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Chapter 50: Ai!

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo wants to capture all the stars for the cubs TvT


One by one, the snow-white soup dumplings with thin skin and meaty filling were arranged in the bamboo steamer. Under the light, the steam could be seen. A vague smell of the crab and the diced meat plus the delicious and rich scent of the soup, made people swallow their saliva.

The three children and 90 million people were stunned.

The little snow leopard was still standing in the hot spring. His two little forepaws reached out and were placed on Gu YuMian’s knees as he messed with the steamers. Gu YuMian quickly moved him. The baby panda over there wanted to stretch out his paws to eat while Gu YuMian was not paying attention. Fortunately, the little fox helped Gu YuMian stop him.

Gu YuMian said helplessly, “It’s still very hot now, and the way of eating soup dumplings is different. Wait for me to teach you later, or it will be wasted. This is a Wenlou soup dumpling,” 1 he said, holding the little snow leopard, who was now dangling in the middle of the air and waving his paws unhappily, and touching the withered baby panda’s head. He said this sentence and stopped, feeling a little embarrassed.

“Well, it’s a Wenlou soup dumpling. I haven’t made them very well. We used to have a saying that ‘The sweet-scented osmanthus colored the yellow chrysanthemum color, the thin wrapper is stuffed with delicious crabs, and once people try the Wenlou Soup Dumplings, they will feel refreshed when they bite into it’.2

The characteristics of Wenlou soup dumplings were the filling being all soup, and the skin being thin. When one used their chopsticks to clamp it, the soup would flow out with a little effort. It was extremely delicious, especially suitable for eating in autumn and winter.

Gu YuMian lived in Jiangsu and Zhejiang when he was a child. During the Mid Autumn Festival, he had the honor to go to Huai’an with his family to taste the real Wenlou soup dumpling. It was made by an actual craftsman who worked hard day and night. The material selection was rigorous and exquisite. He had to choose the fattest yellow crab for filling and make sure the shaoxing wine, sugar, dried bamboo shoots, and spices were all excellent.

He had stolen his teacher’s recipe, but what he made was far from the real Wenlou soup dumpling. He had learned two successful steps at most.

… But the audience didn’t think so.

[Throwing Cosmetics: Aaaaaaah! It’s so sweet, MianMian. Hurry up!! Fireworks for you]

[Vivian: It’s very fragrant and beautiful. Like art, if this is called ‘not too good’, then the meals I usually eat may as well be rubbish.]

[Soda No.2: Showing me this in the middle of the night??! I’m angry. I need the anchor to kiss me and feed me soup dumplings!!]

All kinds of gift effects and bullet screens flashed one by one. They were urging him to eat quickly. The atmosphere of the bullet screen was very warm. However, Gu YuMian couldn’t rush with the soup because of the urging of the audience. On the one hand, making soup dumplings and on the other hand, eating it, both had their own concerns. If it was not eaten carefully, it was likely that the soup would overflow and scald them.

Gu YuMian prepared four round porcelain plates to hold the soup dumpling. He opened his fingers and gently lifted the dumpling. Then he quickly put it into the round plate. It was dangerous and unbroken. After serving, there was the part of dipping it in the sauce, dropping some wine into the vinegar, and then adding the ginger and cilantro.

The three children couldn’t wait for Gu YuMian to feed them. Finally, Gu YuMian divided the three small dishes into one, dipped them in the sauce first, and said, “This one can’t be eaten directly. Take a small bite and suck the soup out first. When the soup is finished, eat it again.”

Gu YuMian demonstrated with his steamed buns. He didn’t bite. He took the chopsticks and poked a hole in the skin. In fact, a straw could be used, but Gu YuMian did not have the right size of straw at hand.

Although the baby panda was greedy and naughty, he listened to Gu YuMian very well. He found that he couldn’t understand and didn’t understand. Holding the plate, he scratched his head and didn’t dare to move. So he tilted his head to see how the snow leopard and the fox ate.

…He didn’t expect that the snow leopard had finished eating.

The snow leopard lowered his head to drink the soup, ate the rest of it, squinted his eyes with satisfaction, and rubbed Gu YuMian’s wrist with his long tail to ask him for another one. The baby panda could only place his hope on the little fox. The little fox had a very rigorous academic spirit. It seemed that he was trying to poke the dumpling with his little claw.

The audience were viewing things from the perspective of the little fox. Many people were waiting while swallowing their saliva: only when the little fox learned to eat, could they taste the ‘soup dumpling’.

Fortunately, the little fox did his best to study it. He put the white porcelain plate beside the pool and lowered his head to hold a corner of the bun. Then, the soft and thin skin broke in his small mouth, and the thick and delicious soup flowed out——

The thick soup made by stewed crab and rib meat slid into his throat. After several processes of stewing and cooking, it was extremely warm and mellow. After one bite, the thick, delicious and mellow hot soup immediately overflowed in the mouths of the audience, bringing satisfaction to the entire body.

