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Chapter 8: Simulation training is also a kind of dating

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

A few days later, on a public holiday, after hearing Ed say he was going out, Augus couldn’t help but wonder if something was wrong with his ears. “Me?”


“Going out with you?”

“Yes.” Ed said and buttoned up his coat.

“You finally decided to get rid of me and bury me outside?” Augus looked at the light screen newspaper without looking up.

“What are you talking about?” Ed found a set of his own clothes and tucked them into Augus’s arms. “How long has it been since you’ve been out of the house? Don’t you want to go out?”

“Probably as long as I’ve been caught by you.” Augus put on his clothes as his response made Ed unable to speak. Although he didn’t know what Ed was going to do, it was true that people would go crazy after staying in such a small space every day. Why wouldn’t he go out if he had a chance?

Walking to the door, Ed handed Augus a pair of sunglasses.

“Just in case.” Ed put them on for Augus directly. “Although most people know about you, most don’t know about the you now.” He was talking about the fact that Augus had become an omega and now lived in his home.

Augus looked a little sullen, obviously thinking of ‘those things’ that had been done to him.

Ed hurriedly opened the door. When he thought about the transformation, he felt that everything was too unfair for Augus when he saw his reaction. At the same time, he felt that if it was not for this, he and Augus would never have gotten together. Ed was in a tangle.

The two went to have a meal first; formal western food. Ed had thought that Augus might not be used to this kind of food, but it was amazing that Augus, a commoner, had good eating etiquette, so good that he seemed to have come from the aristocracy.

“I learned it before.”

“They teach these in the Union?”

“If a group of ‘upper class’ people are always around you, you will be able to do the same as them as time goes by,” said Augus, who didn’t seem to like the topic very much and sneered, “Oh, I forgot, you are an aristocrat and so on.”

“It’s not the title I earned. Well, I’ll leave the story for next time.”

After the meal, the two walked through the streets ordinarily. Ed could not imagine that the atmosphere of the conversation was so harmonious. At first, he was on guard on whether Augus would take the chance to escape or make some small moves, but it seemed that Augus had no such plan at all.

After walking for a while, Augus sighed, “The people in the Empire and the Union are the same.”


“I mean, there seems to be no difference between the civilians here and those in the Union,” said Augus, looking around. “Problems and disputes always stem from the top. In fact, the civilians are the last to think about conflicts.”

“…You’ve never thought about it before?”

After thinking for a while, Augus replied, “Now, too.”

Ed actually agreed with him and nodded his head, but he was embarrassed to think that he was also an aristocrat. “That’s why you’re in the army?”

“One of the reasons.” Augus’s tone was light. After finishing, he looked around and sped up his pace. Obviously, he didn’t want to talk about this topic any more.

After walking around the shopping street for a long time, Ed thought that he could not always make Augus wear his clothes, so he asked Augus to select several new clothes. Augus was reluctant to choose, but rather than wearing Ed’s clothes, he’d rather choose new ones. After leaving the shop with a big bag and a small bag, Augus felt that something was wrong with today, “Eating Western food first, then buying me clothes. Are you going to give me a bunch of flowers and take me out for a walk?”

“Cough, cough!” Ed was absolutely afraid to say anything for fear of being slapped on the face. It was time to take out the flowers according to Johnny.

Without an explanation, Augus’s face became complicated and his eyebrows furrowed, “You don’t really think I’m like those omegas, do you?”

“No!” Ed stepped forward, but it was not appropriate to hold hands or his shoulders. He could only stand with his hand on his elbow and say, “I want to…improve our relationship.”

Augus was not stupid either. Ed’s attitude had changed a hundred and eighty degrees these days. It would be clear if he didn’t have fun with him.

“I… I think our current relationship is very good.” It was hard to see that Augus didn’t sneer at the other. Instead, he narrowly turned his head. Ed was surprised. Before Ed could say anything, Augus said, “If there’s nothing important, let’s go back.”

“Wait, there’s still a place to go.” Seeing that Augus disagreed a little, Ed added, “Come on, I’ve arranged everything.”

He also released a little alpha pheromone when he was talking.

So an hour later, they stood in front of a European style mansion with a small fountain and a garden iron gate.

“This is?”

“My home.”

“So the one I lived in was simply the place you used to hold me?” Augus compared the size of the first floor with that of this small manor.

“That’s the house I bought. I haven’t been back here for several months. It’s family territory.” Ed used the detector at the door to identify his pupil and face, and the iron door opened both sides automatically.

“Do you have a huge family?” Augus asked casually. The land in front of them, as a noble manor, was not very big, and it seemed to be unpopular.

“Unfortunately, I’m the only one.”

“…” Augus rarely choked up, he said after a long time, “Oh.”

There were few people in the manor, the housekeeper and maids who could be counted with one hand. But it was no use hiring for more people. All these peoples’ work was just to take care of the house and garden, so that it would keep the appearance Ed had left it in, and it wouldn’t be completely abandoned.

“Lord Ed. Mister Augus,” said Matthew, the steward.

“It’s hard for you when I’m away. Is the simulation room ready?”

