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Chapter 102: Big Brother, My Stomach Hurts

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey needs a smoke


Ye Fei retreated, “Then keep the nickname, I’ll think about the first name.”

Gu Ang, “Are you sick, how will you explain to him later?”

“Well, tell him, RiHuang, the meaning of light shining in the day.” Ye Fei thought about it, “We’re Luminous, (light shining at night) he’s daylight, isn’t that great?”

Gu Ang pulled the blanket over himself and rolled his eyes again, “Are you serious?”

“RiHuang, how cute.” Ye Fei reached out and pinched his ear, begging in a low voice, “I’ll think carefully about the name.”

This sounded like he liked his own bright idea. Gu Ang was so angry that he vomited blood. What was he thinking in the first place, giving Ye Fei the authority to come up with a name?

Ye Fei saw that he didn’t say anything, curved his mouth and patted Gu Ang’s stomach, “RiHuang, be good, be quiet.”

Gu Ang laughed coldly, “And you’re still calling them that?”

Ye Fei replied, “Or you can come up with one.”

“I can’t think of one for a while.” Gu Ang was at a loss for words.

Ye Fei gave a low muffled sound, “Then let’s call them that for now.”

After the messy conversation, Gu Ang’s mind was dumbfounded and he thought, So the nickname is settled like that? He pursed his lips and gave up the struggle, “Forget it, it’s up to you.”

Ye Fei laughed lightly and kissed him on the chin, “Light and daylight, we don’t even need to turn on the lights.”

Gu Ang reacted for a moment before realizing that this person was telling a cold joke. He shrank his neck and made a shivering face, “Big brother, you’re not fit for that.”

It was killing hum to have the high strung man drop his baggage to make people laugh.

Ye Fei was so happy that he rushed to his stomach and rubbed it again, his voice low and purring twice.

“RiHuang, come out early, don’t torture your little daddy.”

This time the stomach was calm, no response.

“You see? He likes it.” Ye Fei took it upon himself to make a judgment.

He was really good at reasoning with a baby. Gu Ang’s body was tired and his heart was tired, so he didn’t want to tangle with him anymore, “Forget it, go to sleep.” 

Gu Ang didn’t go anywhere during his three days of wedding leave, and almost died in bed. He realized that the first time this person was indeed restrained and gentle, now revealed the nature of the lust to the extreme.

For the wedding, those wonderful touches, long ago scattered.

Gu Ang was now feeling pain. Leg pain, back pain, pain everywhere. The previous weight training was bullshit, it was child’s play. If not for years of weight training, he didn’t think he could get out alive from Ye Fei.

He originally thought about the honeymoon, now look at this, Gu Ang was full of rejection. If he didn’t take a break, he’d be wasted.

Three days passed and Gu Ang and Ye Fei finally went back to school. The wedding was a private invitation and the media wasn’t allowed, but the photos and videos soon spread all over StarNet. In addition to the Luminous fans screaming, Ye Fei and Gu Ang’s supporters each had their hearts broken into pieces. The man they liked got married just after he became an adult, who could stand it?

Gu Ang was fine with it, he wasn’t a celebrity, let’s just get rid of these pink fans. Besides, a few less people liked Ye Fei, he also enjoyed the leisure.

The two simply walked hand in hand boldly, from time to time some unknown faces called out to them, saying “congratulations on your wedding”.

Getting everyone’s blessing, he was still quite unused to it. After walking around like this, he changed from unmarried to married.

Almost at the bottom of the school building, Gu Ang called out, “Wait, my shoelace is loose.”

He was about to bend down when Ye Fei held him down, “You can’t do it, I’ll do it.”

Gu Ang thought to himself, It’s not like I have a big stomach. He looked down and saw Ye Fei squatting down, squeezing his ankle to hold it in place and wrapping his fingers around the laces.

“Hurry up.” Gu Ang’s cheeks burned slightly, and he felt the eyes of the passers-by sweeping over.

Ye Fei dropped his eyes and tied a knot without slowing down. He reached out and patted the other foot, “Re-tie this one too.”

“Gu Ang is pregnant and inconvenienced, right? Fuck, Ye Fei is so spoiling!”

“I can only say, these days good men are married.”

“Fortunately, our school is full of Alphas, if any Omegas saw this, they’d be screaming.”

“Damn, I, a single dog, am looking to fall in love.”

With the sound of discussion in his ears, Gu Ang was uncomfortable. He frowned slightly and pushed his other foot over.

