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Chapter 9: Fighting without inhibitors will lead to sex

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

Augus stood and rested for a while, put the nutritious drink on the table, walked to the north of the room, stood on the edge of the wall, and waved. Ed saw the gesture, clicked on the screen, set the countdown for one minute, and walked to the opposite wall.

“… Three, two, one. After the countdown, loading simulation scene.”

All of a sudden, the space became a lush forest. A gun and two daggers appeared on the two men, without protective clothing.

“There is no time limit. The simulation will end automatically when critical areas are hit. The attack of non critical parts will be counted into the cumulative damage statistics.” 

It depended on the physical fitness detected by the system. At this time, the vision of the two people, who could see each other from afar across the room, had been completely blocked by trees and grass, and their vision was green.

Even though he knew that Augus had many setbacks as an omega at this time, he still took it seriously. After all, no matter how poor his physical fitness, as long as there was a shot, then no alpha would just lay down and die obediently.

According to the routine of jungle warfare, Ed approached from the edge of the field to the middle, and his senses were all focused on observing the environmental changes. When he reached the half-court position, he crouched down and hid himself in a pile of grass. He looked at the center of the field and found no sign of anyone. After making sure that there was no one around him, Ed judged that Augus had taken the same approach as he did, at this time, he was estimated to be on the opposite side of midfield, or at the initial position.

It took patience to play hide and seek.

Ed had to be patient, lower his center of gravity and move towards the opposite side of midfield. The photon gun was held in his hand, ready to attack at any time. After circling the opposite side, Ed still didn’t find a trace of Augus, and didn’t notice the movement of the other man. He could only guess that the other man was still at the initial location. They already knew that the terrain was a rectangle. In fact, they seemed to have a map in their mind. The way they walked and the position they were in was almost clear now.

Ed was turning to move to the north when he suddenly felt a strong sense of crisis. The rapid and weak sound of bullets in the air made him sweat. He suddenly turned around and staggered aside for a small step. The energy bomb scratched his ear and hit the trunk.

In the trees!

The ammunition of the photon gun was condensed by mental force and did not need to be reloaded, but the strength and range were determined by personal factors, so if one was very familiar with it, they could almost infer the location of the sub ejection. It was clear that Augus’s mental power was no better than before. The target range was locked on three trees. Then Ed raised his gun to shoot at the tree without hesitation according to the angle of the bullet just passed. It was just used to test the location of Augus. At the same time, he was prepared to estimate the possibility of mistakes. When he shot the gun, he rolled to the side to prevent the other side from shooting at the same time.

Ed guessed right. With a crash, Augus landed lightly from the tree with leaves in his hair. Instead of reloading his gun hurriedly, he turned around and leaned against the back of the tree. When Ed saw that Augus took a defensive stance, he decided to take advantage of the short distance. He didn’t want to play hide and seek again after he ran out.

So Ed shot at the spot directly, and rushed to the hiding place of Augus with his own bullet shield. His left hand had already touched the dagger to attack. Augus was aware of the intention but couldn’t get away from it under a hail of bullets. He could only take out a dagger and fight with Ed.

The light of the knife was approaching with a faint blue, Augus moved his head and was only scratched across the ends of his hair. If not for the fact that all the injuries in the simulation training ground would only be converted into numerical accumulation instead of real manifestation when coming in contact with him, Augus estimated that he would have lost a cluster of hair.

Ed didn’t show any mercy. After two flips of his dagger, he started to attack again. The action was so fast that it made Augus a little dizzy. He still managed to dodge twice but only barely blocked the last hit with his dagger. The whole man was pressed against the tree trunk. Ed was absolutely superior in power. At this time, he could easily reach for the dagger and launch the next attack at any time.

“Hard work?” Ed asked with a smile.

“Don’t talk nonsense.” Augus pushed impatiently, not completely pushing Ed away. As expected, Ed’s dagger stabbed from a more tricky angle, but unexpectedly, Augus didn’t defend, but pulled out the photon gun and quickly pulled the trigger when Ed was close. 

“!” Ed was startled. He quickly moved his body, bent his knees and hit Augus’s left hand. The bullet, which was aimed at the heart, rushed to his shoulder, but because it was so close, he could only take the blow. He didn’t know how much damage the system had calculated, but it was like his loneliness from love in reality had been shot on the shoulder. Meanwhile, Augus was stabbed in his arm by Ed’s dagger because he gave up his defense, but the loss was relatively small.

“You are cruel enough…” Ed commented on Augus’s way of damaging the enemy’s body and then got up and started a series of close attacks. The main target was to cut down Augus’s photon gun.

Since he couldn’t get in a shot, Augus actually knew that the victory of the game had been decided. Close-range attack was not his strong point. Besides, his omega physique was lagging behind and without two shots, the photon gun was shot several meters away. But he was willing to work harder than to give up and continued to fight. Without the gun, Ed felt the threat was gone. His speed and strength slowed down, and he only relied on body skill to fight.

After a few rounds of close encounters, Ed felt Augus’s omega pheromones slowly surround him. In the absence of inhibitors, emotional fluctuations and fighting, which were easy to cause physical excitement, it was easy to cause pheromones to release. In addition to physical problems, pheromones were also the biggest thing that prevented omegas from becoming a soldier. Imagine in the battlefield, as long as the enemy had an alpha and strong pheromones, wouldn’t the omega kneel down and disarm their weapon automatically?

