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Chapter 505: One Hundred Spirit Gems

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

When Elder Fang found them, You XiaoMo had already finishing making the deal with the youth.

Besides exchanging a level eleven life crystal, You XiaoMo also used three level ten magic pills to exchange for the top three level ten life crystals at his stall. He spent eight magic pills at once.

Originally, based on the level of life crystals that the youth was selling, he could’ve gone to the second level, but it seemed as if he wasn’t willing to go there, so he set up his stall on the first floor. Before You XiaoMo came, his stall had actually attracted many people, except most of them had been scared away by his attitude and expensive prices.

Before leaving, You XiaoMo told the youth that if he ever had any more life crystals that were above level ten, he could consider selling it to him. After that, he left his address and name before walking away.

The youth stood in his original spot. This was still the first time he had ever encountered someone who purchased items so lavishly, and in addition those were all rare, high grade magic pills. The feeling he gave off was one that seemed as if he wasn’t lacking magic pills at all, based on his magic pills, or as if he could still do business with him next time.

The second floor of the ZhongTing Trade Fair was a sealed area. The entrance and exit were both set up in a hidden place, and if Elder Fang didn’t lead the way, finding it would require a lot of time and energy.

After greeting the two peak Emperor level watchmen, Elder Fang brought them inside. He swiped his specially made card against the wall, and an opening which only allowed one person to pass through at a time suddenly appeared in the restrictions in front of them.

Right after they walked in, a sense of oppression assaulted their senses.

They didn’t come particularly late, but there were already a lot of people inside, and You XiaoMo could sense an impressive pressure from them.

“This is where the Trade Fair takes place. If the two of you have anything you wish to buy, you may go and take a look. This old man will take his leave first.” Elder Fang pointed to the place where all the people were crowding.

ZhongTing Trade Fair’s trading system was the same as Samsara Tower’s. It was all based on the items that the sellers set out, which represented their requirements, and everyone else would name a price based on their own desires, with the highest bidder winning.

The direction Elder Fang had pointed in was the place where all the items were set out. A huge crowd of people was gathered around the area, so that’s why they hadn’t seen the items.

The two of them walked over, and they saw all sorts of items that they weren’t able to find outside.

There were only three long display cases on the exhibition stage. The items were placed in picturesque disorder, and besides the items at the end of each display case which hadn’t yet been released, all of the rest of them were already marked with their lowest price. Every item had a few people who had bidded on it, which was clearly visible from the decreasing number of cards next to the items.

You XiaoMo walked to the end of the first display case. The final item was covered with a black cloth, which was made with a special kind of material that could prevent other people from spying through it, no matter if it was by the naked eye or through some other method.

The two of them made a circle, and You XiaoMo couldn’t help but sigh.

If they were to use Spirit Gems to measure the price of every item here, the lowest was still close to 100 million Spirit Gems. If they were so well-known, it was no wonder that the ZhongTing Trade Fair’s threshold was so high, and why they didn’t give recommendations to people they didn’t know.

“How is it?” Ling Xiao asked.

You XiaoMo counted on his fingers. “That Ghost Magic Herb and Murraya magic herb are the exact materials the Samsara Pill needs, but it seems that there are a lot of people bidding. The chance of success may not be high.”

If only he were a rainbow level mage, then everything would be fine.

“Let’s first look around and then see.”

Every person had their own opinions towards the assessment of magic herbs, just like how You XiaoMo valued the Ghost Magic Herb and the Murraya magic herb. Since they were all magic herbs that were above level eleven, their quality even more so reached the medium to high grade.

Some people believed that it was worth over 20 million Spirit Gems, while some people believed that it could be worth 30 million Spirit Gems. So if someone wanted to obtain these magic herbs, they couldn’t be stingy.

However, there wasn’t a single person who could participate in the ZhongTing Trade Fair who wasn’t from a rich family, so it was hard to measure the highest price, unless you were willing to spare no effort.

The two of them walked in front the Ghost Magic Herb. Now there were only five cards left, which basically meant that before them there were already five people who had submitted prices. Unfortunately, they had arrived somewhat late, so they couldn’t see who they were bidding against.

The owner of the Ghost Magic Herb should be a practitioner, and they could only be Emperor level, because their requirements were mostly connected to magic pills. One level eleven Ghost Magic Herb could be exchanged for a level ten magic pill, but this was merely the market price. Many people would think like this, so how the price would be raised would be up to themselves and if they were willing to spend the capital.

You XiaoMo frowned, in a dilemma. He looked to Ling Xiao, who was standing at his side. “What do you recommend?”

Ling Xiao said, “Bid two magic pills.”

Bidding two level ten magic pills already exceeded the value of the Ghost Magic Herb, but in order to ensure they would win the herb, there was no other choice. But if they could come up with this, then so could someone else.

You XiaoMo thought a little and added something else in addition to the two magic pills.

He used the same method for the Murraya Magic herb. If this method still wasn’t enough, he could only inform Fu CangQiong of this and let him solve it himself. As for what method he would use, it wasn’t any of You XiaoMo’s business.

