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Chapter 78: Star singer

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo sends Gu YuMian hugs


In the beginning, the exploitation of Ancient Earth was not a government led activity, neither was the military nor the Academy of Sciences involved… Although it was the parent star, Ancient Earth did represent a less beautiful memory for most of the interstellar residents, because it meant war, lack of resources, famine and suffering.

When they left, they had taken all the things they needed, so there was no need to go back at all. The initial development and research funds came from the royal family and the panda Guo family.

The panda Guo family had its own reasons, and the royal family it was entirely because Shuo Han was bored at that time, and the things that made the cabinet elders unhappy were always particularly pleasing to him.

They rode turtles through the downtown area, along the backbone of the skeleton of the giant dragon, and swayed through the active crater. By the time they arrived at the destination, the little snow leopard was already thinking about the feasibility of giving Gu YuMian Ancient Earth.

“What’s TuanTuan thinking?” Gu YuMian pinched the face of the snow leopard. The expression of little brat along the way was very serious.

The little snow leopard’s ears were a little red. He didn’t look away arrogantly. His paw pointed out a picture on his optical computer screen. He glanced at Gu YuMian and raised his chin to the light screen, meaning he wanted to know which one Gu YuMian wanted.

It was the outline of a solar system. Gu YuMian was not sure. What kind of children’s puzzle connection game was it? He rowed and pulled the stars together.

The little snow leopard gave a light look at the line Gu YuMian made. Gu YuMinan didn’t show anything special. He put the light screen away again.

… As for the ownership of an entire ancient solar system discovered by Gu YuMian in his own name one day, it was not predictable at this time.

“Chii?” Little Tangyuan was curious about what they were playing with. He tilted his head and wanted to connect the stars too. He was blocked by the little snow leopard’s paws.

Gu YuMian adored the children and he couldn’t help laughing. The snow leopard’s serious expression finally stretched out, but soon became unhappy again. Of course, he didn’t think little TanyYuan was cute at all. Looking at Gu YuMian’s sight made him feel sad.

[Shenle live: Is MianMian in a better mood now? = 33 =]

[Cat’s Meow: Just smile. You can tell us anything sad.]

Gu YuMian’s mood was not so obvious all the time. Unexpectedly, a lot of audience members noticed and cared about him so much. Gu YuMian was moved and embarrassed, “Thank you.”

In fact, along the way, Gu YuMian’s initial sadness had long been eliminated.

In the sea water, there were coral like neon signs, lantern fish swimming slowly, and huge whales sinking from a little bit of water drainage. The mermaids were indeed very friendly and warm to them, no matter the men, women, children or old. Gu YuMian was forced to pack several strings of pearls.

The children were shouting all the way. Several wet eyes were big and round as they stared. At the sight of something new, little Tangyuan, the little fox and the little husky used their little claws to press Gu YuMian’s palm, lest he could not see it.

The turtle, who was also very old, turned on the stereo and put on the latest popular song, which, according to the audience, seemed to be the song of the star Kivu Lulu. It’s said that this new girl idol with pink hair was very popular with the water people. There were many father and mother fans.

Gu YuMian took a look. She was really a lovely and beautiful girl. She looked seven or eight years old. Round eyes and plump lips, she looked like a sweet little cherry with two pigtails tied in a pink bow.

The little husky shook his head, intoxicated with the music, and the audience shook their legs together. The turtle was like an old antique car that needed to be ignited, slowly taking them all the way forward.

At this moment, the slow turtle has completely stopped swimming. It glided along the water, finally reaching its destination.

In the center of the ribs of the skeleton lay a magnificent sunken ship with many beautiful corals and aquatic plants.


Ten minutes later, they were inside the huge, sunken cruise ship, which had been repaired over and over again. It was simple, warm and old-fashioned. It was convenient for land guests to live in, and the water was emptied and filled in with air.

Gu YuMian was able to live in a top-level guest room of the cruise ship. Looking down from the window, they were in the most bustling area of the Undersea City. The lights and long flowing water were rippling. Seahorses, lantern fish and orange clownfish were curiously looking at them from the window.


… Until behind the foggy glass, a pair of ferocious and contemptuous eyes appeared, looking at them with excited eyes.

All kinds of fish swam away in horror.

After a long walk around the Undersea City, the children’s fluff was wet. Because there was salt in the sea water, after entering the house for drying, there were crystal salt grains on their fur.

The little husky thought that he was very cool. He looked at the mirror left and right and grinned for a long time. He stood up and put on a pose of a bodybuilder.

