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Chapter 5: It’s better to do it directly than to talk about it

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

Watching Augus’s hair drooping down beside his ears and reading books silently in the warm yellow light, Ed realized that his interest was even higher than that of the other days. Although it had something to do with the gradual failure of the inhibitors, he knew that was not the main reason.

“Flowers and grass look better than me, don’t they?”

The book was pulled off and left on the carpet.

“Well…” Augus soon received a stormy kiss from Ed. The smell of an alpha mingled with the smell of shampoo after bathing and entered his nasal cavity.

As Augus gasped, he put his left hand on Ed’s shoulder and looked over very obedient.

Ed’s heart was full of alarm.

It was abnormal.

It was not normal for Augus to cooperate with him.

He stooped down and took off his bathrobe, deliberately exposing himself to the outside. With his right hand, he stroked Augus’s face, and with his left hand, he pulled the band of his bathrobe.

All of a sudden,

Augus’s left hand on Ed’s shoulder suddenly snapped to Ed’s neck. He pulled it in his own direction, grabbed a piece of awl shaped glass fragment from the bathrobe with his right hand, and aimed to plunge it into the artery of Ed’s neck

I knew it wasn’t right! Even though Ed was ready, he was still in a cold sweat and hit Augus’s right wrist with a fist. At the same time, Augus was propped up and quickly backed to the edge of the bed.

Augus lost his strength and the glass fell on the bed. Seeing that the plan had been exposed, and that Ed had also withdrawn from his attack range, Augus unexpectedly grabbed the shard in a hurry and tried to stab his own neck!

Ed felt that he his heart missed a beat and even had a chill behind his back when he saw the shard go a few centimeters towards Augus’s neck. Before his brain could process everything, he instinctively rushed forward to press Augus’s hand and hit it askew by force. The glass shard flew over the edge of his cheek, and blood flowed down.

“You want to die? You want to kill me?” Ed had gone mad. The thought that the other side could commit suicide in front of his own eyes, caused a fire to burn in his heart. As soon as he pulled the glass shard away, he threw it hard to the ground and slid it four or five meters away, making a white mark on the floor.

“It seems that we didn’t reach a consensus in our previous talks.” In this case, Augus tried to kill the alpha who had a temporary marking relationship with him, and Ed had to take it. The anger in the chest exploded at the moment, and his voice became dry and dumb. This omega, who belongs to him, wanted to escape and this caused him a mixture of anxiety and anger. Ed pinched Augus’s chin and pressed his forehead against the other’s forehead, “Don’t you want to die? OK, I’ll let you die in bed.”

Ed’s alpha pheromones burst out in a flash.

Augus, who was still struggling, stopped suddenly. This was the first time Ed put pressure on him. He felt his limbs were paralyzed, like every molecule in the air was making him surrender. Augus, who was in Heat, was stimulated to produce his own pheromones and they burst at once. He was in the same state as when he had been delivered that day, but gland biting would no longer be effective.

And Ed wouldn’t just bite his glands.

Augus had expected that the success rate of his plan was very low, but what he planned was that he could find a chance to commit suicide even if he didn’t succeed. However, he didn’t expect that Ed’s action would be so fast.

“Good. I wanted to take my time with you. Now it seems unnecessary. You should have extra energy to do these things.”

Ed pressed Augus’s back on the bed. Because of his Heat, Augus had no strength to resist. He could only let the other party pull his hands over his head and handcuff them on the railing at the head of the bed. The muscle lines of his back could be seen at a glance. Ed just flicked his hand across the spine to make Augus shudder. As his body got hotter and hotter, his omega’s special physique made his back entrance start to secrete liquid automatically, and the itching sensation swept over his whole body. The shame of uncontrollable liquid coming out of his back hole made Augus want to die.


Augus buried his head in the pillow, but his lower body was suddenly lifted and Ed was kneeling on the bed. Then Ed stabbed a finger in without hesitation. Augus grunted, trying to get up. But Ed leaned down on his back with irresistible strength and pressed him firmly against the bed, so that he could only be forced to pant like a female animal and be done in a very humiliating way.

However, after being forced to do so, the characteristics of his omega side were further stimulated. After a few times of pumping and inserting, the body fluid in his butt with Ed’s finger came out in a flood, making the back mouth full of lubrication, as if it was ready for an alpha’s insertion.


