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Chapter 506: A Pleasant Surprise

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The ZhongTing Trade Fair finally ushered in its climax.

Cheng He stepped forward and personally removed the black cloth covering the first item. Beneath the black cloth was a scroll with a blue veined pattern.

The first thought that came to the audience’s mind was that is was a soul training or skill training scroll. It was very possibly a pinnacle level soul training or skill training manual if it was either of these. They could not help their excitement once they thought of this.

Cheng He picked the scroll up and she gave a faint smile, as if she had guessed what everyone was thinking in their minds, “Everyone present may be thinking that this is a pinnacle level soul training or skill training manual, but I’m very sorry to say that this scroll is neither a soul training or skill training manual. Yet, I can guarantee that its value will not be any less than a pinnacle level soul training manual…”

She paused for a moment and her gaze swept over the faces of the several renowned mages present, before she continued unhurriedly, “Because it is a pill recipe for a first grade rainbow pill.”

Everyone in the venue involuntarily gasped after hearing this sentence.

Whether it was the rich and overbearing Mage Guild or Beast Transfiguration Guild, such things like pill recipes would definitely not be put up for sale even if it was a level ten pill recipe; let alone the pill recipe of a rainbow pill. It was definitely a priceless treasure and its quantity was rarer than a pinnacle level soul or skill training manual.

Many mages revealed a tenacious gaze once they thought of this.

Amongst these people were mages from the Mage Guild and Beast Transfiguration Guild who had known long ago that there would be this pill recipe for a first grade rainbow pill appearing in today’s Trade Fair, and had already began to roll up their sleeves for battle.

According to the situations in the past, as long as there was something that the Mage Guild or the Beast Transfiguration Guild wanted, it would usually fall into their hands in the end. The other mages were lacking in information and were also not as rich and overbearing as them, so they often felt powerless and frustrated.

Cheng He saw that although most were drooling at the mouth, the eyes of the mages showed a hint of helplessness and she knew that they had given up. This was usually the case, but today there seemed to be two strong and powerful competitors. Thinking about this, she separately looked in the direction of You XiaoMo and Yun Shao.

“This pill recipe is a type of rainbow pill called the Cosmos Pill. The cosmos represents Heaven and Earth, and Yin and Yang, so it is also known as Yin Yang Pill. It can stimulate the latent potential of a person when they are threatened by death, and it is also possible for them to advance after the event. This is equivalent to having one more life. It can be regarded as a top-notch magic pill amongst the first grade rainbow pills.” Cheng He slowly introduced.

You XiaoMo swore that he could hear the sounds of many people swallowing.

However, it was not surprising as the value of the Cosmos Pill was much more than an ordinary rainbow pill. It could stimulate the latent potential and even lead to advancement and was practically just like killing two birds with one stone.

“Elder Cheng, what is the request of the owner of the pill recipe?” Old Lei from the Mage Guild walked out. This person was Jiu Ye’s master and his status in the Mage Guild was considerably high. Many people had to respectfully address him as Elder Lei when they saw him. This time he was determined to get the pill recipe of the Cosmos Pill.

Ha Ha!

A resonant laughter drifted out from the crowd. Everyone looked in the direction of the laughter and discovered that the person who laughed was an elderly man with snow-white beard and hair. His face that was as round as pearls and smooth as jade displayed a beaming smile, looking quite a bit like an old brat.

This person was Old Lei’s sworn enemy and was Qiao WuXing’s master, Old Shen. His target was the same as Old Lei’s. The smile on his face widened upon seeing Old Lei look over.

“What are you smiling at?” Old Lei snapped in displeasure.

“Why do you care about what I’m smiling about?” Old Shen raised an eyebrow.

This dialog seemed as if it was full of gunpowder, but it sounded even more like an exchange of a love-hate relationship. You XiaoMo had heard Qiao WuXing briefly mention the grievances between the two before.

It was said that the two were good friends a long time ago. However, it was not known why one joined the Mage Guild and the other joined the Beast Transfiguration Guild. Maybe it was because they had a division of opinions and in the end, they were bound to bicker every time they met.

Cheng He announced with an unchanged expression as if she had long expected this situation, “The owner of the pill recipe only has one request. He wants a first grade rainbow pill and a second grade rainbow pill.”

The two old fellows quietened down just as they were getting started.

