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Chapter 75: “Seven years…”

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


“Have you calmed down now? Let’s continue talking if you’ve calmed down.” Wen XingYao looked with some amusement at Tang Ying, whose expression was suddenly grim.

The other party’s expression wasn’t good, both crying and laughing. It was crying that did not cry out, and laughing that did not laugh out. In fact it stopped at a very weird middle point. Tang Ying rubbed his eyes hard and nodded heavily, “I’ve calmed down. XingYao, can you tell me what’s going on now, right?”

He no longer called Wen XingYao ‘Admiral’, nor did he call him by his in-game name, but as the older brother he grew up with, he spoke with concern.

Wen XingYao’s eyes unconsciously softened and he gave a brief explanation of his situation.

After hearing his words, Tang Ying drew a breath of cold air. “So you are now in infancy without the memories of being in infancy, while the human consciousness is able to freely enter and exit Starnet without being affected by Genetic Collapse Disorder? And you said that your infant form was most likely adopted by Li Bai, the real Bai Li, and that’s why you get on and off the game almost at the same time. Is that a reliable guess? If you are sure, I will try to find out where Bai Li lives now and bring you back as soon as possible!”

The information provided by Wen XingYao managed to stir Tang Ying’s originally fairly clear brain into a muddle. His mind was now in a mess, which made it difficult to think effectively.

As everyone knew, once a Therian’s Genetic Collapse Disorder reached an advanced stage and they reverted back to their original infancy, there was almost no possibility of being cured. It was true that the Therian who went back to their infancy would not feel the pain as the whole body, flesh and meridians were torn inch by inch. With the loss of human consciousness, what was the difference between them and ordinary beasts?

No, the Therians who could no longer turn back into humans were no longer Therians in the full sense of the word.

It was not that no one had ever had the interest to try to get those Therians who had reverted to their infancy to lie down in the gaming pod and log on to Starnet through the action of external forces, thus awakening their human consciousness. However, until Wen XingYao told Tang Ying about his experience, this idea was not realized even once…After those juveniles lay down in the gaming pod, they only knew how to sleep, not how anxious their waiting families and researchers were.

At this time, Tang Ying’s mood was very complicated, with the worry that Wen XingYao had actually reverted to the juvenile stage, and the surprise that he was able to log into Starnet normally and play games like crazy. The latter emotion took up a greater proportion. He wanted to know now, how in the world did Wen XingYao do it?!

“Hmm.” Wen XingYao nodded to acknowledge Tang Ying’s statement, but paused him to tell him not to come. “I’m going to find a chance to explain this matter to Li Bai myself. I’m safe around him right now, you don’t need to come and pick me up for the moment. If you can, help me to look up past research materials. It would be better if you can find a way to return to a normal state from infancy.”

If there was a method, why would they have created Hope Star?

However, there was always an eventuality, so how would they know if they didn’t try?

Tang Ying also knew that this matter was extremely important to Wen XingYao. The other party was not able to find the relevant research, so he, the deputy officer, should do it for him. He simply agreed to this matter, and then offered his opinion to Wen XingYao.

“Li Bai said that your infant form has grown quite a bit recently. Could that mean that your original body is actually recovering? After all, we’ve never heard that the Therians who traveled to Hope Star have started growing slowly again in their infancy. Could there be a possibility that when your infant form grows to a certain level, you will naturally return? XingYao, do you remember how many years it took for you to transform from your infant form to human as a child?”

Every Interstellar had a section of the Therian gene in their body, and if that gene awakened, they would temporarily turn into a juvenile beast, and would only revert to human form if their main body was replenished with enough nutrients. Generally speaking, the more gifted the child, the lower the age at the time of bestiality, the longer they were in bestiality, and the more power they would have when they reverted to human form.

At that time, Wen XingYao, who was less than a year old, bestialized into the appearance of a small lion, and one that was completely different from the rest of their family after bestialization, which almost scared the rest of the Wen family at the time. It was only after months of observation and research that it was determined that Wen XingYao was the only evolutionary body in their family over the last hundred years, going from ‘Fire-Winged Lion’ to ‘Silver Flamed Gold-Winged Lion.’ Not only was there a huge difference in appearance, his natural strength soared. Even the flame on the tip of his tail changed from fire red to silver white.

At that time, Tang Ying was still in the state of a human cub, and only vaguely remembered the white milk ball next door suddenly one day became a ‘little kitten,’ and then they lived together for several years. He watched the little kitten grow bigger and bigger, get a thick circle of hair on the neck, and have the appearance of being more powerful and strong. Sometimes even when Tang Ying saw him, he couldn’t not help but feel a sense of shock.

After he heard Tang Ying’s question, Wen XingYao fell silent. He opened his mouth several times to say something, and finally, under Tang Ying’s expectant gaze, slowly spat out two words, “Seven years…”

Tang Ying also fell into silence.

