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Chapter 92: Break up still send people to the door

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey, interrupted in her procrastination


“What do you mean?” Ye Fei wrinkled his brow at him.

Gu Ang tapped the screen, “Look at the news feed. My dad has taken the liberty of letting me marry Lu ChangJing.”

He did pretend to promise Gu Shen to go along with him earlier, but he didn’t expect him to be so direct in his tactics, announcing the wedding date without discussing it with him. This dog, in the end, was impatient to climb up the high branch of the Lu family. Gu Ang’s heart was full of contempt, and disdain.

“What? Stealing our Ye family’s son-in-law, looking for death?” Ye HongFeng raised his voice and slapped his palm on the table, “What the hell does he want?”

Qin LeHe had just finished browsing the news and her hands were shaking with anger, “That scumbag, he was shameless enough to climb up the ladder before, but now he even wants to involve Little Ang.”

Ye Fei knew all about the conversation in the car that day, but his expression was calm. He spoke slowly, “Don’t be angry, you two, we know about this, and Gu Ang has discussed it with me. I just didn’t expect his father to be so disrespectful.”

“Fine, I’ll listen to a good explanation of why you’re involved with that scumbag dad of yours.” Seeing that Ye Fei also expressed his knowledge about it, Qin LeHe said to Gu Ang, holding back her anger. Qin LeHe was already very educated when she didn’t get angry with her ex-husband on the spot.

Gu Ang hmmed, “Didn’t I tell you before that Ye Fei and I found out some clues about the Lu family’s collusion with the Federation? But these clues aren’t enough to hammer the behemoth that is the Lu family to death at once.” He took a slow breath and continued, “He came to me the other day and asked me to join forces with him. I had agreed under false pretenses to infiltrate the family to find more evidence of their joint mutiny, considering it’s all done on the dark side without much repercussions. The old thing is really getting tougher and tougher now.”

He took the hot water Ye Fei handed to him and held it, but his heart felt cold. Gu Shen wasn’t going to consider the affection of kinship at all. Pushing his son off a cliff with his own hands for a glorious future, leaving him no point of retreat.

Qin LeHe was worried, “Then you can’t just announce it. You and Ye Fei will be getting married soon, besides considering yourself, you also have to consider the Ye family. Where do you put their face?”

“I didn’t know my dad would do such a stunt. Probably because he was afraid I’d back out.” Gu Ang pursed his lips in contemplation. It was a terrible feeling to be backstabbed. He thought about it; the news had gone out, and there was bound to be no shortage of the public opinion that was due. Might as well take advantage of this wind and hammer the dog and husband pair to death. “Now that it’s come to this, we can just go with the flow…”

“No!” The words weren’t finished when the two adults objected in unison.

Qin LeHe glared at him, “I just told you to consider the Ye family’s feelings, did you hear that?”

Ye HongFeng waved his hand, ”I can understand if we talk about the reasons. This matter involves more than just the Qin family, and our Ye family has been struggling with them for a long time. If we can really get the evidence, it would be good for the Ye family as well.”

“But to have Ah’Ang sacrifice his reputation and risk being found out to… As elders, you shouldn’t let young children who have just reached adulthood intervene and sacrifice.”

Qin LeHe changed the object of persuasion, “Little Ye, what do you think? You wouldn’t agree, would you?”

Ye Fei twisted his palm and looked at the bigger picture, “For Gu Ang, I can live with that.”

“You kids.” Qin LeHe sighed, “It’s been so hard on you guys, mommy can’t apologize enough to you.”

One was in danger and the other was carrying the blame. Any way one looked at it, there were two little pathetic people who were a pain in the ass. Gu Ang said softly, “Big brother, I need to let you go for a few days. Once we take care of them, I will immediately give you a proper title.”

Ye Fei squeezed his wrist and rubbed it, “The wedding date stays the same, let’s work together inside and out to speed up the process.”

Qin LeHe listened to the conversation between the two, her eyes slightly moistened with mixed feelings. Finding a man like Ye Fei, Gu Ang’s vision was indeed much better than her own, “Then since everyone’s okay with it, I’ll approve the plan.”

Gu Ang took the time to sort out the entire story with the information he had collected with Ye Fei. Ye HongFeng and Qin LeHe, both capable in their respective fields, expressed their amazement after Gu Ang’s presentation of the plan and also gave their comments on the changes. The four moved up from the living room to the dining room table and discussed the plan as they ate, polishing it to the hilt.

The day was sinking and it was late at night.