Their expressions were quite natural compared to the rest who were stunned. This was the advantage of getting in by the back door since they could make preparations by knowing of this a day earlier.

You XiaoMo knew that he had no chance once he heard this request.

He could not even refine a first grade rainbow pill now, let alone a second grade rainbow pill.

If he knew that the pill recipe of the Cosmos Pill would appear here, he would have seized every minute and second to raise his strength. One must know that he did not even have a single rainbow pill recipe on him, so it was evident that the Cosmos Pill attracted him very much. In the end, he could only watch on helplessly.

You XiaoMo subconsciously ignored the fact that he did not have any pill recipes and would still be unable to refine a rainbow pill even if he raised his strength, as he sank into the unbounded vexation.

Seeing his disappointed expression, Ling Xiao’s eyes flashed.

On the other hand, Yun Shao who had been determined to get the recipe, now seemed to have an expression as if he swallowed a housefly. It just happened that he had a first grade rainbow pill on him, however he did not have the second grade rainbow pill.

“Elder Cheng, may I ask if the second grade rainbow pill could be replaced by another item?” Yun Shao thought over it and walked over to ask. He was unwilling to give up despite knowing that there was practically no chance.

As per expectations, Cheng He shook her head, “No, it can’t. The owner of the pill recipe pointed out that they only want a first and second grade rainbow pill.”

Yun Shao returned back with an obscure expression. The fan in his hand was shaking with irritability. That feeling of looking on helplessly while a rainbow grade pill recipe flew away in front of him was uncannily parallel to You XiaoMo’s.

What happened next was just as expected. The final competitors were only these two people, Lei Long and the Old Shen.

When they simultaneously took out a first and second grade rainbow pill, the pills could only be judged based on its quality to determine whose was better, as the rainbow pills that they took out were of the same type.

It was her first time encountering this situation and Cheng He felt awkward. She invited the best appraisal master at the ZhongTing Trade Fair over and after the other party’s assessment, the result was that the quality of the pills were nearly the same. This would be hard to deal with now.

The owner of the pill recipe did not know what was to be done too, as no matter who he chose, he would be offending the other. It wasn’t worth it!

Lei Long and the Old Shen knew that they could not drag this on any longer. After the two discussed, it was decided that the Old Shen would be the one taking the pill recipe for the Cosmos Pill.

You XiaoMo was extremely surprised upon seeing this, “Weren’t they sworn enemies? How could Jiu Ye’s master let Qiao WuXing’s master have the pill recipe?”

“It could be that they were prepared to share with each other.” Ling Xiao indifferently injected.

“Sworn enemies want to share a pill recipe?” You XiaoMo asked in astonishment. He had heard Qiao WuXing describe the scene of the two interacting before. There was definitely sparks flying in all directions.

“Don’t forget, they were close friends in the past. Perhaps they were only being purposefully quarrelsome.” Ling Xiao directed a smirk at him.

You XiaoMo grimaced. Why did he feel that a clean and honest friendship had been described so maliciously by him, as if there was something added on. Was it his misconception? It definitely must be!

The second item was a pinnacle level soul training manual.

You XiaoMo did not have any interest in this. The Buddha’s Willow Standard that he was cultivating was already a pinnacle level soul training manual. However, what surprised him was the fact that the valuable of the items at the Zhong Ting Trade Fair would be so high. This made him look forward to what the last item would be.
Reminder: The Buddha’s Willow Standard is the dual cultivation book’s name.

Nevertheless, there was something out of You XiaoMo’s expectations. He had thought that Yun Shao would participate in the competition. Contrary to expectations, he did not and it was as if he had no interest in this pinnacle level soul training manual like You XiaoMo.

Ultimately, it turned out as expected and the pinnacle level soul training manual landed in Lei Long’s hands because he directly threw out the two rainbow pills. It went without saying that the only one who could compete with him was the Geezer Shen. As a result, the others could could only let it slip out of their hands.

Cheng He smiled as she asked an attendant to bring the last item out. Everyone who had been enthusiastically discussing fell silent in a split second, as each and every one of them eyed the item beneath the black cloth.

“The next item is the last.” Cheng He took the tray that the attendant carried over. When everyone’s eyes were focused on her, she raised it up as one hand grabbed a corner of the black cloth and slowly lifted it up, as if keeping everyone in suspense.