Ye Fei’s one knee almost touched the ground, as he carefully untied the shoelace, and re-tied it into a knot before slowly getting up. The laces, on both sides, were neat and beautiful.

Gu Ang stared at that particular lacing and asked in a low voice, “Why are you so sweet now?”

“Aren’t you pregnant? I have to take care of you more.” Ye Fei patted his shoulder, “Come on, let’s go back to class.”

Gu Ang muttered, “Why do I feel like you’ve been bullying me for three days, and showing belated guilt?”

Poked at the heart of the matter, Ye Fei was choked for a moment, “You think too much.”

Although, his heart did carry a little bit of regret. His lover had been tossed around so much that when he woke up in the morning he was complaining that he couldn’t even bend his back, and he even helped him put on his clothes. Now if something made him uncomfortable, their couple’s life wouldn’t be easy.

For happiness, it could be too hard.

“It better be.” Gu Ang glanced at him and moved slowly towards the classroom.

Bai SiNing saw the two coming in and asked in a fried huff, “How is the happy newlywed life?”

“Mn, it’s okay.” Gu Ang was vague.

“Did you use the things I sent you?”

“Thanks, it worked fine.” 

Bai SiNing was just trying to make a comment to Gu Ang, but he didn’t expect Ye Fei to answer, so he was speechless. He coughed awkwardly, “Ah, glad you like it.”

Ye Fei gave him a meaningful look, “This kind of gift, you can send more to Gu Ang in the future. If it’s expensive, find me to reimburse.”

Gu Ang gave him a smack, “You want to die?”

The sound of jingling bells flashed in his ears, and in the end he didn’t explore whether he got it off Lin Bai Bai’s neck. It was too humiliating, plus he was too lazy to ask.

“OK, OK, OK, no problem.” Bai SiNing heatedly laughed twice.

He smacked his head again, “By the way, brother Lin said that the first operation to save my parents that I told you guys about last time is going to start. How about God Ye goes, but since brother Ang is pregnant, he doesn’t.”

Gu Ang pursed his lips, “I’m going.” He didn’t know exactly what time Bai SiNing’s family had their mishap, and wasn’t sure if that was what had turned Bai SiNing into that serious person.

Bai SiNing didn’t say anything about the reason back then, so the heart of the matter was unknown. But according to the timeline, the death of both parents should be the biggest blow to him. In his previous life, from the time he met Bai SiNing, he was silent and didn’t smile. He couldn’t bear to see such a shadowy Bai SiNing again.

Gu Ang thought that if he wanted to change the ending, he had to be involved. Besides, he couldn’t do it by himself at home with infinite worries waiting for Ye Fei to return. If he was more pessimistic and something unexpected happened, he would die with Ye Fei. The feeling of living alone, he had experienced that for too long.

Bai SiNing scratched his head, “Brother Ang, forget it, I understand your feelings, but this is a battle, not a school training class.”

Ye Fei gave him a look, “Don’t be ridiculous, I’ll go.”

Gu Ang pondered for a few seconds, “How about this, we’ll go over together, if it’s not particularly tough, I won’t fight.”

Even if he was watching from the side to make sure Ye Fei was safe and sound, it was all good. He just couldn’t stand the thought that there was any possibility of losing Ye Fei again.

Ye Fei wanted to refuse, but when he saw Gu Ang’s firm expression, he was a bit hardhearted. He paused for a long time before saying, “Okay.”

For the latter half of the month, several people have been intensively preparing for the counterattack in mid-May. According to Lin XiuYong’s tip, this time it was a small-scale provocation, which a few of them were able to solve without alerting Qi Cang again.

From careful analysis, the possibility of causing extermination this time was very small. But as long as there were chances, they had to reduce this probability figure to zero.

Gu Ang’s belly was developing faster and faster, as the doctor said, the closer the birth, the faster the baby grew. Ye Fei was even more worried, afraid that something would go wrong on the way there. But Gu Ang was too stubborn to let Ye Fei fight alone, and they finally set off together.

The matter was hidden from both parents, like a fearless elopement.

The four of them got on the airship to their destination on time, and Ye Fei set the route and then turned on the auto-cruise to the lobby.

Gu Ang was lazily slumped on the couch, and when he saw Ye Fei, he hurriedly called out, “Big brother, come over here and rub my back, it’s so sore.”

The baby was almost six months old and was as heavy as a pumpkin. Even if the baby was no longer there, the weight was there and it made his stomach tight.

Ye Fei sat down next to him, his big hand on the back waist, gently kneading.

