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Chapter 14: Restaurant

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


When Wen Yu got home and got out of the car, he saw a dark shadow coming from afar. When he got closer, he saw that it was the butler.

“Young master.” The butler’s face was eager but it was hidden in the moonlight. He had to show the right etiquette and rules. He said respectfully, “Master is waiting for you.”

Wen Yu nodded, turned to Meng Jiang, and said, “Then I’ll have to trouble you to send Gao Yang home.”

Gao Yang, who was in the passenger seat, couldn’t help chuckling and waved to Wen Yu. He looked like he was in a hurry. Wen Yu couldn’t help laughing. He decided not to worry about Gao Yang. With Meng Jiang around, what could possibly happen to that fella?

Wen Yu arrived at home, handed the butler his coat, and said thanks. After two steps, he saw Uncle Zhao sitting on the sofa. He looked at his watch. It was half-past seven. “Uncle.”

Zhao Zheng looked at Wen Yu from the sofa, then said to the butler, “Set up the meal.”

“Uncle hasn’t eaten yet?” Wen Yu found it strange. Usually they would have finished dinner by this hour. He initially thought he would simply get a few bite since he got home late tonight.

Zhao Zheng stood up and said lightly, “I had some things to settle at the company.”

Butler, who was preparing dinner again, dare not look back. He secretly thought that his master was indeed His Majesty.

Wen Yu did not doubt him at all, he just took Zhao Zheng by his arm, sat on the chair, and said, “That’s great. We can eat together then. It’s too boring to eat alone.”

The table was soon filled with dishes, four dishes and one soup. The dishes were stir fried and the taste was light. Among them, there was a special flavor of tomato and beef brisket stewed in a pot1. Wen Yu had a long day, so smelling the aroma made his hungry stomach rumble. He had just picked up his chopsticks when he suddenly remembered, “I haven’t washed my hands yet.” 

Then he went to go wash his hands.

Zhao Zheng was staring at the simple dishes. The Butler bowed and explained, “Your Majesty, I quickly made it. There was not enough time —”

“Shut up.” Zhao Zheng said in a cold voice.

Wen Yu had just come back after washing his hands. He ladled the stewed beef brisket with thick soup and poured it over his rice, mixed it with a spoon, and had a bite. The sour and sweet beef brisket melted in his mouth, his eyes narrowed, and he exclaimed, “This is delicious.”

Zhao Zheng’s chopsticks went to the beef brisket. Wen Yu said with a smile, “Uncle, it’s even more delicious if you pour it over the rice.”

“It’s ugly.” Zhao Zheng was unmoved.

Wen Yu knew it wasn’t pretty. His Uncle Zhao was very particular about what he wears and eats. It was an absolute unbearable sight  to see the soup mix with rice. But Wen Yu especially  liked to see Uncle Zhao give his suggestion a try. The feeling was greater than winning the grand prize.

“Try it. It’s really good.” Wen Yu reached to ladle the soup with a spoon and put it in Uncle Zhao’s rice bowl. He glanced at Uncle Zhao’s slowly darkening face, and retracted his hand, “Okay, I’ll eat it myself.”

He still had no guts. Wen Yu observed Uncle Zhao’s cold face, he would try again tomorrow.

“How is the job?” Zhao Zheng asked leisurely while eating.

Speaking of this, Wen Yu’s eyebrows moved up slightly and beamed as he talked about his work, “… I just sorted out a lot of lists, and I will contact some people tomorrow. With that, I can earn a lot at the end of the month.” He thought in his mind that he would first buy Uncle Zhao a small gift with that money.

But it was a secret.

“I met Gao Yang too, Uncle. He actually started to work with me.” Wen Yu thought that this was a secret happiness that he could share with Zhao Zheng, saying, “Gao Yang is going to pay homage to Brother Meng as a master. To be caught up with Gao Yang, there will be so much more fun in the future.”

Zhao Zheng listened to Wen Yu talking about trivial things. His eyes were bright and he was full of spirit. He just listened and didn’t participate, and his appetite was much better. The simple stir fried vegetables on the table also tasted delicious.

At the end of the meal, the two people sat in the living room as usual, both busy with their own affairs. Wen Yu took out his notebook from his school bag and specially looked at the key points to summarize the address and age to prepare for tomorrow.

