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Chapter 42: Life Skills

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant Editor: GaeaTiamat


A total of nine materials marked with specific quantities, as well as the last major category of furniture with an unknown quantity, just a long list of zeros, took the players by surprise. The contribution that could be increased by submitting these materials was also marked in small print, generally the higher the number of materials, the lower the contribution given, and materials such as glazed stones, koi, and rare tree species for example could each receive a higher contribution than the previous ones.

“Ah, this…Let’s not go to work for the village chief? I bought more white steamed buns while I was waiting to start working.”

“These things are so strange, and our game has a kind of incompatible feeling. Say…is it really a farming game?”

“All right, all right, let’s not get tangled up. Anyway, who can come to tell me how to get these things? Don’t fight with me, I will take the right to name the village what I want!”

The topic was pulled back to the right to take the name of the village. After the players finished arguing and could barely accept the sudden mountain of material that was placed on them, Mo Song came forward to speak. His face was still a bit hesitant, as if he wasn’t too sure, “I might know where these materials can be found. I learned two life skills, gathering and mining, at the village chief’s wife’s place earlier. These two skills should be able to correspond to several things in the materials list.”

Someone said, “So the koi were probably obtained by fishing?”

“The furniture…Do we need to make it ourselves? Using the ‘woodworking’ skill?”

“That makes sense! In that case, there are so many of us. If we all learn life skills separately and collect these materials separately, it should be easy to complete the task, right…?”

Some people cried, “I learned cooking as one of my skills, but it doesn’t seem to be very helpful for this quest, only one life skill is useful, so I’ll be at a big loss?”

At that time, the reason was to have the ‘cooking’ skill, the success rate of food preparation would be greatly increased, and it could also make the food itself have a variety of gain buffs, but the result…In front of this task, had it actually become the most chicken-hearted existence?

“Don’t think that way, brother. With life skills, you can make food that has a bonus effect, you can make more food to improve your success rate, and then go to the collection or mining or fishing time to use it. Won’t it be easier than others to obtain materials?” The person who made the suggestion obviously also learned the cooking skill and studied the function of this skill thoroughly beforehand, so he had his own reasoning for what he said.

“Hmm? That’s good, that’s good, I’m relieved!”

Players quickly finished the mood of finishing every reconstruction, and returned to their most lively look from the beginning.

Although the materials needed to build a house for the village chief were really a lot, they were a whole 5,000 people of strong labor, ah, equally divided, doesn’t each person only need a little bit? There wasn’t much pressure at all, they could definitely finish it quickly!

The mission came to an end for now, and the new players soon remembered that they hadn’t been told where to live, so they jumped out and asked how the village should be planned and where they, the newcomers, should live.

Like Song Xinran, Jiang Huaibi, many were fast after they used their game quota on the game, and finished the first before moving onto the second task. Naturally, they didn’t need to participate in this discussion. But most of the players, after grabbing the game, first hugged their friends and relatives, then gave a ‘winning speech’ before they entered the game after everything was ready. Of course they were stopped by the person who made the planning suggestion, and turned from independent houses to group houses.

“Let me do it! I’m good at what I do!” Soon, a player named ‘Give Me a Bowl of Rice’ stepped forward and said he could help. He led the players to a sandy area not far away, found a random branch and drew on the sand.

Bai Li followed and found that the player really had two skills, a few simple strokes to divide the village out of the general area. The players did not live together like a bunch, but divided into several areas, there were mountains, waterfront, and the forest near a piece of land for living. What was even more amazing was that the player seemed to have heard some players say they wanted to live in a pit, and drew a circle in the center of the village, saying that if they wanted to live there, they should dig a pit together.

Song Xinran took a look and said weakly, “If you live in a pit, will you be flooded when it rains in the game?”

His voice was not very loud, but magically many people heard it. A few of the players who had been eager to try it backed up, waving their hands and saying no, no, no, they will live on flat ground, thanks to the Give Me a Bowl of Rice brother!

Strikingly Handsome was the first to make this claim, naturally he also followed with a few words. As he squatted beside Give Me a Bowl of Rice, he pointed here and there, and he really gave a few good suggestions.

Bai Li saw that they planned quite well, even the piece where he and Wen XingYaod live was also planned in, so he didn’t continue to watch. He said goodbye to Xiong Pili before they went back first.

The things Bai Li had planted had not been collected yet, and after the harvest, he still had to plant another wave, so was going to be busy.

As for finding the village chief’s wife to learn life skills, in his opinion, there was no hurry. Anyway, he did not intend to grab the mission rewards with the players.

Wen XingYao was intent on competing for first place, so instead of going back with Bai Li, he decided to go to the village chief’s wife first to see the life skills and pick two that interested him to learn.

“Mas…Li Bai, wait for me! I will go back with you!” Song Xinran was reminded by Bai Li not to call him master in the game, but still almost said it. After he said that sentence, he accelerated his steps and followed behind Bai Li like a small tail.

Wen XingYao heard the movement and looked back. He was silent for a moment, then turned his head back. Li Bai and his apprentice played together, and he was depressed for what?

