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Chapter 40: Let’s make a contribution to the beautiful village!!!

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant Editor: GaeaTiamat


Bai Li got on the game two hours after the game update was finished. He had just come out of his hut when he heard a loud noise coming from the entrance of the village. When he realized that there was probably a conflict between old and new players, he couldn’t care less about observing any changes near his home, and hurried towards the entrance of the village.

What he didn’t know was that after he had run about a hundred meters, the door of the house next to his was also opened with a creak, which meant that the owner of the house was online. Wen XingYao missed the commotion from the village entrance, but not Bai Li’s hurrying back, so he thought about it and simply followed.

Before he left, he spotted a small wooden house and a small bamboo house, one on the other side of Bai Li’s house and the other not far behind it, respectively.

The update of the game not only made the gameplay more diverse, even the total area of the map in the game was also expanded by Bai Li 100 times in one breath. Although the area of the village wasn’t so large it was exaggerated, it was still 20 times the original base. After all, with more people, if the space was too small, they wouldn’t fit.

With a village that was 20 times bigger, a place that originally could be reached in a few minutes suddenly becomes a long walk. When Bai Li finally arrived at the entrance of the village, ten minutes had passed.

Bai Li was panting slightly as he pondered in his mind.

When he reached his destination he didn’t get too close, but looked around and managed to find Xiong Pili, Mo Song, Tang Ying, Song Xinran and other familiar faces. There were also two others he hadn’t seen but who obviously knew Xiong Pili, perhaps they were Mo Zhu and Ji Yingqi were standing together.

When he saw that Song Xinran had entered the game in his real form, he secretly chanted “little idiot” in his heart again.

At that moment, Song Xinran was the first to spot Bai Li’s figure and waved happily at him, but did not shout out the word ‘Master.’ He had already broken away from the group to come towards him.

Bai Li hurriedly greeted him and instructed his young apprentice to stop, and not to come any closer.

“Master, why are you only online now? I’ve been playing for a long time!” Song Xinran whispered to Bai Li. “Yes, yes, I put my house behind your house, I bought a small bamboo house. It’s green, it’s beautiful! Fortunately, I did the task quickly, otherwise it’s likely I would be unable to freely choose where to live…”

At the end of the sentence, he carefully glanced at the crowd still arguing not far away, and his eyes flashed with fear.

Hmm? The players’ conflict was actually related to houses? Was it because too many people came in at once and fought over the land grab?

“What’s going on, why is everyone gathered there?” Bai Li asked Song Xinran in the same small voice.

Song Xinran followed behind Bai Li and walked back to where he was standing, briefly telling him the story on the way.

It turned out that this was really related to the players’ houses, and not as much to do with land grabbing. It was because some players felt that since everyone was looking for a place to put their houses, why not plan the village beforehand, divide the approximate location of the living area, and then place their huts only in those locations? This was not only neat and beautiful, but also played a role in saving space, otherwise over time a house would be built in the east and another house in the west, they were afraid that then the road couldn’t be traveled.

But some players felt that since they were here to play the game, and the game was notoriously free and arbitrary, why not follow their own ideas? We just like to place our house high up on a hill, or by a stream. Even if they dig a deep pit, put the house inside, and then dig out steps at the edge of the pit for easy access up and down, that’s their business, so why should they have to listen to what you say and follow a planned location?

The two arguments each had their own proponents, so the two sides of the people quarreled. They did not fight because today was a good day for them all to grab a place in the game, and should not see blood. But the conflict still had to be resolved, so all of them came to the village gate, in front of the village chief and the village chief’s wife, to carry out a heated debate. They even pulled the village chief to ask his views on the matter.

It was like a three-year-old child fighting for a favorite toy.

Village chief, …Who wants to participate in such a silly discussion?

At this time, the village chief’s wife secretly tugged on the chief’s sleeve, and indicated for him to look in a certain direction. The village chief looked over and found Bai Li’s presence, and saw Bai Li nod gently at him, then the idea in his eyes was directly conveyed into his brain. So the village chief had an instant decision.

This moment was over in a very short time, and no player noticed. They only knew that after a certain moment, the aura around the village chief changed.

He calmed everyone down with a few words. Then he told them that the village was everyone’s common home and that they deserved to unite and guard it together, instead of quarreling at the beginning of the settlement. And then, the old village chief temporarily skipped the issue of the village’s internal planning, and turned to talk about how long he had been here, and how many questions he had answered for everyone, and how hard he had worked for most of the month, but how he actually did not even have a place to live yet. Now his lady was also there to help, but actually needed to follow him to eat and sleep. It was really too miserable.

The old village chief thought he had played the emotion card, more or less to arouse the sympathy of the crowd, so when everyone had pity on him, it would be logical to issue a task for the players to build a home for him and his wife. However…Not long after he opened his mouth, the players’ attention really was diverted, but the focus was a bit off.

“Hmm???? Is it a new quest that’s about to start? I flew here! Village chief, tell us quickly, what do you want us to do for you?” The old players who were not concerned about the matter got excited.

