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Chapter 6: The Unexpired Heat

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

An omega’s Heat usually lasted at least three days, or up to a week for the first time. With his hands firmly pressed on the bed, Augus felt Ed licking and biting from his cheek all the way to his waist, leaving a string of red and purple marks on his chest.

“Ha…” Augus raised his head and gasped. The obvious Adam’s apple bobbed because he swallowed saliva, which made Ed feel that it was unexpectedly sexy.

Although Augus’s muscles were slightly ‘degraded’ due to the influence of the omega hormones, it seemed that the body that was under a uniform all year round was much stronger than the ordinary omega. Ed always thought that he liked the weak omega or beta but now felt that his entire world view had been refreshed.

Looking at the chest full of sweat because of the heat and shame, Ed reached out to lift Augus’s ankle, separated his legs greatly, and pushed the stick that had hardened again into the hole.

The previous Augus could not do this posture, but now he didn’t know whether it was because of the heat or whether the body had been changed, and the ligaments had become soft, his long but not slender legs were easily placed on Ed’s shoulders. With his bent knees folded to a great extent, they almost covered his chest.

The inner wall that had been irrigated by semen once welcomed the offending penis easily. As soon as Ed inserted it, he felt that he was tightly absorbed, and the hole wriggled to swallow him deeper.

Augus’s face also had the cut from the glass. The blood had stopped flowing, but it was still bright red. Ed was so angry at the wound that he pushed Augus’s legs up, almost vertically, and worked hard from top to bottom. Augus whimpered twice, his eyes half squinting at the ceiling directly above.

Ed felt that when he was moving, the man under him had hardened and pushed up against his abdomen. Even if Augus didn’t wake up, it would be enough to show how comfortable he was.

It was hard to talk.

But Ed didn’t hate that. He purposely lifted his hand, used his fingers to pry open Augus’s lips, and simulated his action of pulling and inserting in the back acupoint in the hot and humid mouth.

“Mmn…” Augus was forced to open his mouth and groaned vaguely.

When he wanted to turn away, Ed said as if he had expected it, “Don’t move.”

Omegas…this damned submission!

“Good boy.”

It was as if all of Augus’s curses were about to come out, and Ed added fuel to the fire.

“You… Uh… Do… Um…” Augus’s ‘what are you doing?’ was interrupted by Ed’s fingers, and a trace of saliva flowed down the corner of his mouth. In this way, he was ‘held’ by his mouth and buttocks together. His front end was repeatedly rubbed by Ed’s strong abdominal muscles, and he could not control the precum flowing up and down together. His thighs almost cramped.

Ed smiled and said, “OK, I’ll try my best.”

Then he tried to shoot Augus again, and he shot in him for the second time. In the general state of Augus’s general paralysis, Ed was hard again in the other side’s body, another storm like action.

“It’s light…” Augus’s strength to lift his fingers? It was almost gone. His whole body was soft as a pool of water. “I…No way…”

Ed turned his head and looked out of the window. It was true that the sky had turned from black to light. They had been struggling all night, although it was normal for the first time of Heat.

For the third time in a row, it was not as easy to shoot as before. Ed wanted to ignore the time and continue to do it. However, considering Augus’s weakness after being taken for the first time all night, he thought about pulling it out first. The back end, which had been pried open all night by the thick penis, was not used to it all of a sudden, and was still yearning for the same contraction.

“Would you like some water?” Ed felt a little tired as soon as he stopped. He asked, looking at the way Augus could not move.

Augus nodded feebly.

“Go sit on the sofa. I’ll let E come up and clean.”

The bed sheets were a mess at the moment. They were mixed with the dried and fresh semen from the two people. There was also sweat mixed in. They couldn’t sleep in bed now.

Ed went downstairs to the kitchen to get water. He thought since it was morning anyway, he might as well eat something to supplement his strength and sleep again. He took some toast and threw it into the toaster before he called one of his subordinates.


“Yes… God, it’s not even morning yet… “

“I won’t go to the army today.”


“I don’t think I’ll be able to go in the next few days,” Ed thought, and asked for leave for the next few days. “Please only contact me in an emergency.”

“…” Before Winston’s brain could recover, Ed hung up the contact terminal unilaterally.

While Ed was on the phone, robot E stood at the bedroom door waiting for Augus to move slowly from the bed to the sofa.

