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Chapter 3: The Beginning

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA

The two day weekend passed quickly.  

Hu Yu was glad that he chose to confess to Fu Anli on Friday. After being rejected, he still had two days to mentally prepare himself, instead of seeing each other immediately the next day. Hu Yu returned to his school dorm at six o’clock on Sunday afternoon with a large bag of snacks, fruits and a box of coke and chicken wings made for him by Mother Hu.  

There was no one in the dorm room, the other three may not be back yet. Hu Yu chewed a chicken wing and suddenly heard someone knocking at the door.  

“Why didn’t you bring the key…” Hu Yu opened the door with a chicken wing in his mouth. He was stunned into silence before he could finish the next word, because it was not one of his roommates standing outside, but Fu Anli.He has just taken a bath, and wore a white T-shirt without drying his hair.  

With the fresh smell of body wash, the other party’s scent ran straight into Hu Yu’s nose. Two seconds later, his senses returned and he quickly hid the chicken wing behind him. “What’s the matter?” he asked dryly.

Fu Anli looked natural, as if nothing had happened before, “The hair dryer in our room is broken, can you lend me yours?”  

“Yes.” Hu Yu put down his chicken wings and wiped his hands. He went to the cabinet and got the hair dryer. “Take it.”   

Fu Anli did not accept it immediately. Instead, Fu Anli fixed his eyes on Hu Yu and did not take the hair dryer until Hu Yu began to feel uncomfortable. He murmured, “Thank you,” and left.  

Today’s Fu Anli felt somewhat abnormal. Although their bedroom is opposite to each other, he had never come to visit Hu Yu, let alone ask him for help before. Hu Yu shook his head and strangled the thoughts in his head before they left the cradle.  

He said he would give up, so he would. He shall never get together with this cold asshole!  

… but in case Fu Anli changes his mind… No, there would be no such surprises, Hu Yu, you should respect yourself, don’t hang on one tree, go find another tree tomorrow!  

Hu Yu continued  chewing on the chicken wing from before, and continued giving up Fu Anli in his mind.  

Fu Anli, who had returned to his bedroom with the hair dryer, was a little distracted. After returning home on Friday night, he even dreamt of Hu Yu, who was still in the equipment room and still naked. The difference was that he did not push away the other man in his dream, but held him tightly.  

He had this dream for two consecutive nights. In the dream, he fucked Hu Yu over and over,making the other party cry and beg for mercy.  Then the next morning, after waking up, he would go to the bathroom and wash his underwear secretly.  

This was not normal.  

For nineteen years, Fu Anli had never had such a dream. However, after seeing the young man’s youthful body, he suddenly began to have this dream. Fu Anli stared at the hair dryer in his hand , and let the drips of water from his hair soak his collar.  

He thought, this must be fox demon magic, otherwise how could he be like this?  

When Shen Yu entered his dorm room, he saw Hu Yu gnawing on his wings. There were piles of chicken bones on the table, and every bone was licked clean.  

“How can you eat all this by yourself?” Shen Yu, who was filled with grief and anger, rushed to take the last chicken wing from the box and continued complaining to Hu Yu.  

Hu Yu burped, “Didn’t I leave one piece for you?”  

Shen Yu, who was robbed of Mother Hu’s signature Cola Chicken Wings, snatched it himself.  

Third year Senior students have self-study sessions on Sunday nights, from 8:00 to 10:00, so they played a few games in the dorm room before going to the classroom. Hu Yu’s class, Senior Class 4, is the top class, so the Sunday evening self-study was usually run by a few prominent teachers, this week is Chinese.  

“Why do I want to sleep as soon as I hear Lao Wang’s voice?” Hu Yu yawned in a low voice.  

Shen Yu’s eyelids were drooping, “Ask me.”  

“A: Lao Wang’s voice is poisonous.” As soon as Hu Yu finished speaking, a piece of chalk pen made a perfect parabola in the air and hit him on the head.  

“Haven’t you had enough sleep when you went home this weekend? Stand in the corridor and wake up!”  

Hu Yu woke up for a moment and went to the penalty station in the corridor without hesitation. His grade in Chinese was lagging behind all other subjects, but he was not interested in it and figured this was why he was being punished.  

Standing in the corridor, Hu Yu could still hear Lao Wang lecturing in the classroom, “I have always told you that you can’t sleep in my class. How come some students don’t listen? There will be others in the future…”  

Later, Hu Yu didn’t hear him very clearly, because his attention was attracted by the person passing in front of him.  

It was Fu Anli again.  

The man passed in front of him with a pile of books, and the smell of Fu Anli came to his nose in an instant. Hu Yu was stunned for a moment, and suddenly found that the person who had gone by had retreated and stood in front of him.  

Smelling the familiar and pleasant scent of the other man, Hu Yu’s face turned red for a moment.  

“Are you on a penalty stand?” Fu Anli’s voice was as cold as ever.  

Originally immersed in the surprise of the other party’s initiative, Hu Yu suddenly remembered what happened last Friday, and his face instantly turned from red to white, “Fuck off… It’s none of your business. Stay away from me.”  

Fu Anli’s eyes went colder when he heard this. After two seconds of silence, he turned around and left. He must be out of his mind  to talk to that fox demon first  

Looking at the other’s back as they moved farther away, Hu Yu felt a little lost. It’s not normal for Fu Anli to take the initiative to talk to him… But he did seem a little abnormal today. Hu Yu felt a bit hot, a few minutes later, a thin layer of sweat had appeared on his forehead and his heart rate had accelerated.  

After successfully falling asleep in Chinese class, Shen Yu was pushed into the corridor. As soon as he came out, he saw Hu Yu’s red face. He was so scared that his sleepiness disappeared.  

“What’s the matter with you?” Shen Yu touched his forehead. “You got a fever standing here?”  

“…I don’t have a fever.”  

Shen Yu looks at him incredulously.  

Hu Yu took ten deep breaths, and gradually suppressed the sudden palpitation of his heart and his fever, “See? I’m really fine.”  

Seeing that his face had returned to its normal pale shade, Shen Yu believed Hu Yu. 

This strange fever was soon forgotten by Hu Yu, because not long after Shen Yu came out, Lao Wang let Hu Yu go back to the classroom, “Listen to the class. You know what your Chinese score looks like. You must increase it by twenty points in next month’s test.”  

Hu Yu wanted to hit someone. Improve by twenty points? Teacher, are you hoping for the impossible?  

“I’ll find someone to tutor you. Don’t be lazy.”  

Fine, okay. You are the teacher. You are the master.

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Who would be Hu Yu Tutor it’ll be? Make me Curious. Thanks you

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Is Fu Anli interested now that Hu Yu has given up?
Thanks for the chapter

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