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Chapter 26: Are you stupid?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

Ed left in a hurry in his small spaceship.

At the moment, Augus was sitting in the corner, playing with his tools. His clothes had been changed into that of the uniform of Felix’s men. In the middle of the night, he had slipped into the spaceship. He had planned to hide and wait for the opportunity, but he didn’t expect for someone to still be on the spaceship. The other side was just a technician who wanted to do some maintenance work on the spaceship at night. Unexpectedly, he had fallen asleep accidentally. Hearing the footsteps of Augus, he woke up in a daze. But before he could make a sound, he was struck by Augus with the butt of a knife from behind and fainted.

It would surely be found out if he dropped a man off the ship. So Augus could only exchange clothes with the other party, and then tie up the man before shoving him into a locker. He just hoped the people on the ship wouldn’t pay attention to this person.

At this time, the spacecraft was steadily moving forward, and Augus lowered the brim of his military cap. He had observed everything yesterday. It was estimated that there were more than a dozen people in Felix’s party. Fortunately, most of them were escorts and few technicians. No one noticed him until the spacecraft flew steadily for nearly an hour.

He had to find a chance to find Felix’s room!

Augus was about to go out when he heard footsteps outside. He hurried back to the corner of the room and pretended to play with the machines.

“What are you doing hiding here? How long have you been here?” It seemed that the visitor was just an ordinary soldier. His vigilance was not very high. He only saw a back in the corner. He frowned, “What are you doing in the corner?”

Augus was silent and looked down as if he was absorbed in what he’s doing. At this moment, he was sure to be found out.

The soldier came forward. Unexpectedly, when he came to the middle of the room, Augus turned around suddenly. The murderous air in his eyes stopped him for a moment.

“You are not…”

The latter words were held in his mouth, but he didn’t speak out because in that moment, Augus rushed to him with a lunge, and the dagger went straight into his throat.

He needed to speed things up.

Once someone was dead, being detected was only a matter of time. Felix was not on a warship so he could easily be found soon. At this time, Augus could only stand and open the door to look around. It seemed that there was no one around. He turned left decisively and ran in the opposite direction of the command room and the bridge.

Meanwhile, Ed had accelerated the ship to the maximum speed, and his heart had never jumped so hard. It can be inferred from Felix’s words that the other party was going to stay at home to avoid the main star’s winning the position, but Ed was not sure that the other party would go at once according to the plan. After all, Felix had gone to Lambeth not according to plan. Who could say that he would not go to another place?

Thinking that his direction may be further and further away from Augus, Ed couldn’t do anything but only pray that his guess was correct. After chasing at full speed for more than half an hour, and spotted a blurred outline of Felix’s spaceship in the distance.

He was catching up!

Ed breathed a sigh of relief. He saw that Felix’s ship seemed to be flying smoothly, and he could not feel any fluctuation of mental power.

The next thing he had to do was sneak in, find Augus and bring him out.

While Ed was still thinking about how to infiltrate, Felix’s spaceship had a sudden change.

“The power system shut down?” The pilot was stunned for a moment! “Start emergency measures!”

The emergency power system was turned on, and the spacecraft system did not show any failure, indicating that the power was turned off manually.

“Tell His Highness!”


No one was aware of what happened to Felix. He was playing around with a collection of antiques and collectibles in the room. He was scared and broke a cup when the soldiers knocked on the door.

Felix, who wanted to punish his subordinates, was frightened when he heard of the emergency. He had never left the Capital before. He ran to the cockpit in a panic.

“Is the spaceship okay? How can such a problem arise?”

“We…We don’t know. ” The pilot was almost crying.

Felix’s bodyguard immediately ordered the people on the spaceship to check the monitoring and power room. At the critical moment, Felix’s brain could not give out a single command, and could only echo, “Yes, yes. Hurry up! What are you waiting for?”

After a while, the power system of the spaceship returned to normal, and it seemed to have been turned on again. That’s when Felix could finally breathe. But after ten minutes, the subordinate didn’t come back.

Felix panicked again, “Where is he? Who of you is going to have a look?”

“We should not leave you. This is the order of his Highness the Second Prince.” The bodyguard reminded him.

“Another order from my brother? Then let me wait!”

The bodyguard also had some difficulties, “This subordinate suggests that the spacecraft stay on the nearby known stars a little bit and check the interior of the spacecraft.”

But there were no known stars to land around now. It was impossible to land on the unknown planet, so they could only wait for a while. As the ship sped along, Felix yelled again. The guard could only send one of them to the monitoring room to check the situation.

The pilot was already sweating. He was very nervous. Felix was like a ticking time bomb at this moment. His anger would spread to other people at any time, making his spaceship frightening.

Just then.

With a loud bang, Augus jumped out of the air vent on the top of the ship and cleanly killed off the pilot before anyone could react.