Augus just didn’t try to get up. Since he had been moving for half a day, the movement of getting out of bed was hard. His feet were soft as soon as they landed on the ground and he almost fell on the large carpet beside Ed’s bed.

E’s untimely electronic sound started, “Do you need to inform the owner for help?”

“Shut up.” With a frown on his brow, Augus struggled to move himself step by step onto the sofa.

By the time Ed came in, E had already replaced the whole set of bedding and carried the old ones to the recycling system for recycling.

“Let’s eat something to add to our strength,” Ed said, putting the water on the tea table, handing Augus two slices of toast with butter. “Nothing else to eat, make do with it.”

Augus’s throat was hoarse, and it was burning and painful. Taking a glass of water he drank almost all of it. Then he silently picked up his share of food and ate it. Ed felt a little upset when he saw this picture. After eating his ‘breakfast’, he sat on the edge of the couch near Augus, circled his shoulder with his arm and whispered in his ear, “There are several days left in the Heat. Don’t worry, an omega’s recovery during Heat is even more amazing than you think.”

Augus was so uncomfortable with the hot breath against his ears as he talked close that he ignored him.

What could he say?

Augus felt the answer. After a while, his back end began to feel empty again.

After breakfast, two people pulled the curtains shut and went to bed to get some sleep. The big bed, which had just had it’s sheets changed, was cold, without any warmth. Augus huddled at the edge of the bed, curled up on his side, and then went to sleep. Ed didn’t try to tease him anymore. Anyway, they had done it for a long time. He was a little tired after doing it.

The thick curtains blocked the sun, only from the gap near the floor could they see whether it was day or night outside.

It was about evening.

Augus almost never had such deep sleep. After a moment of confusion, he thought about what happened. In just a few days, it felt like a few months had passed by: he was transformed into an omega after being captured and failing to escape. Last night, he was pressed on this bed by the furious Ed for an entire night.

Before Augus could turn over, he was held by the other from behind, and then the other dove into his completely wet hole while lying on their sides.

Sure enough, the recovery during the Heat period was amazing, and the two people who slept and were supplemented with food did not feel any fatigue. Though he was still reluctant, Augus was soon defeated by the desire of the Heat period, and he allowed Ed to do it.

The whole day’s occurence almost repeated for five days. Augus’s Heat period finally faded. The pheromones of an omega’s courtship had disappeared. Instead, his whole body was full of Ed’s scent.

In the past few days, not counting the times when Ed shot on Augus’s thigh and chest, Augus couldn’t count the times when he had shot in him. If it wasn’t for taking a bath in the middle and cleaning it up in time, it was estimated that Augus’s back acupoint would have burst because of the semen.

Ed coughed twice when he thought of the way Augus was propped against the wall of the shower and how he had inserted it from the back. His face flushed in the water vapor.

To be honest, if it wasn’t for him, maybe Augus would be pregnant by now.

Complete marking and temporary marking were not the same thing. An alpha could only mark one omega completely. And there was no possibility to break it except for death. In a word, it was almost the same as legal marriage. Ed hadn’t thought about this kind of ‘life event’ yet, so he had been careful not to let himself get ‘married’ easily in the past few days.

But he didn’t need to be careful, because Augus didn’t even open his inner genital tract, and he didn’t have any idea how to open his inner part. Ed didn’t force the other party to do this nonsense with an alpha’s order. He didn’t want to completely mark Augus. He wanted to find someone for himself. 

But to be honest, after these days in bed, Ed couldn’t be more satisfied with the two men’s sex. Augus’s figure, breathing, sensitivity, even when he reached climax, his face could make him hard. No omega or beta had ever been so sexy to him.

But it was true that Augus was not a complete Omega, at least he still regarded himself as an alpha. If it wasn’t for Augus’s hatred and the fact that he tried killing himself, Ed would have thought about setting up a permanent mark with him. Anyway, he was also single.

But now, what would happen in the future?

Ed was thinking as he cleaned up the semen behind Augus, who had been sleeping in a coma. He didn’t know about the future development, but at least if someone came to ask for Augus, even if it was the Third Prince, Ed wouldn’t be ready to hand him over.

Damn alpha possessiveness.

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Nice story no regret finding this website

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Finally found a novel that can relieve my kink in ABO :). And it’s more amazing that the one who translated it is my fav scans

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“If it wasn’t for Augus’s hatred and the fact that he tried killing himself[…]”
That’s not a simple detail, is it ?

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Aww I love possesive top TwT

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