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Chapter 28: Extra – Kitchen Play

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Ed’s constant desire to cook with Augus finally opened its door. After moving to Lambeth, he was busy with the ceremony and arranging all kinds of chores. Ed felt that he had never had a chance to rest. Since he lived here as a Lord, he naturally needed to have his own house. He refused the suggestion of others to let him build a big mansion, and instead chose a small house to live in.

The servants and housekeepers brought in from the Imperial Capital all lived in the Consulate where they worked. The reason given by Ed was naturally that he was not used to living in a big house, but the real reason was only something Augus and himself knew.

“I said…”


“It’s just a matter of cooking together, isn’t it?” Augus turned and brushed off Ed’s hand that ‘happened’ to be in his jacket.

“Yes, it is.” Ed and Augus are were in their houseware and aprons as they cleaned up the chicken placed on the kitchen counter.

They cut it into pieces and proceeded to marinate the chicken pieces in a bowl. Ed watched Augus confirm the recipe on the mobile terminal and begin to follow the steps carefully. He couldn’t help but steal a kiss.

“Can’t we finish the meal first?” Augus was stunned and gnashed his teeth. “And how can I do it? You’ve always been behind me… “

“I’m eating your tofu.” Ed confessed plainly, “Isn’t it a pasta? I’ve already cooked the noodles. “

“What is this division of labor?” Augus poured some soy sauce and sugar into the bowl with the chicken pieces and moved the pieces around to coat them evenly.

Ed encircled Augus from behind, but his hands slid into the apron from his waist, and started rubbing Augus’s nipples across his clothes.

“Mmn…” Unexpectedly, the attack caused Augus to moan, and it was inconvenient for him to touch Ed with the seasoning on his hand. Therefore, Ed who wasn’t stopped seemed to be encouraged. He kept moving, and even got closer to Augus’s neck to lick it.

Augus had been looking down at the bowl on the table. The sensitive area was completely exposed in Ed’s eyes. After being easily licked, Augus’s legs were suddenly soft, “Wait a minute…”

“Don’t want to wait. I’ve been so busy these days that I didn’t have any chance to do it. ” Ed’s hand moved down directly to Augus’s pants, quickly unbuttoned and slid the zipper down.

Augus could feel Ed’s rich pheromones wrap around him, “Using this excuse again…”

“It’s not bad to try a hundred times, is it?” Ed smiled, and his deep voice rang right behind Augus’s head, numbing his scalp.

Augus washed his hands, and was just about to turn around, but Ed stretched out his hand from behind and imprisoned him between the counter and him.

“Just do it here. I can’t wait.”


Ed took off his apron and threw it aside. His erect penis came out of his pants, and he was ready to go down on Augus’s seam. Augus felt that his back acupoint automatically exude the erotic fluid and he closed his legs unnaturally, but Ed found out and his fingers were inserted smoothly.

The bowl had been moved to one side. Augus, placing his hands on the counter in front of him, refused to let himself fall down. The back cave, which had not been taken care of day and night, began to actively cater to Ed’s entry.

“It’s just a finger.” Ed deliberately twitched his fingers in the hole and made a clear squelching sound.

Augus’s face was red, “Do it as soon as you want!”


Ed seemed to think of something funny. He took off the buttons of Augus’s shirt with one hand, pushed them from both sides to the back, and the clothes slipped from Augus’s shoulder to his upper arm, which made Augus’s chest rub against the slightly rough apron fabric directly.

Augus’s pants and underpants had also slid down to the knee and hung there. Ed, as he approached, slowly inserted his penis. At the same time, he stepped on the back of Augus’s pants and dragged the two layers together to the ankle, exposing Augus’s long and powerful legs.

“Ah…” Augus groaned as Ed entered.

The back acupoint was too hot and humid to hold tightly because they were standing. Ed held Augus’s hand with one hand and put it under his armpit in front of his chest.

