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Chapter 59: Chicken Villa

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Bai Li finally persuaded the six people who came here on purpose to give up their intention to help him reclaim the land together. Several people had a look of pity on their faces, and if Bai Li let go at this time, they would probably be more happy than each other.

Tang Ying’s whole body smelled sour, as he looked at Bai Li and Wen XingYao, with an expression full of desire to say something. However, after a few warning looks from Wen XingYao, he finally gave up some of the thoughts in his mind.

“By the way, Li Bai, there is one more thing I almost forgot.” Mo Song had already changed his name from Bai Li. After all, it was in the game. “You gave me gifts in my live stream yesterday, right, let me return this money to you?”

He didn’t think about the live stream share, and intended to return as much as Bai Li gave him. Like Song Xinran, yesterday’s two live broadcasts could be said to be his most successful after becoming a game anchor. Besides the peak number of people in his live broadcast room, the number of fans rose several times. Actually more than ten times. Even yesterday’s live earnings nearly caught up with his previous year’s earnings…

Mo Song had a hunch that this was just the beginning, as the fame of Carefree Farmstead grew, there would be more and more viewers who didn’t have a place in the game, and could only rely on the live stream to ‘quench their thirst.’ He just needed to do the live stream properly, bring a new experience to the viewers every time, and he wouldn’t need to worry about earning anything.

If he didn’t know that Bai Li would never agree, Mo Song would even hand Bai Li a little more, as a thank you for agreeing to his request for live streaming authorization and giving him such an opportunity.

When he heard Mo Song’s words, Song Xinran, who had already been rejected once, was once again excited, “And me, I’m also…”

Before he could finish his sentence, he was stopped by Bai Li’s head shake.

“I am also a live viewer, so I should have the right to give gifts to the hosts, right?” Bai Li laughed and said, “What had you guys acting like this? You’re actually scrambling to return the money to me. With every viewer who gave you Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, you want to return all the gift money?”

“How is that possible?”


Almost without any hesitation, Mo Song and Song Xinran rejected Bai Li’s argument. The only reason why they would think about returning the money to Bai Li was because Bai Li was the designer of this game, the one who had signed a contract with them for the use of the game, and it was also logical to assume that the reason why Bai Li would send gifts to their live stream was also to try to make a name for the game.

Mo Song had encountered this situation before when doing live streams in other virtual games. Don’t look at the scale of those games to come bigger than Carefree Farmstead (referring to how the virtual game builder’s grades were higher than D), but their bosses were more stingy than one another. Sometimes they just cast ten Buddha Jumps Over the Wall in his live room, to turn his head, and let people come and tell him that this was just to add heat to his live room. Then after the money was spent he would have to return part of it.

He had never met someone like Bai Li. In a single breath, he gave 100,000 star coins and said not to return it. It was really…so generous!

Unlike Mo Song, Song Xinran had watched Bai Li spend a month in poverty, and was truly embarrassed to receive such a large gift from Bai Li. However Bai Li didn’t agree with their ideas, and didn’t want them to return it. Finally, the two people could only reluctantly accept Bai Li ‘congratulations on their partners’ statement.

When he thought of the live broadcast, Bai Li remembered and asked, “It’s almost 8:00. Song’s Blunt Opinion, aren’t you going back for the live broadcast?”

“It’s okay, there’s no rush. I set the alarm clock on purpose, it will remind me five minutes before the start of the broadcast.” Mo Song said as was very experienced, then he suddenly remembered something, and his expression collapsed. “Hey, I almost forgot, yesterday I told my audience I would give them a live broadcast of building the chicken coop. I went in the middle of the night to find a lot of players, wanting to see how they built their chicken coops, and guess what?”

“What happened?” Mo Zhu was a new player, level 2, hadn’t been to the village chief to open the farming play of level 5, but because the one who said this was his brother, he did not think about it and asked.

The others were equally curious as to what exactly he saw that made Mo Song show a bitter expression.

