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Remember this is an original novel written by Addis of ExR. This is not a translation.

Chapter Twelve

Cian gave the golden robed Veira a small smile before saying, “This young one will be coming with me, do you have any objections?”

Veira shook his head fiercely, “I have none, Headmaster. As Headmaster wishes, the boy will go with you.”

None of those left in the room understood what was happening as Cian turned to Kai with a warm look on his face. “We meet again, young Kai. Let’s go.” With a wave of his hand, a violet mist circled around the two before it enveloped the both of them. When the mist disappeared, so had the Headmaster and the young white haired boy.

In a small room that only contained a desk and one worn down chair, the two males appeared as they stepped out of a purple haze. Kai stood still, blinking his eyes quickly trying not to throw up. He felt lightheaded and dizzy after the small space warp was finished. Noticing the young boy next to him was swaying on his feet, Cian reached out a hand to steady him.

The moment CIan’s skin made contact with Kai’s arm, he felt an electrical sensation travel all the way down to his feet. Feeling the shock, Cian almost ripped his hand away but as the color drained even more from Kai’s already pale face, he restrained himself as he pushed the boy into the set behind the desk. Once seated, Kai put his head between his knees and breathed in slowly.

Throughout the entire exchange, the twelve crystal dragons stayed perched or flying around Kai, watching him with their different colored eyes. Like prismatic colors seen through the streams of sunlight in glass, the dragons eyes were never the same color. They were like refractions of moonlight through crystal. Cian glanced at the dragons and sighed.

Once Kai’s breathing finally settled down, Cian kneeled in front of him with a calm expression playing on his face. Feeling one of the dragons nudging his face out of concern, Kai opened his eyes. Seeing Cian kneeling before him, he suddenly remembered what the other teacher had called him.

“You’re the Headmaster?” Kai asked shakily.

Still kneeling in front of Kai, Cian smiled and tapped his knee with a long finger as he answered, “In name only, I’m usually travelling around.”

As if realizing something, Cian stopped and pulled away, a look of concentration playing across his face. Then he sighed and blinked slowly, once his eyes opened again, CIan looked at Kai who’s eyebrows were scrunched together with a look of confusion on his face.

Chuckling, Cian said, “I have forgotten myself in my excitement. Let me properly introduce myself. My name is Cian Blaise and I am the Headmaster of Bright Moon Academy.”

Kai looked up at Cian and really scrutinized the man in front of him for the first time. Cian was almost two heads taller than him; Kai’s head would barely reach the older man’s shoulder making it so that he had to tilt his head back just to look up at him. WIth golden hair that seemed to catch every light within the room, it was secured tightly behind his head in a long ponytail that trailed down to his waist. Some locks of hair had escaped the confines of the tie and were cascading down on either side of his face, framing it.

During the first test, Kai had noticed that Cian’s expression was normally as cold as ice, with nothing able to change that stoic expression to anything else. However, everytime Cian looked at Kai, a light smile decorated his face, tilting his lips upward in a small smile. Everytime Cian smiled, it made his jade green eyes sparkle with a brighter luster than they normally did.

Since Cian was tall, his body was also on the thinner side, but whether he was hiding muscles between his white robe or not, Kai did not know. The white robe Cian was wearing was a common one that all the teachers of the Academy wore to let the students find them easier. While the teachers wore white, the ones with higher status had golden thread, like Sitross. The only one who had another color running beside the golden threads was Cian. Only along the collar was there a bright purple thread that entertwined with the golden one. This purple signified that he was the headmaster.

Remembering how they had met in the forest, this answer of him being the headmaster seemed as though it was a truthful answer. But if he was never here… Kai questioned him, “Why are you here then?”

Smiling, Cian said, “I came back after meeting you in the forest. To be honest, I wanted to know what your aptitude would be.” He stared at the dragons coiling around Kai as if he was their mother and they were seeking warmth from his skin. Cian continued in an almost inaudible voice, “I never believed that you would actually bring out twelve forms from a mythical transformation.”

Confused, Kai asked, “What does that mean exactly?”

Getting up from his kneeling position, Cian stood up to look out the window that was behind Kai. After seeing the calm grounds of the academy around him, Cian sighed before looking back at the young boy who had the eyes of a cat. “The highest aptitude we have seen within our academy was a level eleven. But there are rumors and tales that thousands of years ago, almost everyone was graded eight and higher. To reach another level, one must be able to create creatures that dwell in their core out of their elemental magic. This is called Mythical manifestation and only occurs once every one hundred years. However, normally a manifestation only creates one or two creatures. This is because the manifestation also has its own levels. Your aptitude is the highest that this continent has seen in thousands of years. Level twelve aptitude with a level twelve mythical manifestation. You are, in itself, a myth.”