Ye HongFeng sighed heartily, “Mn, this time, if the plan goes well, our feud with the Lu family can also end here, and you, in-laws, can achieve your goal of getting back at the scum hard.”

Ye Fei tried to temper the heavy atmosphere at the dinner table, “Dad, that’s why I said Gu Ang was a blessing to our family.”

Gu Ang leapt in his heart, bashful on his face, and pulled back on the subject with a strained neck, “Stop blowing rainbow farts and remember what each of us has to do.”

“Understood, I’ll retaliate on my side by attacking those hidden wings of the Lu family based on the information I gathered earlier and act as if I’m annoyed.” Ye HongFeng responded. This level of showmanship, as a veteran, could definitely be played out.

“My side would also increase the pressure on the Gu family in business to force your father to speed up the process of collaborating with the enemy.” Commercially, Qin LeHe was naturally vocal enough.

Two in-laws on both sides of the fence. Gu Ang looked over to Ye Fei, who had to take the most pressure out of the entire plan. The mockery and slander of the uninformed masses. The two have gradually gained a high profile since they got together and have a lot of CP fans outside of school as well as on campus.

Now that the union was out of the way, he didn’t even have to use his head to guess how hard the words were.

Gu Ang squeezed Ye Fei’s palm wordlessly and inserted his hand into his, intertwining their ten fingers. More words weren’t necessary.

“Now then, I’ll call back my dad first.” He raised his eyes to the group and tapped his communicator for public release. From this moment on, the plan began.

“Hello? Ah’Ang? Saw the news?” Gu Shen’s voice came from the communicator.

Next to him, Qin LeHe’s fists were clenched tightly, trying to suppress the anger in his heart.

Gu Ang gestured with his eyes for her to calm down, while returning in a sultry tone, “Dad, why did you just announce it straight away? I’m not even mentally prepared for it.”

“I’m helping you build momentum. In case the rest of the Lu family backs out, won’t all our plans go down the drain?”

Gu Shen laughed twice, “That’s why I greeted your Uncle Lu in advance and put a lid on this before the rest of the Lu family had a chance to object.”

There was a hint of smugness in his tone. That villainous tone tickled the teeth of those present.

Gu Ang sneered, “Afraid of the Lu family backing out? You’re afraid that I’ll turn against you.”

“What makes you think that? I’s actually a win-win situation, isn’t it?”

Having been poked in the face with a lie, Gu Shen didn’t show a hint of embarrassment. His years of sinking in the political sea had long since made him develop a thick skin of truthful eyes.

Gu Ang deliberately lent his breath and took the conversation in a direction that had been prepared in advance, “And I’m not going to bullshit you, although everyone’s final goal is to seek everything the Lu family has, or even the Empire. But I have a bottom line. If that Lu family’s Alpha is disgusting, I would unilaterally terminate the union.”

“No, no, no, Lu ChangJing is the successor of the Lu family that they have chosen by a thousand, and he was first class in both appearance and character. How about this, a week later you come to the Lu family and arrange for you to meet.”

Seeing that Gu Ang had some concerns with it, Gu Shen wasn’t surprised but pleased.

On the one hand, it was a pleasure to be happy with the effect of the wise move of announcing it directly. On the other hand, Gu Ang’s less mature and rebellious behavior showed that Gu Ang was really willing to merge into the Lu family with him, and he was excited to think that he was in control. Gu Ang raised an eyebrow; the old thing had fallen for the trap. He continued, “Then call up all those clan elders of the Lu family and meet them all at once to save us the trouble.”

“Fine, fine, no problem, I’ll have Lu Yan arrange it for you, you just have to show up when the time comes.” Gu Shen’s trailing voice rose, and he could hear that he was in a good mood, “Are there any other requests? You can say them all together, Dad would never let you suffer.”

Gu Ang rolled his eyes and looked around the circle of people with his eyes. Seeing everyone else shake their heads slightly, he replied, “No more.”

“Okay then, see you next week.” Gu Shen paused, “By the way, remember to break up with Ye Fei earlier.”

“Wait.” Gu Ang suddenly spoke again.


“There’s something to pass on to Uncle Lu for me… I suspect that once the news of the union is made, there might be retaliation from the Ye family, so tell them to make preparations earlier.”

“You don’t even need to tell me that. The Lu family has been preparing for war for a long time, just waiting for the Ye family to come and throw themselves into the net.” Gu Shen laughed, thinking that his son had started thinking about them so quickly, it seemed that he had already taken the Lu family into his pocket.

