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Chapter 173: Tenth World (17)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo 

After the establishment of the alliance, all tribes sent envoys to the mink people to study their ‘inventions’.

Under Zheng Kun’s persuasion and Bazel’s awe, the mink people dared not hide any money and tried their best to teach their allies. These foreign envoys also brought their own tribe culture and specialties to the mink tribe, which benefited them a lot.

Foxes were smart and fond of dressing themselves up. All kinds of trinkets by their hands were exquisite and unique, which were very popular with females. Males were also eager to get one or two pieces to please the females they pursued. The wool shed by the sheep every year was the same as garbage for the sheep, but driven by Zheng Kun, it became a competing item for other races to exchange and make. After clothing, they could not only keep warm but also draw different patterns, which were popular among people. The fish that the Osprey had been fed up with had become a very popular new food for the races living on the land. Although the beasts on the land were able to catch fishes in the river occasionally to improve their food, they were not as fat and diverse as the Ospreys.

All of these, there was no need for Zheng Kun to do anything more, and the people who started to communicate naturally learned with each other. After a period of bartering, Zheng Kun took the opportunity to introduce the concept of ‘money’, and tried to use the rare shells, gold bearing raw stones and other small items that were not easy to obtain as the medium for trading goods, which promoted the development of ‘commerce’ more and more.

After that, Zheng Kun, with the consent of Bazel, simply regarded the site specially repaired for the purpose of the alliance as a ‘market’, and encouraged all tribes to come here to sell their own tribe specialties. With the emergence of the market, all tribes were more and more closely linked. The alliance established by Bazel had gone through changes over time, from the initial group of scattered sands to a real whole of sharing weal and woe, and working together.

With the stability of the alliance, Zheng Kun began his ambitious ‘invention’. He accepted the previous lesson, and then focused on improving the force value of the alliance. After hearing the news about the copper mine from the population of the alliance, he plunged into the experiment of bronze smelting.

Naturally, the life of all tribes in the alliance was booming, and the rest of the tribes that did not join the alliance felt a deep crisis. This sense of crisis occurred as early as when the minks began to change, but the minks at that time were still weak and helpless. Even if the tribes cooperated to exert pressure, they did not attract enough attention, and they would easily stop when Bazel intervened.

Tigers, leopards, wolves and other proud races who still maintained their original way of life were more and more alert to the strength of the alliance, and this kind of vigilance finally broke out after the fox people, armed with weapons, even injured a cheetah.

The wolf tribe took the lead in the attack, ignoring the fear of Bazel and the rule that it would not attack the tribe’s potential. Then, it rushed directly into the rabbit colony, killed many rabbit people, and captured dozens of rabbits, in order to plunder the technology shared within the alliance.

This incident made all the members of the alliance angry and worried, and people were in a panic for a while. Bazel, who received the news, was not surprised — he had seen the impetuosity of the races outside the alliance. He was waiting for a race to invade the alliance and then use it to make an example.

In order to stabilize people’s minds, further establish the prestige of the alliance, and eliminate the inferiority and cowardice of the race joining the alliance in the face of the top predators, Bazel quickly took action. He recruited many young and strong people who were good at using weapons from all tribes, organized them into armies, and launched revenge against the wolves.

Bazel was powerful, but he didn’t intend to take the lead in fighting with the wolves in person — after all, this was only the next step. The strength of an individual did not mean the strength of the alliance itself.

Therefore, he chose to sit in the rear, and turned the front battlefield to the beasts in the alliance whose individual strength was not outstanding. Zheng Kun was the commander in chief. Although he had no experience in commanding the army, Zheng Kun was well-educated and had a brain full of thirty-six tricks and conspiracy tricks, which were much more cunning than those beasts who only knew how to run rampant.

The scale of this battle was not large, but at best, it was a conflict between tribes. But in this battle, the alliance was brilliant, and the new bronze weapons also played a huge role in shocking the beasts.

With the blessing of weapons, the middle and lower levels of the food chain that once could only struggle under the claws of predators, raised their eyebrows. For the first time, they realized the power of weapons so intuitively. And also for the first time, they saw the unity, cunning and ferocious wolves running away with their tails between their legs. What defeated each other was the self who had no power to fight back before.

After the victory, all the clans in the alliance seemed to be in a dream. But when they accepted this fact, they were more and more deeply rooted in the ownership, pride and loyalty of the alliance.

Unlike the pride, the rest of the people who heard about the outcome of the battle felt numb.

Bazel, who was feared by the beasts, did not join the battle. The alliance only relied on the rabbits, cows, sheep and foxes that they once despised. With the warning of the wolf race, other races outside the alliance could no longer underestimate the ‘lower races’ as a weak mob.

After becoming famous in the first war of the alliance, more and more races who were in the waiting state joined in. Even those tribes who thought highly of themselves and still didn’t want to join the alliance with the ‘lower’ races didn’t dare to attack the tribes of the alliance without permission. Even occasionally, they would take their own tribe’s specialty and go to the ‘market’ of the alliance to make a deal.

When Bai Duan grew up to be a handsome young man, the reputation of “Red Eagle” alliance had already spread to the whole beast continent, even the tribes in the sea.

