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Chapter 41: Battle Over the Name

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant Editor: GaeaTiamat


The end result was that the player who said the words “Beautiful Village” was pulled out by his angry brothers and sisters, who told him to watch his mouth. How could he use such a corny name for their lovely village?

They wanted to hammer him, but the player didn’t know what was wrong. He said that the name was just as good as his game name ‘Strikingly Handsome’, so why couldn’t it be used as the official village name?

Other players, “…”

This person was hopeless.

Bai Li and a few people did not go up to the hilarious person, but stood on the side silently eating melon seeds. When Strikingly Handsome exposed his game name, even Bai Li couldn’t help but snort and laugh out loud.

The name, in fact, when read a few more times was quite cute.

Or maybe all the players in the game were very cute people.

Song Xinran had a low laugh. He was already holding his stomach, and leaning towards Bai Li. He was laughing so hard he was running out of energy.

When Wen XingYao and Tang Ying came over, they saw this scene.

Wen XingYao looked at the strange boy leaning on Bai Li, and the first thing that rose up was a feeling of dislike. This feeling had existed deep in his consciousness for a long time, and was very repellent. He didn’t want this person near Bai Li. There was a sense of powerlessness too, as if he knew that his rejection of him couldn’t play a role.

No one could find out.

Wen XingYao thought hard as he was walking to Bai Li. He gathered his emotions, and in his heart he constantly reminded himself that he was a twenty-eight years old adult, and he couldn’t be such a catty person toward a teenager. Even if he thought more in his heart, he absolutely couldn’t show it in the slightest!

With this thought, his heart was more comfortable.

“Li Bai, this is…?” Wen XingYao hid his emotions and poked around.

“You’re online, Demon Xing?” Bai Li first greeted Wen XingYao, before he pulled Song Xinran out to introduce him. “He is my neighbor in reality, and also considered my apprentice. In-game he’s called… “

Bai Li looked at Song Xinran.

Song Xinran understood and said, “My name is Peaches are So Delicious. Hello!” The name Bai Li just said already let him know that the mature-looking older brother standing across from him was another big brother in the game, so his eyes shone brightly at Wen XingYao, and revealed a bit of admiration.

“Oh, hello. I’m Demon Xing,” Wen XingYao reported his game name, and by the way, added game friends with the person. He made contact with Song Xinran’s small eyes, and the nervousness was immediately gone. Children were really just children.

He needed to take care of Bai Li’s disciple, since he didn’t know what he learned with Bai Li as his teacher.

After the rendezvous, they didn’t take long to exchange pleasantries. The discussion about the mission continued, and at this point it got stuck on the question of which house to pick as the official residence of the village chief.

Players’ individual inclinations were all different. Some preferred a laid-back, idyllic style, some preferred a dignified courtyard form, some preferred the flamboyance of a pavilion, and some simply preferred something expensive and challenging.

Fortunately, Bai Li took this into account beforehand when designing this task, and used voting in the selection. Each player could only cast one vote, and as long as one of the pictures had more than 50% of the total number of votes, then the residence of the village chief would be determined as the style in the picture. After that was the announcement of all the materials needed to build that kind of house, for the players to collect, and once it was all collected the house would be completed.

These players would have nothing to say. They were quick to choose their favorite type of house, but also secretly probed the others, and their words were to persuade them to choose the same as their own and increase the number of votes.

“That one, I think the first one is quite beautiful. It and our village are also very well-matched. The village chief and the village chief’s wife will not have too much of a sense of disparity.”

“Blah, blah, blah. It’s you who won’t have the sense of disparity, right? Why choose the easiest one when you have the chance to live in a good house? In my opinion, the house called ‘courtyard’ is very beautiful, not to mention the many rooms, there is such a high wall to enclose the house. It’s full of security, ah! The village chief will no longer have to worry about people looking for him in the middle of the night to get a task!”

“But the third is obviously better, ah. It’s full of green plants. Just by looking over it, it is particularly comfortable. If people live in it, they probably wouldn’t want to come out again, right? I’m so envious that my eyes are bleeding!”

“Why isn’t anyone talking about the fourth one?! The fourth one looks the most expensive. I’ve read ancient books, it is said that the palaces of the ancient blue star period looked like that. We could restore it in the game, and whether it is a screenshot, or in a photocard, when we take it to the forum it will absolutely shock everyone’s teeth. Won’t that be great?”

“Damn! Why can’t we have them all! I don’t mind if our village chief changes his place of residence once a week! As long as LiLi agrees, I will die to give all four houses!”

Bai Li, “…”

It was impossible to promise that, and it would never be possible to promise that. Just give up!

Secretly retracting his compliment about the players being cute. Bai Li selected the third picture on his virtual panel. It was more complicated than the first two, and a bit more plain than the fourth, but all in all a pretty good choice.

