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Translated by satellite of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

After indulging themselves to their heart’s content, Feisha fell against Isefel’s shoulder, slowly recovering in deep breaths. “Isefel, why do I feel like…my ass isn’t hurting very much?” Even if he didn’t exactly have experience, he still had some common sense. As far as he knew, first times usually meant bleeding was expected and fevers were quite common too…how had he been so bold?

Isefel lifted him into his arms and walked out of the pool. Two bath towels automatically moved to cover them. “I’ve eased the pain for you, but the wounds are still there.”

“Huh?” Feisha reached over to touch his ass, and after feeling around for a while, realized it really was bleeding. “Where are you going?” He watched as the swimming pool and the door to their room grew further into the distance.

“I’m having Shamal heal you.”

“No!” Feisha immediately jumped and seized him around the neck.

Isefel stumbled midstep. “I can ease your pain, but I can’t heal wounds.”

“It’s fine, I have plenty of white blood cells, they’ll heal me quite easily on their own.” Feisha tightened his hold on his neck, refusing to let go. His eyes were wide and pleading. “I don’t want Shamal to see my ass, absolutely not!”

Isefel’s lips pursed slightly.

Feisha’s expression twisted even further in anguish. “I know my ass has already been shared, but the max I’ll allow is two. I absolutely don’t want a third person lusting after it!”

The words “third person” and “lusting after” were probably enough to finally convince Isefel, and he began heading back.

Feisha sighed a breath of relief, clung to his towel and said, “If I knew earlier I would’ve bought less DVDs and more ointment.”

Isefel’s lips curved up just a bit. “This was the first time. I’ll have better control next time, and you won’t be hurt.”

Feisha covered his face with his towel, and whined in a fake, high pitched voice. “Noooo, I hate it and I’m not coming over anymore……” (1) Then he pulled the towel down just enough to reveal his eyes, staring up flirtatiously as Isefel.

Isefel’s expression was completely blank.

Feisha let go of the towel and asked awkward. “Not fun?”


“You don’t think it’s rather enticing?” (2) It was also Feisha’s first time trying this kind of thing, and he was left feeling a bit apprehensive after that lack of reaction.

Isefel looked at his expectant expression and slowly asked. “Is…’enticing’ supposed to be a derogatory term?”

Feisha retreated, bowing his head in disappointment.

Isefel entered the room, placed him gently on the bed, and patted him on the head. “You’re fine just staying the same way you always are”

Feisha’s spirits lifted visibly, and his eyes shined as he stared back at him. “Is ‘the way you always are’ supposed to be a compliment?”

Isefel raised an eyebrow. Feisha happily spread all four limbs and moved them about in a gliding motion across the sheets. Isefel reached out and grabbed something out of thin air, a small can appearing in his hand.

“What is that?”

“I don’t know, but Gin often used it on Hughes.” Isefel replied.

Feisha suddenly realized what he was referring to and couldn’t help but tease him. “Oh? And how would you know Gin often uses it on Hughes?”

Isefel’s expression didn’t even change the slightest. “I saw them.”

He didn’t believe that Gin would allow Hughes’ ass on display in the main halls for everyone to see, so that mean Isefel must have…

Feisha smiled suggestively. Isefel turned him over and applied the ointment gently, rubbing it in little by little.

Feisha didn’t feel any pain anyway, so he let Isefel do his thing. Meanwhile, his thoughts were still stuck on the wild conclusion he had just come to before. “Why were you watching them do…you know?”

Isefel kept rubbing while replying completely seriously. “Studying.”

“Pfft! Haha….” Feisha buried his head in his pillow to muffle his laughter.

Isefel finished applying the ointment, then stared confusedly at Feisha, who was still trembling in laughter. He sent the ointment back into Gin’s room, then went to the bathroom to take a shower. When he got out, Feisha was lying just like that, the back of his head sticking up and his face buried in his pillow, fast asleep.

Isefel’s gaze softened.

When he was in Heaven, Raphael had warned him that humans were weak and selfish. Among the Nine Worlds, they were the darkest and most cunning creatures. They would always put themselves first no matter what happened. To fall just to be with one of them was far from a wise decision.

So when he learned that Feisha was leaving, he was really, truly angry. This rage was born from a sense of uncertainty deep in his heart, one he never felt before. After falling again, returning to Noah’s Ark again, he began examining that uncertainty more closely.

However, once the darkness has been exposed, it quickly swallows up any light until there is not a single trace left. Thus his uncertainty became certainty. Even as he continued thinking it over, his heart had already jumped to the answer.

He once considered opening a pathway to the human world directly to capture Feisha and bring him back. But Gin solemnly swore to him to he would definitely come back of his own will.

The words “of his own will” were like a spell that bound him, convincing him to continue waiting patiently. He never knew that waiting could be such torment. After all his countless years in Noah’s Ark, he noticed the calendar for the first time and learned to count down the days…until he appeared again.