“Okay then, hang up.” Gu Ang dryly nodded down to end the call, giving a lazy victory gesture.

Ye HongFeng finished listening to the conversation and stroked his chin as he spoke, “It seems the fish has taken the bait, so let’s watch the Ye family’s performance next. Guaranteed to make those fools of the Lu family think that we’re not only annoyed, but also have suffered heavy losses in the ensuing retaliation, complacent that they have the upper hand and let their guard down.”

Gu Ang said meaningfully, “We’ll see, let them have a taste of it first. But remember to shut that guy Shen Fei Zhou up, he’s our weakness.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll ask him straight over in the last few weeks and give him a good drill.” Ye HongFeng responded casually.

The pointer pointed to twelve o’clock and the sudden counterattack unfolded.

In a short week, the tide had turned.

The mockery that came with the union was inevitable, and the already stormy Ye Fei was reduced to the talk of the town after tea. Whether it was him getting a green hat or a peaceful breakup, people couldn’t guess.

Originally Ye Fei’s looks and strength because of his family were all first-class, directly setting him apart from many, so ordinary people could only feel envious, making him feel unreachable. Now that the male gods have fallen from grace, anyone wanted to step on them to make their presence known.

The very fact that even the perfect man-god was completely cheated by his boyfriend was something worth chewing on again and again. In addition to taunting, teasing, some people even made up difficult limericks.

After several days, the public opinion on the matter didn’t fade away, but became even more turbulent. The emotional entanglement of the two military cadets was rather like a move from the showbiz set.

On the internet, the original luminous CP fans felt disgraced and God Ye brainless blowing instantly all but disappeared. In their place, a bunch of black fans came out of nowhere. They call themselves “Chlorophyll” and make any news on the internet about Ye Fei, brushing up their presence.

There were also people who were pushing hard behind the scenes and taking advantage of the chaos to stir up trouble and sling mud. Coupled with Ye Fei’s own status as the successor of the Ye family, the news of Ye Fei being green was instantly spilled to every corner of Starnet.

Immediately, a wave of retaliation from the Ye family began. Not some internet war of words or opinion, those were too low. Instead, it was real, bloody death revenge.

Within days, the battle raged. Rebellions have broken out on more than ten planets within the jurisdiction of the Lu family… Thirteen of the small families closely associated with the Lu family were assassinated at the level of extermination… Hundreds of hardcore Lu advocates, sidelined in various other areas… 

This sudden entry up into the storm, the general public had not yet reacted, another whirlwind from the Lu family was bucking the trend, so that everyone could see the strength of the Lu family. All ten planetary rebellions were suppressed in just four days, with all minor family members unharmed.

As for the inner circle that the Lu family had planted in the military and political circles, although they had just stepped down, someone immediately got in touch with them and guaranteed them a higher position. Not only that, the Lu Family used the excuse that there were rebels in their precincts to destroy hundreds of secret intelligence points planted by the Ye Family in the Lu Family precincts in one go.

In military politics, the Lu family was equally unfazed. All rival families of a thousand years, no one was cleaner than the other. Hundreds of the same officials and generals who were close to the Ye family were transferred and devalued for various reasons.

This first little storm, which lasted only a short week, ended with a comprehensive victory for the Lus. Up and down the Empire, there was an uproar. No one could’ve imagined that the encounter between the two sides would actually come so swiftly and with such a huge gap!

Both the Ye and Lu families were army evergreens on the pastoral side, but after the first round of sparring, the Ye family’s near-retaliatory surprise attacks were actually defused one by one by the Lu family. Jokes about the Ye family losing their wives and troops also began to sneak around in the political and military circles.

The Ye family’s daughter-in-law was gone, and their wings were broken to pieces.

True, lost and lost.

In response to this, the Ye family was naturally outraged internally.

Ye Fei sat beside Ye HongFeng in the Ye Family’s main council chamber, looking at the group of people around him, in a trance like he had gone back to his last life. It was also the same council chamber where he was reprimanded one by one for his stubbornness to marry Gu Ang.

These people made the excuse that they would have no future heirs to inherit the Ye family’s foundation and made trouble. Ye HongFeng was quite bold at the time and threw out the decision straight away. Ye Fei married Gu Ang and renounced his right to inherit the Ye family.

It was still the same scene now, by coincidence, or because of Gu Ang. But this time, along the plan, not only would it be a good punch in the old face of these people, but it would also clear out the assholes within the family in the process.

Ye Fei raised the corners of his mouth slightly at the thought of the subsequent reversal.

The end of this battle would shut the mouths of the losers who only knew how to fight for power internally up for good.

