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Chapter 27: Fleur’s Scattered Ending

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Augus couldn’t argue. This time, it was his own impulse. But subconsciously, he also thought that Ed would not agree with his approach on the Emperor’s son, so he acted before Ed came back. “I’m sorry.”

Although Ed was angry, how could he quarrel with Augus when he saw his blood? He hurriedly looked at his wound, “Do you know how I felt when I saw you get hit by the dagger from a distance?”

“No, but we have to get back to Lambeth.” Although the wound on his shoulder was not fatal, he still lost a lot of blood. Augus supported himself with mental strength and belief. Now, seeing Ed, he relaxed and felt weak. “There are others on board…”

Ed was alert for a moment, “I’ve dealt with all the people I saw on the way. Why, is there anyone else ahead?”

“Then it’s okay. I killed the pilot. Now it’s one of Felix’s bodyguards who is driving the ship.”

Ed looked at Felix who was lying at his feet. His face was pale and his abdominal wound was bleeding. His right leg was twisted unnaturally. It was probably useless now.

“Whether he can live or not depends on his own life.” Ed turned his head solicitously to Augus, who hesitated for a moment and nodded, not making up for Felix.

Then Ed dragged Felix to the cockpit. “His Highness the Third Prince is injured.”

“General Ed!? How can you be here?” The man in the pilot’s seat didn’t go far, but it was still possible to talk back. The soldier was surprised to see Ed here.

What surprised him even more was that the Third Prince on the ground seemed to be close to death.

“Your Highness, he…”

“There’s still a way to go.”


“I got them. I knocked him out.” Ed referred to Augus, who was lying on the ground dutifully outside at this time, dizzy from the blood loss.

“Thanks to you, our Highness the Third Prince will surely…”

Ed didn’t want to talk to him more, “My spaceship is parked in the back. I came here with an emergency space device. Please help me open the docking system.”

“Oh… Oh, yes. ” The soldier in the pilot’s seat didn’t respond. He did as Ed instructed.

“Good work,” said Ed, carrying Augus. “I’ve taken the prisoner. I need to investigate his identity further. Please send the Third Prince to the destination for treatment as soon as possible.”


Wait a minute. He was taking the prisoner? He didn’t think this was right. The soldier’s brain crashed. Why did General Ed happen to suddenly appear here? Should he stop him?

As the soldier pondered these questions, Ed was already on his own ship quickly. After thinking about it, it was important to send the Third Prince to the destination first. If the Third Prince died here, he would also die.

What’s wrong with General Ed could only be checked later. Now he couldn’t stop the other by himself.

It took him half a day to realize that Ed and the assassin were inseparable.

After the Third Prince was sent to the emergency room, his mother’s home immediately called out for the surveillance video, only to find that the section from the spaceship all the way to Ed’s departure was completely destroyed.

Augus, who was transported back to Lambeth at full speed by Ed, finally couldn’t hold up when he reached his destination and passed out in a coma. Ed, who rushed into the station with Augus, called the doctor. The whole house could hear him clearly, “Is he okay?”

“Nothing serious.” The doctor dropped this sentence and pushed him into the operating room.

“He didn’t seem to have any problems.” Langer came up from behind and patted Ed ed on the shoulder.

“I hope he’s okay.” Ed stared at the door of the operating room, “Give the Emperor a message, saying that the Third Prince, Felix, was almost assassinated.”

“To the Eldest Prince?”

Ed thought for a moment and said, “No, to the public, but not in our capacity.”

Langer nodded. Ed couldn’t calm down and sat outside the operating room. Several hours later, Ed, who heard the door open, stood up immediately and asked, “Is he okay?”

The doctor nodded, “He’s okay, but the injury is not small. He needs to stay in bed for a while.”

“If he’s okay… Why must he stay for a long time?”

When the doctor heard him mention this, he was a little upset and frowned, “He was injected with too much beta camouflage! When injured, the body is in an unstable condition, and the pheromone in the body is a bit wild.” Before Ed asked the doctor, he went on, “We checked his pheromones by the way, and suggested that he should not use beta camouflage agent or inhibitor in the future when it is not necessary. I don’t know why his body seems a little different from the ordinary omega.”

Ed gave a wry smile. The doctor didn’t want to talk to him and didn’t ask.

“There’s something about an omega in the army. Please keep it a secret for the time being.”

The doctor nodded to show his understanding. In his mind, he probably regarded Augus as Ed’s lover who had been brought to residence with the Army, “Naturally, I won’t say it. But I said, anyway, ordinary soldiers can’t enter this building. Why did you throw him into the barracks? Even if his body is better than the ordinary omega, he can’t stand the high-intensity fights of you alphas.”

Ed didn’t want to, but Augus had been eager to return to the army, and he didn’t want to stop him. At this time, he couldn’t explain, so he had to laugh with the doctor.

The doctor didn’t know what these two were playing with, and hesitated, “There is another problem. His progesterone seems to be too low, although he injected a little too much camouflage, it should not have lead to the current situation.”

Ed couldn’t tell the doctor the truth about Augus’s transformation. He could only pretend to look at the doctor ignorantly.