“Ugh!!!” Mo Song let out a long sigh, and did not tell the whole story. He just said, “One of those people built one, but all of the others chose the simplest straw as a material to build a chicken coop. And even then, those chicken coops…Why, I don’t know if I can actually call them chicken coops! There are box-shaped, flat-shaped, horizontal and vertical five horse-shaped…In my opinion, the best made one was a hollow sphere but it looks too small. The chickens would suffocate, their wings can’t even open! You may not be able to imagine what I’m saying, but don’t worry, I’ve already made a deal with those people to go around their homes in turn after the broadcast, to show the audience the hundreds of chicken coops, so that they also know that building a chicken coop is not an easy task.” When it came to this matter, Mo Song really had endless bitterness, and he continued, “You should also know that I chose the difficult mode, to build a chicken coop with wooden boards, but when I searched for all the people I could find, none of those people chose wooden boards. Two of them chose bricks, and now I am already thinking of smashing some bricks to make a stone pit for the chickens. A gravel pit…I also listened to the live viewers, and deliberately went on Starnet to look up ancient books., and indeed, I saw some chicken coops that were also made of wood there, but! BUT! My brain tells me I’ve read it, but my hands don’t listen to me, so it’s really hard to build a chicken coop!”

Such a tall and majestic man was nearly forced to cry by this task. His face was aggrieved, but his face could not say more. TAT.

“Pfft! Hahahahaha!” The first one to burst out laughing was Mo Song’s brother Mo Zhu, who laughed nonchalantly at his brother’s unlucky experience. He finally comforted him by saying, “Brother, I believe in you. You will be able to make a wooden chicken coop successfully!”

Mo Song couldn’t wait to fight with his own brother on the spot. Don’t think that your mouth was encouraging me, I know that your heart was already happy!

The others also laughed together, saying that they would definitely go to watch the live broadcast on time later, or even simply follow Mo Song’s lead to see what those players had done with the chicken coops.

The only two people in the room who were different. First a faint surprise flashed across their faces, after which the expression on one person’s face turned into celebration, and the expression on the other person’s face turned into helplessness and laughter.

The former was Wen XingYao, the latter was Bai Li.

Once again, Wen XingYao was glad that he met Bai Li and became neighbors with him right after he entered the game. If it wasn’t for Bai Li, he would have been one of those who had a pain in the brain during the chicken coop quest at this time.

And Bai Li…really didn’t expect Interstellar people’s hands-on ability to be so poor. Obviously it was only building a chicken coop, such a relatively simple task, but they were doing it so…well, creatively. In the future, when they had to build a pigpen, repair duck stalls and other tasks, should he reduce the difficulty? Or maybe just change it to a buy-and-own kryptonite item?

However, it was still a little early to say that. He could only wait to see how well the players learned in a few days. He thought of the two chicken coops he and Demon Xing had made.

Tang Ying and Mo Song were chatting and laughing (mostly at Mo Song), and the initial strangeness had generally disappeared, as Tang Ying and Mo Song hooked shoulders and hugged each other. When Tang Ying saw the calm Wen XingYao, he said, “Hey, Song, haven’t you forgotten whose house we’re in? The designer, Demon Xing is also with him. Even if no one in the whole game can build a chicken coop, they both certainly will. You can ask Li Bai and Demon Xing, and see if they can’t teach you a few tricks, ah.”

Perhaps still remembering Wen XingYao’s “ordered not to report” revenge, when he said that, and deliberately added emphasis to the two words ‘Demon Xing’ which caused the other people to hear him speak, and subconsciously skip over Bai Li. (The two of them weren’t feuding with each other, and they were actually friends in reality.)

Wen XingYao, who was targeted by Tang Ying, grunted lightly, and his expression remained calm. He was used to giving guidance to people in the game, and the farming techniques given at the beginning were still his instructions.

If Mo Song asked, Wen XingYao thought he could take him directly to his yard to see a wooden chicken coop for reference.

Wen XingYao subconsciously excluded Bai Li. He thought Bai Li usually seemed to be quite busy, and shouldn’t have too much time to help people answer questions. He completely forgot that he had learned a lot from Bai Li’s place. Where did all that time go? However, his plan was interrupted by Bai Li.