Gu YuMian, “… It’s half-past nine…” He looked at the time. “I’ll give the children baths first, clean up and comb their hair.”

It was fun in the sea, of course, but when they came out of the water and entered the room, they didn’t feel so good many of the audience members got excited again.

[Junior B: Here we are!!! Introduce our professional hairdressing food anchor to the new audience.]

[White Pear Blossom, Lili: Today is really a one-off 555, but I still greedily feel dissatisfied when I think that today is going to end. QAQ ]

[Star falling: This anchor… To be honest, I don’t think it’s enough for him to be live 24 hours a day.]

The end of the final night was just over an hour away.

The total audience of the whole competition area was 1.1 billion, and Gu YuMian accounted for 900 million. Now, it was not the meaningless question of who would win the championship, but whether the total audience of Gu YuMian’s would reach 1.2 billion by the end of tonight?

That would be the highest record of a single live broadcast popularity for the entire Starry Sky platform.

The anchor, who set that record, borrowed the heat of current affairs at that time, and then never broke it himself. He had been there for a whole year.

“YuanYuan, can you help me to get the small cloth bag in the luggage?” Gu YuMian touched little Tangyuan’s head.

Little Tangyuan looked like a human baby now. Maybe it was a race talent. The skin of his hand hadn’t wrinkled after such a long time and was still lovely.

Gu YuMian washed him with warm bath gel and wrapped him in a large towel, and he had finished cleaning the little guy. He sighed, cleaning up the rest of the children would be a bitter battle.

“Chii!” Little Tangyuan answered happily.

… His pram driving skills were superb. Tonight, in the Utopia night market and circus, he secured many achievements, such as racing in the market, overtaking in the corner, whirling and drifting. Gu YuMian was very angry at the beginning but later gave up thinking because little Tangyuan drove really stably, which was probably more stable than Gu YuMian pushing his pram.

The luggage had been carried to the next room, where the water had not been completely drained. In the water, the snow leopard, fox and husky’s thick and long hair produced amazing resistance. It was more convenient for little Tangyuan, who had become a human baby, to move.

Little Tangyuan moved his short legs and ran to the stroller.

“Mn, come first.”

The little husky was the easiest to move among the three, and his fur was the most knotted. After being knotted together, it was entangled with crystal small salt particles. Gu YuMian was extremely distressed at the sight. But the baby rubbed his head against Gu YuMian happily.

The bathroom here was also very old-fashioned. The bathtub was made of wood, with some beautiful shells and pebbles, sending out a very pleasant smell. Outside the window was clear sea water, all kinds of fish, and the light and shadow on the seafloor were wonderful and beautiful, which couldn’t be achieved by any special effects.

Gu YuMian held the flower shower gel in one hand and the exclusive little husky’s comb in the other hand, smoothened out the tangled hairs one by one, and then brushed him. This time, he combed slower than usual. The temperature of the palm spread the wet and sticky moisture of the sea water and the cool autumn night, penetrating into the skin. It felt clean and gentle.

At first, the little husky was still staring at the fish out of the window. His eyes were shining and his teeth were grinning. Gradually, he lay in Gu YuMian’s arms completely. He could not move.

The atmosphere of the bullet screen was quiet and warm.

[Today, I will not be a fox: Ah, this is great.]

[Lying in Mian’s arms and saying: Ah, this is great.]

[Lantern Deng: Ah, this is great.]

[suger: Aaaah!! Break the formation! I collapsed on the sofa and was so happy that I giggled. My roommate came back and asked why I was acting so weirdly.]

[Cat’s meow: Did you sleep today? Blowing it up! Everyday is a blast!]

The number of online viewers had quietly risen to 940 million, a step closer to the record.

The little snow leopard was very dissatisfied that he was not the first one to be bathed. He put his paws on Gu YuMian’s shoulders and sulked. The little fox expected him to take out his cooking utensils from his small backpack, and was desperately hinting at it.

Gu YuMian and little fox had a link in their hearts, “Does QiuQIu want to cook?”

The fox nodded shyly.

Gu YuMian intuitively knew that cooking had become a very important goal in fox’s life. Gu YuMian found it helpless and funny. Although everyone was not hungry at this point, since the little fox wanted to play, it was okay to cook.

After bathing the little fox, Gu YuMian would let him. Of course, in the middle of it, the little fox came to Gu YuMian for help.

At this time, the snow leopard was going to get his bath. Gu YuMian knew that it would be like this. He took over the small wonton which was half done by the little fox.