“It’s already ready, and there’s tea, if you need it…”

“No, we’ll go up first. You’re busy.” Ed refused in a hurry. He hadn’t seen the old housekeeper for a long time. He remembered from his childhood that when Matthew nagged, the man could talk for half a day. It was better to end the conversation earlier.

Augus didn’t ask what he was doing here. He followed Ed up the stairs. The footsteps of the two people echoed in the empty house.

“Here we are, that’s it.” Ed waited for Augus to enter the room and then locked the door.

“Simulation room…” Looking at the large open space and the light screen equipment on the wall, Augus felt as if he had returned to the training room of the Union army. “… I never knew it could be built in a home.”

“Those two in my family were fighting crazies. Even if they had to give the banquet hall and the guest room up, they just had to carry this set of things home.” Ed went to the light screen, started the system, and added, “Two wonderful flowers.”

Augus knew that those two were Ed’s parents, a couple once famous in the Empire, both of them were over-the-top strong. At a young age, Ed’s father won many battles. Later, the Emperor of the Empire gave him a title. But maybe he was jealous of their talents. When they were on a mission where they used a space jump about ten years ago, they were accidentally caught in a whirlpool and lost contact. The Empire tried to search and rescue for a long time, but the universe was so vast that no clue could be found. Finally, their unfortunate disappearance could only be treated as martyrdom.

“I’ve heard of them. They were both soldiers worthy of admiration,” said Augus, who was not good at comforting people. After a long time of holding back, Ed said, “Save your sorrows.”

“There’s no need to be sad. And maybe they are now living a happy life of killing and fighting every day on some other planet outside the galaxy. Maybe they had a bunch of children, and I have lots of brothers and sisters.”

Augus didn’t know whether Ed really didn’t care or was just comforting himself. He was really not good at talking with people, so he couldn’t speak at all.

Ed set up the screen and pointed out several instructions. Suddenly, the whole room changed into a tropical rainforest like area. Simple defense equipment and weapons appeared on both of them.

“Come, let’s practice.”

Augus didn’t know what Ed’s idea was, but he hadn’t touched a weapon for a long time. Even if it was virtual, he was a little eager to try it out at the moment. Nodding, he walked with Ed.

“Behind you.” Augus turned around and cleanly shot a flying beast in the head.

Ed sincerely applauded, “Good shooting.”

“Be serious.” Augus was fully engaged in practice.

Ed could only shut up and defend himself to prepare for the next round of attack. He only set the time for the first game to be for twenty minutes. The enemies were also the junior ones. They should warm up. Soon after the end of the scene, everything in the room disappeared in an instant. There were only four metal walls and light screens, with a big 100% written on them. The following indicators were full marks.

Then, they simulated several short-term simulation training, but the density and intensity of the enemy greatly improved. The rhythm became tense at once. Augus hadn’t moved his hands or feet for a long time, and some intuitions and power that changed after becoming an omega which made him a little out of his ability. But Ed didn’t turn down the difficulty, and instead he tried to cooperate, even if he was occasionally attacked. However, Augus was not complaining about the difficulty of the current work, but was rather excited about it.

At the end of another session, the training evaluation finally dropped from 80.9% to 78%. Ed just walked to the light screen. After a few clicks in the corner, a rest table was stretched out against the wall, with towels, nutritious drinks, water and other items on it.

“No more?”

“Taking a break.” Ed grabbed a bottle of water, took two breathless sips, looked at the expression on Augus’s face, and said, “You’re not tired, but I am. Can you hold on?”

After being reminded of this, Augus felt that his body couldn’t bear it. After the excitement and tension disappeared, his fatigue suddenly came up. He nodded and walked over, picked up the towel on the table and wiped his head. At this time, Augus’s face was a little red, his head was sweating, his hair was wet and stuck onto his face, and he made a mess of the towel. He put down the towel and saw Ed, who was sitting on the ground with his back against the wall, staring at him.

“What?” Augus also picked up one of the drinks on the table, unscrewed the bottle cap and took two mouthfuls. He forgot how long it had been since he last trained. After several days, he felt he had over exercised since he was too excited today, and it made him feel a little dizzy.

Ed told him frankly, “Got hard from looking.”

“…” Augus wanted to thank him for bringing him to the training ground today but he turned black in a second. “Is there anything else in your mind?”

“It’s not my fault! As soon as you get excited, omega pheromones will come out.” In addition, Ed did admit that the seriousness and stubbornness in Augus’s eyes during the war were particularly attractive, even the action of holding a gun was better than others. But he didn’t have to say that.

Augus felt it. It was true, because Ed’s alpha pheromones were slightly released, but it was not obvious because Ed just fought. This time, he didn’t have a word to refute, so he took a few more cold drinks and pressed against the heat.

“Augus, would you like to have a try with me?” Ed suddenly turned to Augus, screwed on the cap to his drink and went to the control panel. “Actually, I used to want to fight with you.” After thinking about it, he added, “But your physical fitness is not as good as before, so I can add weight to myself.”

For a moment, Augus was very interested in this proposal, and his attitude was even more straightforward, “You don’t need to add weight, let me try.”

He estimated that even before, he could not beat Ed, so he just took this opportunity to understand how far his ability had regressed.

Ed nodded, chose 1v1 match in the system, no extra interference, the venue was random, and waited for Augus to rest.

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