butterfly’s sister group bought a bottle together, and Gray Scales had the money to buy a bottle. Wen Chen quietly sent a message to Overturn the Mythical Beast to grab a bottle, and the last bottle was bought by Xiong Pili.

If it wasn’t for Overturn the Mythical Beast saying that she could get ten bottles of honey every ten days after that, she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to walk out of the open space that day. The players who didn’t grab one resented it, and chose the next best thing to find out if she booked. It was too bad for them. They would have to eat a few more pieces of honey barbecue later!

There was one person in the room whose performance caught the attention of Bai Li and Wen XingYao, who had been watching it all. That person happened to be a player they knew well.

When the honey arrived, Xiong Pili didn’t put it into his backpack like the others, instead he took a wooden spoon out of his backpack, opened the lid, scooped out a big spoon full of honey, and after the honey stopped dripping down from the edge of the spoon, he couldn’t wait to stuff a spoonful of honey into his mouth.

When he felt the sweet taste in his mouth, the lubricious texture, the light and sweet aroma, it was like a little elf was swirling and jumping on his tongue. Xiong Pili just felt that his DNA was moving wildly and he couldn’t help but reveal a silly smile.

“Mmm, that’s the taste!!!”

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