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Chapter 86: Who Wants an Abortion? 

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey, having a smoke break again~


Gu Ang choked on the rhetorical question and scratched the couch with his toes in embarrassment. He reached out and knocked Bai SiNing on the head, wanting to break it open and see what was inside, “How do you grow a brain that Ye Fei can get an Alpha pregnant? Is he a drill or an adamantium hammer?”

“Ah, what?” Bai SiNing’s face was full of confusion, “Didn’t you say you were pregnant? Is it possible that the baby isn’t God Ye’s? Oh my God!”

The more he talked, the more his head hurt.

Gu Ang’s boredom was instantly dispelled and he was so angry that he wanted to laugh. He could expect Bai SiNing to have a normal reaction with his brain.

Bai SiNing was still rambling, “So you cheated on him? Isn’t that bad?”

“Bai SiNing, are you looking for a fight?” Gu Ang ground his teeth, pressed down that speechlessness and explained patiently. “I’m pregnant, that means I’m an Omega. The baby is also Ye Fei’s, don’t give me a bad name.”

With a clang, Bai SiNing sat down in shock, his pupils quaking, “What?! How can you be an Omega when you’ve pinned Alphas to the ground until they spit blood?!”

Images of Gu Ang fighting flashed through his mind, kicking people flying, demolishing mecha with his bare hands, storming off to beat his enemies… Gu Ang was an Omega? It’d be less shocking to find out that the Empire would soon be gone.

“Yeah, I’m awesome.” Gu Ang laughed, his expression flashed a hint of bitterness, “Didn’t expect that.”

Bai SiNing got up from the ground with difficulty, took a half step back and examined the person carefully. He was tall and long-legged, with explosive combat power and angular looks. Wasn’t this a fierce Alpha? “No, then can you still call yourself an interstellar fierce Alpha?…”

“I used to be an Alpha indeed, re-differentiated last semester.”

“Wait wait wait, slow down.” Bai SiNing sat on his butt on the coffee table next to him and poured himself two gulps of water to press down his wildly beating heart. He spoke his thoughts, “That means you, an Omega, just won the five-school league championship?”

Gu Ang nodded, “You’re right.”

The atmosphere was stagnant and a little weird.

Gu Ang raised his eyes and looked at Bai SiNing who was in a daze, “What? Are you shocked? Or, find it unacceptable?”

He should have thought of this, everyone had a set prejudice against Omegas.

Bai SiNing howled, eyes sprouting adoring stars, “My worldview is collapsing, how come you are so powerful? More powerful than me, a little Beta in a million Alpha bushes.”

Gu Ang froze for a moment and murmured, “Don’t you think I’m not qualified to be your Brother Ang anymore now that I’ve become an Omega?”

“No, aren’t you more powerful? Breaking through the physical limit, beating a bunch of grizzly Alphas, this is a once-in-a-century genius, ah.” Bai SiNing blinked at him, “Brother Ang, I admire you even more.”

Gu Ang suddenly felt that it was quite good to be out of his mind. At least this reaction and bragging, he was well received. His expression lost control a bit at the compliment, and he raised the corners of his mouth slightly, “I thought you would look down on me and mock how an Omega like me isn’t qualified to enter Red Flame.”

“It’s not like you’re an ordinary Omega,” Bai SiNing patted his shoulder and said curiously, “But you just said that you’re pregnant?”

Gu Ang hmmed and lifted the hem of his shirt, “Here, there’s a little baby.”

The little one moved slightly as if it had heard the conversation. There was a tiny curve on the thin belly that raised and fell.

Bai SiNing carefully reached out and poked it tenderly with his fingertips, “How amazing. When did you get pregnant?”

Gu Ang’s expression flashed with a hint of embarrassment and all but revealed, “The last night on Ice Blue Star.”

Bai SiNing slapped his head, “It was the day we got drunk, you guys went upstairs early, and then also passed out for two days?”