“Is that why you took me away?” Kai asked starting to think of the reasons why anyone would want him.

Cian tapped his chin with a look of concentration on his face. “I took you away from everyone else for two reasons. One, I would like your education of elements to only be taught by me and two, you need a strong backer or many of the factions within the continent will try to nab you.”

“Nab me?” Kai asked astonished by the choice of words.

Nodding at the confused teenager before him, Cian tapped his foot against the floor. It seemed as though he was not use to staying still and had to be constantly moving in some way. “You have unlimited potential. Think of it this way. If you were a country or kingdom with very limited power and you heard of someone with the potential to be the greatest expert in the entire world, wouldn’t you want to convince that child to your side? There will be people who will hear of this and will try to bring you to their side so that they can control you.”

Thinking everything over, Kai whispered, “You’re saying they want me as their strongest pawn.”


Kai looked at Cian with a complicated look in his eye. This all did not seem real to him. “Is that why you want me too?”

“No.” Cian responded, shaking his head before pausing and correcting himself, “Well, I would be lying if I didn’t say that factors into it a little, however…” Cian paused and snapped his fingers. Immediately around him appeared eleven small wolves that had multicolored wings. They howled at the small dragons floating around Kai. Seeing the wolves appear out of nowhere, Kai’s jaw dropped open in astonishment. “As you can see, I am not in dire need of your potential.”

“Is this why you said you would teach me?”

“Yes, there is something else though.” His eyes narrowing slightly, Cian moved forward and sniffed the air close to Kai. “There is a strong scent coming off of you that I cannot place. I smelled it back in the woods but thought it may have been something else. Now, it is stronger. What is it?” He breathed in deeply through his nose once more and closed his eyes as if he was savoring a fine wine.

There was a knock on the door and Cian snapped out of his daze before glancing behind him. The expression on his face slowly dimmed only to be replaced with a cold look. Within the next breath, the eleven wolves around him disappeared. “Come in.”

Slowly the door opened and the white robbed Sitross stepped the threshold smiling at the two males in the room. When Sitross’ eyes landed on the twelve dragons circling around Kai, his eyes widened for a moment before returning to normal.

“Greetings Headmaster, I was searching for my charge when I was told by Viera that I would find him here. It seems the rumor is not false.” Sitross bowed slightly to Cian before giving Kai a small smile, shutting the door behind him as he made his way in.

Suddenly Kai felt as if the air in the room weighed a million tons and he began to struggle to breathe. Standing in front of him, like two unyielding mountains, were Cian and Sitross. Although they had not done it consciously, they were exerting their elements on each other, pressuring one another. Neither of them noticed that it had begun to affect Kai.

“Don’t call me Headmaster, Master, it sends a chill down my spine.” Cian gave a look of distaste towards Sitross as he flashed a cold smile. Silently he increased the pressure he was sending out.

“Ah, my disciple, it seems you actually remember this old one is the one who taught you? And here I thought you were just ignoring this old one and forgot about all our years together.” Sitross gave a chuckle before his own Elements swirled in reaction towards the pressure Cian was sending out.

Nodding slightly, Cian’s smile grew colder. “I will never forget the lessons Master taught me, how could I? But now the student has soared over the teacher and I no longer need your lessons.”

“Oh, ho? Really? Continue learning young one, that will be the only way you can reach the pinnacle of this world.”

The pressure in the room continued to bear down on Kai. It felt like the harsh winds within the Arctic as it forced his breathing to become labored. The dragons around him cooed softly as they realized their master was not breathing as he should. Even his skin was becoming a light blue in color, the blood beneath his skin beginning to freeze from the pressure.

His green and blue eyes sparked with the Fire Element as it tried to reheat his system. Gasping, Kai choked out, “Please stop.”

Although it was no louder than the sound of a fly’s wings, the two older men in the room heard it and instantly snapped to attention, turning away from one another to look at Kai. Seeing how his skin was turning blue and how his heartbeat was slowing, the two instantly withdrew their Elements back within them. Both jumped forward at the same time, their hands outstretched as they touched the younger man’s pallid skin.

From both of their hands the power of their Elements flowed into Kai’s system. In his core, the crystal within him instantly sucked up everything that entered, heating Kai’s body up once again so that his temperature was back to normal.

Once his breathing was back to normal, Kai’s eyes flashed with anger as he glared at the two men before him.

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