Though he physically remained in the swimming pool at the time, his spirit was concentrating keenly on Feisha’s every move, waiting until he began walking towards him. Only then did his restless heart finally begin to settle. Thus he couldn’t help but embrace him, for he began to understand that this was another way of reaffirming what was between them––

Allowing you to have me.

Allowing me to take you.

As Isefel watched the sleeping Feisha, the corner of his mouth slowly rose, little by little, curving into an arc of happiness.

Feisha slept soundly until noon. Now that was what they called refreshing.

Isefel sat at the coffee table reading a book. On the table was a basket of freshly steamed soup dumplings and a cup of soymilk. (3)

Feisha was almost drooling as he reached over to grab one, but was stopped by a Isefel’s harsh, cold glare. “Go wash up.”

Feisha stuck out his tongue, but then fled quickly into the bathroom. A cacophony of noises echoed from the bathroom, as if a great battle was being fought inside. A short while later, he rushed out in a hurry and sat at the other side of the coffee table. He grabbed the dumplings and began stuffing them impatiently into his mouth.

Isefel waited for him to finish eating before speaking. “Antonio made you a whole table of food yesterday.”

Feisha burped loudly, then continued drinking his soymilk.

“He’s asked that you go and finish it.”

“…….” The soymilk began leaking from the corner of Feisha’s mouth.

Isefel continued reading.

Feisha hurriedly wiped his mouth and asked. “Is it okay if I…don’t go?” He blinked his wide eyes accusingly, trying to hint at whose fault it was that Antonio’s food had gone to waste.

Isefel lifted his head, and his expression seemed to relax a bit.

The doorbell rang and Victor’s voice came from outside. “Has he woken up? Antonio told me to come and tell him to hurry it up.”

Feisha strained his throat to speak in a high pitched voice. “He’s not up yet.”

“Oh.” Victor replied, then left.

Feisha looked back and noticed Isefel frowning. “What’s wrong?”

The part of expression that had relaxed earlier was now scrunched up in profound confusion. “Was that supposed to be my voice?”

Feisha laughed drily and said. “Aww, don’t be made about it. I ate too much, I’m going to go walk around and let it digest a bit.” From the look of it, he wasn’t going to be able to escape Antonio today. But even if he couldn’t escape, he had to at least prepare himself. He was going to need to work out in order to empty out as much space in his stomach as possible.

After spending so long here, he might not have learned much, but the one thing he did manage to master was climbing up and down the stairs. And this just happened to be the most effective way to lose weight. Just like yesterday, when the two of them were lying together, there wasn’t a trace of belly fat sticking between them. That’s how he knew it was a success.

Thinking of yesterday, he couldn’t help be feel a bit annoyed. Those six packs, he was so close to them, but in the heat the moment he had been completely focused on the shoulders instead…

Feisha quietly clenched his first. If there was a next time, he was going to feel them up good and plenty!

He took another big step onto the next floor when he was suddenly caught by the sight before him.

A figure wrapped in warm light stood straight at the water’s edge.

“Metatron?” Feisha said in a daze. He thought he had secretly left already.

Metatron turned to him slowly and smiled at him. “You finally came?”

Feisha’s expression went dark. “If you hadn’t moved, I would’ve been here eight hundred years ago.”

Metatron replied. “I haven’t moved. Perhaps it is your heart that has.”

Was he trying to hint an an…affair? (4) This was a serious problem.

Feisha immediately denied any hint of this. “I would swear my love for Isefel with all my heart on Heaven and Earth. It’s as certain as the sun or moon in the sky, absolutely unwavering.”

Metatron seemed a bit stumped for words. He finally laughed and said. “Oh, then I’ll have to congratulate Isefel.”

Feisha raised an eyebrow. “This is the type of congratulations you should say while handing a red envelope.” (5)

Metatron replied tactfully. “How much are you thinking?”

Feisha waved a hand. “Not too much. A few thousand tons of gold coins will do.” (6)


Feisha began treading carefully. “Was that too little?”

Metatron replied. “I’ve been suspended from my duties a long time now.”


“Even if I hadn’t been though, I still wouldn’t have a few thousand tons of gold coins.”


Metatron continued. “But perhaps I could give you a different gift?”

No wonder why the room was so empty. Perhaps he’d already pawned off everything he could? Whatever was left was probably not worth much. Feisha wasn’t hoping for much. “What?”

Metatron paused on each word carefully. “Eternal life.”

Feisha was stunned. He suddenly remember his desperate search for Metatron back when Isefel left.

“Although time passes more slowly on Noah’s Ark compared to the human world, you are still aging day by day. Only with eternal life will you be able to stay with Isefel forever.” Metatron’s voice was soft and soothing, like a running stream, flowing deep into Feisha’s heart. “And you will become the first human to attain eternal life since Adam and Eve were banished from Eden.”

Feisha was suddenly suspicious. “Would God agree to that?”

“Why not?” Metatron smiled, making the light enveloping him shine even brighter. “Besides, I promised you that as long as you could make Isefel overcome his indifference, I would grant you your wish.”

Feisha muttered. “You clearly rejected my wish for a few thousand tons gold coins though?”