“Yeah, good memory.”

“How dare you two, in front of everyone… Just…”

Gu Ang kicked him, annoyed, as he retorted, “When was it in front of everyone?”

“No, I mean everyone was still there.” Bai SiNing froze again, “Then God Ye he, does he know?”


“He knows and still let you stay with me alone?” Bai SiNing thought for a moment, “He doesn’t recognize the little baby, does he?! Scum.”

Gu Ang was helpless and slowly squeezed out a few words, “I didn’t say he disowned us, I didn’t want to face him myself.”

“Oh, I see.” Bai SiNing saw that he wanted to say something, and was enlightened, “Don’t worry, I respect any decision you make.”

He thought Gu Ang probably didn’t want this sudden arrival of a child, after all, his face as an interstellar fierce Alpha was important. If this was the reason, it was normal for the young couple to have a falling out. His Brother Ang inexplicably had a child, the instigator must be God Ye, who had no control.

It was also reasonable that he was beaten up. Bai SiNing remembered Ye Fei’s gloomy expression before he left, with aggression and resignation, and asked him to take good care of Gu Ang. He finally understood the situation, and he was able to understand the chain of events.

Ye Fei wanted him to persuade Gu Ang to be more open-minded. Bai SiNing suddenly felt the weight of the world on his shoulders. He poked his head out, “So, what are you going to do about it?”

Gu Ang thought to ask how the child would be raised in the future, he was also at a loss. He shook his head, “I don’t know, I haven’t thought about it. I’m not even ready to tell everyone I’m an Omega.”

It wasn’t an unwarranted concern, most people’s prejudice against Omegas were common, not many people like Bai SiNing had an accepting brain like that. He had a child, so he might not really be able to stay in Red Flame.

Bai SiNing squatted next to him and sighed, “Also, Brother Ang don’t worry, I will help you keep your secret.”

Gu Ang raised his eyebrows, “Good, you can’t say anything to Lin XiuYong either.”

Bai SiNing pinched his mouth shut and promised vaguely, “I promise not to tell him.” He loosened his lips and asked curiously, “What’s the little baby’s name? Can I be his godfather?”

“I haven’t named him yet, if he needs a godfather, I’ll see how you do.” Gu Ang responded casually.

Bai SiNing was relieved that there was still room for the little one to stay, and it seemed that Gu Ang wasn’t that cruel. He gave a standard military salute to Gu Ang, “I will definitely prove it with my performance!”

Gu Ang finally gave up and got up from the sofa, for the sake of the little one, he needed nutrition. He lazily walked to the dining table and sat down, served himself a bowl of rice and ate slowly with chopsticks in his mouth.

Bai SiNing followed him and doggedly pushed all the meat into Gu Ang’s bowl, “Eat more, don’t starve the baby.”

Gu Ang curved the corners of his mouth, “You look happy?”

“Yes, I have a low probability of having children, but I like children.” Bai SiNing propped his head up and looked at him, “Brother Ang, the little baby is quite pathetic, keep him.”

Gu Ang: “?” He frowned at Bai SiNing, “What are you talking about? By the way, accompany me to the hospital tomorrow.”

To the hospital? Didn’t he just say he didn’t think about it? You’ve made a decision so quickly? Bai SiNing thought, Oh no, no, Brother Ang is going to the hospital to have an abortion. He had to tell Ye Fei that he couldn’t make a hasty decision like that.

In the evening, after dinner, Gu Ang lay down on the tatami mats, and Bai SiNing entered the room with an anxious face.

He nestled under the covers, pondered his words, and sent a message to Ye Fei. [God Ye, Brother Ang told me about the baby, he doesn’t seem to be in a good mood…]

[What should I do?!!]

Ye Fei replied in seconds: [? What’s wrong with him?]

