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Chapter 17: It’s so exciting

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Meng Yi stood still, his face moved slightly, and for a moment, he became a good subordinate again. “Young master, Master asks for you to go home.”

“Home?” Wen Yu mumbled and shook his head. “I want to calm down.”

Meng Yi clenched his fists, “Young master, I’m sorry.”

Before Wen Yu could react, everything went dark and when he opened his eyes, he had arrived at a bright and warm dining table. Zhao Zheng was sitting on the side. Their eyes met and he said as usual, “Today, we have your favorite dish.” Then he filled a bowl of soup for Wen Yu, and said in a cold voice, “Stop being difficult.”

Wen Yu stared at the soup in front of him, listened to Zhao Zheng’s words, and trembled with rage. He tightly clenched his fist, and looked at Zhao Zheng, who was calm and strong. “From the beginning of your approach, you lied to me, and let me rely on you wholeheartedly. Now I only have you, only you, but now you tell me that you are my father.”

“Step down.” With a wave of Zhao Zheng’s hand, the butler, and the servants standing in the living room, disappeared.

There were only two people in the empty room. Wen Yu looked around and found that the house was too big. He never felt that it was this lonely and empty before. It was because he had Zhao Zheng to talk and laugh with him. He trusted the other person completely, but now——

Zhao Zheng took care of him only because he was his ‘son’.

Wen Yu wanted to laugh, “I once delusionally thought to myself, the reason why you are so good to me. I wondered if you liked me, if you also could not bear to part with me?”

“There will be no change now, in the future or in the past.” Zhao Zheng didn’t understand Wen Yu’s venting and anger, “I can pamper you forever and let you live the life you want. Isn’t that what you want?”

Wen Yu looked back at Zhao Zheng.

“No, I don’t want a father-son relationship. I want your love.” Wen Yu felt hopeless. It was he who was deceived. He knew that Zhao Zheng was a ghost of over a thousand years. But now he still hoped for Zhao Zheng’s love.

From the beginning to this moment, what he wanted was never a father-son relationship.

“Love?” Zhao Zheng shook his head and said, “I can do everything you want. Don’t force me to do what I don’t have.” After that, Zhao Zheng stood up and walked to Wen Yu. He still ruffled Wen Yu’s curly hair as usual. “Eat well, I’ll go upstairs first.”

There was only Wen Yu on the first floor. The dishes on the table were still steaming and fragrant. From noon to now, he had not eaten anything, but still he had no appetite.

Wen Yu sat on the sofa, covering his eyes. He didn’t know where he should go now.

Obviously, he should have escaped from here, but he was back again. Wen Yu knew that he still could not leave Zhao Zheng. He sat in the living room for a long time and fell asleep. A person suddenly appeared in the room. It was Zhao Zheng who had disappeared to the second floor just now.

From the beginning to the end, Zhao Zheng sat on the sofa, beside Wen Yu and watched him suffer. He stroked Wen Yu’s face while he slept. The confusion in his eyes no longer concealed. He gave a low sigh and murmured, “What is love…”

He had been sleeping for thousands of years in an endless darkness, only being able to watch as his body rotted away, bit by bit, but he was unable to do anything. Upon waking up again, a thousand years have passed, he was in a trance that even he did not know what happened. Who was he? What was the point of living in this era?

Zhao Zheng reached for the sleeping Wen Yu and carried him to the second floor.

Fu Su was his first child, and the bright cry when he was born was still in his mind. The joy of being a father for the first time was very special. When Hu Hai was born, he never felt that again. 

Rather than wanting to experience this father-son affection once again, it was because he wanted to find out if he was still human.

He could no longer give Wen Yu what he wanted.

Zhao Zheng placed the young man in place, covered him with a quilt and turned to leave.

Wen Yu opened his eyes and silently looked at the back of the person leaving. Tears rolled out of his eyes. He heard what Zhao Zheng said in his heart. He knew that Zhao Zheng was being intentional and was giving him a choice. But what choice could he have, he had already deeply fallen.

