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Chapter 18: Bedtime story

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


“You are not related by blood. Do you have any memories since reincarnation?” Gao Yang said casually, “If you like him, go after him. As you said, since he is so indulgent and tolerant to you, it’s not that the rabbit wants to eat the grass around their burrow 1. Oh, you are the rabbit.”

That really hit the nail on the head.

Wen Yu was confused for a while. He had just heard the truth and he was still so confused. He could only think of how he could be a lover while he was a son.

“No memory.”

Gao Yang clapped his legs and proudly said, “Well, you don’t remember him as your father. What are you afraid of then? Just go ahead.” Seeing Wen Yu’s face suddenly brighten, Gao Yang couldn’t help saying, “Little Wen, you are usually very smart. How can you suddenly become stupid at the critical moment?”

“You’re right. I’m overly emotional right now.” Wen Yu didn’t know when he had become so indecisive. It seemed that he had become like this after he found out he was adopted, and his remaining glint of pride had disappeared when he heard the term ‘effeminate man’.

Until now, Wen Yu would get scared just at the memory. If not because of Gao Yang’s words today, he would still be immersed in his own world.

“Yang-zi is a good brother.” Wen Yu gratefully patted Gao Yang on the shoulder, his dull eyes brightened and a sly glint flashed in them, “I know what to do now.”

Gao Yang was praised so much that he couldn’t help boasting, “Mn, we are all the same. Men only listen to their lower body. Meng Yi would pounce on me and make me very happy. I just play along. Don’t look at me begging for mercy in front of Meng Yi. The truth is, he’s afraid of me. If he does not serve me well, I will kick him away.”

“Meng Yi is looking at you from behind.” Wen Yu said to Gao Yang calmly.

When Gao Yang heard this he trembled all over, he turned around as his face twisted one kind. He let out a huge sigh of relief when he saw that there was no one behind. Then only he realized Wen Yu had tricked him. He went on, “I’m not afraid of Meng Yi either, because he lives so well, and his thing is huge. Everytime when he hits my— “

“Stop, I don’t want to hear any more.” Wen Yu rubbed his forehead and felt the headache coming, “Don’t you feel shy at all, saying that?”

Gao Yang grabbed Wen Yu’s arm and said, “What with the act? We’re all men. Let me tell you —” When he said it, he thought of something and excitedly said, “You haven’t done it with a man, have you? Ah, let me teach you. It’s very exciting. You seduce your uncle in this way. I’m sure you two will be rolling in the sheets tomorrow.”

Wen Yu was both curious and hesitant. Gao Yang was unrestrained. As soon as he said what to do, Wen Yu’s ears went red. Gao Yang’s own words were tickling against his ears too. As this was his first boyfriend. He didn’t expect that the things in bed were that exciting and direct. Naturally, he became greedy.

“Remember to try it when you get back.” Finally, Gao Yang pounded his chest with guarantee.

Wen Yu hesitated, but gave it a second thought. With Uncle Zhao’s temperament, if he did not make a move, he could only be his son for the rest of his life. After a change of his mind, Wen Yu suddenly felt hungry and was very forward with his move. He called back and said happily, “Uncle, I’ll bring a friend home for dinner. We will eat hot pot. Have the butler prepare the food.”

Zhao Zheng, at the other end of the phone, was stunned. He never would have thought that Wen Yu could change so fast. 


After hanging up, Wen Yu could imagine Uncle Zhao’s surprised face when he said yes, that made him happier.

Gao Yang was not embarrassed at all to be a dinner guest. Thinking that Uncle Zhao was the First Emperor he had only seen in the history textbook, he was excited. Sitting in the front passenger’s seat, he took out his mobile phone and Baidu-searched the First Emperor’s history. When he saw the types of punishments during that era, Gao Yang’s hand trembled and fell into  Meng Yi’s side of the seat.

He bent over and felt for his phone. He stopped as he accidentally felt something hard.