Seven years. More than 2,500 days. If they really waited another seven years for Wen XingYao to recover wouldn’t it be like he was dead?

Two people silently looked at each other, and said no words even after a long time.

Finally, Wen XingYao took the initiative to break the calm and comforted Tang Ying, whose heart was still pounding with fear. “It won’t necessarily take seven years, and what you said isn’t necessarily correct. For now, this is just a guess. We can not take it seriously. The only thing I can be sure of now is that my infant form is in good condition and I am able to play the game normally, so that is enough.”

Tang Ying didn’t think that was enough. He asked another question that made Wen XingYao choke.

“On the game? How can you actively turn on the gaming pod to log in now that you are a juvenile? If my guess is right, it must be Li Bai who didn’t feel comfortable with you staying outside the gaming pod as a lion, and carried you in with him, right?”

Not a lion, but a cat.

Wen XingYao subconsciously corrected the mistake in Tang Ying’s words in his heart, but was too embarrassed to say it. If Tang Ying knew that he was being raised as a kitten in reality, he was afraid that the sad atmosphere that was easily created today would simply disappear…

And when Wen XingYao understood the meaning of Tang Ying’s words, his whole body froze. He, the Imperial Admiral, the battle ceiling, and a mighty lion, after turning back into a juvenile, not only had to help people work the land in exchange for food, but was also “undignified” enough to be carried around. If Bai Li told him to go, he had to go anywhere. At this time, maybe his juvenile was still lying with Bai Li in a gaming pod, nestled tightly in his arms?

The image of his own human-like “birdie” shrinking in Bai Li’s arms, Wen XingYao did not feel good. Quickly and fiercely from the root of his neck up to his two ears, Wen XingYao turned red. Then even his face did not escape this disaster. In front of Tang Ying, he directly burned into a red tomato.

Seeing his reaction, Tang Ying knew that he was right.

For a while, he didn’t know whether to make fun of the other party, or to pity him.

Wen XingYao’s eyes were still moving with a strong sense of expulsion. Since they had almost finished talking about their business, and Tang Ying decided to leave and flew away.

Within a minute, Wen XingYao was the only one left in the small hut. He stood frozen in place for a while, as he digested with difficulty the speculation that this was probably true and was happening. He paced stiffly to the table, picked up the teacup on the table and poured out a large cup of tea that had cooled.

Damn! No amount of tea made from expensive tea leaves could quench the sudden turmoil and shame that arose in his heart!

A few minutes later, the familiar sense of detachment appeared, Wen XingYao knew that it was time for him to get offline again.

Bai Li looked at the kitty that jumped away from him the moment his eyes opened, tilted his head in confusion, looked at the tip of Supreme’s tail with its harmless silver-white flame, and tentatively called him by his name, “Supreme?”

“Meow?” The brilliant golden cat’s eyes blinked confusedly, as if he were coming back to his senses. When he realized that he was actually so far away from his human, he gave a big jump into the arms of the human, and stickily rubbing into his hands.

Since he had just woken up, his brain was not awake, right?

Bai Li touched the soft fur under his hand, amd pinched one of the slightly hard ears as he thought about this.


In the neighboring house two doors down from him, Song Xinran, was faced with a difficult decision. He went offline at night after the live broadcast, and ate a tasteless meal of nutritious liquid with his family who had come to see him, when all the family’s thoughts should be about all the delicious food in the game.

After they ate, Mother Song took her youngest son’s hand and informed them of the decision they had made during the day.

Recalling that the family members said they intended to buy him a suite on the Sweet and Sour Pork Star and let him move to the new house afterwards to save him from being unable to exert himself in this tiny rental, Song Xinran scratched his hair in annoyance. He thought he was living well here. The room was small but complete. He didn’t have a high demand for material life, and as long as there was a gaming pod, he could live happily and play games.

He did not want to move away from this side at all. More than that, he did not want to be separated from his master.

However, he couldn’t bear to, and didn’t know how to refuse his family’s good intentions. Earlier he tried to say that he didn’t want to move out, but he got the answer “The house has been bought, you can move there tomorrow, then mom and dad will come with brothers and sisters to help you,” so his brain was stuck, and he forgot all the words to refuse.

The whole process was foggy, but the arrangement was finalized for him to move over the next day.

Song Xinran was comforted by his third and fourth sisters, “Are you sad to let Bai Li go? The house we bought is very big, you can invite him to move in together, and ten more people along with him can live there, so you can still get along as before.”

Song Xinran wanted to burst into tears on the spot. If his master was a good talker, so be it, but the key was that, although the master looked very good-natured, the insistence of the same did not let up. He could guarantee that his master would absolutely, absolutely not agree to this proposal!

Oooh, he was so mad!


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