Could he only obediently be this so-called son?

Zhao Zheng was a real son of a bitch. Wen Yu gnashed his teeth and hated everything, he laid all his cards on the table but he was not given any choice.

He was reluctant to leave this place, he was reluctant to leave Zhao Zheng’s side. Once he expressed his feelings toward him, he couldn’t take it back. And if he really did choose to leave, Wen Yu could imagine how Meng Yi would ‘invite’ him back. He couldn’t help sneering. Would a domineering Zhao Zheng even give him a chance?

Playing with people’s hearts, he could not compare to the one and only First Emperor.

Everything was under the control of Zhao Zheng.

In the end, Wen Yu only hated himself for giving up without putting up a fight. He kept crying until he fell asleep.

The next day, his eyes were as swollen as walnuts. They were so red and swollen that he couldn’t go to work. Luckily, it was not that busy of a time at work, so Wen Yu asked for leave. He went downstairs and saw Zhao Zheng sitting on the sofa, sipping tea. Seeing him come down, as usual, he was asked to eat breakfast. Zhao Zhang could not see his red and swollen eyes, and acted as if nothing happened. It seemed that Wen Yu was the only one who was sad and unreasonable.

Wen Yu, who originally wanted to stay in for the day, could not stand a calm Zhao Zheng. He said angrily, “No I’m not eating, I want to go out.”

“Meng Yi, send him.” Zhao Zheng ordered, without asking him for details.

After having their identities revealed, these ‘people’ didn’t need to cover up. Meng Yi appeared directly and stood respectfully on one side. Zhao Zheng stood up, walked to Wen Yu, lowered his head, and looked like a good-natured elder as he ruffled Wen Yu’s head. 

Previously, Wen Yu enjoyed the intimacy very much. At first, he was embarrassed, but after he realized he was in love with Zhao Zheng, he was infatuated with him. But he never studied the emotion in his eyes.

It was light, with favor and tolerance, but there was no love.

“Come back early, we’ll have dinner together.” Zhao Zheng said as he took back his hand.

Until he was seated in the car, Wen Yu was depressed to find that Zhao Zheng didn’t love anyone, including Fu Su, his son. And now, Zhao Zheng only pampered and tolerated him, all because of his identity as Fu Su. If he wasn’t Fu Su, Wen Yu shivered at that thought, and couldn’t imagine what Zhao Zheng would do to the worthless him.

Wen Yu now struggled with and hated this identity. If he was his son, he could not let Zhao Zheng fall in love with him as a lover. If he was not his son, he was worthless.

He fell into an infinite abyss of pain.

Meng Yi saw Wen Yu’s look of pain through the rearview mirror and asked in a low voice. “Where do you want to go, young master?” 

Wen Yu calmed down, but his chest was tight. He was pale, and said, “I don’t know — go to Gao Yang.” When he saw Meng Yi, in front of him, stopped talking, he laughed, “You’re the same as him, but you’re better. You are afraid, but he isn’t all all.”

His heart began to ache again at the mention of this.

Meng Yi would be afraid. That’s because he loved Gao Yang and was afraid because of his love. But Zhao Zheng didn’t care nor love him, so he wouldn’t be afraid that he knew the truth. He wouldn’t be afraid of him running away, because Zhao Zheng had the means to find him, and ‘invite’ him to go back as though nothing happened.

He was too ‘weak’ and had been standing in a passive position, he could only beg Zhao Zheng to notice him and love him.

Wen Yu thought of this and laughed at himself. When did he become this kind of person? He was like a complaining wife1

“Young master, I will personally tell Gao Yang my identity. Please don’t disclose it.” Meng Yi requested, in a sincere tone.

“I don’t know if I can keep it secret.” Wen Yu mumbled. He was in urgent need of a listener now. If he kept holding it in, he would go mad.

Meng Yi didn’t speak any more. He dutifully drove the car to Gao Yang’s house and sent a text message. Within five minutes, Gao Yang reached downstairs, hair a mess, rubbing his eyes and wore a cotton padded jacket. He opened the passenger’s door, threw himself towards Meng Yi and bit him on the neck.