Wen Yu, who sat in the back of the car, was eager to return home. It took a long time to realize something was wrong in front of him.

“Gao Yang, don’t your waist feel sore? You’ve been bending like that for so long and still haven’t found your phone?” After Wen Yu finished, he heard a vague groan, and immediately understood what was going on. His face suddenly turned red. Gao Yang was really shameless and impetuous.

Gao Yang picked up his mobile phone, looked back at Wen Yu’s red face and said with a wry smile, “What are you thinking of?” 

Although the process of picking up the mobile phone was not that innocent, it was just two quick cop a feels, but it was definitely not as perverted as Wen Yu thought. It seemed that this kid’s usual seriousness was just an act.

It was dark when they reacehd the villa, but the living room was well lit.

Wen Yu took off his coat as he walked in, and saw Zhao Zheng sitting on the sofa. When he came over, Zhao Zheng stood up and walked to him. Wen Yu didn’t hide his enthusiasm. He wrapped his hands around Zhao Zheng’s waist and put his head on the man’s chest. He said, “Uncle, let’s have dinner. I’m famished.”

Wen Yu still called him ‘Uncle’ instead of ‘Father’ out of habit. But Zhao Zheng didn’t mind. He held Wen Yu’s shoulder and said in a gentle voice, “Dinner’s been ready. I was just waiting for you to come back to start.”

Gao Yang stood at the door and waved, “Hello, Mr. Zhao.” When he was in the yard just now, he had discussed with Meng Yi whether or not to bow down to greet him. Meng Yi said that the Emperor didn’t ask for such rules now, so it was okay as long as he did not let his mouth run loose.

Gao Yang was still muttering, wondering when he ever let his mouth run loose. But now, when he was face to face with Zhao Zheng, he was at loss for words.

“Hello.” Zhao Zheng nodded, asked Gao Yang to sit down, and told the butler, “Please invite Meng Yi over to join us.”

It seemed that he also knew about the relationship between Meng Yi and Gao Yang.

After a while, Meng Yi arrived. After a simple bow, he sat next to Gao Yang.

Zhao Zheng was in the first seat and on his left sat Wen Yu. On the table a Yin Yang pot2, in it the broth was fragrant. The dishes were placed on a cart on the side of the table. The butler served the dishes and handed out paper towels.

Wen Yu saw Gao Yang all awkward in his seat. He clearly didn’t like spinach but he would smile thankfully at the butler when he placed it into his bowl. And Gao Yang would just stuff it in his mouth.

“Ha ha ha ha, this is hilarious.” Wen Yu laughed and looked at Zhao Zheng and said, “Uncle, let’s eat by ourselves. If this goes on like this, Gao Yang will have a stomachache today.”

The serious atmosphere on the table disappeared because of Wen Yu’s laughter. Zhao Zheng waved to dismiss the butler. There were only a few of them left at the table.

Wen Yu first rolled up his sleeve and brought a dish to the table. He pretended not to see Zhao Zheng’s disapproving eyes and continued to put in some vegetables. He brought a piece of beef and put it in his own untouched bowl. Then he said, “It’s delicious to dip it in sesame paste.”

The beef was dipped in a thick layer of the sesame paste. Zhao Zheng, in the past, would had refused, but Wen Yu was in a good mood today. Zhao Zheng thought about it and gave it a taste. The taste was surprisingly rich and good. He nodded and praised it.

Wen Yu, who was putting ingredients in the pot, told Gao Yang not to make himself at home. Then he told Zhao Zheng, “Uncle should try something new in the future.”

After a while, Gao Yang’s constraint was also relaxed. Although he didn’t dare to boast, he was much chattier than before. After dinner, Wen Yu linked arms with Zhao Zheng and walked Gao Yang to the car. Then, they stopped by the garden to take a walk to help digestion.

“I haven’t been so full for a long time.” Zhao Zheng sighed. In order to stay healthy and live a long life, he could not eat too much.