What’s more, they could taste the soft, waxy and tender crab and the meat stuffing as the little fox chewed. With an attractive flavor from the cooking wine, they could savor the delicious taste under the flavor from the ginger. All the delicacies came together and bloomed on the tip of their taste buds!

The soup was savory and tantalizing. For any discerning chef or gourmand, they couldn’t say anything about it except ‘delicious’.

What’s more, every cell from the back to the skin was soft and comfortable from being in the hot spring on such a winter night. There was a refreshing fruit wine at hand, accompanied by people who they liked. In front of them was the bright moon, the snow and the soft soup dumpling.

The barrage was crazy.

[Junior B: I died. WTF, how can it be so delicious???!]

[Xu Tiantian likes Sugar: It’s delicious, so delicious that I want to change my name to Baozi! 3 This soup is too fresh. The meat is delicious. The hot spring, fruit wine and anchor are all good. Aaah! Isn’t this my dream life?]

[Electric Light Gallbladder: I think I’m going to pack myself and express the package to MianMian’s house now. QAQ It is so delicious that I almost swallowed my tongue.]

[Strawberry Clip: Although I don’t want to increase the number of love enemies, the whole world should watch MianMian’s live broadcasts! Throwing ten fireworks!!]

Thick barrages were stacked one after another. Although it was 10 o’clock in the evening, the barrage was as busy as it had been in the daytime. The number and total popularity of the audience in the live broadcast room were pushed and pushed by this crazy flow.

It wasn’t long before Gu YuMian’s live studio topped the hot list of that day, with more than 90 million people, even reaching 100 million! It was still soaring!

Gu YuMian steamed two baskets of twelve steamed buns. The snow leopard and the fox ate their first ones while the baby panda were still at a loss. He held the small round dish and scratched his ears, feeling wronged against Gu YuMian’s hand.

“YuanYuan, come here,” Gu YuMian finally found a suitable small straw, and helped him to poke a small hole in the bun with the straw, so that the baby panda could hold the straw to drink. “This’ll be easier.”

The baby panda holding the plate, a moment later, “…!”

Gu YuMian looked at the baby panda’s head still resting in his hand, leaning against the hot spring pool, sucking the juice of the steamed bun, and showing an expression of happiness to depression, which made people laugh.

Gu YuMian had long found that the baby panda seemed to be a little gifted at acting. He was very dramatic and expressive in everything he did. However, the little fox was really worried about the baby panda’s brain problem. He carefully guarded beside him and pushed his round head with his claws from time to time.

At this time, the little snow leopard had laid lazily in Gu YuMian’s arms to doze off, and Gu YuMian’s shirt became wet again. He helplessly carried the little snow leopard back.

“Let’s soak for a while, and then we’ll get up and brush our hair, drink some milk, and go to sleep.”

[There’s a family in the mine: Shocked, I suddenly realized that I was watching the live broadcast. Just now I almost thought that I had gone on a vacation in Chaike Mountain with MianMian, and I woke up too suddenly. If only MianMian could broadcast forever.]

[Cotton with big underpants: + 1, I like MianMian so much.]

“Thank you for your love,” Gu YuMian looked at the bullet curtain and nodded seriously. “You can go to the hot spring with your family and friends in your spare time, or go somewhere alone and enjoy your life. It’s not good to watch the live broadcast often.”

Gu YuMian’s live broadcast time was not long, and he would not deliberately choose to extend when the traffic was soaring. On the one hand, he hoped that his audience would not be too addicted to the live broadcast. This was the biggest truth, that is, few anchors thought this way.

[The anchor is too straightforward.] 

[+ 1] 

[I’ve been in the house for a long time. After watching the live broadcast from MianMian, I have decided to go out!]

The water temperature of the hot spring was not very high but it was only suitable and comfortable to soak for twenty to thirty minutes. Otherwise, one would faint. Gu YuMian took a towel, soaked it in cold water, wrung it dry, pasted it on each child’s forehead to cool them down. He made them soak for a little longer, and then wrapped the children in a big bath towel and picked them up one by one.

“There’s salt in this mineral hot spring. It won’t be very cold after soaking, will it?” Gu YuMian took the children into the room with the heating on, and sat directly on the wooden floor. One by one, he scrubbed their fur until it was dry.

The baby panda loved to eat and sleep. Now he was sleepy and Gu YuMian wiped him dry and let him sleep. The little snow leopard, wrapped in a big towel, occupied Gu YuMian’s arms and enjoyed the service of his human. However, he was not so dignified and noble, and he was a little more lovely.

Finally, there was the little fox. The little fox put out his paw and put it on Gu YuMian’s hand.

The audience was still viewing from the fox’s perspective.

