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Chapter 24: Baby Beluga Whale and Baby Shark

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


On this night at the Oceanarium, Qiao Xi never found the right opportunity to draw back his hand.

At the time of the underwater tunnel, Han Tian said that he would take him to do the action. At this time, you can’t swish your hand away, right? What if he scares the little shark?

At the penguin house, Han Tian said that if penguins see two people holding hands next to each other, they will imitate them—and sure enough, these little gentlemen in tuxedos stood in a row, wings next to wings.

At the front of the touch pool, Han Tian said the ground was slippery and it was easy to slip, so Qiao Xi subconsciously grabbed Han Tian’s hand, lest the beautiful prey accidentally fall.

It was not until the two of them reached the souvenir store at the exit of the oceanarium and saw the rows of plush toys from afar that Qiao Xi could not help but let go of Han Tian’s hand with a cheer and ran over.

“Han Tian! Han Tian, do you have anything you want?” Qiao Xi couldn’t stop picking up this one and touching that one, so excited that both eyes were starry.

“Me? I am all right, do you have a favorite?” Han Tian followed him.

“No, no, I must give you one! The oceanarium at night is really beautiful! Thank you for bringing me here!” Qiao Xi pulled out a small white beluga whale wearing a little blue apron and held it up to Han Tian. “How about this one? Look, it’s white and innocent, smiling all the time, and wearing an apron, doesn’t it look like you?”

“…Okay, I like it a lot.” Han Tian’s tone was slightly hopeless, and hid a bit of indulgence.

“Then, this is yours! I’ll hold it for you first!” Qiao Xi held the little white whale, still searching around, intending to buy another one for himself.

“Hmm… This little shark, it’s quite interesting.” Han Tian pointed his finger.

It was a shark with a big grin, two fins closed in front of its chest, holding a piece of strawberry cake.

“A shark that eats cake? Interesting!” Qiao Xi squeezed the shark’s soft belly, picked it up, and went to the checkout with glee.

Although the beluga whale was to be given to Han Tian, Qiao Xi insisted on “helping Han Tian hold it a little longer”, so he walked to the parking lot with a whale in his left hand and a shark in his right.

“Okay, on the way back, I’ll drive.” After settling the two animals, Qiao Xi firmly pulled open the driver’s door.

“… Aren’t you tired?” Han Tian asked. “Take a break in the passenger seat.” 

“I’m not tired, I’m especially energetic now.” Qiao Xi patted his chest.

Qiao Xi felt extraordinarily awake, and his entire body was light and relaxed.

“Besides, you have to go back to school now, right? I must be the one driving you back to school,” Qiao Xi said with conviction.

“Okay.” Han Tian didn’t argue anymore, got into the passenger seat himself and fastened his seat belt.

When they arrived at the school entrance, Han Tian got out of the car, picked up the smiling beluga whale from the back seat, went around to the outside of the driver’s seat, and knocked on the window.

Qiao Xi hurriedly pressed down the window, rested his hand on the window edge, and looked at Han Tian with his head.

“I’m going back,” Han Tian said.

“Mn.” Qiao Xi nodded.

“When you get home, send me a message?” Han Tian asked.

“Mm-hmm.” Qiao Xi nodded vigorously.

“Then… Be careful on the road.” Han Tian said while extending his empty right hand and rubbing Qiao Xi’s soft head of hair.

Qiao Xi was blushing again, but at the same time, he was glad that he didn’t have his headlights on, so he couldn’t see him blush.

He shrank in, shook his hand at Han Tian, and stepped on the gas to head for the neighborhood.

“Today, Han Tian seems to be very happy—Capture Value should be able to rise a lot, right? Can it go up by 10 points? If it goes up by 10 points, that’s 48, and if it goes up a little more, won’t that be close to 60? Qiao Xi’s mind was doing arithmetic problems, but his heart had an odd feeling.

If it reaches 60, do I really have to let Han Tian sacrifice his soul?

Qiao Xi remembered the story “Daughter of the Sea” that he told Tong Tong this afternoon. In it, it was said that a mermaid princess without a soul would eventually turn into foam…

Although the person who surrenders his soul to the demon will not become foam, but will only become the most loyal servant of the demon, obedient to the demon, but the soul was a very, very important thing for humans, right?

Without a soul, Han Tian… Will he still be able to feel the same pleasure as he does today? Will he still be able to smile at me as gently as he does today?