For fifty years thereafter, the other members of the family could be commanded as if by the arm, and there would be no opposition. Ye Fei felt that his aggravation here now was quite worth coming.

A dull voice broke the chatter, “Ye Fei, why are you still laughing? Don’t you realize the gravity of the situation in the slightest?”

The man was tall and lanky, standing in the middle of the room shaking his head in anger.

Ye Fei gathered his expression and returned lightly, “Sorry, Fourth Uncle.”

“Mn, then, let us now discuss whether we should continue the fight.” Ye HongFeng cleared his throat and tossed the question out.

“There’s no need for that, the Ye family planted a heel and has to get their defenses under control.”

“We all know what started this time, and I don’t think we need to go to war with the Lu family over an outsider.”

“Patriarch, public and private must be separated, everything is for the greater good.”


As soon as the question was asked, almost everyone below objected en masse. Each for their own reasons, each for their own benefit. What it boiled down to was that they didn’t want to go to war with the Lu family to the end because of the Gu Ang union.

No one wanted to risk their head when they could get paid to live in peace and quiet. Everyone in the room, with a matter-of-fact attitude, preferred to wimp out and be a shrinking violet. Although he had expected it, Ye HongFeng was still a little angry. He didn’t expect the main peace faction to be so large in the Ye family already, and the wariness was all but lost.

Some people even offered to renew peace talks with the Lu family and pay for what should be paid and apologize. From their standpoint, if the struggle continued, the relatives of the sidekicks were in danger of losing their current positions because of the struggle.

The strong style of the past was completely gone.

In the past, it was Ye HongFeng and Lu Yan who were fighting in the open and were fairly restrained. The scale of the struggle was also kept to a reasonable scale and the side branches of the family were largely left untouched. When they shouted slogans and didn’t have to pay for it themselves, these people were naturally willing to fight with the Lu family. After all, the vacant seats that were fought over may be installed for their own relatives by looking for connections themselves.

But this time, with Ye Fei being cucked leading to an all-out struggle and both sides waging such a massive war against each other, everyone started backing off.

All of the Ye family sidekicks were silenced.

“You people, who enjoy the benefits that come with the family, but are unwilling to take on the responsibilities of the family?” Ye HongFeng let out a cold snort, causing everyone below to shut up at once.

“Patriarch, words cannot be said like that…”

“Someone, pull this man out and remove his name from the genealogy.” Without waiting for the man to finish, Ye HongFeng spoke directly and laid down the decision.

A cold wind swept through the council chamber, and everyone was frightened.

Ye HongFeng’s strong style made the people below really quiet. It took a moment for the audience to wake up to the fact that Ye HongFeng, in addition to being the patriarch of the Ye family, was also the highest level of the empire political party, the imperial marshal who ruled over one side.

This Ye family, in the end, still had the final say.

“We and the Lu family were already arch enemies, and have had a grudge since the beginning of the Empire. the Ye Fei matter was just an excuse, and a bunch of you people actually believe it?”

“When has the Ye family ever been bullied by someone riding over their heads like they were now?”

“It’s not for Ye Fei, it’s for the dignity of the Ye family!”

Originally Ye HongFeng had initially planned to start this fight with the Lu family and then fake his defeat to match Gu Ang’s promotion of his position in the Lu family. Be able to get into the kernel as soon as possible and get the Lu family’s proof of treason.

But now, Ye HongFeng was literally feeling angry. The gang, surprisingly, had turned into a bunch of domesticated puppies who have lost their beastly nature. He only knew how to yell at people under the shelter of the Ye family, but he didn’t dare to really go up and fight for his master.

With Ye HongFeng strongly in charge, this time the council sort of set the tone for continued fighting. Of course some people were secretly in the mindset of watching the joke and waiting for the prestige of this patriarch to be further eroded.

If Ye HongFeng was losing the battle, he would find an opportunity to trip up and lose his prestige step by step. When Ye HongFeng’s prestige was gone, there was a way to make him voluntarily surrender his position as clan leader. The position of patriarch was one that some people had been eyeing and coveting for a long time.

Compared to the defeated Ye family, the Lu family was in a joyous mood. The atmosphere in the council chamber was cordial, with smiles on every face. Able to viciously humiliate the Ye family and also gain a huge advantage in the subsequent struggle… 

Harmony. This wasn’t a holiday. Gu Ang was surrounded by a large group of people, mingling and smoothly adapting in it. Gu Shen and Lu Yan’s relationship was no secret, and the news that Gu Ang was an Omega was spreading internally.