Mo Song was really impressed by Tang Ying’s words and was debating how to speak to the two bigwigs when Bai Li stood up and said to everyone, “Easy Victory is right. I am, not surprisingly, the most knowledgeable person in the game about building chicken coops, so if you don’t mind, why don’t you come with me to see the coop I built yesterday? It’s on the other side of the house, just a few steps away.”

What’s the point of hesitating? Let’s go!

The group stood up and followed Bai Li’s lead towards the other side of the hut.

In the game, the primary courtyard wasn’t very large. In fact, the group had only taken a few steps out when they saw what looked like a side of a chicken coop. As the pace moved, the overall appearance of the chicken coop also quickly appeared in front of everyone.

After seeing the appearance of the chicken coop, everyone except Bai Li and Wen XingYao, sucked in a breath of cold air.

This wasn’t a chicken coop, it was a chicken villa!

There were less than a meter of tiny buildings, but there it included two floors above and below. The upper floor was a small wooden house design, and was used to give the chickens room to sleep. Inside was stuffed a lot of hay, as was the storage room for feed, but also with a little bit of ornamentation. Along the side was a small staircase going down to the lower level where there was a wall with a layer of eaves, and a row of three feeding troughs placed in the corner. Underneath was a layer of wooden flooring, which gave a sense of calm and gentleness. On one side of the wall, that was below the hut, there was a ‘small house,’ which was very spacious. With a roof outside, it would shelter them from the wind and rain, and there was also a place for the chicks to sleep and hide.

The outside of the cottage was fenced with a dense circle of wooden boards, and apart from the existing facilities, the rest of the place was open space with a light layer of fresh green grass.

When Bai Li and the others came over, the three chicks were playing on the grass. They were soft yellow in color, furry fist-sized masses, that made “twittering” noises and jumped around with their little siblings. One of them even dug a big fat worm out of the mud with its beak and was ready to share it with its siblings.

The scene was so vivid and vibrant that one couldn’t help but wonder if they and Bai Li were really playing the same game. Big brother’s farming was definitely farming. They were just…could only be considered an open barn. TAT.

When Wen XingYao saw the chickens, he froze, and wondered when Bai Li went to the village chief to turn in the task. Why did not call him to go together? He didn’t even remember to go to buy chicks.

“Too…That’s awesome!” Mo Song managed to say after he closed his mouth, which was wide open because of surprise. Then he let out a chicken cry, “I never thought that a chicken coop could actually be made like this! How did you make this? Your hands are too clever…Li Bai, can you teach me how to make a chicken coop like this?” Mo Song looked like he was begging. “Please, without your help, I think I’ll be stuck on this task!”

Bai Li readily agreed. “Of course I can teach you. You can even live stream while I teach you.” It was a good opportunity for him to check out Interstellar people’s learning ability and hands-on skills. That way, he could consider how to optimize the game at a later stage.

Mo Song, who was hit in the head by a big pie from the sky, “!!!!!”

What? How can there be such a good thing? He couldn’t even think about it!


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May 29, 2023 10:39 pm

Ahh the chicks are so cute!! 🥰

May 30, 2023 3:44 am

Thanks for the chapter! Chicken villa he say, lol. Considering what those crazy people with too much money and not enough common sense in Silicon Valley build for their chickens, they haven’t seen anything yet. Still, what our MC did is quite elaborate.

May 30, 2023 3:44 am

ML is gonna drink a full bottle of vinegar, lol

May 30, 2023 6:22 pm

I had chooks when I was a kid. All I thought was…. i have to clean all this chicken shit !! No fun!

But baby chicks are soooo cute and fluffy🥰

John O'Reilly
June 1, 2023 6:20 pm

The description of the chicken villa was so vivid and I loved learning about the different perspectives of the characters. My question is, do you think the game developer should make the tasks easier or more straightforward, or do you think it adds to the challenge and fun of the game to have complex tasks like building a chicken coop?

June 4, 2023 1:55 am

Wow that’s some chicken coop! Most hens I know live in simple sheds with roosting perches and nesting boxes filled with wood shavings. Is Bai Li showing his godly skills? Us mere mortals should stick to well made simpler stuff.

June 13, 2023 3:49 am

BL’s chickens living the good life, deservedly.
I can only imagine how the others looked… flat shaped?!
Thanks for translating and editing.

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