Ed grabbed Augus’s waving arm and said, “Augus, your pheromones.”

“I know!” Of course, Augus himself was too clear about them, because Ed had let his alpha pheromones out without any hindrance! “Hurry up and make a quick decision…mmnn!”

Ed held Augus’s arm and pressed him directly on the tree behind him.

Under the influence of the alpha pheromones, plus his physical strength reaching the limit after several previous trainings, Augus looked at Ed breathlessly, and thought that he must be injected with an inhibitor next time.

Ed watched Augus stay still, his entire body emitting a decadent scent. After staring at him so closely, he naturally got hard again. Augus thought Ed was going to end the simulation by giving the final shot, but he didn’t expect Ed to throw his own dagger and gun away with one wave.

“Huh?” Then Augus’s dagger was taken away and thrown out by Ed.

“What are you doing? Uhn! Mn…”

Augus only felt Ed’s alpha pheromones burst out at once, as if he had been swept into the center of a tornado, and suddenly his legs were soft, and he was completely supported by Ed.

“I can’t help it.” Ed clung on to Augus, pressed him against the tree, his hip was completely hard against Augus, and his lower body was just as hard announcing Ed’s thoughts at this time. 

Augus’s brain was filled with pheromones, and he was alarmed, “You don’t want to do it here, do you?”

“Why not?” Ed said. His hands kept moving. He began to untie Augus’s belt. “This is my room. The door is locked. No one will come in… It’s not a real forest.”

Augus knew that it was virtual, but the rough touch of the trunk against his back and the smell of the plants in the forest were too real. This kind of behavior was no different from the feeling of doing it in the wild. He reached out to stop Ed’s hand that was trying to untie his belt. Of course, he couldn’t stop it. His wrist was held and moved to touch Ed’s lower body. He could feel the hardness and heat of his penis through his pants.


“Me?” Ed asked knowingly, as he pulled out his belt smartly, blowing hot air in Augus’s ear, “Don’t you want to do it?”

If they were in bed as usual, Augus would have done it by now, but today they were in the simulation room and Augus was in the illusion of being in the wild.

“How many rooms do you have? Ah, um… “

Ed’s fingers had slipped along Augus’s groin to the back acupoint, rubbed tentatively a few times and then probed into a hole where the intestinal fluid was overflowing. After having his back hole stirred, Augus was not able to stand stably. He was supported by Ed who soon found his sensitive spot skillfully. After rubbing it back and forth, Augus’s legs trembled, and he couldn’t finish the suggestion of changing locations.

Ed felt like he was about to explode when he saw that Augus’s trousers were pulled half down and his legs were slightly moving apart to facilitate his movements. He took Augus’s hand and kissed him. His tongue swept over his opponent’s teeth flexibly. Augus’s tightly closed mouth gradually relaxed his defense and allowed Ed to invade.

His omega’s body soon adjusted itself to fit him in. Ed pulled out his fingers, lifted Augus’s leg from the front with his left hand and used his elbow to prop himself up against the trunk. Augus’s body, which lost its center of gravity, slid down. Ed unzipped his pants, took out his hard swollen penis, and poked into Augus’s wet flesh.

“Ah…” Augus’s whole body weight was focused on his back hole, and Ed’s penis was suddenly inserted into it. Augus couldn’t help but murmur and hurriedly wanted to hold on to something, but there was no force point on the trunk, so his hand could only stick to the trunk rigidly.

Ed saw that, with another hand that had been spinning around Augus’s chest, he pulled Augus’s arm and put it around his neck.

Augus didn’t like the action of clinging to others very much. Just when he was going to take his hand back, he took a crazy thrust from Ed, which made his legs completely soft. He had to hold Ed tightly so that he wouldn’t fall down.

For the first time, Ed was hugged by Augus when having sex. Even though it was not done completely willingly, Ed was still very excited. His penis that was inserted into Augus’s back hole got a little harder. He kept pushing upwards like a wild animal, which made the trees behind him shake a little. Augus tried to stay sane, but he was getting used to Ed’s pheromones and his penis. Now he was opened wide, and the back acupoint began to open and close in coordination, so as to make each other more comfortable. The back liquid also soaked his body uncontrollably. Even Ed’s pants were gradually wet from the collision.

Even though he said it was a simulation scene many times in his mind, Augus still felt a sense of shame that he had sex outdoors, in broad daylight. But what made him most helpless was that his body was under the firm control of an alpha, which raised his primitive submission instinct like a female beast, which was more sensitive and excited than usual.

“Ha, mn! I, I’m going to come… “

After two short moans, Augus’s penis shot out, and the semen was all sprayed on Ed’s neat coat, which looked extremely pornographic.

“You came fast today…” Ed leaned over to Augus’s ear and whispered that. Every time he tried to tease Augus, he would lean over to the other’s ear to talk, because he found that whenever he did this during sex, Augus would tremble imperceptibly, and the back acupoint would clip around himself. “Is it because you feel so good doing it in the wild?”

Augus absolutely did not dare admit this kind of thing, and forced out an aggrieved, “No.”

Ed had long been used to the fact that Augus was used to spewing lies out of his mouth, just like the amount of liquid spilling out from his behind, and he never admitted his behavior. He didn’t speak anymore and concentrated on his hard work.

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