On the way back, Bai Li also learned from Song Xinran that his new neighbor was not Song Xinran, but a girl, and that Song Xinran was late and had to choose the vacant lot behind his house, nodding his head in acknowledgement. According to Song Xinran, it was the girl who helped to suggest the location, so it was enough that she was a good person to get along with.

When the two of them reached the door, the door next door happened to open.

A head peeked out from inside, and when she saw Song Xinran and Bai Li standing next to him, her face instantly took on a warm smile and she greeted them without thinking, “Big brother, you’re back!”

Jiang Huaibi walked out quickly, her eyes shining brightly as she looked at Bai Li’s face. The adoration in her eyes made Bai Li unconsciously take a small step backward. Song Xinran’s mouth had already opened wide. How could he not know that his new friend was also his master’s admirer?

“You…Is there something wrong?” Bai Li opened his mouth and asked. He felt a little strange. Why did this girl he didn’t know call him ‘big brother’ after just meeting him?

“Nothing…” Jiang Huaibi first subconsciously shook her head, and when she realized who was asking her this question, she started violently shaking her head. “No, no, no! Something is wrong. I have something wrong! That…you must be big brother Li Bai, right?”

Song Xinran told her that the game player ‘Li Bai’ was his master, and now Song Xinran was walking with someone she didn’t know, so this person should be the legendary big brother Li Bai!

When she thought of the other party’s superb farming skills, how he could grow anything and everything, Jiang Huaibi was very envious and admired him so much. If the other party could also accept her as an apprentice, then could she also say goodbye to the title of ‘plant killer’?

Maybe she would be able to learn a couple of things even if he didn’t take on an apprentice. Was she really the one who was looking for him?

Bai Li nodded, “Well, I am. No need to call me Big Brother. What did you want to see me about?”

The same question was asked again, and Jiang Huaibi was successfully asked until she was stuck. She really didn’t have a particularly important matter, she was just a little excited to see her idol, and hadn’t thought before she came out to say hello. However she soon came up with a perfect reason.

“Big brother Li Bai. Oh no, Li Bai, I’m a fan of yours. I’m super into farming too, and I want to become as good as you, so that’s why…Can we add each other as friends?” Jiang Huaibi said, “My name is Heart’s Jade. Now I live next door to you, so I want to learn more from you in the future and grow things on lots of land!”

After saying that, she also made a ‘cheer’ action with her fist, full of energy.

This was the first time Bai Li saw an Interstellar with such a strong sense of farming, and through her eyes, he could clearly feel her love and dedication to farming. This kind of emotion was not something that could be formed overnight, nor was it like other Interstellar people who only do cloud farming on Starnet. She should have actually operated in reality.

He just didn’t know why she was acting so excited in the game when she obviously had relevant experience.

As an Agricultural Deity, who had always planted and whatever he planted would live, he had never known that there was such a thing as a ‘plant killer’ in this world.

After listening to Jiang Huaibi’s self-analysis, it would be inhumane to reject her request for friendship. Bai Li graciously agreed and then took the initiative to add Jiang Huaibi as a friend. The purpose was perfectly achieved, Jiang Huaibi also did not continue to stand around, and waved goodbye to the two, and went out to do her task.

Bai Li and Song Xinran looked at each other and laughed together.

“Little Song, this game is quite interesting, right?”

“Mmm!” Song Xinran nodded heavily. “It’s super fun!”

Whether it was the players in the game, the missions he received, or the environment he was now in, it was something he had never experienced in reality.

In reality, most people were suffering from Genetic Collapse Disorder and weren’t so calm. They usually had tense faces and never smiled. In the game, there was no shortage of heartfelt smiles on everyone’s face, as if…This game was a piece of joy in their hearts. In the game, everyone could live carefree, without having to think about Genetic Collapse Disorder.

If all the people of Interstellar could live in such a world, how wonderful would it be? When he thought about that, Song Xinran felt a little melancholy.

However, Bai Li’s next words soon interrupted his thoughts, “You don’t have to hover around me all the time. Go play by yourself. Do some tasks, buy some food, or whatever you want. Just don’t get too caught up in the game, and remember to get offline when it’s time to rest.”

Song Xinran grinned, “Okay, Master, I’ll go play then…”

After Song Xinran left, Bai Li didn’t stay in the game much longer. He harvested the ripe crops in the yard, planted another batch of wheat, calculated the next ripening time, and then got offline to go to the forum to hang out for a while, or to quietly continue to refine the game’s update content.

When the wheat was ripe in an hour, he would come back online to plant a batch of longer-growing crops to end the day’s play.

Wen XingYao rushed and only saw the fading figure of Bai Li. He stared at the spot where Bai Li disappeared for a while, and his eyes were a bit complicated. In a few moments…would he also be ‘taken offline?’

At this time, another person hurriedly came from afar, saw Wen XingYao standing there, and casually asked, “Demon Xing, have you seen Li Bai?”

Mo Song looked a little anxious, and glanced toward Bai Li’s house from time to time as he talked to Wen XingYao.

Wen XingYao honestly said, “He just went offline. I don’t know when he’ll be on next.”

“What? How dare he go offline!” Mo Song looked regretful. “I still want to discuss something with Li Bai. Hey…”


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