Lin XiuYong sat opposite, and said with closed eyes, “You just married, and we called you here, I’m really sorry.” After saying that, he pressed Bai SiNing, who was eating watermelon, to one side, “Give them a thank you.”

“Oh oh oh, thank you brother Ang and God Ye!” Bai SiNing pushed a large half of watermelon over, “Want to eat?”

Gu Ang waved his hand, “We’re friends, why thank us? If you really count it, Little Bai saved my life, and I haven’t returned the favor.”

Ye Fei nodded slightly, his hands didn’t stop massaging, “Yes, if not for Little Bai, I wouldn’t have seen Light long ago.”

“Who is Light?” Bai SiNing asked sluggishly.

Lin XiuYong reached out and wiped his mouth, “Gu Ang. Thanks to you, you’re still the president of the Luminous Support Association.”

“Oh yeah, I’m stupid.” Bai SiNing muttered, “That planet of ours is quite beautiful, if it goes well this time, we can play there for a few days.”

Gu Ang changed his sitting position, being pressed comfortably, his expression loose like a sunbathing cat. He spoke lazily, “Okay, think of it as a honeymoon.”

Ye Fei said, “Then I have to make more efforts on this honeymoon.”

Gu Ang, “Go for it.”

Lin XiuYong asked suspiciously, “Why do I feel like you’re talking dirty?”

Gu Ang gave a disgusted tsk, “You Alphas, you’re perverted, so perverted.”

The tone of voice had completely forgotten that he had been an interstellar fierce Alpha for more than twenty years.

Bai SiNing propped up his chin and pulled his head out of half of the watermelon, “Look at you guys still so sweet after marriage, I’m going to shed tears.”

The voyage was still two days and the atmosphere was now relaxed.

Gu Ang joked, “Little Bai, want to fall in love or not?”

“I want to.” Bai SiNing nodded his head like he was smashing garlic.

Lin XiuYong’s fingertips paused and his knuckles curled up, touching the table.

Gu Ang hmmd, “Then hurry up, find a boyfriend.”

He looked anxiously at the side, these two, one slow to move, one late to react, they’re simply killing him.

Bai SiNing expressed some distress, “I also want to find one, ah, but no one’s suitable.”

Once these words came out, Lin XiuYong’s eyes instantly sank, the air pressure dropping to the bottom. He cleared his throat and didn’t speak.

“What kind do you like?” Gu Ang had nothing to do, so he became a cupid.

“Skinny and tall, with a nice body. Mn, I talk too much, so I need to find someone who talks less, otherwise the family will be noisy. Also, they have to be loving, not too indifferent. Preferably one who can take care of me, I’m too confused.”

Gu Ang and Ye Fei looked at each other, both speechless. Absolutely, isn’t this Lin XiuYong’s own portrait?

The corners of Lin XiuYong’s mouth hooked, sweeping away the gloom. He put away his gold-rimmed glasses and spoke in a low voice, “Okay, let’s get down to business. I’ll give you a little background and introduction to this operation.”

Gu Ang raised his eyebrows at him, okay, got the answer and crossed the bridge.

Lin XiuYong returned his glance and continued, “Shan Mo, the leader of the interstellar bandit group Devil’s Claw that roams the Empire and the Federation all year round.”

He pressed a remote control button, and the head shape of a lean man with flapping ears appeared on the light screen.

Ye Fei interrupted Lin XiuYong’s introduction, “This man, I know him.”

Lin XiuYong switched the background picture, “You as a five-star admiral, it’s normal that you know him. After all, he’s divine and makes the imperial border defense tricky.”

He heard that there was a lot of unrest at the border, and he was arrogant and provocative. He was also a bit fumbling, just a few of them with uneven levels of strength, not really able to take care of people.

“No, Gu Ang and I, we both fought with him.” Ye Fei lost his sense of urgency when he learned that his opponent this time was Shan Mo. In his heart, he was almost certain that the disaster of exterminating the family should be the next time. This time, the attacker was just joking around.

Bai SiNing was curious, “How is the strength of this person, ah?”

“Very average. Although his escape ability is first-class, his combat power is just so-so.” Ye Fei pondered for a moment and gave a more fair assessment.

Gu Ang turned from the groggy distraction to look at the light screen, said, “Mn, I have a little impression. Big brother, the previous time, didn’t you deliberately spare him many times? Repeatedly, and finally made him cry.”

Lin XiuYong: ????? You guys were so ruthless back then? He sighed slightly, If I had known you two were so perverted, what homework would I have done?