Little White BaiBai: [I asked him how to deal with the child, he said at first that he hadn’t thought about it. Later on, he asked me to accompany him to the hospital tomorrow. I have the feeling he’s going to have an abortion!]

Ye Fei: [????]

Seeing this message, Ye Fei broke out in a cold sweat. When he discussed with Gu Ang during the day, he seemed to be in a calm state of mind, so how come he suddenly changed his mind?

Ye Fei: [What did you talk about?]

Little White BaiBai: [Nothing, aggrieved.jpg]

Ye Fei sat in the dormitory, anxiously lit a cigarette, smoking, but he only sucked in twice. He sent a message to Gu Ang, who didn’t reply, so he was probably asleep. He returned to Bai SiNing: [Before going to the hospital tomorrow, tell me, I will go as well.]

Little White BaiBai: [Okay!]

Once the message was sent, Ye Fei couldn’t sleep anymore. He thought he was able to figure out what Gu Ang was thinking, he was just shy and hiding for a few days. How was it that all of a sudden, the child wasn’t wanted? Was it possible he didn’t make any moves and just wanted to make a decision after the result came out? But the child was his and he wanted to give it up?

The question marks were all over his head, but questions were really sunk in the sea, without anyone answering them.

Ye Fei sighed and sat on the small balcony all night, sleepless.

The next day, he slept until noon, and Gu Ang dragged Bai SiNing to the school hospital. Bai SiNing shivered all the way, frantically sending messages to Ye Fei, urging him to hurry over. He was afraid that if he wasn’t careful, his little baby would be gone.

Gu Ang didn’t see the twists and turns in his mind and went straight to Doctor Zhang’s office.

The doctor saw him enter and froze for a moment, “Ye Fei isn’t with you?”

“No, my friend came with me today.”

Gu Ang introduced him to Bai SiNing, “Doctor Zhang, the one who has been helping me with the examination.”

Bai SiNing stood to the side and bent down nicely to say hello, “Thank you, Doctor Zhang, for taking care of our Brother Ang.”

“Oh, how polite.” The doctor was quite impressed with the clean-looking child, he pushed his glasses and looked at Gu Ang, “Have you read the result?”

Gu Ang had a calm face, “No, but Ye Fei told me about it.”

“It’s good that you understand the situation.” The doctor continued, “However, this time when you were tested, your report was entered into the hospital’s library and the information was reported. Someone at the top noticed your pheromone abnormalities and said they would find time to call you over for research.”

Gu Ang wrinkled his eyebrows, “Research what?”

The doctor coughed lightly, “They call you a super Omega, a mutant Omega, and want to do research and development to see if they can replicate it.”

He actually abbreviated the process, the OP was astute and saw that Gu Ang’s combat value flourished after mutation. If the mutated Omega could fight better than an Alpha, then the replicated elite into the battlefield, for the Empire, it was a good thing to enhance the strength of the army. But, these were all speculations.

So, more research needed to be done on Gu Ang’s genes.

When Gu Ang heard this, he resisted, “I said I’m not a little white rat.”

Not to mention that he didn’t want to expose the crossing, which in a sense was considered an imperial secret. Furthermore, in case the research came up with any bad initiatives for the little child, it would be too late to regret.

The doctor sighed, “The school hospital is still under the military in the end, these things can’t be hidden for long. Forget it, what did you come to see me today?”

“I just finished the game, so I want to do another checkup to see how my body is doing.” Gu Ang touched his stomach.

This time follow him all kinds of fights on the field, and didn’t know whether the fight had caused problems.

The doctor nodded, “OK, I’ll give you a list first.” He glanced at Bai SiNing, “Can you go out for a moment, little friend? I have something I want to talk about with Gu Ang alone.”

Bai SiNing looked at the two of them blankly. Talking about what, playing what code? He nodded his head blankly, “Brother Ang, I’ll wait for you at the door.”

“Okay, I’ll come out to you later.” Gu Ang answered.