Everyone unwavering stared at the item on the tray when the black cloth fell onto the ground.

It was a transparent, square-shaped jade box made out of warm jade. Warm jade was one of the higher quality top jades and it was most suitable for incubating spiritual beings. Inside was a wisp of red flame that was jumping about energetically like an imp.

You XiaoMo swore that he already seen this sort of thing four times. He lifted his head up to look at Ling Xiao. Sure enough, Ling Xiao’s indifferent expression slowly became solemn and his astute eyes delicately narrowed.

You XiaoMo pulled on his sleeve, “Could that be a Fire Elemental Essence?”

“Yeah.” Ling Xiao acknowledged.

You XiaoMo clenched his fist in determination and sparks of combativeness ignited in his eyes, “Rest assured, I will definitely so spare no pains or effort to get it.”

“Oh. It’s okay even if you can’t get it.” Ling Xiao suddenly injected.

“Ha? Didn’t you want to collect all five types of Elemental Essence? This is a good chance to get one, why don’t you want it?” You XiaoMo raised his head.

Ling Xiao glanced at him.

You XiaoMo had a feeling that he was being looked upon with disdain.

Ling Xiao opened his mouth and replied, “Since this Fire Elemental Essence was put as the last item, its value should be higher than the previous two. You can’t even get a soul training manual or pill recipe, how would it be possible for you to get this Elemental Essence?”

You XiaoMo choked with resentment, “How would you know if you don’t try?”

“You can try it if you want. If you fail, we can then discuss about how we should snatch the Elemental Essence.”


Of course, your excellency was only thinking of how to loot a burning house from the very beginning.

They were not the only two who had the same idea about the Elemental Essence, there was also Yun Shao. Yun Shao’s gaze seemed to have been stuck there as it never moved from the very first time he caught sight of it. The passion shooting forth from his eyes was not any lesser than You XiaoMo’s and his breathing even became more intense.

Cheng He began to introduce, “This is the Fire Elemental Essence put up by the Mage Guild. I believe that everyone here has heard of it before and will not say much about it’s value. The Mage Guild only has one request, as long as the Ladies and Gentlemen present are able to take out something that would move the Mage Guild, that person would be able to get the Fire Elemental Essence.”

It was impossible to try to move the Mage Guild with magic pills as they did not lack magic pills. Unless the pills were fifth or sixth grade rainbow pills, then it may succeed.

“Young Master, this Fire Elemental Essence will be of great effect to you. We must definitely take it.” The elderly man approached Yun Shao as he resolutely and decisively advised.

Yun Shao took a deep breath, “This Young Master knows, but I’m afraid that it would be difficult to be able to take out something that would move the Mage Guild. The most valuable thing I have is only that first grade rainbow pill.”

The elderly man replied, “Young Master, you’ve forgotten that you still have the Life Blood that the Elder had bestowed on you back in your mountain. The Mage Guild would definitely be moved by this.”

“You’re speaking of that drop of Life Blood?” Yun Shao’s expression became grave. That was something that he had gained in exchange after much difficulty and was always reluctant to use it. He was somewhat hesitant to just take it out in this manner now.

“Young Master, do not forget that the Fire Elemental Essence is much more valuable to you than that drop of Life Blood. Moreover, I believe that you do not want to lose to that person too. If you let him surpass you, the seat of the Clan Head would be snatched away by him. At present, all the elders consider him as a treasure. You have to make a move.” The elderly man continued to console.

The expression in Yun Shao’s eyes changed once he spoke of that person.

He would never forget the person who took his position in the Clan as soon as he appeared. Old Wen was correct, he could not hesitate any more.

“I understand.”

There had already been several people who went up to negotiate with Cheng He while they were conversing. However, none of them could satisfy Cheng He and could only return in disappointment.

Cheng He knew that though the items weren’t bad, they were still no match to the Fire Elemental Essence. However, she was not disappointed. Her gaze cast towards You XiaoMo and Yun Shao. These two rich and imposing people have not yet shown their hand. She was very interested to see what kind of treasure they would be able to take out.

You XiaoMo was also full of joy and expectations as he decided on what and how much of it to take out, but he was a step slower than Yun Shao.

That fellow walked over to Cheng He with a self-satisfied look, as if he had already gotten the Fire Elemental Essence in his bag.

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