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Chapter 67: Incoming guests

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


If the male players were like that, then the female players acted even crazier.

The night before, the news that the rose balsam grown from flower seeds could dye nails reached the ears of all the female players. Those who had it rushed home on the spot to experiment. Those who didn’t have it secretly took note of the news, and planned to find players who had learned gathering to buy a few flower seeds, and then plant them in their own yards, and strive to achieve self-sufficiency in nail art.

If the above was the initial awakening of the female players’ love of beauty, the ten sets of beautiful clothes that came out overnight in the game store completely exploded the nature of a woman.

“What?! Ancient Blue Star period clothes actually looked like this? It was too great, right?”

“Look! This dress is so good! My mother must see me in this, I’m so beautiful like this. Do those men matter?”

“God! This dress is too sweet, if you wear it for a second you become a little princess! The mother, oh no, people’s teenage hearts are going to flood the comments…”

A group of fierce women with dark circles under their eyes climbed on the game in the night, then in the mall there was a wave of passionate consumption, and with smiles of satisfaction they got off the game and went to get their beauty sleep. That night, many women dreamed they had a magical closet, filled with beautiful clothes that they couldn’t imagine. They stood in front of the full body mirror, and constantly changed clothes, then finally started a runway show. The clothes on their bodies went click, click, click, click, as they changed so fast as they picked out their favorite styles.

When they woke up, everything in their dream receded like a tidal wave, and left only short sighs of frustration behind. Soon however, those female players remembered, while they weren’t wearing their favorite clothes in reality, but in the game, there were still ten sets of new clothes waiting to please them!

As they thought of that, they got up from their beds, rushed into the bathroom to wash up after lying in the gaming pod, and happily played real world versions of make-overs.

That morning, Bai Li awoke naturally. After he woke up, he lay flat on the soft bed in a daze. Suddenly he felt an inexplicable call to open a page that he believed he would only think to open and examine at the end of the month.

Bai Li’s eyes blinked twice and he gave a sluggish “ah.” His sleep was completely shocked away.

What the hell?! He only slept for a while, how did the game’s daily earnings rise so much? It couldn’t be that the players took advantage of his sleep and looted the game mall, right? Or the kind of money paid…After he made up several unlikely reasons, Bai Li finally remembered that he had added something to the game store before he went to sleep.

So, the income that shocked him was brought by those twenty sets of clothes? This was too crazy…

He found out the details and confirmed this suspicion, then it took a lot of effort to resist the urge to add another hundred or eighty sets of clothes to the mall. There was no hurry. Anyway, the style of those clothes were well stored in his head. Every once in a while he could update the shelves so that the freshness would never disappear.

He was really a master of mediocre resource development.

“Meow, Meow?” Supreme, although he’d grown up a lot, still had his milky little voice. When he saw that he had called out to his human but didn’t get a response, Supreme anxiously arched into his arms, while he issued an plaintitive call.

“I almost forgot about Supreme.” Bai Li came back to his senses, stroked Supreme’s furry head, then held him in his arms and gave him a good rubbing. He calmed down, and quietly lay in his arms without moving.

“Supreme, I tell you, we made money again. This time we earned more than last time. Next month, maybe we can also get a spacious place to live.” The game made money, and the wallet filled up. Although Bai Li’s earned money wasn’t enough to buy an agricultural planet, buying a house that would belong to him was something he could do. Renting a house all the time wasn’t an option.

He could buy a house close to this place, so that it was also convenient for him and Song Xinran to continue to communicate. Of course, the premise of that was that Song Xinran wouldn’t follow his family back to his home. However, if the teenager went back, then Bai Li would be more selective about the house. Even if it wasn’t on this planet. He would go anywhere as long as he could afford to buy a house.

Bai Li had a hitch and jerked the kitty. Suddenly he laughed, and thought that he was really planning too far ahead because he was so stimulated that morning.

“Mee-ow… Mee-ow…” Supreme was unsure. He squinted his cat eyes, and rubbed Bai Li’s hand again.

One person and one cat exchanged friendly words.

That day was the day that Song Xinran’s family was coming to visit him from another planet, so Bai Li asked him not to help in the morning and to prepare for his family instead. Therefore, Bai Li and Supreme were the only ones taking care of the plants that morning.

At first, Supreme wondered why the annoying human who came every day didn’t come today, and kept barking at Bai Li’s feet, as if to complain, or to tell Bai Li that he was the most serious and responsible vegetable caretaker. After he confirmed that Song Xinran wouldn’t come over, Supreme’s heart was full of joy. Haha! It was a rare time for him to be alone with his human. No outsiders to disturb him…his human belonged to him!

His happy mood hadn’t subsided yet, when the doorbell rang.

Supreme’s kitten face collapsed. Bai Li went over to open the door, and found a group of several people standing outside. At first glance, he couldn’t tell who this crowd of people were because the doorway light was blocked by them.

There was a middle-aged man with a serious appearance, a soft-looking woman, two young men with a little questioning or inquisitive looks on their faces, and a pair of twin sisters who were staring straight at him.

A familiar face emerged from behind them with a small shyness, “Master! Master! Brother Bai Li. These are my mother and father, brothers and sisters. They wanted to come over to visit you…”

With his strength alone, he really couldn’t stop these people.

Bai Li nodded with understanding and gave way to the entrance. “Hello, come in and have a seat.”

His eyes were calm – not because he didn’t want to show panic to the sudden strangers at the door – but because he was always very calm. He had a sense of confidence that no matter what accident occurred, he could quickly handle it.

