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Chapter 76: The Second Pet Was Born

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


The next day, early in the morning, Bai Li found the poor boy, Song XinRan, as he squatted in front of his house. Bai Li pulled him in and stuffed a sweet peach into his hand before he asked, “Xiao Song, what’s going on? Why are you squatting in front of my house so early?”

Song Xinran looked up at Bai Li, and then lowered his head. He grabbed the large peach and unconsciously pinched its skin with his nails. Bai Li had even remembered what he liked, remembered such details so clearly, but he…The mood that had just turned clear had a few dark clouds float back in.

When Song Xinran raised his head again, his eyes were already slightly red as he said to Bai Li, “Master, my mom and dad want me to live in a different place. They bought me a house there and said they would take me there today…”

Bai Li blinked. He didn’t understand what was so unhappy about it. He thought about it and replied, “This is a good thing. Why would you be unhappy?”

Through yesterday’s short time together, he saw that the young apprentice was very much cared for and loved by his family. When they saw his young apprentice was living in a cheap rental with limited space, their hearts were certainly not satisfied. That they would buy him a house to live in was also understandable, but Bai Li did not understand why Song Xinran was unhappy. This should be a happy thing, ah.

Song Xinran got anxious and explained with a sniffle, “But…but if I move out, I won’t be able to come to Master’s side every day! I still need to help you take care of the many pots of vegetables on the balcony!”

This was only one of the reasons. Song Xinran was already a mature child, so he was embarrassed to say something like ‘I don’t want to be separated from Master.’

Wen – depending on the care of plants as a lifelong task – XingYao, No! This abominable human dares to take his job!

However, the two people present didn’t notice the fierce expression on the cat’s face. After listening to Song Xinran’s explanation, Bai Li stroked Song Xinran’s head in great relief. “You may not be able to come every day, but you can come every few days, or I can go to see you. You don’t have to worry about the plants on the balcony. Many of them are about to ripen, so I will remember to share some of them with you after I pick them. Besides, even if we can’t see each other in reality, we can still meet in the game every day.”

The two of them lived closer to each other there, which was more convenient.

Then Song Xinran had the guts to tell his family’s proposal, “Master, do you want to live with me? My parents bought a big house that can accommodate many people, and they said there was a super big yard, so we could grow more vegetables together.”

Bai Li froze. He didn’t expect that the young apprentice would offer him an ‘invitation to live together,’ and express a strong need to live with him. Especially the yard. Bai Li thought of his own small, cramped balcony, and indeed felt somewhat swayed. On the other hand, only his heart was moved.

“Xiao Song can you tell me, the house your mom and dad bought for you, how much does it cost approximately?” He was used to having his own private space, and did not want to live under the same roof with Song Xinran, but if he was to continue to be neighbors with him, it was not at all repulsive.

Song Xinran seemed to understand Bai Li’s subtext, and contacted Father Song on the spot to get a bunch of relevant information.

“Master, my father said that the house is not too far away from here, and can be reached by flying car in just half an hour. It’s a big villa, covering an area of more than 700 square meters, with a total of four floors. Each floor has seven or eight rooms, so even a dozen people living in it won’t be crowded. Oh, oh, and by the way, the house is priced at thirty million.”

When he heard the price, Bai Li first went to look at his personal account, and well, it was less. And then went to look at his game earnings, and well, it seemed to add up to be a little short as well. However, it was only the beginning of the month, and he believed that by the end of the month, he would be able to earn the money for such a villa.

Moreover, Song Xinran’s big villa was obviously too large for his needs, but if he and Supreme lived in one, he could buy a slightly smaller one, which would save him another sum of money.

Bai Li cracked open his heart and gradually formed a plan.

He came back to his senses, and declined Song Xinran’s invitation. “Forget it, I won’t go with you first. But you don’t have to be sad. Maybe next month we can be neighbors again. Before that, I’d like to ask you to help me find out if there are any houses for sale near your new home.”

When he heard the first half of the sentence, Song Xinran was very disappointed and lost, but when Bai Li said the second half, he quickly became happy again. Although his master had rejected his invitation, he had given him a ‘guarantee’ in another way, hadn’t he? He immediately said, “Okay! After I move, I will definitely try to help the Master find a suitable house!” Better yet, it should be right next door to his house, so they can be the closest neighbors again!

After he appeased and sent off his young apprentice, Bai Li didn’t stop. First he finished his breakfast with Supreme, then went to work on the balcony, and finally they lay down together in the gaming pod. What Bai Li didn’t notice was that Supreme, who had been well placed next to him, stiffened and inexplicably moved out of the way to create some distance, then seemed to wake up suddenly and tried to lean on Bai Li’s side, but then fell into a deep sleep under the effect of the gaming pod.

The game was still as lively as usual.

