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Chapter 12: Home.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo 


Wen Yu didn’t know how long he had been sitting on the floor of the small room. His limbs were cold and stiff. There was no central heating in Yuncheng.

He never knew that the winter nights in Yuncheng were so cold. All kinds of memories in his mind went back and forth. In the end, it was an empty void. He held the corner of the table and wanted to stand up, but because he was frozen stiff, he fell back heavily. Wen Yu’s face was pale and he was numb to the pain and cold. He stood back up on the floor rigidly, wearing slippers, and staggered out.

In the memory, the happy family had been broken and destroyed. Wen Yu stood in the night and looked back at a loss. The community behind him was dark and he couldn’t tell where his home was.

He blinked and fought back tears.

Wen Yu took a taxi and sat in it numbly.

The driver saw the boy in thin pyjamas through the rearview mirror. He thought he had quarrelled with his family. He wanted to persuade him to go back, but he didn’t know why he couldn’t say it. The boy looked very sad.

“Where to?”

Where to? Where else can he go now? Wen Yu’s reaction was slower, and he didn’t know what he mumbled to the driver. His brain was numb and his stomach was burning, he seemed to be separated from his spirit.

“Here we are, son.” The driver stopped at the door and realized there was no reaction from the child in the back seat. He repeated it again. For some reason, he looked at the child who was in a daze and felt pity. He couldn’t help but say, “Hold on an persevere, the storm will pass and everything will be okay.”

Wen Yu finally snapped out of it and murmured, “We’re here?” He didn’t know where he had been taken to.

Looking out of the window, he could see a bright revolving gate and the words beside it — Yunding Hotel.

Uncle Zhao.

These words seemed to give him warmth, directly hitting the bottom of his heart, and dispelling the coldness of his limbs. Wen Yu felt his clothes and said, “I didn’t bring any money.” He looked at the driver. “Mister, can I borrow your cell phone?”

The driver initially did not plan to take any money from him, but he thought again, it would be better to wait for someone to pick the young man up. In his state of confusion, the driver was worried something might happen to him if he just went off like that. So he unlocked his mobile phone and handed it to him.

Wen Yu thanked him. He held the cell phone in his hand and mustered up the courage, he dialed Uncle Zhao’s number which was very easy to remember.

“Who is this?”

Hearing the familiar indifference and commanding tone, Wen Yu held the cell phone and felt a bitter taste in his throat, He said in a low voice, “I —” with only one word, one could tell his voice was trembling.

“Wen Yu? Did something happen?”

He was able to recognize him by just one word. The heartwarming feeling grew stronger.Wen Yu lowered his eyelids. “I’m at the entrance of the hotel. I didn’t bring any money.”

“Wait for me.”

With these cold words, the phone cut off. Wen Yu returned the mobile phone to the driver, and his eyes moved to the main door of the hotel. A little more than a minute later, he saw a familiar figure. Wen Yu could not stand it any longer. He opened the door of the car and rushed into Uncle Zhao’s broad arms.

The grievance, pain, struggle and insecurity all broke out in front of Zhao Zheng. He was crying and sobbing non-stop until it was hard to breathe. But he did not say anything but kept weeping.

Zhao Zheng hugged Wen Yu tightly, the cold face softened a little. For a split second, he thought that maybe he went overboard by uncovering this ugly reality to Wen Yu. But quickly hardened his heart. He smoothenedWen Yu’s hair with his big hand and let him bury himself in his chest to cry.

When he beckoned, the doorman who stood guard at the door came over. Zhao Zheng took out the money and handed it to him. He motioned the doorman to pay for the taxi. After retrieving the change, the doorman looked back to see the black figure walking away with the crying aggrieved youth in his embrace.

Zhao Zheng carried the boy onto the bed and reached for Wen Yu’s cold feet. The child came out with only a pair of slippers on. Wen Yu shrunk his feet back. His red and swollen eyes were now full of shyness. Zhao Zheng smiled. “Now you’re shy. Who was holding me and bawling his eyes at the door just now?”

A somberness flashed past Wen Yu’s eyes. Zhao Zheng pulled the quilt and wrapped it around him. He sat beside him, hugging the young man in the quilt. He said in a cold voice, “There is nothing in the world that should cause you sorrow You have me.” Zhao Zheng patted Wen Yu on the back and laid him on the bed. “Go to sleep.”

Wen Yu was tired but couldn’t sleep. When he saw Zhao Zheng leaving, he held Zhao Zheng’s hand tightly.

“I will not leave you.” Zhao Zheng whispered. He watched Wen Yu fall asleep, the child in front of him was timid, insecure and delicate — pondering over this, his eyes were turned cold again, this was how  the couple raised Wen Yu.

After half an hour, Zhao Zheng realized something was wrong. Wen Yu’s body was burning hot, and he was mumbling something. He listened intently and heard him saying things like, do not leave him behind,he will be obedient, he’s not a monster.

Zhao Zheng frowned slightly, reached for Wen Yu, and disappeared from the room in a blink of an eye.

6:10pm, Beijing, hazy with a cold wind.

Lu Feng had just finished an operation and was standing in the Ren Ai Hospital’s Director’s office. He pulled an all nighter. He took off his glasses and rubbed the bridge of his nose. In fact, his nearsightedness had been better since the awakening of his powers, but he was used to wearing glasses.

Looking at the time, Lu Feng thought that his lover would still be asleep, so he didn’t plan to make a phone call. He took his coat and went out, if he went back now, he could still make breakfast for Hua Ting and Hua Hua.