Wen Yu suddenly thought about it and asked, curiously, “Uncle, you are a ghost now. Can you eat? It won’t cause any problem, will it?”

“It’s not what you think, my incorporeal body does not need food but my physical body works the same as ordinary people.” Zhao Zheng saw the curiousness in Wen Yu’s eyes and continued casually, “The Meng brothers are just like me, but the butler and others don’t need food.”

Wen Yu chatted with Zhao Zheng and knew that there was a heaven palace. However, many spirits had already disappeared and reincarnated. Even among those who followed Zhao Zheng’s resurrection, those who were willing to follow, followed; and those who were not willing to follow, reincarnated.

Deeper into the night, Wen Yu wanted to know more about the unknown world. He was about to continue to ask but he sneezed two times. He covered his mouth, and Zhao Zheng wrapped his arms around Wen Yu, before saying decisively, “Go to sleep.”

When they got back inside, Wen Yu took a bath and changed into his pajamas. Remembering what Gao Yang said, he hesitated for two seconds and went to the third floor with his pillow.

He would ask his ‘father’ for a bedtime story or something. Wen Yu’s excuses had all been figured out. With a purpose, his actions were strong, didn’t you want to become my father?!

Zhao Zheng occupied the entire third floor. Wen Yu had not been here before and the layout was simpler than his bedroom. It seemed that the room was very empty and solemn.

“What’s the matter?”

Wen Yu climbed into bed with the pillow in his arms. “I came to listen to a bedtime story,” he said. This was only the beginning of this very cheeky lie, he said, “You wanted to be my father, then you need to learn this era’s way of raising a son. I’ll teach you.” I will now take full advantage of Uncle Zhao openly.

His face was getting redder, and he felt like he was resembling Gao Yang now.

Zhao Zheng was a little dumbfounded, he didn’t know how to respond. It wasn’t impossible to order Wen Yu to be thrown out of the room. But the child had already put down his pillow, pulled the quilt and laid down. A pair of apricot eyes stared at him.


Zhao Zheng’s bed was very big, and the wood was carved with patterns. Wen Yu leaned on the mattress, and could vaguely smell the faint, if any, fragrance from the wood, which was extremely light and special without a pungent smell.

“It’s Empress wood.”

Seeing Wen Yu’s curiosity, Zhao Zheng got on the bed and lay on the other side. He was still not used to having others on the same bed. As soon as he changed his posture, Wen Yu’s soft body rolled into his arms.

“It’s a little cold. You’re warm to hold.” Wen Yu blushed.

Hearing this, Zhao Zheng smiled and joked, “Your face is red.” He didn’t care about his position any more. If he drove Wen Yu away, the child would go back to his own bed and cry. So delicate. He put his hand around Wen Yu’s shoulder and leaned on the mattress. His voice was low as he continued the topic of the Empress wood.

On the first night in bed with his dear Uncle Zhao, Wen Yu heard a bedtime story.

The Empress tree wood was originally from Fenghuang county, 3 , and this Empress tree was not from the common tree found here, it was from what was considered the phoenix tree. The Phoenix forged the remaining wood after burning to nirvana. It had the function of bringing back the dead to life and granting longevity.

Zhao Zheng’s voice was low. Empress Tree wood was like a myth to Wen Yu. He was fascinated by it. At the end of the day, Wen Yu’s head rubbed against Zhao Zheng’s chest, he didn’t want to go back to his bedroom. So when Zhao Zheng finished talking, Wen Yu, this boy, ‘fell asleep’.

This naughty little thing, pretending to be sleeping. Zhao Zheng smiled but didn’t make a sound.


The author has something to say:

It’s starting to get sweet again, curly hair will continue to tease.

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Translator Notes:

  1. Chinese proverb; to not do bad things/harm thy neighbor.
  2. A twin pot made with two sections (shaped like the Yin Yang symbol, hence the name).
  3. Fenghuang means Phoenix


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