Gu Ang spat, “You told me earlier, so Ye Fei worried for so many days, afraid that I would die in battle.”

“Don’t say anything about dying or not dying.” Ye Fei reached out to cover his mouth.

Lin XiuYong rubbed his brow, “Since he was defeated, let’s all go back to our rooms and sleep. In the last life he was tormented by you all, now you have become so much stronger, so there’s not much doubt about the result.” He added, “It’s a good thing I didn’t report this to Lord Qi Cang, lest I be blamed for making a big deal out of it.”

Gu Ang narrowed his eyes, “Don’t, ah, let’s play cards. I’ve been sleeping every day lately, and I’m in great spirits.”

Bai SiNing spoke weakly, “Wouldn’t it be better to preserve your physical strength?”

Ye Fei replied, “Mn, it’s really not necessary.” He rubbed Gu Ang’s head dotingly, “Light wants to play cards, so go ahead.”

Bai SiNing, “…” Come on, you guys are really here for the honeymoon.

The four people played poker for two days on the two-day voyage. The process was relaxed and pleasant like a vacation. When the ship landed, except for Gu Ang, the other three piloted the mecha out of the cabin.

Gu Ang sat in the cockpit of the airship, using synchronized monitoring and watching the battle from a distance. Because of his pregnancy, although his fighting power didn’t become weaker, he was still denied by Ye Fei to go out and become a remote commander. For the sake of the baby’s safety, Gu Ang didn’t retort. Besides, his opponent was Shan Mo who was beaten on the ground and not allowed to resist, he even thought that Ye Fei could solve it alone.

He asked Bai SiNing through the communicator, “Little Bai, are you sure you don’t need to go back to see your parents?”

“Mn, no need, there are still many chances to see each other in the future. What’s more, didn’t brother Lin say that the fewer people know about this situation that could change the future, the better? Not to see them is also to protect them from being involved in this vortex.” Bai SiNing readily returned.

“Okay.” Gu Ang didn’t continue to pursue the question, his expression became serious, “Hundreds of light dots appeared on the radar, they’are coming.”

“Roger, ready.” Ye Fei, as the leader of the three-person squad, immediately replied.

Gu Ang picked up the communicator, “Final confirmation, Bai SiNing, this battle is easy for Ye Fei and Lin XiuYong, but it’s still dangerous for you now, confirm to strike?”

Bai SiNing was silent for a moment, but replied in a rare serious tone, “Brother Ang, thank you for your kind words. I know even the three of you will have no problem protecting me for the rest of my life, but I don’t want to be a loser. I want to fight side by side with you, God Ye, and brother Lin. What’s more, this time it’s for my parents, so there’s even less chance I’ll hide behind.” 

He was a wimp, but not a shrinking violet.

“Then I’ll rely on you to protect me from now on, I’m a researcher, I just like to hide behind.” Lin XiuYong joked, hoping he wouldn’t have too much of a burden on his heart.

Bai SiNing said firmly, “I’ll take care of you.”

“All right, let’s go. Hurry up and finish playing and go back to school for the exam.” Ye Fei said lightly.

“Ah, despair! Let me die here, I don’t want to take the final exam!” Once talking about the exam, Bai SiNing’s miserable scream came out from the communication device promptly. The heroic image just for a second instantly collapsed.

Gu Ang let out a laugh and easily pressed the ship’s control button to hide his trail. He resumed a serious tone, “Target approaching, preparing for landing in progress. Strike!”

On the other side, the “Devil’s Claw” bandits, who had just passed through the unstable wormhole and arrived off-planet, instantly detected the situation around them, “Boss, three unidentified mecha have been detected approaching us.”

“Three? Only mecha and no ships?” Shan Mo asked cautiously.

“That’s right boss, I guess it’s someone from this planet who came out in a mecha to sneak around and happened to be found by us.”

“This escape from the Federation to the Empire used too much energy, so we urgently need to grab the planet’s resources and finish resupplying.” Shan Mo gave instructions to his men, “It will take a long time to resupply, so we can’t leave any aftermath. First go and destroy the three mecha, lest they cause unnecessary trouble.”

If there was a roadblock during the robbery, the road blocker had to die.

Boom. Before the handlers had time to answer, the originally dark space around them suddenly burst into a gorgeous firework. The rumbling sound rang out one after another, and the sky was filled with cannon fire splashes.

The mecha and the ship around him exploded one after another for no apparent reason, directly putting Shan Mo into shock and freezing. He took a look at the monitor and panicked, “Quick!!!! Land on the planet!!!”