He vaguely complained, “My back hurts so much and my legs don’t close. My sister laughed and said that I look like a duck. It’s all your fault.”

Meng Yi’s usual expressionless face softened, as he wrapped on hand around Gao Yang. He rubbed his chin against Gao Yang’s chicken coop of a head, and said, “Young master is in the back, are you sure you want to be so passionate?”

Gao Yang saw Wen Yu in the back seat and said, “I was just giving Meng Jiang an earful.” After saying that, he found that Wen Yu looked off and his eyes were swollen. He couldn’t help getting angry, “What’s the matter? Who bullied you?” 

He directly climbed to the back, his buttocks in the air. Someone gave his back a pat. He subconsciously tightened his ‘chrysanthemum’2 and immediately bared his teeth as he thought that it was fortunate he was wearing pants, so Meng Jiang did not see it..

“Let’s find somewhere we can talk.” 

Gao Yang didn’t know what happened but it was his first time seeing Wen Yu in such pained expressions.

The car stopped.. Gao Yang saw the place and was very angry. Meng Jiang, that old pervert, actually drove them to the door of a hotel, the one that they first had sex in. Just as he was about to call Meng Jiang an ‘animal’ who didn’t even know how to find a coffee shop, he suddenly found himself in a room in the next second.

Gao Yang stood in place and looked around at the familiar room. “Fuck.”

Meng Yi looked at Wen Yu. Instead of letting Wen Yu tell it, he would rather tell him himself. Seeing Meng Jiang’s eyes, Gao Yang glanced back and forth at Meng Jiang and Wen Yu, and went red with rage, and scolded, “Are you two fucking behind my back?”

Wen Yu was speechless.

If he wasn’t in a bad mood, he would praise Gao Yang for his ‘amazing’ brains.

Meng Yi laughed, pulled the infuriated Gao Yang into his arms and said, “How is your brain constructed?” After a pause, he let go of Gao Yang and said seriously, “I’m a ghost. My name is Meng Yi and I am from the Qin Dynasty.”

Wen Yu was also curious about Gao Yang’s reaction and didn’t want to miss his expression.

Gao Yang was stunned for a long time. Then, he pulled at Meng Yi’s cheek with his hand, and then slowly his mouth split open as he began laughing, “Ha ha ha ha, that’s fucking awesome. I even did it with a Qin Dynasty man.” Obviously he didn’t believe it.

Meng Yi stood still in front of Gao Yang and changed into his ancient clothes in a split second, “Do you need me to take my head off and give it to you?”

Gao Yang’s jaw fell and he quickly waved, “No, I believe you.”

He circled around Meng Yi again, holding his chin high, and began to gossip, “Did you have an affair with the First Emperor’s wife, the Concubine Li?” He raised his eyebrows at Wen Yu, “You know, the one from the movie ‘The Myth’3?”

Meng Yi hugged Gao Yang’s body, stopping him in place and said, “I only love you, no one else.”

Wen Yu stood aside, silently.

Gao Yang’s character was free and straightforward. Once he accepted a person, and he would stick to them no matter their identity or bizarreness. As long as Gao Yang’s love was not in vain.

As for himself, Wen Yu could only feel pain. He then heard Meng Yi say, “You and young master should talk. I’ll go out first.”

In a blink of an eye, Meng Yi left, and Gao Yang remembered Wen Yu’s expression which was obviously one that said he was looking for him to talk to. Gao Yang, who had always been thickheaded, was sharp at this moment.

“You like that Uncle Zhao of yours. He turned you down?”

“He’s the Emperor of Qin. He said I’m his son, Fu Su.” Wen Yu said directly.

Gao Yang’s jaw could only stay open, “Fuck, that’s exciting.”

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Translator Notes:

  1. 深闺怨妇(shen gui yuan fu); a woman who shows an ugly expression as if not satisfied or left alone by husband.
  2. a**hole


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