The plush towel was very warm and soft. When the heating was turned on and the floor was warm, the right heat kept rising. There was a light smell of wood from the bath gel, a burning smell of sulfur, and a scent of hot sweet milk from the milk pot.

The warm yellow night light gently wrapped everything in its path, and it had begun to snow outside the window.

Gu YuMian thought that the children were sleepy and although he wanted to brush their hair, he wanted them to go to bed earlier instead. “Let’s drink some milk and go to bed. It’s snowing outside. Maybe we can have a snowball fight tomorrow.”

The little fox and the baby panda were sleeping with their heads next to Gu YuMian’s hands. Gu YuMian fed the little fox some hot lactose free synthetic milk. The little fox smacked his lips and burped, half asleep.

The hot milk itself had the effect of helping one sleep and soothing the mood. The fragrance of the milk permeated between lips and teeth. It flowed all the way down from the throat to the stomach. In such a drowsy feeling of comfort, he was carried to a soft bed by the youth, listening to the subtle sound of snow falling outside the window.

This was destined to be an unforgettable winter night.

The audience had already guessed that the live broadcast was coming to an end.

[Crying: Is the live broadcast coming to an end? Wuwu, I hate to agree with the anchor, but I’m really sleepy.]

[A Lemon Essence: Every time I watch the live broadcast, I feel very comfortable and satisfied. Although I can’t bear it, I have to say good night to MianMian! Good night, MianMian. Good night fireworks.]

Gu YuMian glanced at the bullet curtain, his eyes slightly bent, “Mn, today’s live broadcast ends here. Good night. See you tomorrow.”

With this very light and low voice, the live picture went dark.

——Just a second before Gu YuMian shut down the live broadcast, the number of viewers had skyrocketed to 150 million! Not only that, it firmly took the first place in the popularity list of the day, and even made it to the top ten of this week’s popularity list, completely setting the official record on Starry Sky Live Broadcast.

Everyone knew that 100 million viewers was a watershed, so was this week’s popularity chart.

Being on the ‘real-time popularity list’ and ‘popularity list of the day’ represented this live broadcast, which was very popular, but not difficult to do. Many anchors had taken advantage of their traffic or were caught up with it, and they had been on these two lists, so most of them could claim such a thing.

But this week’s popularity list was not the same. To be on this list, which was almost monopolized by the top-ranking anchor, meant that the anchor had a very fixed fan base, a certain reputation, and a better and better development trend. Even for the biggest red and purple stars of Starry Sky, it would take at least four or five months to get from the ‘popularity list of the day’ to the ‘popularity list of the week’.

And Gu YuMian had used…

Less than a month.

If he could be more diligent in his live broadcast, and didn’t reduce his time on air in order to take care of children and deal with life chores, the time rate could have been shortened again.

All the people who were paying attention to this live broadcast and today’s live data couldn’t help but gape.


While Gu YuMian and his family were sleeping peacefully, in the same hot spring pool as the log cabin rented by Gu YuMian, there was a raft floating on the pool, on which, standing in the wind, was a creature with an unusual appearance.

It looked like a wolf, with thick white fur and a gray-black back that spread to the forehead and looked like the ‘three fires’ 4 burning. Though only a little older than a puppy, the ferocity of the race had begun to show.

The most striking were those eyes. The brown eyes were slanted, which, at first look, were ferocious and contemptuous eyes, showing wolf-like meaning. 5 However, when he looked up at the full moon, he opened his snout freely, “Awoo!”

Three seconds later.

“…Awoo! Awoo!”

Obviously, it was his own echo coming back, but the little guy was stiff all over. He picked up his tail, put on an alert attack posture, 6 and looked for enemies that didn’t exist in the night.

Then he looked down and saw his reflection in the hot spring pool. He grinned at the enemy, and the enemy grinned back, which was obviously a challenge.

Little guy, “…”


From all directions came the sound of him asking, ‘Who’s your daddy?’ War was raging in his veins.


The next morning.

With the help of the hot spring villa staff, the editor of the publishing house opened the door and saw the mess in the suite. The wooden door was gnawed in a crooked way, and a hole was chiseled in the newly repaired wall. All kinds of papers, books and materials were jumbled in the room, including several manuscript papers and dental prints.

The worst was the hot spring pool.

The little raft had long been leaking air, floating in the pool in tatters, and the little husky, who had gotten completely wet by the water, had withered. With a pile of snow on his head, he was stuck at the edge of the pool in a magical position. When the editor came in, he sneezed a lot, “Awoo sneeze!”

Editor, “…”

He finally knew why the famous writer, who had been popular for more than three years, still couldn’t afford a house in the Upper Urban District. All the money he made was used to pay for all kinds of compensation. It was strange to not pay for the damage he caused.

Well, he wished he could find a nanny or guardian to take care of this… brat.