Once Gu Ang gave birth to a child of the Lu family bloodline, he would most likely be internally designated as the next head of the family, and Gu Ang’s position in the Lu family would definitely be one of the best by then. He was in the limelight and was bound to be the object of browbeating.

“Ah, Little Ang, you’re really our lucky star. As soon as you got engaged to ChangJing, we achieved such a glorious victory.”

“That’s right, when you and ChangJing get married, when the Lu family and the Gu family’s military and politics combine together, it won’t be as simple as 1+1.”

“Little Ang, come and take a look at the wedding dress that Third Aunt designed for you, if there’s anything you are not satisfied with, just say so, Third Aunt will help you change it right away with her own hands.”

In the face of a crowd of supporters, Gu Ang was very conscious of not speaking up. Just smiled and let Lu ChangJing, who was standing by his side, come and reply with thanks one by one, giving enough face.

Lu ChangJing was dressed in formal attire, a courteous look, and nodded his head in acknowledgement. Every now and then, he even exchanged glances with Gu Ang and moralized. Lu ChangJing was very fond of Gu Ang and was even more pleased with the array of benefits he brought.

If the two married and had children, the odds were that they would inherit the head of the Lu family and suddenly take off in life. Those clan elders who didn’t even look at themselves in normal times would make it a point to gather around themselves and chatter at the moment. He even looked at his peers with a bit of a look out of the corner of his eye, the youngsters, kneeling like a dog in front of him.

This feeling of flying up to the top was really soothing.

Gu Ang looked at his smug look and felt a little amused. The villain was just happy for a couple of days. Lu ChangJing looked around and watched as Lu Yan, the head of the Lu family, and Gu Shen walked together to the front. He chimed in with some excited greetings, “Hello Uncle Lu, hello Uncle Gu.”

Lu Yan held a tall glass and joked with a smile, “I was worried that you two kids wouldn’t get along well, but I didn’t expect you to be on the same page in front of these annoying old people.”

“Don’t worry Uncle Lu, Little Ang and I just had a few words, and we even have a feeling that we like each other.” With a smile, Lu ChangJing hurriedly replied.

Gu Ang mentally rolled his eyes in another huge, powerless gag. It was too easy to pretend you hated each other without using techniques learned in psychological science textbooks and falling for a few bullshit lines. But after all, if one was doing a play, then they had to act out the entire thing.

Gu Ang wore a light smile, replying with casual pleasantries. Thinking to speed up the pace of his plan, he lowered his voice and said to Lu Yan, “Uncle Lu, I want to find a quiet place with you and talk about something alone. It’s about the Ye family.”

“Hmm? Come to my study.” Lu Yan froze and instantly understood, and Gu Shen nodded.

Gu Ang looked sideways and shot a glance at Lu ChangJing, signaling to follow. This one wink made Lu ChangJing’s heart blossom.

Gu Ang’s looks were already enough to attract him, but what made him even more excited was that because of Gu Ang, he finally had the chance to enter the patriarch’s study, which symbolized the center of power in the Lu family. That room, a place he’d never dreamed of before.

The four of them walked into the study, and at Lu Yan’s gesture, each found a seat and sat down.

Lu Yan glanced at Lu ChangJing, his eyes filled with the shadow of his eldest son, Lu ChangQing. He sighed slightly, pushing down the pain of his loss, “Ah’Ang, what do you want to talk about?”

“Uncle Lu, first of all, I want to apologize to you. Because of me, it caused the Lu family and the Ye family to actually break out into such a big fight.” Gu Ang stood up docilely, his tone pretending to be sincere.

Lu Yan waved his hand, gesturing for him to sit down, “Nothing of the sort, not to mention, this time around, our Lu family has also gained the upper hand with your reminder. Those information you gave were really on point, hitting the pain points at every turn.”

“Yes, I also didn’t expect the Ye family to be so golden and flimsy. But I have another piece of information here that might be able to help Uncle Lu…” With that, Gu Ang handed over what he had prepared in advance. With a sincere smile, he explained, ”This is the information I gathered when I was with Ye Fei before. Since I broke up with him, I have no more involvement with Ye Fei’s family. I never thought that now it would come in handy.”

Lu Yan took the information and flipped through it, his pupils moving slightly. He didn’t expect it to be a listing of many of the Ye family’s hidden military bases, and a list of some of the people with close ties to the Ye family. Lu Yan thought back a little in his mind, and the list did have some of the Ye family’s secret sons that he knew.