Shrimp and pork were mixed together, he added some cooking wine and salt, and mixed in the egg mixture to make the stuffing. The soup should be simmered gently with pork bones and shrimp shells until it was slightly thick, mellow and fresh. Then some chopped green onion and ginger would be sprinkled over it. At this time, they could smell the fresh fragrance brought by the white steam.

The small fox’s face vigorously concentrated as he made dumplings. The stuffing fell on the palm, and the thin skin was gently pushed and tightened at the mouth of the tiger. Gu YuMian’s wonton and dumplings were very neat and beautiful. He saw that a small butterfly like wonton flew out of the palm and landed on the white porcelain plate.

The audience and the three cubs were stunned.

The little fox looked at his claws. Gu YuMian held his claws and patiently made one.

“It’s a little difficult to learn how to pack a wonton. I’ll teach you later.” Gu YuMian rubbed the little fox’s ears, and the little snow leopard looked sour.

Wrapping the wonton and cooking it in the soup pot; a pot of hot soup with a little alcohol, thick milky white, and a floating layer of golden fragrant oil. One by one, the small and white wontons were floating and rolling in the soup. The thin skin was wrapped with the shrimp meat and tender noodles and fat meat filling. Finally, two pieces of crispy greens were added.

Shrimp wontons had a different flavor from other delicacies. The crispy and tender shrimps, and the plump pork were delicious. The small wonton was put into the thick soup. It was not strong, but it was just that people kept swallowing from the smell on the tip of their nose.

This time, not to mention the audience and the cubs, even the mermaid swimming outside the window looked on.

The bullet screen continued coming again!

[User 23238: Shit, what kind of immortal day is this??? ]

[Marshmallows are not sweet: I’m drooling! MianMian, you’ve made a big move in the middle of the night. This one smells delicious, small and tender. Aaah!]

[Calculus is Very Simple: Watching this live broadcast, and getting ready for bed with dry bread at hand.]

[There’s a Cloud: I have to say, anchor is getting better and better. When he just wrapped the wonton, I didn’t blink for a second.]

[audgccz: Old diving audience silently + 1, reluctant to blink! ]

Gu YuMian bent his eyes and suddenly remembered another thing.

Why hasn’t little Tang yuan come back? He could hear the whispers from the next room and although Tangyuan should have met something interesting, he wouldn’t have taken so long.

Gu YuMian stood up and planned to get the baby by himself.


What Gu YuMian didn’t know was that they were not the only guests of the ship, but the reason for this was a long story.

At this moment, in the next room in the house that hasn’t finished pumping out the water, a small black shadow slapped its tail and rolled, and looked at its beauty in the mirror.

Long and powerful caudal and pectoral fins, streamlined body. The skin was white and smooth, and the bow on top was perfect. 

The little girl enjoyed it with satisfaction for a while. She twisted her chubby body into several positions. She took several pictures of herself with her optical computer.

She began to repair the picture, polish the skin, whiten the tail fin, and then photoshop the lines to be longer and stronger, and nodded with difficulty. Very good, today’s share of cute was also renewed successfully.

It never occurred to her that when she turned around, she would meet curious, bright and swarthy eyes.

The little girl almost had a heart attack.

How could the aura of an idol be broken? After all, the settings of their perfect idols wouldn’t be photoshopped or sticking to a mirror.

Little Tangyuan had been staring at it for a long time, “Chii.”

Taking a good look at this creature… little Tangyuan and little husky had been playing for a long time recently, and gradually had some brain circuits. They wanted to show all the good-looking things to Gu YuMian. Of course, he was better than Er Ha and didn’t bite the head directly. He was much more gentle and polite.

… Except for the speed.

The human baby reached out to hold the little girl’s tail tightly and took it with him. The stroller was half submerged in the sea water, moving forward at a very magical speed and turning around with dazzling skills.

The little girl was scared from the beginning, and she almost turned white with anger when she gradually regained her mind.

What’s the matter with this human cub? Are you a fan? It’s so rude. It’s unbelievable. There’s no such terrible thing as a private meal. And why a pram?

With its beauty, even if the illegitimate baby was going to come to plunder, couldn’t it have the latest suspension device? It was too shabby. The little girl rolled her eyes and spat out a bunch of unwanted bubbles.

So Gu YuMian saw such a scene.

His little Tangyuan, two little short hands holding a one meter long dolphin, drove the pram all the way and drove the little dolphin into his arms together.

The little white dolphin wore a pink bow on her head, and she was so angry that she frothed at the mouth. But the smiling angel-like dolphin was indeed worthy of her name, and there was an angry and polite smile on her lips.

Gu YuMian, “……”

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