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ARC 11: Remembering the Truth; Reunite


Chapter 174: Eleventh World (1)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo 

Hu Xiao’s life had always been quiet and monotonous. He was either cultivating in seclusion or going out to cultivate. He occasionally talked with his good friends and talked about the dao, even if it was a rare pastime.

Today, Hu Xiao’s cultivation had reached the peak of transforming the spirit, which could be said to be the first-class great power in the whole cultivation world. But as long as he was a cultivator, he would like to go further.

For a long time, no one in the cultivation world had been lucky enough to cross the peak and ascend. Hu Xiao had also been stuck at the peak for more than a thousand years. He was exhausted, but he still couldn’t find the chance to cross the threshold

The biggest regret in life was nothing more than the white head of the beauty and the tardiness of the hero.

Hu Xiao was once a beautiful man who was famous in the cultivation world. Now, his face was still elegant and refined, but there were several thin wrinkles on his eyes, and his temples were also dyed with silver, which indicated that he had slowly moved towards old age. If he still hadn’t found the chance before his life was exhausted, he would sit and return to reincarnation like those ancestors who had been cultivating before him.

However, the attitude of Hu Xiao was peaceful. He was open-minded and did not worry about it. Instead, he spent more time on experience. First, in order to seek opportunities, second, he could see more beautiful mountains and rivers, and live up to life.

As for the final task to ascend, he could only try to do his best and listen to heaven.

On this day, as always, Hu Xiao was running on the road of experience. He had just been lucky enough to enter a small secret place full of precious purple vermillion fruit trees. Although the purple vermillion fruit trees had no effect on such powerful people as Hu Xiao , it was still good to give them to his disciples and grandchildren. Hu Xiao happily accepted hundreds of purple and vermilion fruits into his bag, which was quite a harvest.

Leaving the secret place, Hu Xiao swept around with his divine sense to prevent sneak attacks. However, he didn’t encounter an enemy, but found that a chase was taking place not far away.

Running in the front was a young nimble ermine. Completely white without any color; beautiful and incredible.

Soul-Eating Ermines were a top-grade pet. They had a very keen sense of “Qi” and could devour spirit, magic Qi, anger and dead Qi. It was the best partner for home, travel and treasure hunting.

It was rare and needed to be cherished, but its combat effectiveness was not high, and could only move flexibly and quickly. Although this young ermine was young, its speed was not weak, but it was too delicate and tender after all. It had lost a number of green snakes tens of meters behind it from its movements alone. But even if it had rich experience in escaping and fast speed, it couldn’t get rid of the pursuit of the green snakes. Several times, it was almost bitten on it’s the long tail tip.

It was about the most dangerous time for the little thing. The black eyes of the little white ermine were full of panic. The little body was fluffy with its hackles raised because of the fear. The ermine was trapped in a situation of panic and had no other choice. Unexpectedly, it curled into a ball and shot into the sky, hitting Hu Xiao.

The movements of the small white ermine were too fast. Even though Hu Xiao tried to remove the vigorous Qi around him in time, it was still bounced back by the residual wave of the vigorous Qi. The ball rolled for several circles, which made it harder for the white ermine to grasp the ground with its claws and stabilize its body.

The green snake chasing after the white ermine was obviously more cunning and sharp than this little thing. At the moment when he saw Hu Xiao, he gave up his long-running prey, turned his head and disappeared into the trees. Seeing that the enemy had run away, the ermine’s white hair smoothed a little, obviously letting out a long sigh of relief.

Looking at the silly look of the ermine, Hu Xiao had a memory flash in his eyes and suddenly remembered an old man. For the sake of the old man, Hu Xiao had a special eye for the young ermine. He couldn’t help but hook up the corner of his mouth and make a light smile.

When the ermine cub heard the laughter, he turned his head and looked at the smiling Hu Xiao. He tilted his head and blinked again.

“What are you doing?” Hu Xiao’s face was soft as he raised his hand slightly. A soft aura gently lifted the nimble ermine lying on the ground, helping it stand up again, and cleaned up the dust caused by rolling.

Seeing that the ermine had recovered its clean appearance, Hu Xiao was slightly satisfied with it. He couldn’t help saying, “Pay attention to the road next time you run away, and don’t bump into people again. Otherwise, before you are swallowed by the snake, you will run yourself to death.”

This sentence was true. If it wasn’t for the kindness and timely acceptance of the vigorous Qi, the stupid and dying baby would have directly killed itself under the vigorous Qi.

After that, Hu Xiao didn’t say much anymore. He turned around and planned to leave. But unexpectedly, the ermine cub “squeaked” a few times and jumped at him again. Hu Xiao was not alert to the harmless ermine, and he was caught firmly by the other side.