The thick penis gradually accelerated, pushing Augus down and running forward. The marble counter was ice cold, and his slightly standing penis was stuck in the cold counter. But it soon half hardened as the sensitive points in the back hole were hit. Just a few times, back and forth, Augus was a little broken. But at this time, he was so unstable that he could not move with his hands on the counter. Suddenly, there was a feeling that made him groan.

Ed listened to this voice. He stretched his hand to the front, holding the desire of Augus tightly, and blocked it from the cold platform wall. The penis wrapped in the warm palm of his hand suddenly hardened. Augus’s voice could not help but emit a “mmmn” voice, and Ed could not tell whether it was out of liberation or comfort.

The comfortable rear acupoint of Augus in the front section was more relaxed. It smoothly made Ed twitch back and forth, but at the same time, it wrapped around him tightly. Every time Ed pulled out half of it, it seemed that Augus was holding on.

Ed was also comfortable as he let out low groans. He moved as fiercely as a pile driving machine. Deep down, he pulled Augus back a few steps. Augus, whose ankle was caught by his pants, couldn’t stand up. He leaned forward and almost lay on the counter. His hands were on the edge of the counter, and his hips were slightly raised back. It was more convenient for Ed to enter and exit with force.

“Um! Ah, ah… ” The bowl and seasoning jar in front of Augus quivered with Ed’s impact. It seemed to remind Augus how hard he was being manipulated. “Wait, the front, uh, grinded…”

Ed was holding Augus’s hand with one hand, and the other hand was still holding his meat stick, and he was wondering where the other side had been grinded with.

Then, Augus slightly turned around and Ed realized it was an apron.

Because of the posture, Augus’s nipples were pasted on the cold marble through a layer of cloth, and he stood up immediately. It was been rubbed back and forth on the inestimable cloth, and now it was swollen.

Augus only felt that his chest was burning, but he was frozen by the marble. He did not know what to do. He didn’t expect Ed to take a look. After he was sure that he wouldn’t bleed, he pushed him back. Augus was so angry that he wanted to swear at Ed. But soon the swearing was blocked by the pleasure from the back acupoint.

“How do I know that you really like it?”

Augus bit his lips and refused to make a sound. The uncomfortable feeling of being rubbed on his chest gradually turned into pleasure. This feeling of being attacked together on his upper body and lower body made him subconsciously want to surrender.

He had been used to the body of the standard reporter for a long time. Ed soon lost his mind, and Augus could only rely on the counter for all his strength. His reproductive tract opened even though he was not very happy. After being poked by the familiar penis, he eventually opened the door to welcome Ed in.

“Um! Uh… Uh huh!”

No matter how many times Ed had entered Augus, he couldn’t get used to the feeling that the most vulnerable place was completely occupied and completely broken from the inside. After being scratched through the sensitive inner wall again and again, Augus gave up thinking completely and let the lust occupy his brain. The friction sensed by his nipples seemed to be far away from him. All the pleasures of the body was concentrated in the back acupoint. At the moment, except that he was being manipulated by Ed, he could not remember anything else.

“I’m about to come.” Ed clasped his finger firmly on Augus’s neck, buried his penis in the hole, inserted it straight into the innermost part, swung forward a few times, and shot the semen into the reproductive tract.

At the same time, Augus reached a climax in Ed’s hand. His legs twitched slightly. Once Ed drew out his penis, Augus could not support his legs and sat on the ground. His body was powerless against the counter. Some of the semen leaked out of the back hole and stained their beige tiles.

Ed hurriedly picked up the man and carried him to the sofa in the living room. Before he could get rid of the climax, Augus’s skin was very hot. His clothes and pants were half off and hung on him with a folded apron just under him. The disheveled, lascivious look soon made Ed hard again on the sofa.

Cooking together was good!

As for the noodles?

They had been boiled dry in the pot.

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LOL! Smoking hot! I’m just so glad the worst is over. Thank you for this chapter.

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tbh, i was expecting scarier conflict, and when Augus went to kill Felix i thought the worst, glad nothing terrible happened. This is how you get when you read and watch multiple tragic bl.

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