Song Xinran was still agonizing over it. He thought that this one was good, and the one next to it was great, and the other two were even better…He felt that as a rookie player who had only been in the game for just over two hours, the pressure was really great, and it was such an important matter for the village, how could the master be generous enough to let all the players decide? He was afraid that the players would have a brainstorm. What if the game world, which was already in ‘post-disaster reconstruction,’ experienced another natural disaster?

Seeing that Bai Li seemed to have made a choice, Song Xinran asked curiously, “Master, which one did you choose? I think each one of them can be built differently. Master, you are really amazing, how can you have such a great idea!” Rainbow farts kept poofing.

As a child who grew up in a silver gray steel forest, Song Xinran had really never seen buildings with such rich colors and vibrancy, and had the illusion that they were actually alive. When he thought of these buildings appearing in the game, and the root cause was Bai Li’s creation of them, he worshiped Bai Li even more. My master is the best in the empire!

Bai Li smiled. He hadn’t come up with these. He was only standing on the shoulders of giants. Moreover, according to his understanding, although the Empire had been at war for thousands of years, and only entered the Era of Peace five years ago, the ancient cultural texts had been well preserved, and most of them could be searched directly on Starnet as long as one was willing.

The reason why the players were so excited and fresh to see these pictures was because the majority of the fighting races were not very fond of learning, or rather their fighting factor integrated into their genes and blood made them unable to quietly study the ancient Blue Star history which was not very useful in their view.

So they wouldn’t even look up the content on Starnet.

However, these four pictures weren’t from Starnet, but from the architectural drawings in the Infrastructure Book given to him by another good friend of his in the immortal world, and the finished products were more exquisite and beautiful than ordinary buildings.

Putting aside his sudden nostalgia for his friends, Bai Li smilingly told Song Xinran that he did not design these buildings, explained how to find them on Starnet after the game, and the unique history of these buildings, as he personally broke the super thick filter of “my master is omnipotent” of his young apprentice.

Song Xinran chose the third image with a disillusioned look. This was not following Bai Li’s choice, but he really also liked that it was full of green; too healing…

Next to them, Wen XingYao, Tang Ying, Xiong Pili and others also listened clearly to what Bai Li said and made their own choices while feeling that they had learned something.

Anyway, one’s choice did not have much influence on the final result, so… they just picked according to preference.

The players also made their decisions in a rowdy environment, with the number of votes for the third garden-style residence rising visibly, far exceeding the other three. Players who happened to choose the third one began to cheer loudly, while those who lost their favorites were sighing and muttering that everyone else had no vision.

Bai Li noticed that the player called Strikingly Handsome was still undeterred, and had actually moved to the side of the village chief in an attempt to get him to agree to rename the village when everyone wasn’t looking…

Bai Li was amused. Since he had spent a lot of money to get from level E to level D, the intelligence of the NPCs had also increased. He gave the village chief another instruction.

The old village chief quickly launched into action. He made a gesture for the players to stop and waited for the surrounding area to quiet down before saying slowly, “I have received your thoughts, so I’m counting on you. A friend just reminded me that our village does not seem to have an official name…” he said, then the village chief deliberately stopped to glance at Strikingly Handsome.

The players glared at Strikingly Handsome, and then looked at the village chief nervously, afraid that he had really listened to Strikingly Handsome’s words and named the village Beautiful Village.


Fortunately, the village chief was not as cruel as the players thought, and after a few seconds, he continued to say, “Therefore, I’ve  decided that when the house is completed, the small friend who contributed the most to the house will get the right to name our village.”

The words fell and caused a huge stir among the players.

What, what, what? The first place reward actually has the naming right of the village? This was too glorious, right? If anyone gets this right and gives the village his unique name, all the players will remember this person in the future!

The players who had ambition inside, and were full of desire to perform had their fists in the air. They looked around at their competitors with extra cold and ruthless eyes, but also with  confident smiles that they were bound to win. As of now, there were only five thousand people in the game. They must work well and try to become the first of these five thousand people!

Even Wen XingYao felt like he was hit the head. He was interested in this reward and thought this type of reward was really quite rare. He had played a lot of games and, most of the time, when they entered the game, they would be told the name of a certain place.

The next step was to see what kind of contribution players need to make to build such a garden home.

The players coincidentally looked at their quest panel.

[List of garden landscape materials: soil x 1,000,000, stones x 500,000, copper ore x 100,000, wooden boards x 100,000, flower seeds x 50,000, glazed stones x 10,000, silver ore x 10,000, koi x 5,000, rare tree species x 500, and several pieces of furniture.]


The air quickly quieted down, occasionally accompanied by gusts of huffing and puffing.

After an unknown period of time, someone asked weakly, “What are these…? What’s all this stuff?”


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