Very true, there should be no problem. In a moment, Lu Yan was sure of the importance of the list. He was extremely deep and not very trusting, and tried with a half-hearted tone, “Ah’Ang, you really did a great job! May I ask you how you got this information?”

“This information was written by me. It’s from Ye… The places I’ve been taken to and the people I’ve met.” Gu Ang had the standard answer ready long ago, just waiting for the other person to ask the question out. Speaking of this, he also pretended to be slightly embarrassed and glanced at Lu ChangJing.

When you mention “ex-boyfriend”, you have to look a bit overwhelmed.

Lu Yan got it and laughed, “Ah ah, you’ve broken up, so it’s a thing of the past. Okay, I’ll put the list away, I’ll send someone to take care of it.”

Gu Ang nodded slightly, “I have to go to the bookstore at school and have things to do, so I’ll leave you to it.”

“Little Ang, next time the family gathers, remember to come over.” Gu Shen acted as if he was the head of the Lu family.

Gu Ang responded lazily.

Lu ChangJing waved his hand, his tone somewhat reluctant, “Next time I’ll ask you to dinner.”

Ask me, my ass. Gu Ang retired from the study with a false smile. The day was bright and edged with golden clouds. Coming out of the pandemonium, Gu Ang felt groggy throughout. It was killing him to sit with that group in good conscience.

He walked out the door and messaged Ye Fei. [It’s over. Come pick me up.]

Ye Fei’s car was parked nearby, and has been replaced with a very low-profile, common model to avoid suspicion. He rounded a corner and came out of the trail, stopping in front of Gu Ang.

Gu Ang looked around, no one was watching, so he hurriedly got into the car door, “The faces of those old things were disgusting. We were right in our estimation, they’re so smug now. Still thinking they’ve defeated the Ye family, their tails were sticking up in the air.”

Ye Fei asked lightly, “Seen Lu ChangJing?”

Gu Ang raised an eyebrow, “I saw him, and he asked me out to dinner next time. Why? Jealous?”

Ye Fei grunted, “You’re not too charming.”

“False, big brother.” Gu Ang moved over and kissed him, “Don’t be mad.”

“I know, I wouldn’t have put you through this if it weren’t for revenge.” Ye Fei rubbed his head, “It’s hard on you.”

Gu Ang shook his head, “Commiserations, I’ve seen those rumors online, they’re not very nice.”

It wasn’t a good idea to put such a big cuckold on Ye Fei’s head.

Ye Fei returned faintly, “Sooner or later, we’ll get them all killed.”

The tone was icy, like an ice knife poking someone. Gu Ang reached for his palm, rubbed it, and leaned over to kiss him again. Like a soft kitten, doing its best to coax. He softly reassured him, “At least we’re still together, the title thing, I’ll give it to you as soon as we’re done with the old business.”

“Mmm.” Ye Fei kissed him back, her heart sore and soft.

It was obvious that Gu Ang was the one who was having the hardest time, personally entering the game to find out what his father had done and then sending him to hell, and now he was turning around and comforting him. The child was just too good, so good that he wanted to hold him to his heart and love him forever.

Ye Fei activated the autopilot, entered an address, and the car moved slowly.

Gu Ang looked at the unfamiliar coordinates and asked, “Where to?”

“You’ll know when you get there.” Ye Fei looked down and continued to kiss him once and for all, “Don’t say it, this eloping feels pretty good.”

Gu Ang laughed and cursed, “Are you a fucking pervert?”

“Pay attention to the baby.” Ye Fei reminded him again.

The atmosphere lightened up and the two of them joked around, and it wasn’t long before they arrived at their destination. Ye Fei buttoned up a hat and put on a mask, covering his entire face. This could be really like cheating, and it was pretty exciting. Gu Ang got out after him and pulled up in front of a single family home. The gardens were well tended, lined with a forest of lush trees, and the shorter lawns looked alive with clumps and clusters of flowers.

“Where are we?”

“Our home.”

Gu Ang, suspicious, crossed the garden path and walked to the gate.

Ye Fei bent slightly and reminded him, “The password is our anniversary.”

“Hard to remember.” Gu Ang bowed his head and entered the code, and the door clicked open. Gu Ang walked right in and the large floor-to-ceiling windows took all the light into the living room, which was bright and spacious. Beige carpet, soft leather sofa, and a beautiful carved chandelier. It looked sophisticated and comfortable. All the details, exactly the same as the home they used to have furnished. Even the pot of cactus on the coffee table was the same size.