Waiting until Bai SiNing closed the door behind him, the doctor spoke, “Your friend is here, so I didn’t have the heart to say. Don’t be angry I sent the report to Ye Fei first, I strongly condemned him, he didn’t admit it, he’s not human.”

Gu Ang laughed helplessly and didn’t say anything. Thinking about it this way, Ye Fei was quite aggrieved, the world felt he owed it to him.

The doctor pushed his glasses and asked kindly, “What do you think about it? Have you two talked about the baby?”

“About what?” Gu Ang was bewildered.

“This little baby of yours is developing fast and may be born early. If you decide to have it, you have to prepare for it in advance.” The doctor wanted to say something, “You two aren’t married yet, right? Whose family will the baby be registered to?”

Gu Ang blinked, “It’s that complicated?”

He hadn’t thought about that step of remarriage, but like the doctor said, the baby didn’t wait for anyone. It was like things were happening too fast and that thing was going to start coming up on the agenda.

The doctor tapped his head, “You’d better talk to your respective parents and prepare early so you don’t have your hands full when the time comes. Don’t blame me for talking too much.”

“Got it, thank you, doctor.” Gu Ang got up, “Then I’ll go do the routine checkup first.”

Bai SiNing stood in the doorway, anxiously staring at the large road coming over. After staring for a while, he saw Ye Fei’s figure, “God Ye, this way.”

Ye Fei took a big step over and gasped slightly, “Where’s Gu Ang?”

“He told the doctor to do some kind of test, he’s probably inside by now.” Bai SiNing’s expression was a bit flustered.

Ye Fei wrinkled his eyebrows, “Into where?”

His brain hurt, he didn’t really have a brain fart and wanted to get rid of the baby, right?

“I don’t know, go in and see.” Bai SiNing stood in the doorway and turned around anxiously, “The doctor wouldn’t let me listen to the conversation between the two of them and told me to wait outside.”

Upon hearing this, Ye Fei became even more anxious. What words did Bai SiNing can’t even listen to? The more he listened, the more mysterious it became.

Ye Fei patted Bai SiNing’s shoulder, “I’ll go in first, wait here.”

He went in quickly through the door and collided with Gu Ang who came out from the corner of the second floor.

“You…” Ye Fei checked the person up and down, and everything looked fine.

Gu Ang was puzzled and asked in a low voice, “What are you doing here?”

Ye Fei stepped forward, pulled his wrist, and held the person again.

Gu Ang: “?”

He froze in Ye Fei’s arms, his mind still not waking up. What was this person doing? He was hugging him so tightly that his breath was about to break.

Ye Fei rubbed his neck, with the nervousness of a lost and found treasure. He rambled, “I thought long and hard yesterday, I didn’t do well enough before. I’ll try to do a little better afterwards, keep our baby, okay?”

Gu Ang frowned, not understanding the meaning of his words, “What nonsense.”

Ye Fei hugged the person more tightly, afraid that even the person with the child would be lost. Last night, he smoked all night, but also felt self-criticism for a long time. He wasn’t meticulous enough with Gu Ang, and he was always tossing him around, aggravating him, making him run away again and again. He whispered, “Light, for you and the baby, I’ve decided to quit smoking and never touch it again.”

Gu Ang froze. Ye Fei had been smoking for many years, and he knew it. Being in a high position at a young age and with the family pressure, he could only rely on smoking to relieve his emotions. Recently, after he was pregnant, Ye Fei went outside secretly to smoke and came back only after the smell of smoke had dissipated. For the sake of the little one, he was willing to quit smoking?

Gu Ang was touched, he let the person hug him as he spoke quietly, “Why do you suddenly want to talk about this?”

Ye Fei sideways kissed his cheek, “Little Bai said you want to abort, so I rushed over. You want to scare me to death.”

Gu Ang: “?” He pushed the person away with an annoyed face, “Who wants an abortion? I’m here for a routine checkup.”


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