Hu Xiao stopped and looked down at the baby. He was faced with its eyes which were crystal clear, moist, full of adoration and joy. He couldn’t help but be shocked in his heart — not only was the white and beautiful look was similar to the old man he remembered, but also the eyes… It was exactly the same as the child he had raised himself.

The life of Hu Xiao was very long. The person who had a predestined relationship with him knew nothing. He was just an old man who was a transient passer-by in his life, but he left a deep and colorful stroke in the heart of Hu Xiao .

He raised the child and taught him carefully. Although he was the Lord’s pet in name, he was no different from his apprentice. Later, in order to save him, the child faced danger and disappeared. Although he was very lucky and had other adventures, and he also got a companion for his whole life, but the grace of saving his life was never forgotten by Hu Xiao .

Because the cub was so similar to the child, Hu Xiao was very patient with it.

Hu Xiao, who had always disliked intimate contact with outsiders, did not shake ermine away, but slightly bent down and said softly, “What’s the matter?”

Seeing the gentle attitude of Hu Xiao l, the bright eyes of the young ermine became brighter. He grabbed the clothes and wanted to climb on to Hu Xiao.

Hu Xiao wanted to laugh and cry because of it, but subconsciously stretched out his hand and helped it. After finishing this action, Hu Xiao was stunned again — this was the action he used to use when he still had that child. Now he unconsciously made it for the ermine.

The ermine obviously couldn’t feel the complexity of Hu Xiao’s heart. With the help of the other party, it jumped up to Hu Xiao’s shoulder in two strides, rubbed his cheek with its white head, and looked charming and intimate.

Hu Xiao’s heart went soft when he was rubbed with this familiar coquettish action. He couldn’t help but hook up the corner of his lips again, showing a light smile. He reached out his hand and rubbed the small head of the ermine, with some connivance in his expression. “Why? Do you want to go with me?”

The ermine cub took the opportunity to hold Hu Xiao’s finger and rubbed it more happily. The big tail also swung up, and the breeze from its action blew at Hu Xiao’s hair.

With old age, one’s heart would soften, and make it easy to miss the past. The apprentices under Hu Xiao were all grown-up. They had their own lives and things to run. Even though Hu Xiao had a cool personality and could stand loneliness, he sometimes felt lonely.

Maybe, it was good to raise a little thing again.

Thinking like this in his heart, Hu Xiao’s look was more and more gentle, “Well, you and I are also predestined. Since you want to follow, then follow.”

Hu Xiao’s long fingers hooked between the two small claws of the white ermine and scratched its chin, which made the white ermine squint comfortably and put its jaw closer to his fingertips. “I once raised a nimble ermine, which was your elder brother. His name was Bai Duan, and you…” He pondered for a moment, “let’s call you Bai Jin.”

Bai Duan (White Silk), Bai Jin (White Brocade), the names Hu Xiao gave were very simple and crude. The ermine named Bai Jin shook its ears and looked slightly sideways. It felt that compared with Bai Jin, it preferred the name ‘Bai Duan’ but… it didn’t matter, as long as the name was given by the person who was very kind and who he liked at first sight, he would accept it.

Bai Jin, with a delicate voice, called out a few times in response to the name ‘Bai Jin’. See it agreed, Hu Xiao enclosed its small body and let it sit more stable on his shoulders. “I’m going to use my flying sword, hold on for some stability.”

Bai Jin heard the words, obediently used his claws to hook Hu Xiao’s shirt, his big tail encircled the other party’s neck, and the ermine looked like a snow-white collar.

Seeing that the Bai Jin was ready, Hu Xiaozhen called out the flying sword and rose to the sky. Bai Jin nested in his new master’s neck, feeling as if he had returned to where he had lived for a long time. He watched as the place grew more and more far away from him, smaller and smaller, with a blank in his dark eyes.

Since the beginning of his spirit awakening, Bai Jin vaguely remembered that someone told him to protect himself, to be obedient, not to go with anyone, and to wait for him to find him…

Bai Jin didn’t know why he felt this way, but he knew instinctively that it was an agreement with someone who was very important to him. But now he had violated the agreement and left the valley with Hu Xiao, which made Bai Jin have… a little deficiency of heart.

However, he really liked Hu Xiao. It could be called ‘love at first sight’. Seeing him at first sight, Bai Jin couldn’t help but want to act coquettish towards him, want to be loved by him, and couldn’t control himself at all!

Maybe he had been waiting for this person. Was Hu Xiao the one? Bai Jin comforted himself, but soon thought that maybe he shouldn’t think about it too much.

Compared with the ‘important person’ who could be a piece of his imagination, or if the person was truly coming for him, of course, Hu Xiao in front of him was more important! Bai Jin’s eyes narrowed contentedly and he rubbed his head against Hu Xiao’s neck, which attracted the other side’s gentle reprimand, and he was obedient again.

Guan Wu, who was deemed as a figment of Bai Duan’s imagination… He was wearing a new green hat…

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