Suddenly there was another person in the empty office. The man was holding a boy with a red face in his arms.

Lu Feng was shocked by the sudden appearance of the person. When he saw the person clearly, he put down his coat. Zhao Zheng spoke first, “He has caught a cold.”

“Let me take a look.” Lu Feng took a look at him, and his face suddenly became serious. “This is serious. Let’s go out first. I’ll arrange a ward for an examination.”

When everything was arranged, Wen Yu was lying on the bed, taking an IV.

Lu Feng and Zhao Zheng were in the outer room. Zhao Zheng could only look at Wen Yu on the bed through the glass window. Lu Feng was next to him, looked over and said, “Is that him? You found him?”

“Mn.” Zhao Zheng murmured.

Lu Feng had gone overseas for an exchange program and had just come back. He didn’t know thatWen Yu had been to this hospital before. He looked at Zhao Zheng and said, “Congratulations, but he has some gastritis. He needs to try to eat as light as possible and to take more meals in smaller portions. In addition, the child’s immunity is low, and you need to pay more attention to the changing seasons.” He hesitated a little. 

Zhao Zheng’s eyes were on Wen Yu, he prompted lightly, “Go on.”

“Do you know about his body?” Lu Feng asked tactfully.

Zhao Zheng nodded his head, and Lu Feng was relieved and said, “My lover too. You need to care for him more.”

“I know.”

Lu Feng stopped talking. He turned to walk over to the door of the ward and looked atZhao Zheng standing in front of the window. He was surprised. He didn’t expect that such a ruthless person would value someone else that much. But of course, since Wen Yu was… When Wen Yu woke up, he felt dizzy and uncomfortable. His throat was burning and he did not know where he was.He suddenly remembered everything about last night. He had gone to Uncle Zhao.

Was this the hotel?

“You’re awake.”

Hearing the familiar voice, Wen Yu turned to follow it and saw it was Uncle Zhao. He felt relieved in his heart and hoarsely said, “Uncle, where are we?”

“Hospital.” Zhao Zheng handed over the cup with water. Wen Yu took two gulps, his throat moistened a lot, and thanked him in a low voice. His complexion was gray, the usual brightness in his eyes were duller too.

Zhao Zheng pretended that he did not see it, the room was silent for a while.

It wasn’t long before the door opened. The butler came in with a thermos and bowed down to Zhao Zheng to greethim. Then he said, “Young master, I made a pot of porridge. Please have some first.”

“I have no appetite —” Wen Yu said, but before he finished, he heard Uncle Zhao’s cold voice, “Drink it, or I’ll make you.”

When Wen Yu heard this, his eyes reddened and the butler hurriedly wanted to persuade his master that the young master was ill and he should not talk to him like that. But before he could say that, he listened to the young master’s stammering voice say, “I’ll drink it.”

“Good good good” The butler quickly poured the porridge. When Zhao Zheng saw that the bowl was almost full, he gestured for the butler to stop and said, “Give it to me.”

The butler carefully handed over the bowl, his eyes wide open. With a bowl and spoon in hand,  his master started feeding Wen Yu the porridge and his face was full of astonishment, but neither of them were paying attention to him.

Zhao Zheng obviously did not know how to take care of others. The porridge was hot and after scooping the spoon, he brought it straight to Wen Yu’s mouth. Wen Yu was scalded by the porridge so  he licked his lips.



Wen Yu’s face was somber as he was fed. Zhao Zheng handed the bowl to the butler after feeding him the porridge and said in a cold voice, “You can go first.”

There were only two people left in the room. Zhao Zheng stared at Wen Yu, who was silent and expressionless. Suddenly, he stood up with an ugly expression. But after a while, he sat beside the bed, pulled Wen Yu into his arms.

His voice was low and firm.

“I am your home, I will never give up on you.”

Wen Yu grabbed Zhao Zheng’s lapel. There was no sound, but his tears came out. He let out a crying voice, low, like an abandoned small animal, “I don’t have a home. Everyone doesn’t want me. I don’t have a home…”

Zhao Zheng didn’t speak, but pat Wen Yu’s back. From being unfamiliar to being so close, his chest and lapel were soaked, and he felt a little pain in his heart, which he had never experienced before.

His silent cry, it was heart wrenching.

It went on until Wen Yu fell asleep, his face was tear stricken, his eyes red and swollen, and his mouth was dry and chapped. In just one day he turned into this state. This was the worst breakdown of his life.

He was physically incomplete, and his confidence and optimism had all come from the warmth of his family. In order to be worthy of  his parents’ love, he had to be strong and not let them down, he could not wallow in self pity.

His parents loved him.

But he never thought that  it was all fake.

His parents who he thought once cared about him, evaluated him as neither man nor woman, rejected each other and shirked responsibility. He was just like a piece of garbage. Everyone disliked him.

Even while dreaming, Wen Yu’s eyebrows were knitted.

Zhao Zheng looked down at Wen Yu on the bed. With a wave of his hand, he and Wen Yu disappeared from the ward. In a blink of an eye, they had reached the bedroom in the villa.

Zhao Zheng touched Wen Yu’s knitted brows and said in a low voice, “We’re home, be good and go to sleep.” 

His knitted brows, as if responding to the reassuring words, slowly relaxed.



The author has something to say:

Mn, Wen Yu has only one home now.

He’ll be spoiled later.

Good night.

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“I am your home, I will never give up on you.” – the only home and the only family… What a heartbreaking way to learn the truth. Zhao Zheng, you have to spoil Wen Yu well!
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