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Chapter 15: Do you have someone you like?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Wen Yu took out the gift box, he was feeling nervous. He looked at Zhao Zheng’s eyes.

“Uncle, this is for you.”

“For me?” Zhao Zheng took the box. He didn’t open it first, and looked at Wen Yu. Seeing the tension on Wen Yu’s face, he smiled. No matter what was inside, he was in a happy mood.

After opening it, he saw a black pen with a simple style and beautiful lines.

Wen Yu looked at Zhao Zheng closely and didn’t miss any expression on his face.

When he saw that Uncle Zhao had no emotion on his face, he was very nervous. Then he saw Uncle Zhao holding the pen with a smile in his eyes, he finally relaxed. He said happily, “Uncle, try it.”

Zhao Zheng saw that there were only napkins on the table to write on, so he took one and wrote on it with the pen——

Wen Yu’s eyes followed the tip of Zhao Zheng’s pen, and when he saw what he had written, he stopped smiling. Slowly, an even bigger smile stretched out on his face. His smile was bright, like the brightest stars.

The one and only Wen Yu.

“It’s great to use.” Zhao Zheng closed the cap and carefully put the pen in his pocket.

Wen Yu reached for the white napkin. “Uncle, can I have this?”

Zhao Zheng nodded, saw Wen Yu carefully fold it and put it in his pocket. He couldn’t help laughing, “It’s just a napkin, let’s eat.”

The atmosphere was very pleasant and Zhao Zheng let Wen Yu settle the bill. The latter settled the bill happily. It was the happiest day for him with the money he had earned.

When it was time to go back, the driver was Meng Jiang’s brother. Wen Yu asked about him and found out that Meng Jiang had something to attend to, and so he had asked for a half-day’s leave. When Meng Jiang’s brother talked, he looked at Uncle Zhao. It seemed that he was afraid Uncle Zhao would be angry. 

Wen Yu said with a smile, “Uncle is not a bad landlord, he would not mind him asking for leave.”

“It’s nothing. Now you are all free.” Zhao Zheng said.

After hearing that, Meng Jiang’s brother broke into cold sweat, and said timidly, “I1 will follow you all my life.”

Wen Yu looked at Meng Jiang’s big brother, he sounded like those royal subjects from the ancient times who would give up their for their Emperor. He then looked at Uncle Zhao doubtfully and noticed him making a gesture with his hand, Meng Jiang’s big brother stopped talking and continued to drive quietly.

Thinking of the butler and seeing Meng Jiang’s big brother in front of him, Wen Yu was more curious about Uncle Zhao.

When they arrived at home, they went for a walk in the yard and Wen Yu mentioned this topic. Zhao Zheng ruffled Wen Yu’s curly hair. “If you want to know, I’ll tell you everything.” He looked into Wen Yu’s eyes very seriously. “Do you want to know?”

He didn’t know why, but when Wen Yu saw Uncle Zhao like this, he was suddenly afraid and stopped asking questions. He shook his head and said in a relaxed voice, “It’s okay, I was just simply asking.”

Before going to bed, Wen Yu took out the white napkin from the nightstand drawer and touched the handwriting on it and a smile appeared on his face.

No matter what secret Uncle Zhao had, he wouldn’t care.

The next day, Wen Yu arrived at work around eight-thirty am. During the first month, they have to focus on attracting customers. Now he only needed to sort out the information. The job was easier. Of course, without his commission, his salary was less.

Gao Yang was nowhere to be seen even when it was already 10 o’clock. The team leader’s face was not very good. She made Wen Yu call to ask Gao Yang when he was going to arrive. Wen Yu nodded, he took the phone and went to the corner. In fact, he had call three times, all of which said Gao Yang’s phone was turned off.

He dialed again, fortunately this time it was not declined. It rang for a long time before someone picked up. Wen Yu said, “Gao Yang, why didn’t you come today? Do you feel sick? Do you want to ask for leave? The leader’s face is getting dar— “

“Young master.”

Wen Yu, holding the phone, stunned for a second. He looked at the screen and saw that it was Gao Yang’s mobile number. He didn’t understand. What was going on? 

“Meng Jiang?”

“It’s me. Young master, I’m going to have to trouble you to ask for leave for Little Poplar. He can’t go there today.”

“Who said so, ah, son of a bitch, who let you answer my phone?” Gao Yang yelled on the other side of the phone.

Wen Yu opened his mouth, as he was about to say something, from the other end he heard Gao Yang raising his voice, “Fuck, not again. Get out of here. Get out. I don’t want any more! You beast!”

A stream of swearing.

“You sound like you’re still in high spirits, eh?” Over the phone, Meng Jiang’s voice sounded domineering, “What did you call me? A beast?”

“Ah, Master… Master, I was wrong. Don’t go in there. Ah. Ah. H-husband… Husband. Ah, you son of a bitch… “

Wen Yu, who got hung up, had a confused look on his face. He looked at the phone with a complicated expression, and his head was a blur. It was a bunch of shouting and swearing from Gao Yang. How to say, although it was still straightforward swearing, why was there a trace of sweetness in his voice??

Wen Yu, who was scared by the word ‘sweet’, actually stayed in a daze throughout work and was still thinking about it up until his lunch hour. 

He was not a nerd who didn’t know anything about the world. The conversation between Gao Yang and Meng Jiang made it obvious that they had slept together and that they were now… well, together.

Two men.

Wen Yu bit his lower lip, his cell phone rang, and it was Gao Yang.

