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Chapter Twenty Four

A long time later, they returned to the academy with all of the children. Watching the parents of the missing children crying as they hugged them caused all those who were watching to clutch their chests.

As the parents expressed their eternal gratitude, Kai stood by Cain’s side, gripping his mate’s hand tightly, not letting go for even one second. Cian dealt with everything quickly, his expression never changing from the small smile that flitted across his lips. Sitross looked at the two of them, their exhaustion clearly showing on their faces before he sighed and shooed the two of them away, saying that he would deal with everything else than came after. He told them that he would get the information that had about the kidnapper in the morning.

Cian and Kai eventually struggled their way to Cian’s, hands still tightly clasped together.

Quietly, his voice barely a whisper, Kai spoke, “I wish to find my father. I want to ask him why he wants me and why he abandoned my mother and I on Earth.”

“I don’t have a good feeling about it,” Cian muttered, his grip tightening on Kai’s hand.

Kai gave a soft, almost sad smile and whispered, “I do too, but I think I really need my questions answered.”

Cian sighed and agreed. “However, before you seek out your father, you must get stronger. You need to ab able to transform into your dragon form freely without resistance. That is the only way I will let you go.”

“That was also one of my goals anyway.”

“Good, then wa agree.” Cian sighed. They reached Cian’s house in the woods and walked inside. The lights turned on, creating a soft atmosphere. Cian and Kai looked at each other, their hands still intertwined together.

“Kai,” Cian whispered from across him. Shuddering, Kai could feel blood boiling beneath his skin, his senses heightening with each heartbeat. He was absolutely, utterly terrified by the look in Cian’s eyes but, he was also excited beyond belief.

Before he knew it, Cian had had his large muscled arm wrapping around Kai’s neck. The sudden momentum took them down to the ground where they landed hard. Kai began to giggle uncontrollably, his eyes almost closing because his smile was so wide. Cian looked at him as if he had lost his mind, but Kai continued to laugh.

Growling with eyes narrowed, Cian grabbed the back of Kai’s neck and bit his lower lip as he ravaged the younger man’s mouth. Moaning, Kai’s mirth quickly subsided, transforming into unbridled lust. His tongue swept inside Cian’s mouth, causing the other to growl. The two became lost in the battle of superiority with one lustful kiss.

Cian pulled Kai by the arm and pushed him down into the floor. The two lost their clothing with a snap of Cian’s fingers, the magic causing the both of them to be naked in seconds. Kai’s porcelain face was flushing red at an incredible pace, his eyes already glazed over with lust. He unconsciously moved his hand lower, running it along Cian’s stomach, feeling the taut muscles bunch beneath his palm. His trembling fingers continued downward and grasped Cian’s long shaft within his fist.

Sucking in a breath, Cian leaned down until his face was in the crook of Kai’s neck. His breath was hot as he panted into Kai’s ear. It was unexpected when Kai dropped his head and took Cian’s hard length into his mouth.

The feeling of that wet, hot heat washed over Cian and he barely controlled the moan that escaped his parted lips. That mischievous tongue danced and played along his shaft, his teeth careful not to touch even for a second. Knowing that he wouldn’t last long if Kai continued, Cian pulled Kai away from him and shoved him down to the ground.

“I’m sorry, was it that bad?” Kai whispered with a crestfallen look.

With another growl that reverberated through his chest, Cian claimed Kai’s lips harshly. Cian’s fingertips trailed along Kai’s stomach. His skin was like porcelain and he was afraid of breaking such a fragile existence. Kai squirmed under the soft touch, wanting more. A quiet whimper escaped his lips causing Cian to stop, his fingertips hovering over Kai’s now flushed skin.

“Don’t stop midway.” Kai moaned as Cian’s fingertips hovered over his bare chest. “I want you to touch me more.”

Growling, barely in control, Cian leaned down and bit Kai’s perky nipple causing the younger man to flinch even closer. Kai’s fingers weaved through Cian’s hair, dragging him closer, hoping he’d never stop. Cian’s left hand stroked up and down along Kai’s rib cage causing lust to well up inside him. His right hand trailed down his stomach and along his thigh until it reached that warm entrance that was pulsating with unimaginable heat.

Cian’s lips pulled away from Kai’s nipple as he trailed kisses along his collarbone all the way to the younger man’s neck. Breathing in a shuddering breath, Cian whispered, “This might hurt, bear with me.”

Kai didn’t even nod before he felt a strong but slim finger enter inside him. There was a stinging pain which caused him to bite down on his lower lip. He didn’t want Cian to stop and blinked away the tears forming in his eyes.

Cian had noticed anyway. He brought his lips to Kai’s kissing him gently, whispering, “It’s okay, it’s okay.”

Losing himself in the sound of Cian’s voice and soft kisses, Kai almost didn’t notice when a second finger was added. Hundreds of soft, featherlight kisses were exchanged while Cian prepared Kai. Everytime he stretched the small entrance, Kai’s legs would tremble as all strength left them.

This unhurried dance left Kai panting and moaning, his cries echoing and igniting Cian even further. Not wanting to hurt him, Cian held it in as he continued to prep Kai, his cock hard and dripping precum.

“I’m okay,” Kai finally whispered, his two bright eyes glistening with unshed tears. One pale hand reached down and gripped Cian’s shaft, slowly stroking it causing the older man to shudder.

“But…” Cian began to whisper before he was cut off.

“Don’t make me wait any longer,” Kai breathed.

Moaning, Cian took his hand away and nudged that now soft entrance with something much, much bigger. “Are you sure?”

Kai wrapped his trembling legs around the base of Cian’s ass and pulled him in, causing the older man’s shaft to caress his entrance.

“Please,” Kai whispered dragging Cian’s lips to his in a passionate kiss.

Sweeping his tongue inside Kai’s mouth, Cian thrust his hips, sheathing his entire length inside that small porcelain frame.

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Rocky Reigns
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