“What, what, what, what? This is about to start a quest? Then let’s talk about the houses later. Let’s take the quest first!” The new players also became fanatics who came to do the quest on the wind.

“Give the village chief a home…This is to build a house for the village chief, right? Just take it from us, in absolutely the shortest time, you will be able to live in a new house!”

“Hmm…Am I the only one who noticed that the village chief said his wife was looking for space for herself. She is obviously the life skill instructor that LiLi created specifically for us. She was given to the village chief as a wife and that is a big advantage for him. The bad old man is really bad!” The words were spoken very quietly, except for the people around them, others could not hear. But even so, there were a few approving echoes.

The players chattered and discussed, while the village chief’s smile remained unchanged, still very professional. He took a few drawings out of his pocket and said, “This is the house style I want after discussion with my wife. You can choose one of the designs to help us build. There are both difficult and easy to build designs. We suggest that you choose it according to your ability. When the house is finished, I would work with my wife to prepare a thank-you gift for everyone according to their participation and contribution. Until then, it will be hard work for everyone.” After he said that, the old village chief made a gentle gesture of bowing.

It was obviously a very simple action, but it had a unique flavor.

When the players finally reacted, they had actually learned the village chief’s measure. Although the action looked clumsy, it was still considered a model.

After he bowed, everyone’s emotions slowly calmed down.

One player was quick to take the construction atlas from the village chief’s hand. At the same time, a virtual screen appeared in front of all the players, with a text at the top congratulating them on receiving the world quest “Village Chief’s Residence,” and that for the next period of time, they should work together to give the village chief a warm home. Below the text were four pictures in the shape of a “field”, the dream houses that the village chief said he and his wife picked out together.

After they saw the four pictures, many players couldn’t help but tear up and their eyes were red with envy. These four houses were too good-looking, ah! Not only were these the village chief’s dream homes of love, but also theirs, ah!

The four pictures were: a country house under the bamboo forest; a spacious courtyard covered by tiles; a garden-style building surrounded by a rockery and trees with a small pond in the middle; and the last one, which was actually a “five steps to a building, ten steps to a pavilion, eaves high to an oversized palace-style building!

The Interstellar people, who had never seen the old world, were immediately seized by these different forms. Retro-style buildings filled their minds, and they were so surprised that their jaws almost fell off and they still didn’t know how to choose.

For the players, the first two were barely acceptable, but the last two were….really too much, ah! There were so many rooms inside, and there are only two of you! Can you really live there?!

“Why…I look at these four pictures, and tears will wet the corners of my mouth, QAQ!”

“Now I just want to ask: respected village chief and village chief’s wife. Do you lack a godson? Can I live in an empty room? I will work and eat like the king of thieves…”

“God-daughter is fine! I am willing to dress up for you!”

“Damn it! Why is our small hut so simple while the village chief can live in such a beautiful house? I am not willing to, ah! Oooooooooh!”

“Now I declare that the big guy, Demon Xing, being the designer’s own son is absolutely a rumor! It’s obvious that the NPC is LiLi’s real son!”

Bai Li, who heard the son comment again. No need, no need at all! He doesn’t want a son!

Wen XingYao, who finally arrived a few steps behind and accidentally overheard. “????” This…What was with that, ah! He can be called “big brother” because of his money power! 

He was still some distance away from Bai Li and could only glance over from afar. He imagined the scene where he called his best friend “dad” and was so cold that the hairs on his body stood up.

Wen XingYao didn’t want to face Bai Li for the time being. Fortunately, Tang Ying also saw him at this time, and subtly gestured towards him, so the two of them hid in a quiet corner where no one was looking and secretly talked.

“So how many came in?” Wen XingYao was asking about the results of the second batch of game spots up for grabs.

Tang Ying’s tone was weak, and he looked like he couldn’t hold his head up. “Only 207…I obviously had the Starnet speed adjusted before this, but I still couldn’t beat most of the people out there.”

Wen XingYao looked at his adjutant nobly and coldly, and said, “Only? Hundreds of thousands of people grabbed less than five thousand numbers. That’s a lot, right? Don’t forget, the previous three hundred people, how did they get in? If not for our good luck, we might not even know the name of Carefree Farmstead until now.”

Tang Ying understood. It was true a large element of luck originally accounted for their military department being able to bring in so many people in with the first batch. This time fewer people got in, but the two batches added up to more than 500 people, which was also considered a good result.

So he nodded his head and acquiesced to Wen XingYao’s statement, and no longer dwelled on the result.

They were about to say something else when they heard a loud shout from the crowd. “Oh my God! These houses are so beautiful, I want all four of them! If the village chief’s house is officially completed and our house is put in a mess without any beauty, won’t it be too disgusting? That kind of thing will definitely embarrass our beautiful village. So sorry to the brothers before, but I have to change my mind, and first plan it!”

As soon as these words were spoken, they received almost unanimous votes. Even if there were still a few people who resisted, they were drowned out by the people around them and prevented them from saying anything else against it.

Let’s plan it! Let’s make a contribution to the beautiful village!!!

Wait! What the hell was “Beautiful Village”? Why do we have to call our village by such a strange name?


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