Gao Yang was very embarrassed over the phone. He kept humming and hawing for a long time. At last, he said directly, “I’m with Meng Jiang now. The old bastard was beating some fella in the alley yesterday. I saw him, so I rolled up my sleeve to help him. The person we beat up, his mouth was nasty and he ended up crying so disgustingly. When it was over, I pestered Meng Jiang to let me become his disciple. What better time but right then. Who knew that the old man would propose to take a bath and burn incense to complete this process of master and disciple, so we went to a hotel. I was taking a bath, and halfway through the beast came in — “

“Stop. If you go on, it will feel like I’m listening to a live show.” Even Wen Yu’s toes could put the pieces together.2

Gao Yang caught the mood and stopped talking. He had such a good time just complaining. He coughed, “Ah, I’ll go over tomorrow. I’m gonna hang up, this old pervert has been pinning me down and doing me since. My waist is about to break. The bastard, such a beast. I’ll drug him and get him next time.”

Wen Yu only heard the sound of war and chaos from the other side of the phone. Before long, he could hear the sound of Gao Yang whining , “I was wrong. I was wrong. Husband, let me go. No drugs, no drugs. I was wrong. Sob.”

Wen Yu’s ears were red when he hung up. He quickly finished eating his noodles and went back to work. 

As soon as he arrived, the group leader said, “Wen Yu, a girl came to see you. She has been waiting for you for half an hour. There, over there, she’s quite pretty, I see.”

Wen Yu looked in the direction pointed by the group leader, he saw Ji TianTian sitting on the chair. She saw him looking over, and stood up nervously while tugging at her bag.

“Why are you here?”

“You’ve changed your phone number. I asked a lot of friends. Someone said they saw you working here, so I came to find you,” Ji TianTian said. Seeing that Wen Yu did not respond, she was embarrassed but continued, “Thank you for yesterday.”

“I didn’t even help you with anything.” Wen Yu was telling the truth. He looked at his watch and had ten minutes left before he had to resume work, “Do you have anything more to say? I have to go back to work.”

Ji TianTian bit her lip. “It’s nothing, actually. Are you free tonight? I’ll treat you to dinner.”

“It’s okay, I’m going home for dinner.” Wen Yu replied.

Ji Tiantian was at loss for words, nodded, walked two steps, and turned around unwillingly. She asked, “Wen Yu, you really don’t understand my intentions?”

Wen Yu was silent for a while and didn’t know how to answer.

“Maybe because I care too much about face, I missed my chance.” Ji TianTian mustered all her courage and walked to Wen Yu, “Wen Yu, I like you.”

“I don’t like you.” Wen Yu shook his head.

Ji TianTian looked depressed and raised her head. “I know, but we are not together yet, how do you know that you won’t like me in the future? Give me a chance. Shall we try to be together first?”

“No way. Go home. I’m going back to work.” Wen Yu didn’t want to say anything more, turned around and left.

Unsatisfied, Ji TianTian rushed over and held Wen Yu’s waist. Wen Yu was so shaken that he instantly pulled away Ji TianTian’s hand. He was annoyed, “Don’t do this, I really don’t like you — “

“Right, you don’t like me. Are you saying you have someone you like?”

With that question thrown at him like that, a face suddenly appeared in Wen Yu’s mind and he was stunned. Ji TianTian saw his expression and cried, “You really do have someone you like?” 

After that, Ji TianTian ran away with her face covered in disbelief, as Wen Yu stood alone in the same place.

Was he influenced by Gao Yang and Meng Jiang? H-how could he think of Uncle Zhao?

Wen Yu thought of the way Uncle Zhao touched his head and held him in his arms. Uncle Zhao had told him that he was the one and only one in the world, and the more he thought about it, the redder he became.

“You’re back, what’s the matter? Just had a fight with your girlfriend?” The group leader gossiped.

“She’s not my girlfriend.” Wen Yu’s head was full of Uncle Zhao. He looked at the group leader and his eyes were bright. “Group leader, I want to ask for half a day off. I have something very important to confirm.”

The group leader was stunned. This was the first time seeing Wen Yu so impulsive and couldn’t help laughing. “Go ahead. I don’t know what’s wrong today. All of you are like this…”

Wen Yu had packed up his school bag and left. Standing by the roadside with busy traffic, his heart was pounding fast. His face turned red involuntarily at the thought of his Uncle Zhao.

“Hello, uncle, I want to see you.” Wen Yu held his phone tightly.

On the other end of the phone, Zhao Zheng paused, then smiled and said, “I’ll let Meng Tian pick you up.”

Only then, Wen Yu knew that Meng Jiang’s brother’s name was Meng Tian. He stood by the side of the road and waited for the car. As the time went by, the sudden adrenaline rush cooled down. He was so nervous. Even though he wanted to see Uncle Zhao, he was afraid. Suddenly, he did not know what to do anymore.

Looking at the time, it had only been five minutes.

Wen Yu thought about it and made a phone call. The other side answered it almost immediately.

“Gao Yang, how are you sure you like Meng Jiang?” Wen Yu went straight to the point, he wanted answers.

“Like him?” Gao Yang questioned him back. “He came over directly, pinned me down and kissed me. I didn’t dislike it, and it was very exciting. And under all that confusion, he did me. But when you say that, I really have not given any thought if I like the old pervert.”

He didn’t get any answer out of him, Wen Yu was disappointed and didn’t care to hear Meng Jiang on the phone asking Gao Yang, “You don’t like me? Huh? Then let’s try again and see if you like me.” And Gao Yang wailed.

A black car had stopped in front of Wen Yu and the door opened. The tall Meng Tian got out of the car and opened the door for Wen Yu, “Young master, please.”

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Translator Notes:

  1. The ‘I’ used here is used by royal officials/ servants who served under the Emperor.
  2. Something so easy, a three year old could understand.


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