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Chapter 66: The love of beauty 

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Since he had been noticed, he couldn’t leave in front of the girls. Bai Li walked up with an embarrassed expression and greeted the girls. “Hello. I also came out to collect, and accidentally overheard your conversation. I’m sorry.”

The female players who had their conversation overheard were…

“Ah!!! I can’t believe it’s Big Brother Li Bai, how come you’re free to come over to do the gathering today, Big Brother? We watched the live broadcast of you and Song’s Blunt Opinion, and the chicken coop was really superb!”

“Hey big brother, what are you talking about? This forest is not our bag. You heard us chat, but it’s nothing shameful. No need to apologize!”

“Do you have a companion? If not, come with us, we can collect and chat at the same time, how lively!”

“That’s right, come along, big brother, you should now know that flower seeds can be planted in your own yard. Don’t turn in all the seeds after collecting, at least leave one or two. The flowers that bloom can be beautiful!”

“Big brother, will you also paint your nails?”

The five female players were overjoyed to find out that it was actually Bai Li, and they directly gathered around. They greeted Bai Li with enthusiasm and earnestness, and successfully left Bai Li at a loss for words. When he heard the last sentence, Bai Li was shocked, and his face showed a very obvious panicked expression, as he quickly waved his hands and took a few steps back. “No, no, I don’t need to paint my nails, you can just dye them yourselves…” There was a weakness in his tone, as if he had been sucked of his essence by the demoness in the Cave of the Silken Web. 1

God, the girls of the Interstellar era were so tall and outgoing…it seemed as if they weren’t so different from the male players he had recently come into contact with. However, after he spent some time with the female players, he learned more about the flower seeds from the girls.

It was not just the five girls who were choosing to leave some of the flower seeds to plant in their own yards, but the vast majority of players who had the gathering skill and dug up flower seeds through gathering did the same thing.

At first it might just have been unintentional, or out of curiosity, but after they discovered that the game’s flower seeds could produce flowers, they couldn’t help but leave a few flower seeds for themselves every time they went to the village chief to submit materials, which had become a habit among the gathering players.

The players who were lucky enough to collect rare tree seeds didn’t even think about leaving the seeds behind. One of the reasons was that the chances of collecting rare tree seeds was extremely small, and another reason was that they weren’t sure how big the trees would grow after the seeds sprouted. What if they were so big that their small house collapsed?

The female player with the game name LIttle Butterfly said with excitement, “I know a sister who has planted at least ten seeds in her yard, on the left and right sides of the house. When I came out this morning, she had already sprouted flowers, so I think they are already blooming. I’ll go up to her house to see when the collection is done here. If there’s rose balsam, I’ll remind her that it can be used to dye her nails!”

“Wow! That’s awesome!” Another female player’s eyes were full of longing. “I also want to plant more flowers in the yard. How good it would be if these seeds weren’t materials for the mission, so I could plant them all!”

“It’s okay. It’s okay. Pay half, plant half is not bad for now. This way both sides aren’t left behind, Haha!” someone on the side comforted her. Soon the person was comforted, and the two came together to continue to heckle.

A certain designer who had personally decided on the materials needed for the task uncomfortably touched his nose.

The player who took out the rose balsam petals had already tested it successfully on her companion’s body, showing the other person’s dyed nails to the others with a self-satisfied look. Hey, hey, she came up with such a wonderful usage by chance. In the future, when other female players dyed their nails with petals, they will think of her. She was also a pioneer.

“It’s beautiful!” The other people who didn’t get a turn, looked at the dyed nails with shining eyes.

Little Butterfly said hesitantly, “Jiao Jiao, I think you are suddenly very feminine, it would be better if you could change your clothes.”

The female player known as Jiao Jiao looked at Bai Li and made a shy gesture afterwards, as she covered her face with both hands, but showing all ten nails in front of everyone’s eyes. “Really? I think so too…”

Little Butterfly and others, “…” Sister, you don’t have to!

The girls were completely unaware that in the process of laughing and joking, the pursuit and desire for beautiful things that was in a woman’s bones was released. It was as if someone’s nails among the girls accidentally touched the petals of a flower and associated it with the ability to color their nails with flower petals, and excitedly passed the message to their close friends, their beauty-loving nature was shown to the fullest.

What the Interstellar women with their bold personalities and rough lives didn’t know at this point was that they were ignorantly walking down a road they had never walked before.

Bai Li had been quietly listening to the girls chatting. He heard Little Butterfly talking about clothes, and thought about how the players had been wearing the game’s initial clothes for a long time, and suddenly felt a little sorry for them, but also had a couple ideas.

As things were, the players in the game were not like at the beginning, with their whole body and soul devoted to the farming business. Nowadays, in addition to the parcel of land in front of their homes, they could also do carpentry, gathering, mining, fishing, cooking, and even do nothing but enjoy the scenery and the food in the game every day. The game life had become more and more colorful, so how could there be only gray and rough clothes in their closets?

The appearance of the clothing should also be arranged.

Little Butterfly didn’t know that she’d been listened to by the game’s designer, and that in the near future, she and other players in the game would reap the joy of buying. The crowd collected for about another hour, and also ended the day with all the female players having their fingernails colored red.