After a while, they put on their coats and went for a walk in the yard. When they came back from the back garden, the car lights went off. They happened to meet Meng Jiang who had just sent Gao Yang home. Meng Jiang stood by the side and greeted, “Master”

Zhao Zheng nodded, and Wen Yu said with a smile, “Give me face2, Brother Jiang, and don’t beat Gao Yang to death.”

“Young master, don’t worry. He can’t be beaten to death.” Meng Jiang assured.

Wen Yu didn’t expect Meng Jiang, who didn’t speak much, would be able to crack a joke. Indeed, being around Gao Yang for some time, anyone would change at least a little. 

“Well, you may go and have a rest.” Zhao Zheng said in a cold voice, then holding Wen Yu’s shoulder in one hand and taking him back, saying, “Do you still want to play a game?”

“Uncle Zhao, do you want to play? Then I’ll teach you a new game.” Wen Yu had forgotten what he wanted to say: Gao Yang’s house was not far away, but it took Meng Jiang nearly two hours to send him back.

It was strange.

After that, the days were busy but fulfilling. Amongst everyone in the institute, Wen Yu and Gao Yang recruited the most students. Wen Yu was meticulous and methodical in his work. Gao Yang was popular and attracted a lot of students but was talkative. However, people didn’t dislike him. This was Gao Yang’s style.

Wen Yu realized, dinner time was pushed back to later too. According to Uncle Zhao, his company would get busier at the end of the year.

The happiest time of the day was when he came back to the dinner table every night and had a meal with Uncle Zhao. Every night after work, as usual, Meng Jiang would send him back to his villa first, and then Gao Yang. But it was actually much more troublesome that way.

Gao Yang laughed, “I’ll be able to capture this Cold-Faced Master Jiang soon. I noticed his attitude has gotten softer now. I’m going to strengthen my attack. I’ll win him soon.”

“I’m rooting for you.” Wen Yu also found that Brother Jiang really liked Gao Yang, he even had a nickname for him. With his persistence, it was not difficult for Gao Yang to become an apprentice.

A month passed in a blink of an eye, Wen Yu got paid. He stared at the numbers on Alipay, and smiled very brightly. 

Gao Yang saw his eyes, took  a peek and then exclaimed, “You have two thousand more than me.” Then he hooked his arm over Wen Yu’s shoulder, “Brother, let me treat you to a meal.”

Wen Yu smiled and glanced at the hand on his shoulder. Knowing him, Gao Yang removed his hand. Only then, Wen Yu said, “What meal are you treating me to?”

“My master asked me out tomorrow and he sounded very solemn. I thought it must be to take me as his disciple.” Gao Yang was also very excited about this. “It’s just that I’m going to have my day off tomorrow. I’ve been busy for a month without a day’s rest. I’ll go home and sleep first. I’ll burn incense and take a bath3A ritual to cleanse oneself to worship a religion. In this case, Gao Yang is getting himself ready to become the General’s apprentice.4 tomorrow before our appointment. Once I have formally been acknowledged by my master, I’ll treat you to dinner tomorrow.”

To put it bluntly, Gao Yang’s persistent pestering for the entire month had not been in vai. They took half a day off in advance today. Wen Yu had plans after he had gotten his salary. He parted ways with Gao Yang right after and went to the subway straight for the mall.

What can I get for Uncle Zhao?

After putting aside the sum he needed for his tuition fees, he could use the rest to buy a gift, that way he would have more choices. After considering Uncle Zhao’s taste and his budget, the range of choices became smaller. Wen Yu wandered around the mall, but he couldn’t find the right gift. He couldn’t afford the expensive ones, and the cheap ones were not suitable.

Finally, he decided to buy a fountain pen.

The salesman highly recommended a gold plated one, but Wen Yu picked a black one. Thinking that Uncle Zhao’s coat and clothes were mainly black, in his mind, Uncle Zhao liked black.

“I want this one. Please help me wrap it up beautifully.”

“Okay, just a moment.”

After being given the gift box with an exquisite package, he put it into his school bag. Wen Yu looked at the time. His uncle should be getting off work soon, so he called him, “I got paid my salary today. Let’s eat out, Uncle Zhao. Of course I’ll treat you. What do you want? I decide? Well, wait for me first. I’ll check which restaurants have delicious food and send it to you. “

He went for the restaurant with a good reputation, copied the address and sent it to him. Satisfied with his decision, Wen Yu decided to head over first. 