“You’re sure you want a thousand gold coins instead of eternal life?” Metatron’s voice held a clear hint of laughte

Who could reject a few thousand tons of gold coins?

Feisha sighed for a moment then replied without hesitating. “I choose eternal life.”

If someone walked up to him with a few thousand tons of gold coins, he would never be able to reject it. But if this was a multiple choice test with Isefel and gold coins as answers, there was only one right answer for him.

Metatron was unsurprised by his decision. “Close your eyes.”

Feisha closed his eyes and said. “I’m saying this ahead of time. I’m a taken man now, don’t go stealing kisses.” He paused, then gritted his teeth and added. “If you absolutely have to, make sure you don’t have any lipstick on.”

The clear sound of laughter rang next to his ear. The space between his eyebrows suddenly grew warm, and it seemed as if something was flying out of his body, making all his limbs hang a bit looser after.

“Alright, it’s done.”

Feisha opened his eyes and was rather puzzled as he checked himself over. “That’s it?” This wasn’t just a trick right?

Metatron replied. “Time will prove everything.”

He was still an angel after all, so his word should be fairly dependable. Feisha looked to him and said sincerely and wholeheartedly, “Thank you.” Thinking of how hard Qin Shi Huang (7) had worked his entire life in an attempt to reach immortality, Feisha suddenly felt like he had gotten off much too easily.

Feisha came downstairs and suddenly found himself on Isefel’s floor again. Isefel was standing next to the swimming pool.

“Isefel, guess who I just met?” Feisha rushed over excitedly.

Isefel turned and caught him. “Metatron.”

“Why didn’t you at least pretend to guess wrong?” This was way too anticlimactic.

“He just gave me this.” Isefel opened his hand, revealing a gold coin in his palm.

“……” Metatron really was in rather dire straits. Feisha said, “He gave me something a bit better. He gave me eternal life.”

Isefel didn’t look particularly happy or upset, and just continued petting his hair.

Feisha was a bit off put. “Why aren’t you happy at all?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“What do you mean it doesn’t matter?” Feisha was torn between being angry and depressed now. Was he just planning to play around with him, then toss him out once he got bored? From indifference to faithlessness…isn’t the rate he’s falling at a bit too fast!?

Isefel replied. “Even if you died, I’d find your reincarnation again.”

Feisha buried himself in Isefel’s embrace and clutched onto him tightly. He didn’t speak again for a long time.

In another corner near the staircase, Gin was holding a pen and scribbling it all down. What a good line! Such moving words! He never expected Isefel to be one for murmuring endearments of love, but once he began, what a passionate love it was!

Thus that night, after a certain bout of lovemaking, Gin spoke to Hughes in a voice full of affection. “Even if you died, I’d find your reincarnation again.”

Hughes’ was still gasping for breath after a certain strenuous bout of exercise, barely processing the words as he smiled. “Do you think that after being the death of me once already, you could find me to kill me a second time?”

“……” Ah, how it must feel to be a young, growing kid again.

Translator’s Notes

1. Feisha’s sort of whining and saying this typically very…tsundere line, for lack of an appropriate English way to describe it. It’s “讨厌啦,人家不来了”. First part translates literally to something like “so annoying” or “I hate it” and the second part is “other people aren’t coming over anymore”, except the “other people” is just a third person cutesy reference to the speak themselves.

Bit hard to describe but you’ll hear this line dropped often in cheesy Chinese dramas where the girl is whining and waiting for the guy to come around to comfort her/convince her not to go. Feisha’s just teasing/flirting around with Isefel by roleplaying a needy lover.

2. The word here is “情趣” (qing qu). Broken down, the first character is the one for feelings of love/lust, and the second character is the one for interest. It’s usually used to mean appealing/interesting, but it also carries a sexual connotation. “情趣玩具” for instance (‘qing qu’ toys) is the term for sex toys.

I’ve used “enticing” since it’s the closest English equivalent.

3. The dumplings are 小笼包 (xiao long bao), a type of small steamed of dumpling made in bamboo baskets, and made with soup inside usually. There are usually 6-8 of them per serving basket, and that’s what’s sitting on the table.

And the soymilk is just a typical part of traditional Chinese breakfast. Isefel sure is one cultured angel.

4. The metaphor used here is “红杏出墙”, the apricot hanging over the wall again– it was used a few chapters back, and it describes having an affair.

5. Red envelopes are given at special occasions and usually contain cash. They’re pretty well-known for being given to unmarried children/adults at New Year’s, but are also given at graduations, weddings, birth of babies, etc.

6. Feisha actually says “a few tens of thousands tons of gold coins will do” because “ten thousand” (万) is a single unit in Chinese. Metatron replies saying he wouldn’t have “a few ten thousand tons of gold coins.” It sounds awkward translated literally so I cut it down to thousands.

7. Qin Shi Huang was the first emperor credited with unifying China, and founded the Qin dynasty. He did quite a lot during his lifetime, but was known to be obsessed with immortality and finding the Elixir of Life later in his life. He’s also known because of his extensive mausoleum, which contains the famous Terracotta Army. You can read more about him here:

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