The suppressed Heat burst out more ferociously than normal. Augus’s brain was blank. He only felt that his body was getting hot and his back end was itching. Only one finger being stirred inside could not stop this hunger and thirst.

“It’s all liquid,” Ed took a look at his fingers. “How hard did you have to endure the heat before?” He held his hard length and rubbed it against the entrance for a while, and the liquid flowed all the way to Augus’s thigh along the hip seam. As soon as his penis straightened, Ed opened the hole and slowly inserted it.

Not deep enough.

A voice in Augus’s mind drove him to ask the alpha on his back to get into the deepest place and let him be possessed completely.

…You can’t ask him.

Augus bit his lips, forcing them to bleed.

Why is it at this time…

Ed’s brain was so excited that he didn’t have the patience to tease him any more. He put his hands on Augus’s crotch and pushed hard to the end of his own length. The inner wall that had never been entered was tightly attached to his penis, and the inner wall became soft and wet because it was finally satisfied. Ed thrusted forward a few times. 

Augus couldn’t stop the groan that escaped his mouth. He cried out in a low voice. “Ah…”

“Good?” Inspired by the sound, Ed kept thrusting and felt the comfortable and rhythmic contraction of Augus’s inner walls. Because of the back and forth movement, the sound of liquid and his scrotum slapping on the flesh sounded loudly.

“You…” Augus knew that he intended to make the sound for him, biting his teeth and turning his head.

The man beneath him was a former major general of the Union, and an alpha like himself, but now he was shaking all over. Augus unconsciously sent his butt in Ed’s direction, and Ed was excited and increased his speed a little.

How could this man grow bigger?

In a panic, Augus, who was in a trance, thought that Ed was going to form a knot in his body, forgetting that his internal genital tract had not been opened, and tried to move forward to break away.

Ed was fed up with any behavior related to ‘escape’ today. He intentionally let him climb two steps away, reached out and dragged Augus back by the waist. His entire length was encased in the warm hole. 

“……!” Augus was bumped from behind unprepared, feeling like he was going to be nailed to bed by Ed. His legs collapsed from the force, and Ed didn’t hold him anymore. He fell down on his stomach as the thrusting went on. The back and forth movement made Augus repeatedly rub his penis, which had been hard for a long time, on the bedspread, and made the bedspread under him wet. In a short time, Augus’s brain emptied and he shot out in this position.

During ejaculation, the back hole unconsciously tightened, and Ed was also comfortably caught by Augus and gasped. Without giving each other a chance to breathe, Ed started thrusting again, trying to insert it at different angles. Augus’s front end was still shaking and shooting out turbid white semen, and the back hole was forced to run back and forth, which made his body twitch.

“You shot.” It was obvious, but Ed just wanted to say it and see Augus’s angry but shameful reaction.

Sure enough, Augus’s face was not willing, and it turned red and he could not speak.

“There is still a long way to go. You can enjoy it slowly.” Ed leaned down and bit Augus’s ear. Suddenly, when Ed inserted himself at an angle, Augus cried out.

“… Ah! Don’t… “

Watching Augus’s breathing become fast, Ed changed his attack and began to grind against that point.

Even Augus didn’t know that there was such a sensitive spot in his body. When he was grinded against, it felt like he had received an electric shock, and with the accumulation of pleasure over and over again, he gradually piled up to the top. Ed was so relieved by this contraction that he began to plug at the sensitive point. It wasn’t until Augus’s eyes turned red and he breathed in like a stranded fish with his mouth wide open, that Ed managed to hit the innermost part of the fish, shooting semen deep into his intestines, which made him shudder.

After being injected with semen, Augus’s whole body sent out Ed’s smell. Smelling this, Ed felt that his mood was not as bad as it was just now, and his soft member ‘popped’ out of Augus’ back hole, and a lot of mixed body fluids and semen flowed out of the opened hole. Ed knew that Augus couldn’t do anything now, so he reached out and unlocked the handcuffs. Without the support of the handcuffs, Augus’s upper body suddenly fell on the bed.

Ed turned him over and faced him. Augus was unwilling to face him so stared at the top of his head. Ed could see that his eyes were red, but in view of the great satisfaction of his possessiveness, he didn’t say it deliberately. But leaned down and kissed the other’s eyes.

Soon, Augus’s body began to burn again.

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