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Remember this is an original novel written by Addis of ExR. This is not a translation.

Hey everyone, long time no see.

I’ve been really busy with ExR novels and manga the last few months and sadly I have not found the drive to continue Fractured Moonlight. However, I did decide to post all of my ideas and notes for the end of the novel. This is like a summary for those who were waiting to see the end of this novel. I apologize for not finishing this, I truly wanted to, but I could not find the drive, motivation or passion to write like I once did.  I will probably never finish this novel, but I hope you loved what I had completed.

Chapter Twenty Five

They set out to find kai’s dad

They end up surrounded by a group of masked ppl

Cian and kai are separated

Kai is taken to a nice room

Kai kicked and squirmed and screamed and cursed. He used everything he could to try and escape from the darkness surrounding him. It was suffocating and he felt trapped, he was stuck in a cage, bars surrounding him. He was crowded, engulfed in the liquid darkness.

The Creator of Dreams will bring darkness or light.

Creator of Dreams.

Darkness or Light.

Master of Beasts.


Kai’s eyes snapped open and he screamed. Nothing came out, his throat was sore, his voice hoarse. He whimpered under the pain his body was feeling. Somewhere a door opened and footsteps came closer. Kai shot out of the position he was in and for the first time he noticed where he was.

He was in a small stylish room, lace curtains covered the small window by the bed. The sheets and blankets were crumpled and wrinkled, settled in a position that made Kai realize he was the one who last used that bed. Next to the bed was a small table with a light source upon it. The room altogether was livable but somehow oppressive. The air seemed to be filled with years of anger, hurt and depression. That alone increased Kai’s shortened breath.

His eyes wandered towards the window, was it open? He creped forward and moved the curtains aside, bright light invaded the room, showing every dark crevice and corner in the room. The window was not open, a thin glass covered the opening, close to shutting off all possible escape. Kai swung his arm back and punched the glass with all of his strength.

It shattered on impact, showering Kai’s right arm with slivers of rainbow glass. He pulled his fist forward and watched the blood well from the tiny cuts on his knuckles.

Well, that was smart, he thought as he licked the blood away. He stood and watched out the window, outside were thick woods in all their glory. Tree upon tree upon tree. An emerald paradise that reminded Kai of a different forest, even that forest was not a bright green like these woods. Kai inhaled the sweet perfume of the trees and his mouth watered.

“Makes you want to run, doesn’t it?” A deep voice said from behind him. Kai’s hand shot out before he could process the voice and when he did, he froze. He turned and looked behind him, wishing it was who he thought.

When his eyes met golden eyes he nearly shrieked with pleasure, but the eyes were within a human face, not a leopards’. Kai backed away instantly aware of the way the man’s eyes stared at him with greater intensity than even his own mate.

“Who are you?” Kai croaked with his hoarse voice. The man smiled and held out his arms in a commanding fashion.

“Me? I’m your father.”

Suddenly, Kai was moving. He swiftly moved towards the window and grabbed a long piece of glass off the stone floor and ran towards his supposed father with his arm at his side. His eyes were intent on the kill. His father ducked when Kai threw his arm out towards his throat.

The glass grazed his skin, leaving a small, thin streak along his jawline. Kyrian felt the blood trickle down his throat but he was too busy avoiding the attacks Kai continued to throw at him. He swept his leg out and almost came into contact with Kyrian’s left foot had he not kicked out with his own foot and knocked him off balance.

He came upright rather quickly and threw the piece of glass he was still holding. Instinctively, Kyrian threw his right arm up and the glass imbedded itself to the bone. He hissed in pain and yanked it out. He wasn’t going to be nice anymore.

Kyrian ducked as he lobbed another punch and before he could back away he caught his fists and transferred them so he was holding him with one hand. Kai continued to squirm and kick. Kyrian growled and rammed him up against the wall, planting his thigh between his legs so he couldn’t move them. Kai growled and spit on him.

Kyrian wiped it off disgusted and held Kai’s wrists above his head. Now there was nowhere he could go.

“What was that for?” He growled, furious as he never had been before. This son of his was infuriating!

Kai growled back at tried to dislodge him, but his blood dropped onto him as he continued to struggle.

“Stop!” Kyrian yelled, “Do not hurt the baby!”

Chapter Twenty-Six

Due to being a dragon though, pregnancy lasts years

His dad tells him that he will let cian go on the condition that kai stays with him until the baby is born

Kai grudgingly agrees and secretly sends cian a message telling him he is pregnant and to come in 4 years because he believes by then that they can defeat his father

Father reveals his plan that he wants Kai’s body/baby to use the blood to help him become a god

Kai strives to beat his father

Several months had passed since Cian had left. Kai knew it was an important step to reach the True God realm, and that it was the only way they could beat his father but he was lonely. He was so lonely that at night, when Cian’s warm body was usually against his, Kai found himself wanting him near him.

Feeling pressure build-up in his lower abdomen at the thought of Cian’s husky laugh, Kai’s hands unconsciously lowered until they touched the part of himself Cian usually did. Heat flaring through his body from the memories of their lovemaking, Kai began to slowly stroke himself, imagining it was Cian’s hands and not his.

He wanted Cian, so badly. He wanted that lithe muscular weight pressing down on him, those gentle hands caressing him, and that charismatic smile teasing him. What he wanted most was Cian himself. He was so lonely.

With these thoughts in mind, Kai found his release slowly, but it just made him feel even more alone.