“Teacher Ha, I’m here to receive the manuscript.” Ten minutes later, facing the sneezing little guy, the editor finally found a crumpled manuscript paper from the corner. “Right… The guest next door said that he made too many steamed buns. He sent you some. Would you like to try it?”

“Awoo.” The little fellow despised, and showed his fierce and contemptuous eyes.

Until the Editor took out the container, opened it and revealed two white and thin soup dumplings inside——

The disdainful little husky was stunned.

Then, the expression on the editor’s face gradually went out of control.



At the same time, on the other side of the wall.

Gu YuMian’s biological clock was very punctual, and he would definitely wake up at eight in the morning. It snowed all night, and then after it stopped, the sun came out.

“Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, I will take my children to watch the sunrise.” Gu YuMian yawned and went to wash and make breakfast, thinking, “I heard that the sunrise at Chaike Mountain is very beautiful…”

In a few days, he would go back to the Lower Urban District but he hadn’t settled the matter for little Tangyuan yet. Gu YuMian was able to confirm that the ‘Danny’ family was in the hot spring villa last night. He wanted to visit today, but when he got up early in the morning, he saw the news.

[Star Danny’s house is on fire. All members of the family are rushing back.]

It said that Er ShiSi Guo’s house caught fire in the Upper Urban District yesterday. Since there were important things about their ancestors in it, the descendants of the family were rushing back, but Danny’s side was still quiet. It was speculated that Danny was suffering from a serious disease and may die soon… And so on.

Then their family may be busy for a while. Gu YuMian originally wanted to visit the Guo family in the hot spring villa. But now he didn’t think this plan would work, and it was not appropriate at this time.

This made Gu YuMian feel lost for a while, but he was also relieved.

In fact, his mentality was very complex, concerning the panda. He wanted to help the baby panda find his family members. After all, children would grow up happier and happier around their relatives.

But Gu YuMian didn’t want to be separated from the baby panda. Subconsciously, he had made himself, the little snow leopard, little TangYuan and little fox into a complete home. He felt sad at the thought of not having any one of them. But he also knew that this was wrong.

In addition, he thought that the baby panda and the panda star “24th Wok” may be related, and the name “4th Wok” was also too similar to “Second Wok and Third Wok”. In short, he wanted to confirm his theory but he was afraid that his joy would become empty, and so he was tangled for a long time.

“Ai.” Gu YuMian shook his head and went to make breakfast.

Chaike Mountain was mainly for vacation, which meant sleeping late, soaking in hot springs, relaxing and entertaining, and doing whatever they wanted, so Gu YuMian didn’t wake up little fox and the baby panda. Now only the sticky little snow leopard slept on his shoulder.

Last night, they had tonkotsu ramen and soup dumplings. For breakfast, Gu YuMian didn’t plan to make anything too complicated, so he made Chinese yam congee 7 and spareribs.

“It’s not easy to come here. We’re going to take a dip in the hot spring,” Gu YuMian said, chatting with the snow leopard who was rubbing his eyes to wake up, while taking care of ingredients. “Let’s go to see the sunset and sunrise today, hmn?”

The little snow leopard’s tail, which was rubbing his eyes with his little claws, stiffened.

Gu YuMian didn’t know that watching the sunrise and sunset at Chaike mountain was a famous place for lovers on Capital Star. When someone invited another person to see the sunrise there on Capital Star, it was almost like a secret advertisement——

The little snow leopard’s ears turned a little red.

Gu YuMian thought about it. He peeled and sliced the yam, washed the rice with water, and then said, “I just don’t know if YuanYuan and QiuQiu can afford to get up. Don’t we have to get up by at least five to watch the sunrise? YuanYuan can’t afford to do that.”

Snow Leopard, “…”

It turned out that they would all go see it together.

The snow leopard lay down.

Those two fools were always getting in the way.


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Translator Notes:

  1. There are big versions of these dumplings and small versions. The small versions should be eaten in one bit while the big ones are served with a straw for the patron to drink the soup out of the dumpling before eating the filling and skin.
  2. Original: 桂花飘香菊花黄,文楼汤包人争尝. Wenlou Soup Dumplings are named after Wenlou, an ancient town in Huai’an, and is a famous traditional snack in Jiangsu Province. A famous poet was the one that praised it with the line above.
  3. Steamed Stuffed Bun
  4. It’s referencing the way the character fire looks. 火 Siberian Puppy.
  5. Brown-eyed Husky
  6. Dumb Dumb would stand like this. I owned a husky malamute mix when I was younger and can attest to the fact that they are giant, smart, idiots who never run out of energy and get excited over the stupidest things. They are also very, very protective of who they consider to be part of their pack. He looked kind of like this: They are also really, really bad shedders. Their coats are so long that they need to be brushed every morning and at night every day.
  7. Chinese yam congee.


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