“Who!?” Felix stumbled a few steps back. No one present seemed to recognise the newcomer. The first reaction of the guards was that he was an assassin sent by the Emperor. But when did the other side get on the ship? Why did they attack only now?

Augus rushed up before they could figure it out. His target was Felix.

It was clear in his heart that with the beta camouflage, he couldn’t kill all the enemies in one breath. Augus only went to Felix. One of his bodyguards had to control the spacecraft since the pilot had been disposed of. Two bodyguards, one left and one right, blocked Augus, forcing him to tangle up.

“Your Highness, come on! Here!” The bodyguard didn’t know if Augus was alone. Felix just wanted to move to a safe place. Though he didn’t know who the other side was, the hatred in his eyes really made Felix feel terrible. So he decisively turned and followed the bodyguard away.

How fast!

Who knew that just when Felix just ran out of the door and heard the sound of metal collision coming from behind him, Augus quickly solved the problem of catching up. The bodyguards standing beside Felix wanted to draw out their guns, but they were struck by Augus. Instead, the guns could not be used, so they could only draw out their swords and fight with the other.

Felix did not dare to run alone, but stood on one side. The fighting skills he had learned had never been practiced in real combat, and now they were like empty shelves.

Augus felt that his physical strength was gradually a little bit out of support, and his transformed body showed its disadvantages. Despite his efforts to maintain the previous level of fighting, he could only rely on explosive power. An omega’s weakness had been overcome by his efforts, but it still couldn’t be compared with a group of alphas. At this time, Augus was beginning to feel overwhelmed.

The other side also seemed to notice that the speed of the enemy was slowing down, and he didn’t want to be taken down like his companions. He began to attack. At the same time, a man was assigned to escort Felix away.

Augus knew that if he let Felix run, he would lose his chance completely. A short dagger flew out quickly and hit Felix behind his knee. The blade of the knife pierced right into the flesh, and Felix fell to the ground with a loud cry. Augus bypassed the man who was fighting with him, and even though his face was marked with blood, he didn’t pay attention, but went straight to Felix.

Felix, who had not felt pain for a long time, was so scared that he couldn’t walk. He dragged his injured leg forward a few times. He was so embarrassed that he didn’t look elegant at all.

The bodyguards around him immediately took out their daggers and stood between the two. They planned to wait for Augus to bypass the attack, and their companions in the rear would attack, so that they would have a chance to escape with their highness in their arms.

It all happened in just a second.

As soon as Augus clenched his teeth, he didn’t avoid the dagger, but turned to his side. The dagger still stabbed him heavily on the shoulder, almost wearing it. The enemy on the opposite side didn’t think that he would meet him at all. After the dagger went into the flesh, he was momentarily scared to let go of his hand. Augus was forced to endure the pain that rushed up for a moment, but he didn’t slow down at all. He stretched out his leg and stepped on the dagger handle sticking out from behind Felix’s knee.

Felix, who was crawling on the ground, screamed bitterly. The dagger that had been completely inserted into the flesh was directly pressed low and hit the floor after piercing through his whole leg.

Felix, who cried out twice, fainted with pain. Augus wanted to throw the last knife, but he was pushed to the ground by the bodyguard behind him. The blade that should have gone to Felix’s heart was stabbed in his abdomen. Felix, who had fainted from the pain, shivered and began to wake up from the pain.

The situation of being besieged by two people was very bad. Augus had almost exhausted his physical strength and could only avoid the attacks. Inevitably, there were many scars on his body. The injury to his shoulder also weighed on him.

Not good!

Augus saw another enemy holding up his gun and facing himself. It was in firing state.

An energy bomb suddenly came from behind and hit the man’s forehead. The face of the man on the opposite side fell in disbelief.

Augus couldn’t look back, because there was an enemy in front of him.

But the bodyguard in front of him had confirmed who the visitor was, “General Ed…!? How can it be you?”

These bodyguards didn’t know that Ed was with the Eldest Prince, and he had just killed one of them by his own hands. The remaining man thought about how the spaceship suffered such an attack after staying in Lambeth, and already thought of a series of things in his mind. Although his guess was not right, there was no extra chance for him to think, because another bullet hit him in the next second and went right through his head.

Augus’s face was splashed with blood. He looked back in surprise, “Ed….”

“Are you stupid!? Why didn’t you consult me about this?” Ed roared uncontrollably and saw that the dagger in Augus’s shoulders began to tremble.

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January 18, 2020 4:13 pm

Thank you, I wish came true in more ways than one. Thank you ER

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January 18, 2020 6:55 pm

Ed, my Hero. Saving Augus and killing Felix (he deserved it)

July 22, 2020 3:26 am

i can see Augus’s pain but he should have forced himself to hold back, if his plan failed it would affect Ed badly…

November 17, 2021 2:07 pm

I’d scream at Augus too. He’s just scared decades off Ed’s life. Hopefully Ed will figure out how to smooth everything over and save them both.

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