“When did you primp?” Gu Ang felt his eyes fog up, it was all too familiar. He stomped in on his slippers, touched the hanging picture by the foyer, looked at the wall clock, and even the smoky scent in the air was familiar white peach.

Crossing over seemed like a dream, as if he never left this home.

Ye Fei replied, “I bought this house after I came over. The lot where we lived before hadn’t been developed yet, so I had to buy a similar type of house. The decor was all laid out as it was before, and all the little things were handpicked by me and basically restored.”

Gu Ang murmured and spoke, “You’re too meticulous.”

Meticulous to the point of remembering all the details and doing his utmost to present him with a home.

Ye Fei reached around him, lifting his chin to rest his head on the top of his hair and rubbing it, “Like it?”

“Love it.” Gu Ang scanned the room with his eyes, his heart fluttering. Those sad times in between never seemed to exist, it was as if they had always been together.

Ye Fei kissed his earlobe sideways, “Go upstairs and see our room.”

“Okay.” Gu Ang let him take his hand and stomped up the steps to the stairs. His legs were weak, like he was stepping on cotton, and his heart felt wobbly with every step. He never thought he’d ever be able to return to a scene like this one day. Like falling into a sleepwalking wonderland, it didn’t feel quite real anywhere he stepped.

The door to the second floor master bedroom pushed open, and the familiar blue curtains were rolled up by the wind to reveal a large, sweeping scene in the garden outside. A large white carved bed with a soft looking silk comforter and a picture of the two on the bed.

Gu Ang quickly walked over and picked it up, “Where did this picture come from?”

Ye Fei tugged at the corner of his mouth, “Photoshop.”

It was humble with a little bit of hilarity, it was tragic, and it was deeply emotional. Gu Ang turned around and kissed him again, “Next time we’ll both go take one.”

“Mn, with our marriage license.” Ye Fei hitched his waist loosely, “Let’s speed up both sides and get rid of them early. The wedding date won’t be postponed, but the groom must be me.”

Gu Ang nodded, “Okay.”

Ye Fei’s palm moved to the small of his back, the curve now slightly more pronounced, tensing the tight belly, “The baby seems to have grown.”

“I’m kind of looking forward to his birth now.” Gu Ang rubbed his shoulder, “Think of a name, but they will take your last name.”

Ye Fei curved the corner of his mouth a little, “So generous.”

Gu Ang hugged the person back, “It really doesn’t matter whose last name they take, what matters most is that it is our child.”

He had his own considerations, he owed Ye Fei’s father and him a lot, and since he had a small child, there was no reason not to help him fight for the Ye family property.

“Light, you’re growing up.” Ye Fei cupped his chin and kissed him deeply a few times, still unable to let go.

A ray of light stabbed in, shaking the eyes. Gu Ang looked away to find the source of the light, only to discover that it was refracted through the bedroom’s floor-to-ceiling mirror.

Gu Ang tilted his somewhat flushed face and asked, “Where did this mirror come from? it’s not the same setup as our house.”

“I added it.” Said with peace of mind.

Ye Fei dragged the man to the mirror and held him from behind, forcing him to look at himself in the mirror, “What do you see?”

Gu Ang was a little confused and blinked before saying softly, “I see… us.”

Ye Fei touched the side of his head to his earlobe, “Now what?”

“See you kissing my ear.” Gu Ang felt a thin sweat steaming up his back.

Ye Fei reached into the hem of his shirt, his fingertips touching the waistline, “Keep talking.”

Gu Ang tried to avert his eyes, his chin imprisoned by his other hand, and could only look directly at his reflection in the mirror. Their figures were intertwined and lovingly erotic. He licked his bottom lip, “I seem to grasp why you got this, you’re so horny.”

Ye Fei forced his weak self-control and his voice was hoarse, “I want to do everything to you while facing you.”

Gu Ang’s heartstrings twitched a little. Ye Fei’s birthday was coming up. He mentally made up his mind and changed the subject, “What made you want to get up and show me the house today?”

“Make a show of it, you’ll have to move out of the dorm before those old things don’t believe you.” Ye Fei squared up, “Besides, it’s not convenient for you to be at school when your stomach gets obvious.”

Gu Ang oh’d, “Then we’ll move today.”

“Okay, I’ll walk you back to pack.” Ye Fei raised his hand to check the time, “It’s not too late.”

Gu Ang cocked his head and looked at his lover, “Will you come and see me? What if I can’t sleep at night? Can I call you when I miss you?”

“Why do you have so many questions?” Ye Fei pinched the tip of his nose, “Text me if you miss me, I can sneak over, or video. Besides, can’t we still see each other in class?”

