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Chapter 60: Interstellar agriculture demonstration

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


When he heard Bai Li’s promise with his own ears and the others saying they would come over to observe when the teaching began, Mo Song slapped his head and hurriedly went to his starblog to change his live content notification.

Song’s Blunt Opinion V, [The most complete finished chicken coop ever! Take a look at the eye-popping chicken coops from Carefree Farmstead (note: most are made of straw)! We’ve also invited a mystery man to teach us about wooden chicken coops, so if you haven’t started building a chicken coop yet, you can’t miss it!]

In fact, even if he didn’t say so, the netizens had a strong expectation for his next live broadcast. The previous night, Mo Song’s head was bald because he didn’t know how to build a chicken coop, and it was widely circulated in the forum as an emoji pack. Many people had squatted in the live room early and were overjoyed to see Mo Song’s updated starblog right away.

Fruit kids, [Haha! Originally thought there was only a big reward for strange things, but I did not expect an additional control group. I can already imagine the tragic contrast, the anchor is really a good poison alpha male!]

A sloth hanging upside down, [mysterious big man? Who will it be? If its in the game, it wouldn’t be Big Brother Li Bai or Big Brother Demon Xing? Are they going to be on camera? Looking forward to it!”

Cool breeze, [Nothing to say. As long as the anchor can successfully follow the big brother to make the chicken coop, I will give 100 Buddha Jumps Over the Wall!]

Mo Song looked at the comments under the starblog, and revealed a confident smile that was bound to win. Sorry this netizen, your 100 Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, I will accept!

At 7:55, the alarm set by Mo Song rang on time, and he temporarily said goodbye to Bai Li and others, and went to the promised players’ houses to show the audience the wrong demonstration of the chicken coop first.

Some of them simply circled a piece of land, threw straw into it, and put the two chicks they bought into it; basically whatever they wanted. When Mo Song arrived at the houses, the owner was playing hide-and-seek with the chicks in the yard. They were attracted by the smell of wheat, their little bodies burst out with great energy, and they had actually pecked several wheat plants bald.

The player cut down the wheat plants and got only half of the original amount of wheat, which was half a bag, and the description of the item bar was still “affected wheat,” which was simply ludicrous.

After obtaining the player’s consent, he took him by the shoulders and seriously warned the audience, “Remember, no matter what you do, you can’t fool around. You’ll end up losing! This is true for building chicken coops, and even more so for other things! Repeat after me. ‘Be honest, work hard!’”

The sweaty chicken-catcher was the first to respond, as he waved his free hand and shouted, “Be honest, work hard!”

The two chicks he was holding in his other hand were scared by his voice and let out a mournful “kiki” cry, as their heads twisting hard in the direction of Mo Song, as if they were asking for help.

Mo Song didn’t notice the two pairs of bean eyes, but the pop-up screen was full of [Hahaha!] laughter, and only a few reminded the player to be careful not to pinch the chicks to death.

After a while, the live broadcast of this household also ended, the chickens were put back on the ground, regained their strength, rushed back to their nest that wasn’t much like a chicken coop, and shrank into the corner and shivered.

I just ate a few of your wheat, why not, why not? Kiki!

“Well, well, the chicken coop reward is almost over here.” Mo Song put away his smile, and ambiguously said to the live viewers, “Now, I’m going to take you to the home of that mysterious big man and show you what a real seller’s show is first. Then I’m going to follow him to build the chicken coop. For the live players who are watching, because the yard of the big brother’s house isn’t large, you shouldn’t make a special trip over, ha. Watching the live is still learning  the same thing. Remember to take notes, yo…”

After Mo Song finished speaking, he set off towards Bai Li’s house. He had the chicken coop materials from the village chief in his backpack and was going to make it at Bai Li’s house before he put it back in his own yard.

On the pop-ups, the speculation about who the “mysterious big man” was intensifying, but there were only two answers, either “Li Bai” or “Demon Xing”.

The answer was soon revealed.

Mo Song walked straight into Bai Li’s house and waved a greeting to the people waiting for him in the yard. Since he had confirmed it with everyone before, Mo Song turned the camera directly to the crowd and gave a brief introduction to the audience.