He entered the restaurant, then Wen Yu went to sit on the sofa and looked over the menu.

“You bastard.” A girl was crying.

“Ji TianTian, who are you trying to fool? Let’s break up.”

Wen Yu turned his head and looked over when he heard the familiar name. Across was a young man, he was impatient and yelled, “I can’t stand you. I give you money to spend but I did not ask you to seduce my friends. I have never seen someone so shameless like you.”

It was the first time that Wen Yu heard a man speak to a woman with such harsh words. Even though he didn’t like Ji TianTian very much, he felt that it was too disrespectful for a man to do so.

Ji TianTian had her back to him and didn’t see him at all.

“You, you’re such a jerk. You cheated on me and you dared say such a thing?” Ji TianTian stood up and splashed the man with the water glass in front of her.

The man touched the water on his face and had a nasty look. He grabbed the water glass in front of him and splashed it back at Ji TianTian, swearing, “You fucking bitch, I gave you face and yet you don’t want face!”

The water from the water cup splashed on Ji TianTian’s face, and Wen Yu, who was behind her, was also splashed.

Everyone in the restaurant looked over. Ji TianTian covered her face and cried, her make-up running down her cheeks. She couldn’t stand people looking at her. 

The man sneered and said, “Who are you putting this act up for?”

Although Wen Yu was not interested in Ji TianTian, his classmate was being bullied. If he continued to look without saying anything, he would look down upon himself first before anyone else.

He stood up and handed a tissue to Ji TianTian, “Wipe yourself first.”

Ji TianTian looked towards where the voice came from, saw Wen Yu, felt embarrassed and unsure before she finally took the tissue and thanked him.

“So you already have the next one. Can such a weak man satisfy you?” The more the man spoke, the nastier his words got.

Ji TianTian’s face fell, and her shame and anger were growing.

“Apologize.” Wen Yu said coldly.

The man’s face was scornful, “To someone like you? Where did you even come from? You’re just like Ji TianTian, trash like you —”

“Trash? Let’s hear it.” Suddenly there was a cold voice behind him.

Wen Yu heard the voice, he looked back. It was indeed Uncle Zhao who had arrived, “Uncle.”

Zhao Zheng looked at Wen Yu’s wet shoulders, looked at the man who had just spoken, and his face grew colder. He looked at that man, as if he was already a dead man, and said, “Go on.”

The man only looked tough until Zhao Zheng appeared. His eyes flashed as if he reckoned something. In the end, he grabbed his coat and fled.

Zhao Zheng’s aura was cold. This was the first time that Wen Yu had seen Uncle Zhao so angry. He hadn’t opened his mouth yet when Zhao Zheng said, “Change to another restaurant.”

“Oh, okay.”

Wen Yu took his coat and was a little discouraged. He wanted to have a good time but this incident ruined everything. Uncle Zhao was angry and in a bad mood. Zhao Zheng picked up his coat, reached over Wen Yu’s shoulder and wiped the water off for him, then put the coat on him.

“Wen Yu,” Ji TianTian suddenly shouted behind them as they left.

Wen Yu stopped to look back and listened to Ji TianTian say, “Thank you for today.”

“It’s nothing. You should head back quickly.” Wen Yu finished and took Uncle Zhao’s arm as they walked out of the restaurant.

There was a black car parked at the door. Wen Yu looked at it and said, “Brother Jiang is not here?”

“I sent him to do something.” Zhao Zheng’s cold pupils reflected a gory scene. In the scene, the man from earlier kneeled to beg for mercy, and the cold aura around Zhao Zheng slightly dissipated. He pat Wen Yu’s curly head and said with a smile, “Let’s go. I know a good restaurant over there.”

Seeing Uncle Zhao in a better mood, Wen Yu didn’t know why, but he was also in a better mood. He nodded his head and said with a smile, “Okay.”


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Translator Notes:

  1. Tomato and Beef Brisket Stew
  2. Giving deference to someone in order to improve their standing or reputation, or to pay homage to their superior reputation or standing.Learn more here.


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