The addition of livestock gameplay allowed every player who reached level 5 and above to have a new facility or two in their home. Either a chicken coop, a duck house, or both. With Bai Li’s live teaching, players in the game quickly got the hang of making a chicken coop, and although they weren’t done as perfectly as Bai Li’s, they were at least able to let the chicks live in it, instead of having to play hide-and-seek with them in the fields like they did at the beginning.

After that was the sudden addition of pets to play with.

The night before, hundreds of players went to the mine deep in the forest, but in the end only one person brought back a black and round pet. The pet was called Ore Fairy, the monster that was thought to be a mine guard at first.

From being the ‘monster’ needing to be killed to the small pet of the player, Broken Cocoon, there was nothing more than a world notice mentioning it.

The group of players who went over together went through the process of shock – doubt – disbelief – crying and reluctantly believing, then they finally gathered around Broken Cocoon and his new pet and studied it. Later they connected it to the game designer’s starblog content.

Carefree Farmstead, the game, now had pets?

After they realized this, the players instantly rejoiced. They didn’t crave Broken Cocoon’s Ore Fairy, but began to look for pets throughout the game map.

Skilled Target, who had followed along with the fun, sensed movement in her backpack and took out the little one that was making the noise, and then the game’s second pet was born.

It was the cute, snow white, little rabbit.

Skilled Target and her buddies were stunned. How did their hunting prey suddenly become stamped as a pet? Although she had the idea of bringing the rabbit home to raise, she didn’t think that the little rabbit would become a pet with skills, ah.

The price of the rabbit had gone up all of a sudden.

The hand holding the bunny was trembling slightly.

Bulging Belly, March and Shaded Nettle exchanged quick glances, and also took the rabbits out of their backpacks. Bulging Belly and March carried one in each hand, while Shaded Nettle got more rabbits, not only one in each hand, but also one on his leg. The one that was caught kept stomping his leg, and the whole person’s movement was as strange as it could be.

However, at that moment the three people were thinking about whether they would soon be able to have a pet, no one paid attention to whether this action was appropriate or not. However, to their disappointment, even with a total of seven rabbits, none of them made the system jump out to prompt for a pet. That was, those seven rabbits could only be prey. There was no chance of them turning into pets.

Although they were mentally prepared for the fact that the rabbits were not as good as they thought before they took them out, disappointment was inevitable when the event actually happened. The three of them all had lost expressions and looked at the bunny in Skilled Target’s hand with even more envy.

Their actions were seen by the others. On the spot, a flexible mind guessed that there was someone who had also obtained a pet. They came up in a kneeling slide, immediately hugged the lap of Bulging Belly, and howled, “Big brothers and sisters, do you have a way to get a pet, ah? Or where to catch a pet? If it’s convenient, tell me! I really want to have a pet!”

Never mind whether one liked it or not, those so-called pets and their skills, what others had they must also have. This was the majority of players’ present inner thoughts. The player who slid on his knees and behaved somewhat shamefully was just the start, and soon, one pair of eyes after another looked over. Like beams of light, their gazes were just as substantial. Bulging Belly and the other three became the targets of human spotlights.

Especially Skilled Target, who was surrounded by the other three, became the focus of attention. She, and the bunny in her hand, were the focus of the players’ attention.

The bunny seemed to be aware of something, and it trembled uneasily in Skilled Target’s flattened hands, which attracted Skilled Target’s attention. It was from her own hard work that it was caught, so Skilled Target naturally felt pity for it. She could not bear for the little rabbit to stay outside and continue to receive so many coveting gazes. She put it in her pet space.

“Ah…” When they saw the little rabbit disappear from the owner’s hands, a sigh of sadness rang out from the crowd.

Broken Cocoon, who was also watching, followed suit and also put his Ore Fairy away.

The rabbits were caught in the forest. This wasn’t a fact that needed to be hidden, and Bulging Belly also had no intention of hiding it. They directly told all the players present that these rabbits were from their hunting proceeds, and as to why one had suddenly become a pet, they didn’t not know.

There were also the players in the crowd who had bought the two fawns, and they thought that since both the fawns and rabbits were from hunting, the rabbits could become pets, so the fawns should have a chance too, right? So they did the same thing as Bulging Belly and took out the fawn that was still alive.

As expected, one of the players screamed out on the spot, and announced to the crowd with excitement, “Great! My fawn is also a pet!”

The prey-turned-pet fawn had beautiful fur, slender and strong limbs, and a small tail on its buttocks that was wagging regularly. The most attractive thing was it’s pair of round and bright eyes, with long eyelashes that were like fans. As it blinked, it was full of the taste of childish pity, and was instantly cute as it looked at all the female players.

Another fawn owner was super lost. “Mine is not…TAT.”

Other players, Damn it! There are so many people with pets, why can’t one of them be me?


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