Gu Ang stammered a few times, feeling extra pretentious. He just couldn’t let go of Ye Fei, not even if he couldn’t see him for one night.

“Okay, now back to the dorm then.” Gu Ang moved over to kiss Ye Fei again, trying to keep the scent, the warm embrace. It could be taken out at night when he couldn’t sleep through the long nights.

Waiting until his breath was unsteady, Ye Fei let go of the man, “Go?”

Gu Ang, with a caked red blush, nodded, “Go.”

The ride back to Red Flame took the two back to 404, one after the other, to avoid suspicion. Gu Ang was crouched by the bed stuffing clothes into the suitcase. He didn’t really have much to pack, just some daily necessities.

Ye Fei sat on the edge of the bed looking at him and snickered, “Want to take two of my clothes to go?”

Gu Ang raised his face and smiled shamelessly as he responded, “Yes, the one you’re wearing.”

“Okay, here you go.” Ye Fei’s eyes held a smile as he slowly and methodically loosened the button and undid it to the bottom one. The open hem was quickly taken off, folded in pairs and handed to Gu Ang.

Gu Ang reached out and took it, placing it carefully in the box, “I’m almost done packing my stuff.”

“I’ll walk you downstairs.” Ye Fei was topless and half-crouched to help him zip up his suitcase.

Gu Ang reached out and ran a hand over the small of his back, “I feel bad.”

Ye Fei opened his arms wide, “Feel free to touch anywhere else you want.”

“Boring, get dressed.” Gu Ang stood up from the floor and leaned against the door waiting for him to change. The man was good looking everywhere, from his face to his body, and couldn’t pick a pleasing face. He scanned his eyes back and forth from top to bottom a few times, thinking to himself that he had earned it by marrying this man.

Separation was separation, they were getting married next month anyway, it wasn’t that bad. Thinking this way made Gu Ang’s heart feel much lighter. While waiting for Ye Fei to finish changing and come downstairs with his suitcase, it became dinner time and people were coming and going in the hallway.

Watching the two emerge from the dorm with their bags, the whispers began again in conjunction with the online news of the past few days.

“It’s a breakup, right? I heard from the hostess aunt that Gu Ang was moving out of the dorm.”

“After all, being cuckolded like that would lose points with anyone.”

“Looking at it like this, I feel bad for Ye Fei, a good male god has been ruined.”

“So Gu Ang was really cheating? Curious.”

Ye Fei listened to the tiny sounds coming into his ears, a hundred times more upset but still having to hold it in. He walked downstairs with his case in a sullen manner, with Gu Ang a few meters away, following behind.

The two walked to the front door, people coming and going, making theatrical gestures. Ye Fei handed the suitcase over, forcing indifference without speaking. Gu Ang understood that the two of them have to act like it when they pretend to break up.

The school was filled with the eyes of the Lu family, so they couldn’t hug and had to avoid suspicion. He, too, strained his face, took the suitcase without expression, and turned to go.

How that scene looked, it was so intertwined with a myriad of love/hate relationships that it really looked like he was playing the part. Ye Fei entered the building with a black face, looking pathetic to the onlookers.

He turned to enter the dormitory and heard a bold voice brush past his ears,”Ye Fei’s such a good man, being cheated on and breaking up and still sending people to the door.”

Ye Fei: “…Fuck.”


Author’s Note: 

#Ye Fei’s miserable #

This should be the **worst** attack in the entire world.

Thanks to a certain sister for the Chlorophyll inspiration, I declare you a Chlorophyll fanhead!

I tried to pick up the pace and go a little faster, but after all, there is a big revenge and a few thousand words won’t do it.

The more depressing the chapter is, the better it’s to see scum dad get his comeuppance. Soon, let Dog Ye be green for a little while longer.


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June 26, 2023 10:45 am

These 2 are such a good match…when they actually communicate properly.
I love Ye HongFeng though; think he’s my favourite Dad character ever.
The revenge will be glorious, I’m sure of it.
I did panic a bit, wondering if GA would be tailed; in fact I’m really surprised he wasn’t, given how untrusting Lu Yan is painted in this chapter. I’m also surprised he’s not been more wary of GS, given how he’s treated Qin LeHe; love is really blinding.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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July 10, 2023 2:19 pm

Gu Ang does seem to have grown up some. Less of the blushing virgin is nice. If they love each other, what could be wrong with what they do physically? At least in Gu Ang’s eyes, since he seems a bit uptight

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