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Chapter 177: Eleventh World (4)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo 

Under the constant urging of his new friend, Hei Yun was unwilling to go to the place where there were ordinary people gathered. There were already a lot of cultivators around and they were picking the humans they wanted. Seeing the arrival of Hei Yun, they all gave way and respectfully asked him to take the lead in selecting.

Hei Yun had no interest in these ordinary people. He glanced at them carelessly, then turned his head to Bai Jin on his shoulder. But Bai Jin had already locked on his goal at this time — or, when he first saw the young man, he couldn’t move his eyes. He just felt his heart was burning and his eyes couldn’t hold other people. The feeling was even more than when he first saw Hu Xiao and fell in love at first sight.

The young man looked like he was seventeen or eighteen years old. He was much taller than the ordinary people of his age around him. His upright facial features were young and full of heroism. He was… he was a handsome mortal, but Bai Jin couldn’t say how beautiful he was — after all, compared with those who were around and cultivated into immortals, the young person was quite different.

Of course, even though the appearance was ordinary, how did the boy look in Bai Jin’s eyes? He really wanted to kiss him, rub against him with his own hands, and be touched, hugged and held high.

Maybe Bai Jin’s eyes were too hot, and the teenager felt something in his heart. He looked up in Bai Jin’s direction.

The fur on Bai Jin’s body suddenly exploded, which was both in surprise and fear that the teenager wouldn’t like him. 

The young man looked at Bai Jin for a moment, then hurriedly looked away and looked down, seemingly indifferent. But Bai Jin felt the deep pressure in this eye, which made him explode again, and a sense of emptiness came into being. Subconsciously, he jumped down from the shoulder of Hei Yun, trying to distance himself.

“Hey, what’s the matter with you? Watch out!” He Yun was shocked by Bai Jin’s action. He quickly reached out to catch the white fluffy ball and looked at his new partner.

Bai Jin was held in Hei Yun’s palm. Instinctively, Bai Jin looked at his “love at first sight” object, but found that the young man didn’t look at him anymore… QAQ

Bai Jin was a little sad. He grabbed Hei Yun’s finger and his big tail swung restlessly. His small body desperately wanted to cross the cage made of Hei Yun’s fingers. He Yun was so busy with it that he didn’t dare to exert himself on the soft and weak little thing. He blocked the white ermine for a few times, but it didn’t work. He was soon pulled away by the flexible Bai Jin.

Finally escaping, Bai Jin jumped to the young man’s feet, trying to rub against him, but he was worried about angering the other party. So he circled him uneasily two times, and his big tail carefully swept the other party’s ankle.

The young man looked down at Bai Jin, but he didn’t move. He looked at Bai Jin in a dazed manner, which was not different from other ordinary people’s humble and careful posture. However, Bai Jin felt that he shouldn’t be like this, but should be more proud, more reckless, more… bullying and bad?

Was he the ‘important person’ he was looking for? Bai Jin’s heart told him he was, but he was a little uncertain, because the appearance and temperament of the teenager was the opposite of the person in his fuzzy memory, familiar yet… strange.

Bai Jin raised his paw, grabbed the young man’s calf, raised his head and waited for the young man’s response.

The young man’s mouth slightly moved and seemed to want to say something, but when he found that Hei Yun had also approached him, he immediately swallowed the words in his mouth. His face, which was a little soft because of Bai Jin’s flattering action, was also stiff. He quickly took two steps back and bowed his head, and made a respectful gesture.

Bai Jin’s eyes were full of disappointment. His big tail that was high fell down, and his ears seemed to be a little soft.

Hei Yun went to Bai Jin and squatted down. He dragged his tail, “What’s the matter with you? You’re acting weird.”

Bai Jin pulled his tail out of Hei Yun’s hand and slapped it. Hei Yun was rough and thick, and didn’t feel any pain at all. He even pushed the back of Bai Jin’s head with an inch to make him stand unsteadily and almost roll forward.

Looking at Bai Jin’s bad form, before Hei Yun could laugh, he suddenly felt cold on his back. He felt as if he had been stared at by some cold and ferocious enemy, and almost blew his feathers out.

Different from the Soul-Eating Ermine, the Sky Covering Eagle was a natural fighting spirit pet and extremely sensitive to danger. Hei Yun suddenly spread his conscience and tried to capture the hostile intent, but in the end, he got nothing.

He Yun raised his head and glanced around. His eyes went to the ordinary people and the familiar old faces in Jade Peak, but there was still no difference.

Hei Yun secretly wrote down the strange gaze, but on the surface, he was still. “Bai Jin, do you want a worker who takes care of you?”

Bai Jin’s eyes brightened — he was just worrying about how to get the person he fell in love with at first sight to stay beside him, so he could observe him carefully and judge whether he was the one he was looking for. Taking care of him or something. It sounded just right?