——Yes, because the red giant bird was painted on the flag by Zheng Kun at the beginning of the alliance, the races in the alliance simply and roughly called their alliance Red Eagle.

With the successful example of the Red Eagle alliance, the beasts in the rest of the region copied the idea. Soon, there were ‘alliances’ of all sizes, led by different tribes. Even Bazel’s family, the purple golden eagle, had established an alliance with a variety of birds. For this reason, the new young eagle king of the purple golden eagle, together with his partner Nina Jia, visited Bazel to learn from Bazel on how to successfully form the alliance.

After many years of not seeing each other, Nina Jia’s eyes on Bazel were extremely complicated, mixed with fear and admiration, but her love had already disappeared.

Purple golden eagles were a loyal race. Although the one who lost his partner would still breed with another eagle, as long as they had a partner on their side, they would never tolerate others in their eyes.

Nina Jia, who became the queen of the eagle tribe, was now the mother of several young eagles. Her life was rich and happy. As for those past events, there was no need to repeat them.

These alliances, big and small, rapidly changed the social form of beast society based on tribes and tribe integration. Tribe integration had also become the embryonic form of the ‘state’ that would appear later.

Of course, no matter how many newly established alliances there were, and even if the rest of the alliances gradually absorbed the tool technology invented by Red Eagle through various ways, the Red Eagle alliance still remained the most powerful, rich and cohesive one.

Fortunately, Bazel and Zheng Kun didn’t like to compete for aggression. The former was too lazy to deal with alliance affairs, and was willing to live and die with his partner. The latter had been occupied with all kinds of alliance issues and inventions and creations, and couldn’t spare any energy to achieve hegemony. Otherwise, the Red Eagle alliance might have finally achieve the reunification of the beast continent.

Zheng Kun, who was crushed by Bazel and dazed, was now the chief executive of the Red Eagle alliance. He had the boundless scenery under two beasts and above ten thousand beasts. However, Zheng Kun, who was lazy in nature and wanted to be a technical house, couldn’t say anything about it. He could only comfort himself “not to lose face to the past generations”, and then continued to be busy.

After crossing the beast world for more than ten years, Zheng Kun finally went into the countryside and did as the Romans did, accepted the “human life” of “heavy taste”, and fell in love with the pomegranate skirt of a charming and amorous fox beauty. The “fox · Li · Jing” hook people’s means were really high pole, which could not be parried by such pure homesteaders as Zheng Kun.

Bai Duan and Bazel had no unexpected love life issues. Although there was no lack of all kinds of goblins trying to get involved with the third party, these “prey sent to him” had no chance to fight in front of Bai Duan. They were all destroyed by Bazel’s merciless humanity — then they were made into dishes and sent to the little lover for him to grow up quickly.

In silence, Bazel praised this simple and rough world of beasts. If one dared to scratch their head in front of the top predator at the top of the food chain, they had to bear the risk of being killed.

The only regret was that the lifespan of a mink was indeed much shorter than that of a purple golden eagle. When Bai Duan changed from a beautiful young man to a beautiful man, and from a beautiful uncle to an old man, he became a kind old man with white hair. However, Bazel was still strong and fierce, but his face had some more fine wrinkles, and his hair was stained with mottled gray.

The former treehouse had been expanded several times now, and the exquisite and gorgeous ornaments by the treasures offered by all tribes almost took up the whole sky tree. Bai Duan and Bazel were sitting on the platform of the tree house, bathing in the sunset and snuggling up with each other.

His companion’s long hair changed from silver to pale, and Bazel’s eyes had a light worry, “Soon, we are going to leave here and go to the next world.”

Bai Duan looked at him and said, “What kind of world is that?”

“That is… The world you were born in will be the end of our trip.” Bazel bent his lips and said, “You were born there, so it is the most suitable place for your spirit, and it can nourish your spirit the best. Moreover, it belongs to the higher world and has sufficient energy supply, which is very conducive to the ultimate sublimation and transcendence of the spirit.”

Bai Duan nodded seriously though he didn’t understand, “It sounds good. But why do you look worried?”

“Because the world is dangerous.” Bazel sighed, “Previously, for your safety, except for some tasks that I had to take over because of accidents, I would try to choose a peaceful and safe position with low risk, but the next world — even I can’t underestimate it, so I have to be careful.”

“I will protect myself.” Bai Duan patted Bazel’s hand that was holding his waist with his old hand, smiling and relieved.

“Then I’ll worry too.” Bazel shook his head and focused on Bai Duan’s eyes, which were not clear and bright, but still clean and flawless. “What I’m saying now, you need to remember with your heart — your spiritual strength is enough now to leave a little impression on what you have seriously remembered after you changed the world. So you must keep in mind that when you come to that world, you should be obedient, don’t run around and don’t trust anyone. I will find you as soon as possible. You must wait for me!”

“Okay.” Bai Duan smiled and narrowed his eyes, nodded his head seriously and promised, “I will remember.”

“That’s good.” Bazel’s smile relaxed a little bit, and he lowered his head and kissed Bai Duan’s forehead. “You’ve always been very obedient and committed, and never let me down.”

Bazel gave away his lover peacefully and went with him. However, he forgot a wise saying: don’t raise a flag for anything.

After all, as long as the flag was up, it must be slapped down.

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