After completing these two tasks, a third of the time had already passed.

After a short while, the person in charge of the ZhongTing Trade Fair finally appeared, a woman named Miss Cheng who was wearing a bright pink dress. Her makeup was dignified and beautiful, without even a hint of dust on her. A trace of a Divine level expert’s pressure leaked from her, making others feel admiration.

At that moment, besides the three items still covered by a black cloth, the others had already finished their bidding time. The only thing left to do was to announce who the highest bidders were.

In order to make everything fair, every item would be personally announced by Miss Cheng. Fortunately, there weren’t many items in the first place, so very quickly it was time for You XiaoMo’s Ghost Magic Herb and Murraya herb.

“Hong-lao bid one level ten high grade magic pill and one level nine magic pill. Senior Official Zhang bid one level ten high grade magic pill and five million Spirit Gems… Yun Shao bid two level ten high grade magic pills…” After saying this, Miss Cheng suddenly paused and said slowly, “Now I will announce the winner of the Ghost Magic Herb, You XiaoHa…”


At that moment, a young, cold voice suddenly sounded.

After being cut off, Miss Cheng frowned and looked at the person who had spoken.

Everyone also looked over to discover that it was a man wearing blue clothing with first-class looks. The man waved a folding fan in his hand, and standing behind him were two old men who looked like monks sitting in meditation, one with white hair and one with black hair. After seeing them, You XiaoMo felt that they looked very much like duo black and white fiends. The man’s face was clearly conveying his displeasure, as if he wasn’t satisfied with this outcome. Seeing everyone’s eyes focus on him, he walked out of the crowd, with the two old men following his every step.
t/n: Duo black and white fiends (黑白双煞): In Water Margin novel(one of the four great classical novel of chinese literature), Li Gui (Nickname “Black Whirlwind”) and Zhang Shun (nickname “White stripe in the waves”) were friends, and was called Duo Black and White fiends due to their nicknames. Reason they were called that way because Li Gui has dark skin and muscular physique, while Zhang Shun was the total opposite, fair skin and fair physique.

“What problem does this young master have?” Cheng He asked indifferently.

The man in blue revealed a warm smile. He looked gently at Cheng He and said, “I am Yun Shao. I only wish to know why the highest bidder is someone else despite me bidding two level ten high grade magic pills.”

At that moment, everyone revealed expressions as if they had suddenly seen the light.

To exchange two level ten magic pills for one level eleven Ghost Magic Herb, it was clear that this man was a rich and arrogant person, yet he lost to someone else. It was no wonder that he would feel uncomfortable in his heart.

“Because You XiaoHa’s price was a little higher than Young Master Yun’s.” Cheng He didn’t seem the slightest bit surprised.

“A little higher?”

“That’s right, his price was two level ten high grade magic pills and a hundred Spirit Gems.” After saying ‘Spirit Gems,’ Cheng He’s beautiful face showed the slightest hint of a smile. She had been in charge of the ZhongTing Trade Fair for so many years now, and yet this was the first time she had encountered someone so interesting. So opportunistic, if he hadn’t bid an additional hundred Spirit Gems, the two of them would most likely have had to continue bidding against each other.

Yun Shao was stunned. He actually lost to a hundred Spirit Gems?

You XiaoMo hadn’t thought that this strategy would actually be effective and was truly pleasantly surprised. If situation continued to develop like this, the Murraya Herb should also fall into his possession.

Sure enough, that Yun Shao had also participated in the bidding for the Murraya Herb. He had still bid two high grade magic pills, but You XiaoMo had bid an additional hundred Spirit Gems again. The Ghost Magic Herb and the Murraya Herb both leisurely entered his pocket.

After being pushed down to second place to times in a row, Yun Shao’s expression was very ugly. He looked at You XiaoMo with eyes full of ill-will, and even the two old men behind him opened their sluggish eyes. There seemed to be a cold light coming from their pupils, and just one look made the people nearby feel a sense of oppression.

You XiaoMo didn’t notice. He didn’t feel the least bit heartbroken over using four magic pills to purchase the two magic herbs. After all, in the end the one paying for the bill was his second-shixiong’s second master Fu CangQiong, and he would even receive additional compensation on top of that.

But Ling Xiao noticed, and his languid gaze seemed to slant towards the two old men. There was a warning hidden in his eyes, and there was a flash of fear in both of their hearts in an instant. They immediately looked away.

One of the old men instantly pulled aside Yun Shao, who was about to get angry, and said something quietly into his ear.

Yun Shao’s astonished gaze instantly landed on Ling Xiao. He hadn’t expected the opponent to actually also have an expert next to him, and in the end he had no choice but to temporarily restrain his dissatisfied mood.

At that moment, Cheng He had already told someone to bring out the last three items for the grand finale.

Something that could be the ZhongTing Trade Fair’s grand finale naturally couldn’t be on the same level as something like the Ghost Magic Herb. Since the Trade Fair was tightly hidden, many people weren’t aware of it beforehand.

Everyone craned their necks to look, eyes pinned on the items beneath the black cloth.

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