After parking the car, Qiao Xi picked up the little shark, thinking nonsense, and walked towards the porch with his head down, but was stopped by a foul smell.

He looked up alertly—sure enough, there was someone hiding in the shadows.

When the figure noticed Qiao Xi had stopped, he didn’t hide anymore, but slowly moved a few steps out and spoke up, “Mr. Qiao Xi, it’s been a while.”

Qiao Xi frowned. “…Gu Yuanxin?”

He remembered, the stench was the smell of that unpromising singer, Gu Yuanxin.

Gu Yuanxin took a few more steps forward, covered in light, and said, “Great, great. You still remember me.”

Qiao Xi’s brow knitted even more. “You have something important?”

He had already seen Gu Yuanxin’s face clearly by now. Compared to a month ago, this man was so thin that he was out of shape, his eye sockets were sunken, and his eyes were abnormally bulging out.

The skinny face of Gu Yuanxin was so thin that only a layer of skin was left, he tried to squeeze a smile. “Yes, I have something to ask Qiao Xi for help.”

Qiao Xi now only wanted to hurry home to see the Capture Value, and was not in the mood to talk nonsense with this person, simply said, “I have nothing to help you. Get out of the way.”

Gu Yuanxin’s face floated a sickly red, his feet did not move at all, and he continued, “Last time, last time there was still some powerful news, I did not tell you—today, you only need to spend a million, I will tell you all, to your satisfaction, how is it?”

Qiao Xi didn’t even bother to hide the disgust on his face and said directly, “I’m not interested in anything. Please leave.”

Seeing Qiao Xi’s cold face, Gu Yuanxin’s voice took on a bit of anxiety. “Special explosive ah—or, my wife’s nude photos, the most clear kind, 100,000 a piece, you, do you want?”

This comment simply made Qiao Xi want to vomit.

He resisted the urge to use his demon power to throw this person 10 meters away and said in a deep voice, “Get lost. Or I’ll call security to take you out.”

Gu Yuanxin reached out to Qiao Xi in near desperation, seemingly wanting to grab his arm and cry; Qiao Xi made a slight mistake, naturally avoiding the dry claws of his hand.

However, the small shark’s tail, which he held in the crook of his arm, was seized by the man.

“Release your dirty hands!” Qiao Xi, who had already been patient to the limit, his eyes suddenly went wide and he yelled out, completely fuming.

He clasped his right hand, then opened it violently—

Gu Yuanxin was suddenly hit in the abdomen by an invisible force, screamed, and flew straight out from the steps, falling heavily onto the lawn.

Such a loud noise naturally alerted the patrolling neighborhood security guards.

“Mr. Qiao Xi? What’s wrong?” Two small security guards ran over sharply.

“This man is sneaking around my door, I don’t know what he’s up to, he feels dangerous.” Qiao Xi pointed at Gu Yuanxin who was rolling on the ground covering his stomach.

“Ah, this, this gentleman said he knew you and came in after registering. I’m sorry, it seems our security was not done properly and we didn’t check with you. Mr. Qiao Xi, do you want to call the police?” The young security guard asked eagerly.

Qiao Xi touched his shark and shook his head. “Just get rid of him. Don’t let him in again.”

After saying that, Qiao Xi dashed into the house, ignoring the nonsense coming out of Gu Yuanxin’s mouth.

Ten minutes later, Gu Yuanxin was dragged by four security guards to the outside of the neighborhood.

He squatted under a street lamp, his face covered in snot and saliva due to his drug addiction, and his body shivering.

Where to get some more money? Ahhh, I need money, I need money to buy goods!

Fuck, that Qiao Xi, so rich, why can’t you give me some?

Ahhh, who else, who else can give me some money?

At this moment, a pair of extremely well-made leather shoes appeared in his line of sight.

“Mr. Gu,” said a feminine voice, “you are now very short of money, right?”

Gu Yuanxin jerked his head up, but because of the backlight, he could not see the face of the visitor.

“You, who are you? Can you, can you give me money?” Gu Yuanxin asked with a shudder.

“Sure,” the voice laughed, “just do me a favor and I’ll give you 100,000 immediately, in cash.”

“Do? What? You, you want nude photos too? Yes, yes.” Gu Yuanxin wiped his saliva.

“No.” The scuffed leather shoes tapped twice on the ground. “I need you to help me give the same gift to that person. Yes, the one for the person who just kicked you out, Qiao Xi.”


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