Bai Li was so relieved that he rushed to say goodbye to the five people, put both hands in his pockets and hurriedly headed for the exit of the forest. He’d just noticed that girls glanced at his nails several times!

Those wolf-like eyes were really scary!

After Bai Li left, the five female players looked at each other and laughed out loud together. They didn’t expect big brother Li Bai to be such a shy person.


After he played the game that day, Bai Li ignored Supreme’s incessant signals to play and went back to work as he put into action the ideas he had come up with during the day. Once again, he was busy until 2am.

A new update to Carefree Farmstead was silently posted on the official website and Starblog.

Carefree Farmstead V: [Good evening dear players, this game was updated from February 3 to the early morning of February 4 as follows:

1. New ‘achievements and titles’ system. Players can check the relevant page in the game, there are mysterious hidden achievements waiting to be found.

2. New mall items: fish tank, accessories and feed can be purchased.

3. New character appearance: Clothing items can be purchased in the village store and the game mall.

4. Wild animals have been added to the forest. For specifics, players are recommended to explore on their own.]

After he released the update, Bai Li didn’t look back. He rushed offline and didn’t give those people who heard the news the opportunity to urge him to upgrade the virtual reality game builder.

Bai Li, If I run fast enough, these people will never be able to catch me.

He rolled over, lifted his arms around the sleeping Supreme, buried his head in his furry belly and sucked gently as he drifted off to sleep.

Meanwhile, on the Starnet. Those night owls who hadn’t slept yet were subjected to yet another blast. Cloud players read the update word by word, line by line, and let out a resigned roar. Bai Li! I know you are online! If you have the ability to give the game updates in the middle of the night, you have the ability to upgrade the builder, ah! I hope you can understand the pain of not being able to play, ah, ah, ah, ah!

In response. Bai Li said, Sorry I’m not really online, fell asleep zzzzz…

Compared to those cloud players, the game’s real players seemed more excited.

Since the virtual reality game builder upgraded to level D, the original limit of only six hours of play at a time was broken, and players’ nightworld work and rest times gradually adjusted back. Those days, the early morning hours were when the number of players in the game was at its lowest.

However the situation was very different at 2:00 am today.

The players who received the news and hadn’t slept hurriedly logged back into the game, and ran in the direction of the village chief while shouting “New! New! New!” and opening the game store at the same time. The players knew they were in the right place, and their faces lit up with joy as they clicked in.

After going in, they could see twenty shrunken clothing patterns, divided into men’s and women’s clothing. If their attentino stayed on one of the patterns, the picture would then open, revealing the specific details of the clothes. There was a ‘try on’ button, and players who had ideas about clothes, but could not decide whether they would look good, could first try it on, and they were satisfied before buying.

Of course, if they entered the game when their faces were too rough, they would feel they did not match these clothes. They could also buy a ‘makeover’ item, and their own face as a whole could start over again Oh…!

Some players had already taken the lead in selecting the first set of black cross-collar tunic and clicked on “try on” without thinking. The collar and cuffs of the clothes were of loose design, wearing it would not have a strong sense of restraint, the cloth was gathered at the waist, so that the upper body was prominent, the legs were lengthened. It was done with fine tailoring so that the hem appeared to float a few points, walking around gave people a sense of unrestrained glamor. The pants were ordinary black pants, but because of the excellent top, it also had the added label of ‘must have something strange.’

The impatient male player was instantly stunned. Such a piece of clothing was completely different from what he wore in reality. He could vaguely tell that it had the same historical origins as the short-beaten top he currently wore in the game, but was much more refined and elaborate than the latter.

Other than that, the fabric alone was like paint, with beautiful patterns that he had never heard of and never seen. His eyes stared straight at the pattern on the arm, and after careful identification, he found that it was the feathered wings of some kind of bird, and the full appearance of the bird was blended into the whole dress.

Bravo, this dress!

The player felt that all the pores and cells of his body were screaming together, “Buy it!” “Must buy it!” When he came back to his senses, he had already completed the payment action and a brand new set of clothes was lying quietly in his backpack.

The player who succeeded in buying his favorite clothes happily changed into new clothes and was about to close the game store when he glanced out of the corner of his eye and found the white clothes next to the black clothes, and his eyes, at once, glued on…

He then took a closer look, good guy, the new clothes he had just bought were actually the cheapest set of them. After that with each piece, he had the illusion that he was scum who liked the old and the new. There was no way to pick and choose, he was tangled and then more tangled, the player covered his severely shrunken wallet, gritted his teeth and bought two more sets.

Heh, I don’t want my money! Take it, take it all!

If not for my money, then today there wouldn’t be so many sets of clothes! I must take all of them!


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Translator Notes:

  1. 1927 movie about a Buddhist monk and his three disciples embarking on a perilous journey to seek out sacred scriptures. One of the earliest cinematic adaptation of Chinese classic novel Journey to the West. When seeking for food alone, Tang Xuanzang was kept prisoner by seven spider monsters who took the form of seven beautiful women. The Monkey King and the other two of Xuanzang’s disciples managed to rescue him with the help of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva/Guanyin. They renounced their desire for lust and continued the quest for Buddhist Scriptures. 


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