“Cian,” he sobbed. “Hurry.”

Chapter Twenty Seven

The sun was setting slowly, on the edge of twilight; it seemed like winter, it always did, and snow blanketed the ground, even if the sun was out all day, it was always there. It was snowing, like the tears of an angel continuously falling. But that angel’s heart was so cold, her tears had become frozen just like her heart. The huge magnificent sky was the only thing that was connecting Cian and Kai.

On the day he feels the baby kick for the first time, Kai finally advances in strength on par with his father

He sends out a manifestation to get cian

Cian arrives with an army behind him

They fight to free kai

Kai fights his father

His father tells him it doesn’t matter if he is alive or dead at this point, he can still keep the baby alive

“This isn’t a story, Kai. It’s reality, and in reality, there are no guarantees.”

Enraged, kai uses some of his vitality to beat his father

Chapter Twenty Eight

Weak and desperate, his father dies but kai is wounded, covering his belly to protect his unborn child

Cian finally makes his way to Kai and tells him he needs to transform or else he cant stay alive

Kai cries telling him that if he does transform he could hurt the baby so his father said

From the sky a figure appears, this figure is an old drgaon, it seems to be kai’s grandmother

When she hears his cries she tells him that changing form will not hurt the baby

In fact, it will actually let the baby grow faster

Dragon babies are not meant to be formed in a human’s womb and he is actually endangering the child by not transforming

Feeling these words are the truth, Kai transforms, and so does Cian

The old dragon smiles sadly at her grandson

“I am sorry you had to endure this I should have killed my son off long ago but I was afraid. Forgive me, my life is fading and the only thing I can do is gift you with my remaining life to heal what you sacrificed.”

Grandma transfers all her remaining energy to kai and slowly fades away

“Live happily, Kai, you are the last of our race.”

Chapter Twenty Nine

Kai faints from the power and wakes up in an unfamiliar area with a leopard sleeping beside him

Kai cries when he feels the heart of his baby beating inside of him, cian is joyous and the two cry together, thankful they are both still alive

Two years later, triplets are born, two girls and one boy

Cian nudged his nose against Kai’s slim neck, inhaling the smell of their scents that had combined through the night. Kai, still asleep, murmured incoherently before snuggling up to Cian, his breathing even in his sleep. Chuckling, Cian bit lightly down on Kai’s collarbone leaving faint red marks across the delicate pale skin. Hearing the intake of breath beneath him, Cian bit down harder making Kai gasp.

“Mmmnn.” Kai moaned, his large two different colored eyes opening slowly within the dark room. “What are you doing?” He muttered sleepily, snuggling his body closer to Cian so that every inch of their bodies touched.

Cian wrapped his long legs around the back of Kai’s thighs, dragging him closer to the stiff mast that lay in wait like a predator. “Waking you up,” was the growling response.

Kai felt the temperature in the room skyrocket with each lazy circle Cian drew on his back. Becoming more awake by the second, Kai reached his hands up, his fingers weaving through Cian’s vibrant hair. Neither of them resisted as their mouths locked together, bound just as tightly as their bodies. From across the room, three cries rang out and both Kai and Cian turned to look at the three sets of bright eyes that stared at them.

“Kleea, Jayce, Vista, what are you doing?” Kai laughingly called out his children’s names. The three children giggled from the end of the bed and used their small wings to fly over to their parents. Kai and Cian looked at each other before cuddling with their children.

This was the best definition of cuddling they could have ever imagined.

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October 7, 2019 5:18 pm

UwU I’m so happy for many reasons today. First, surprised. The novel has progessed!!! And that he was pregnant!? I’m glad Kai was freed! Cian is a hot dada ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) hehe summaries with steamy acts

Thank you for updating Fractured Moonlight!

The ending is ❤

Dearest Addis of ExR, you da best :*

October 7, 2019 11:19 pm

I truly enjoyed reading this story. Sad to hear it’s not been easy on you but thank you so much for the summaries and ending! 💜💜💜

November 1, 2019 9:01 am

Thank you for doing this!
It gave us an idea of where you were headed with the story! it was a good ending!!

April 20, 2020 11:30 am

This is so beautiful Addis..atleast you left us a happy fast ending..hihihi…

September 28, 2020 7:47 am

Dear Addis..
I was a bit sad as you couldnt write the novel as you wished, but believe me!! You are really talented and I am really grateful with your novels. I can even imagine every single movement and action portrayed in the story and they are so beautiful in my head.. I can imagine every single colour and shape mentioned in the story, giggling and sobbing while reading, i even thought that the novel deserved to be adapted into anime 😭😭
No matter what, I want to thank you for your hard work.. Thanks!!

June 17, 2021 2:37 am

Love the ending. You are a talented writer. Despite the mental block and RL issues, the story flows really well. Love that you make the characters so upfront with their opinions. Love the fact that in all of your novels, the MC and ML are independantly strong and capable and they both strive to protect and care for each other.

Thanks Addis!

July 6, 2021 3:02 pm

I appreciate the closure given for this story. Amazing storyline.

I must say it read off to me as ideas being jotted down. If you would like for me to Ghost Write Full Length Chapters I would be happy to.

~ Quintessential

August 17, 2022 5:29 am

Dear Addis, thank you for not leaving us hanging. This is by far the best of your writings. I loved all of them, but I have a special place in my heart for dragons. Thank you again♥️ I look forward to more of your work in the future. You are my favorite translator, now, also one of my favorite authors ♥️

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