“In short, it’s hard for him to conceive.” The doctor honestly told him and saw that Ed didn’t show a disappointed expression like he had expected, and he was a little worried. Was this man really his lover? As an alpha, when he heard that his omega couldn’t have a baby, why he didn’t he react? In fact, maybe this was not the lover of General Gd, but someone else’s, such as…

Ed saw the doctor giving him a suspicious look and hurriedly and politely sent the other away. Although he didn’t know what the other side was thinking, in any case, in a few days’ time, the person “Fleur” would disappear completely from the world. He didn’t need to explain anything.

About three days after the operation, Augus was transferred to Ed’s room. Fleur’s optical camouflage system and fake identity ID were completely destroyed. Before the Third Prince and his mother came to ask for help, Ed first sent a notice that the assassin unexpectedly escaped last night. It was all his fault for improper guarding.

Augus, who had been transferred to his room, was taken care of by Ed himself, and the doctors and nurses thought that Fleur had really escaped and disappeared. Although they discussed how Fleur could disappear without making a sound, after a while, no one remembered.

The Third Prince’s life was saved, but his right leg was completely destroyed, and because he lost too much blood, his internal organs were also damaged. At this time, his face was as bad as a dead man as he sat in a wheelchair. “How can they disappear?!”

“This… The other side said that Fleur was a recruit, and his colleagues also said that this man was eccentric and had no friends, so they couldn’t find out any clues.”

“And Ed? The assassin came from his barracks. He can’t get away with it!”

“He… Returned to the Emperor and took the order. “

When Felix heard this, he lost all his strength and collapsed in his wheelchair. The most disheartening thing for Felix’s family was not that Felix had almost been assassinated, but that the Second Prince lost. They didn’t expect that the always just Marshal turned to Filso, the Eldest Prince. Now, it seemed that General Ed was also with the Eldest Prince.

After losing, the Second Prince never recovered. He left in disguise. He had no military power. His mother’s family could not contact him at the moment.

The Eldest Prince, Filso, didn’t clean the nobles of the Imperial Capital at all. Those who had been selling friendship had fallen to pieces. Filso saw who was untrustworthy and didn’t punish too much.

“Your Majesty.” Ed returned to the Imperial Capital this time and brought back most of the soldiers. He voluntarily handed over the military force. Langer stayed in Lambeth to take care of Augus, and the rest of the people in Lambeth were his own relatives.

“I heard about Felix.” When he heard that the assassin was a soldier named Fleur in Ed’s army, Filso knew what was going on.

“It’s all due to my improper care of my subordinates, which injured his Highness the Third Prince and I lost the assassin.” Ed bowed his head. “I beg your majesty to punish me. My subordinates are willing to leave the Capital and stay at the border for years to protect the leader of the Empire.”

Filso had known what Ed was fighting for a long time. He had hesitated for a while, but at this time, Ed’s initiative to hand over most of his military forces hit him. However, the Marshal couldn’t find out what was going on in a day. Moreover, he saw that Ed really valued Augus. In his opinion, such a lover probably didn’t have any idea.

Filso decided everything and went on very fast.

Ed was granted a fief, which was supposed to cause a stir, but it didn’t attract attention. Although he was the first one to be given land, Lambeth, after the new Emperor came to power, who would even go to that place? A lot of nobles didn’t know whether it was a reward or a punishment.

Due to improper care that led to the assassin’s escape, Filso fined Ed for three years. He had nothing to do with his return to the Imperial Capital, and the assassination case of Felix ended. Originally, Felix angrily asked for a thorough investigation several times, but found that Filso didn’t pay attention to him at all, so he had to break his teeth and swallow them in his stomach.

Ed had to come back, arranged the property rights of the old house and the schedule of housekeeper, Matthew.

Now, Lambeth was his home.

Back at the station, it was his territory now. The local people had been informed long ago. They were afraid to prepare various ceremonies for Ed who left in a few words and hurried to his room.

Augus was sitting on the bed where he had been reading a book. He had fallen asleep. The pages of the book were still open as it rested on his lap. Ed’s anxious mood was completely relieved when he saw Augus.

Hearing the sound, Augus slowly opened his eyes, and his voice was still sleepy, “Are you back?”

“Umn, are you all right?”

“This little injury has long recovered,” said Augus with a sneer.

When he thought about how Augus got ‘this little wound’, Ed was on fire again. During this time, he had to run back and forth between the two planets, and Augus was recuperating, so the ‘punishment’ had been postponed indefinitely.

“How can I not know that you are all right?” Ed took off his coat and threw it on the sofa aside. “Let me check it.”

“Hey, you…” Augus didn’t expect that the first thing Ed would do when he came back was push him down.

But Augus, who hadn’t been exercising in bed for nearly a month, couldn’t stand the incitement. After been kissed twice in bed, he burned all over. He unconsciously wrapped his hands and legs around Ed’s body and pulled the man down to him.

“Be careful not to crush your injury.”

“It’s all right.” Augus said. Ed was careful now.

“Everything is settled.”


“So we can stay here all the time. You can show your face and do whatever you want.” Ed looked closely into Augus’s eyes and said, “I will keep my promise, and you have to keep yours.”

“You have to make me your family forever.” This was what he had said to Ed that day in the restaurant when he decided to stay. Augus’s eyes were a little wet. There had been too many things that had happened in this year, and complex emotions build up inside him.

He was not good at expressing love in words. Augus held Ed’s face and enthusiastically answered him with his actions.

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Audry Gazali
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