This was the first time that the legendary Li Bai and Demon Xing had appeared in front of the audience as game characters. Unlike the textual descriptions in the forum, this time they were actually shown in front of the camera in person. The audience did not feel disappointed by their ordinary looks, but instead saw through the surface to the essence, and praised their eyes. They said that they had stories in their eyes, and that they had been through extraordinary experiences, as expected of people who could be called big brothers.

Bai-Immortal Agricultural Deity-Li, “…”

Wen-Empire’s Admiral-XingYao, “…”

Sometimes the sixth sense of this group of netizens was surprisingly accurate.

After the introductions, Xiong Pili and Tang Ying retreated to the side with the two younger players, and left the main scene to Bai Li and the others, and started to be silent onlookers. Mo Song was about to cut to the chase when he saw a number of players start to brush the screen, saying that they wanted to see what was so different between this yard and other players.

This idea was not there originally, but after they entered the courtyard of Bai Li’s house, occasionally the camera swept over the place, and the audience found that everything was tidied up neatly, unlike those courtyards they had seen before, where even the ground was reclaimed haphazardly. Here there were four blocks to the east and nine blocks to the west, and a pit hadn’t been forgotten in the corner, supposedly waiting to accumulate rainwater when it rained. In the others, the whole yard was so messy that there was a jump to get from the fence gate to the door of the small house.

Now when compared with Bai Li’s yard, it was really a case of people dying and goods getting thrown away!

“Big Brother, is it okay?” Mo Song turned his head and asked Bai Li.

Bai Li naturally agreed. It was just a tour of the courtyard, it wouldn’t take more than a few minutes. However, he soon found that his idea was completely wrong. It didn’t take more than a few minutes, the audience was almost baptizing every corner of his yard with rainbow farts.

First, they praised the land that had been cut into one big piece to make people feel good, then they praised the hand-made fence with vines that had a different kind of beauty, then the cobblestone path that led to the door of the hut, and they said that they never knew that stones could be used in this way! When Mo Song led the people to the right hand side of the hut and showed them the entire vine shelf and the wooden table and chairs with sunlight dappled shadows underneath, the audience was completely transformed into screaming chickens and the virtual screen was full of [ahhhhhhhhhhh!] and people asked if there were any more incredible creations in the courtyard.

Mo Song, That’s a coincidence, there really is!

Mo Song smiled wickedly and led the audience to the other side of the hut, and gave a super fine close-up of the wooden chicken cottage, so fine that one could clearly see the faces of the three chicks covered with yellow fluff, enjoying and relaxing, just like the previous one. The player yard chicks had a completely different expression.

The screen had a few seconds of blankness, and then the deeply shaken audience erupted in unprecedented shocked emotions.

[This is a chicken coop?? Is this really a chicken coop? People don’t even live as well as they do, right? I feel sorry for Big Brother Li Bai, he still lives in a small hut!]

[Oh my God…This chicken coop, no, this chicken cottage is too beautiful and exquisite, it feels like the chicks are having a good time, they are so happy!]

[Li Bai is really a great man, this can be done! I won’t be surprised if anything else happens with him in the future, I’m a mature person now…]

[I would like to call big brother Li Bai’s house ‘Interstellar Agricultural Demonstration Unit’, kowtow.jpg]

[Hahahahahahaha! Interstellar Agricultural Demonstration Unit is really laughing at me, where to vote? I raise both hands and feet in favor!!!]

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May 30, 2023 3:51 pm

Thanks for the chapter! It really is a demonstration unit, lol. How many times did our MC show/explain to ML, who then explained to other?

May 30, 2023 7:00 pm

Man they really make it sound like those chicks are living in a mansion! It must look so luxurious! 🤣🤣

matcha lover
matcha lover
May 31, 2023 6:37 am

aiyaa~ this pitiful netizens was describing as if the chicken living in a mansion but the owner living at the hut lmao.. i wonder what their reaction when bai li upgrade his hut to some never seen building like open courtyard or ancient villa..😋

June 13, 2023 4:03 am

Rainbow farts 😆
BL’s courtyard sounds lovely. In almost all weathers, I’d be out there enjoying it, with the vine shelf for shelter 🤗 Idyllic.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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