Father Song gave Bai Li a deep glance, and his face softened as he recognized the young man. “Then I’ll be grateful to you, Mr. Bai.”

The house Bai Li rented wasn’t very big, but the living room had an oversized sofa that he had just bought, so it was still possible to squeeze in so many people.

He wanted to bring out some fruit when the guests came to the house, but then he thought that the smell of those fruits would be too strong and attract special attention, so he decided to bring out some cucumbers like the ones that he had given to Xiong Pili.

Bai Li asked Father Song to wait and went into the kitchen to prepare. Supreme followed behind him without giving half a glance to the strange humans who came in. Song Xinran, on the other hand, took the initiative to help Bai Li entertain his family, even though he was actually half a guest.

When she looked at her youngest son, Mother Song said with a sigh of relief, “I didn’t expect that after being away for so long, the little one has really become so much more understanding.”

Bai Li had done something that she, as a mother, was not able to do, which was amazing. As for Song Xinran’s older siblings, they saw that their younger brother was so sweet, and hurriedly seized the opportunity to ‘enslave’ him. This one said he was thirsty, that one said his back was empty and he wanted to find something to lean on.

Song Xinran was put to work pouring water and helping to get a pillow.

In the end, they still were guests in someone else’s house so the four brothers and sisters didn’t do too much, just teased their brother a few times, then sat honestly on the sofa, as they patiently waited for the real owner of the house to come out.

In the process of waiting, they didn’t sit idly. Father Song coughed dryly, called Brother Song’s name, and asked him to bring out all the gifts the family had brought for Bai Li. Brother Song nodded his head in understanding, and took out the space button on his finger that was styled as a ring and began to pull out things.

A large bag, small bag, large box, small box; the things in the space button seemed endless, and who knew when he would be finished. The other three siblings tacitly agreed to give a hand, and methodically piled the gifts taken out temporarily in an open space in the corner. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to put the gifts on the coffee table, but they had accidentally prepared too many gifts to fit on the coffee table. 

Song Xinran stared at his siblings’ actions with wide eyes, and his gaze became dull. Previously, his mother and father, brothers and sisters went to his home, also brought him a lot of things, but those were not half as much as the gift to his master! He momentarily wondered, his master wasn’t the sixth child of their family, right?

However, the number of gifts also reflected the family’s respect and recognition of his master, and Song Xinran, after being shocked, was still very happy, so he acquiesced to their exaggerated gift-giving behavior and nodded his head in his heart. We should give more gifts to the Master. He had eaten a lot of things from his Master these days…

Bai Li didn’t know what was happening in the living room. He took out ten cucumbers from his storage space, cut them into pieces about a finger thick, placed them all in a large dish, put a stick on it and took it out.

Almost as soon as Bai Li opened the kitchen door, a light fragrance wafted out. Song Xinran and his siblings reflexively came over to help Bai Li carry the plate.

That kind of want to help, but do not know how to ask, then embarrassed to go forward, inexplicably made Bai Li think of the days when he and Song Xinran just met. Why did it feel like Song Xinran’s brothers and sisters were actually a bit naive in nature?

After thanking Song Xinran for trying to help carry the plate, Bai Li took a few quick steps and placed the glass plate filled with cucumber pieces on the coffee table.

Third Sister Song was curious as she spoke, “This is a cucumber, right? I’ve seen it in my little brother’s live broadcast. It tastes very good.”

After she said that, she remembered that reality wasn’t like the game. The vegetables in the game tasted superb, but in reality it was not necessarily the same.

Two days ago, he boiled corn, and mixed sugar with cucumber in the live room. The family, out  of curiosity, made an online order on Taotao. The results were that once it was sent over, the corn and cucumber, based on appearance, were extremely similar to the game. The taste could not be said to be identical, only irrelevant.

Light as water, dry as wood. Who would want to eat that?

The six members of the Song family choked up on the spot that day. When Song Xinran broadcasted other food after that, no one ever offered to buy it again. The six Song family members could not help but shrink their necks when they saw the familiar cucumber. They thought that maybe Bai Li had deliberately brought it out, but their eyes kept glancing at the cucumber from time to time, with the sense of small animals probing with their brains.

Song Xinran didn’t understand why his family had such a reaction. He explained to his Third Sister, “Enn, this is a cucumber. Master’s cucumbers taste very good. Master’s friends sent them to him to eat. Mom, dad, brothers and sisters, try them.”

Bai Li stood on the side with a smile. Since his little apprentice had helped him explain, he believed that the credibility of this claim could be improved a lot.

The Song family was unaware of his thoughts. “Oh! Oh!”

Their hands, in the end, still reached for the cucumber stick uncontrollably. Before the cucumber was about to enter their mouths, they remembered that they forgot to thank Bai Li, “Thank you for the hospitality, Mr. Bai.”

“It’s okay. You don’t have to be so polite. If you like it, I’ll cut some more for you.” Bai Li smiled and let out a devilish whisper. He was trying to get Interstellar people used to the real taste of food, in the game and in reality.

When the vegetables he planted on the balcony matured later, he would make them into dishes openly and honestly, so as not to attract too many surprised eyes. Otherwise, he was worried that by then, some people would think he was committing chronic suicide. After all, it was so difficult to eat natural plants, who would think of growing plants specifically to eat?!

As he watched the Song family begin to taste the cucumber, Bai Li simply let his eyes drift to other parts of the living room. Then, a certain corner suddenly came into his sight. As he looked at the pile of neatly arranged things, Bai Li’s heart again rose with the fear dominated by Song Xinran’s gifts. He asked softly in a stiff tone, “You guys…”


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