Shan Mo didn’t know how the other side of the district three mecha had so much destructive power. But based on so many years of experience, they probably presumed that the other side had hidden ships to avoid detection from their side, from nowhere to launch an attack on their own ship.

Shan Mo was shocked, the other side’s technology was above his own! The only way to muddle through was to land on the planet and blend in with the crowd.

These Empire’s army basically wouldn’t be on from outer space on the planet directly. If it caused a large number of civilian deaths, those imperial soldiers couldn’t afford to bear the consequences. And he himself, by virtue of this, had escaped many times in a seemingly desperate pursuit. 

Shan Mo sneered, it just so happened that the first fight, them taking advantage of the chaos to seize, was a double whammy. It may not matter how much more technologically advanced they were, but it was three mecha. He personally went to the cockpit, controlling the mecha to fly down.

Just halfway down, a mecha suddenly appeared in front of him, “Sorry, this time, there’s no hide and seek, because I have to go back to see the birth of my child and take the exam.” A cold voice came from the opposite mecha.

Shan Mo was bewildered, this mecha was one that he hadn’t seen before and the voice was not familiar either. But listening to the other’s tone, he sounded like an acquaintance? He didn’t have time to react, two circling intertwined dark light from the other side of the arms of the barrel mouth released out, the left wing was destroyed.

Shan Mo’s mecha lost its balance and plunged downward at a faster speed.

Gu Ang commanded, “Little Bai, go around the back and attack the scattered soldiers. Lin XiuYong, increase the artillery fire at the front. Big brother, destroy the mecha before it lands on the ground.”

“Roger.” The three men responded in unison.

Bai SiNing, with a rare serious expression, maneuvered the mecha around to the rear to counter the scattered stragglers. Those usual one-track movements from training seemed to suddenly melt together and become fluid. His whole body was exerting itself, afraid that if he made a single slip, he would hurt more innocent people.

On the battlefield, he suddenly comprehended the meaning of a soldier. He made himself stronger in order to protect more people he wanted to protect. It turned out that the growth of a person was really a matter of a single moment. Bai SiNing aimed at the three scattered soldiers and blasted past with a cannon shot, splattering debris everywhere.

“Well done.” Lin XiuYong immediately spoke out in encouragement.

Bai SiNing pursed his lips, “Hold on tight, brother Lin, help me out.”

He circled between the countless molehills, working with Lin XiuYong’s long-range magnetic cannon attacks to bring down one scattered soldier after another. Every one of the men in this intergalactic bandit group had blood on their hands, and every one of them that they killed could save more people.

Bai SiNing thought, although the power was meager, it was always worth the trip.

Ye Fei took on Shan Mo alone, without hiding, and met him head on. Almost effortlessly, he moved instantly below Shan Mo, using his mecha to resist the downward spiral. Shan Mo panicked and tried to get out of control. But Ye Fei didn’t give him a chance. He stretched out his left arm of the mecha, carrying the shaky Shan Mo, and threw him higher into the air.

When he fell again, his left arm stored energy and directly penetrated the entire mecha of Shan Mo. The tattered and torn mecha instantly split open, and the man at the controls rolled out of the fuselage. He was covered in blood and crashed into the vast expanse of space. Soon, he became part of the blackness.

Once the leader of the Devil’s Claw was dead, the rest of the soldiers naturally scattered.

Gu Ang said in a deep voice, “Little Bai, Lin XiuYong, get out of the way, I will directly destroy them.”

He pressed the ship’s own particle cannon, constantly aiming at those who tried to hide from the net, one by one, they were completely buried under the starry sky. Watching the debris scattered, the battle was an easy victory.

Gu Ang breathed a sigh of relief, “You guys come back.”

He opened the hatch of the ship and admitted the three mecha into it. Gu Ang was about to get up and try to hug his hero when he felt a sudden tight jerk in his lower abdomen. He stumbled a bit and braced himself against the seat, “Big brother, my stomach hurts.”

It was just a brief twitch, then more pain spread. All of his internal organs felt like they were stirred together, and his sense of pain was out of whack. Gu Ang instantly lost himself and almost slid down against the seat. He blinked his eyes, and his throat couldn’t make any extra sound.

Ye Fei quickly walked over to hold the man, who was so drained, and looked down Gu Ang’s palm, his face gradually sinking. He saw blood slowly leaking out, staining the dark blue pants even darker. He forced his voice to tremble, “Light is bleeding. Let’s do a forced landing and go to the nearest hospital.”


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