He let out two “squeaks”. Bai Jin confirmed Hei Yun’s guess. He kept looking at the young man with his small eyes, and his love was more than he could express.

Hei Yun couldn’t help but look at the young man seriously. He thought that there was no difference between him and ordinary people. He couldn’t understand why he was so obviously favored by Bai Jin.

Tsk, Luse had been taken away by Bai Jin. Now his new partner seemed to have a more favorite playmate. The hard pressed Sky Covering Eagle felt like he… he was totally out of favor. Although he was not very happy that his new friend liked others more, Hei Yun, who was proud of himself, did not compare himself to an ordinary mortal, and even disdained to be jealous of a mortal. In any case, mortals, who only lived for more than a hundred years, did not have any threat at all.

“If you want this mortal, you can take it with you.” Hei Yun stood up and raised his chin to the young man proudly, “But you have to ask Hu Xiao’s opinion. His Double-edged Sword Peak never arranges for ordinary people as handymen. If a stranger enters the peak and serves you, he needs the approval of Hu Xiao.”

Bai Jin nodded and his eyes were bright, “Okay, I’ll ask Hu Xiao! But he is still in closed door meditation…”

“I’ll let this guy stay here first, and you can take him back when you ask Hu Xiao.” Hei Yun waved his hand freely, and a waist token flew to the young man, who caught it in a hurry. He looked at the clumsy look of the young man and frowned, “You’ll be taken to my place later. From today on, you will learn how to take care of spirit beasts from the worker who takes care of me now. You will take care of Bai Jin, and you’re going to have to do anything for him.”

The young man hurriedly answered, carefully put away the waist token, and then was taken away by a cultivator.

Bai Jin ran after him and he seemed to want to leave with the youth, but Hei Yun picked him up and put him back on his shoulder. “Why are you so reluctant? He’ll go back to Double-edged Sword Peak with you! You agreed to play with me!”

Thus, Hei Yun took Bai Jin out of the square in hesitation and flew away as an eagle. However, the young man who was taken away by the cultivator stopped, turned his head and looked at the Sky Covering Eagle with a white ball. He watched with narrowed eyes as they flew farther and farther away.

“What are you looking at? Come on!” The cultivator who led him impatiently urged him to take back his sight and continue to follow him.

Although the appearance was calm, the heart of the young man with his head down was turbulent. The hand holding the waist token quietly exerted force. If it wasn’t for the waist token’s power, it would have been shaped by the youth.

——I really have no conscience! The young man ground his teeth and almost couldn’t bear the flood of jealousy in his body. He wanted to imprison the heartless little thing in his arms and ravage him!

Instead of waiting for him in the valley where he should have been, he followed Hu Xiao away. After all, the young man knew the degree of attachment his young lover had towards Hu Xiao, which was not too surprising — but what was the Sky Covering Eagle?! Not only did he let his little lover squat on his shoulder, but also pulled his tail and poked his head. 

… Oh, the Sky Covering Eagle could go to heaven. Then he could make the other side never go to heaven again!

When the innocent Hei Yun met with the young man, he firmly drew the hatred of the youth. The youth deeply felt that his territory had been violated.

On the one hand, it was more important for the young man to move his feet in the face of his partner. What’s more, the black eagle dared to insert a jar horizontally when the young man and his lover were reunited after a long time and abducted Bai Jin to play with him. It was deep hatred, which couldn’t be forgotten by the youth.

Of course, no matter how angry the young man was, he had written a page full of black accounts in his little book. At this moment, he still had to wear the mask of cowardice and caution, and follow others to separate with his little lover.

This was the world of practitioners. At present, he was just the most inferior ordinary worker. Let alone going to find the black eagle to fight with him, he couldn’t even step out of the prescribed scope, or even make any suspicious moves.

Fortunately, his little lover had not been completely fascinated by the wild flowers on the side of the road. Somehow, he was thinking about his bitter ‘home flower’ and wanted to be by his side. The young person had patience for a period of time. Sooner or later he would be accompanied by his little lover day and night.

Secretly, he comforted himself. The young man stopped and looked up at the ‘carved nest’ built on the towering rock wall, with a fierce flash in his eyes.

The cultivator who led the way, left him in front of the house under the eagle nest and hurried away. Later, an old man opened the door and smiled friendly at the young man. “I am the worker who has been responsible for taking care of the Sky Covering Eagle. You can call me Li Bo.”

The young man hurriedly saluted, “This younger generation’s name is Xiao Yun.”

“Mn, I’ll call you A-Yun then!” Li Bo nodded his head with a smile, raised his hand and patted Xiao Yun, who was stronger than his peers, on his shoulder. He praised him, “This young man has a good physique!”

Xiao Yun gave a gentle and clear smile, as if there was no shade. It was natural that he had a good physique. After all, half a month ago, this body was a proud son of heaven who had a spiritual root and built a foundation at a young age!

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