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Chapter 1: Corpse Phenomenon

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA


(Note: there are many sci-fi factors in this article, and the style is odd, without a leading role! No protagonist! If you are not interested in this, you can skip it)


It started about two years ago. Police found a body in the railway station; the body was not lying down, it was standing, its feet firmly supporting the body, standing in front of the station square. If it wasn’t for a pedestrian who accidentally bumped into it, no one else would have found the body.

It had no life responses, no breathing, no body temperature, and it was dead with its eyes closed. Strangely enough, it didn’t have any dead spots or signs of decay, and it didn’t smell.

Unable to find an identity match, the police began to post notices for clues. Details of the autopsy were not released, triggering a lot of speculation on the Internet.

Not long after this incident, new bodies were found, including men and women, old people, and children. Like last time, they had no obvious trauma, no odor, but quietly appeared in some public places, such as park seats and department stores.

Panic began to spread. Some people thought it was a terrorist threat, others thought it was an unknown virus. The strangest thing was that there were so many dead people, but no corresponding missing persons reports, as if the dead were not real.

A few days later, something more terrible happened. Bodies were being found in many families.

It’s not that people died one after another, but that strange bodies would appear in people’s homes out of thin air. After being removed, new bodies will continue to appear, but if you leave it alone, it will not affect anything.

After a few months, people’s shock and fear at the beginning turned to numbness. It became common to see bodies on the road or to go home and see them. The only problem was that the police had to distinguish between the “corpse phenomenon” and real murder cases from the overwhelming body mass.

Things are starting to get complicated.

After people got used to the bodies, they began to develop uses for them. Some people used the corpse standing in their living room as clothes hangers, and the more convenient use was to use them as human platforms for three-dimensional cutting. Others use the body as a model for clothes and hats or experiment on them with make-up.

Some people still couldn’t accept the existence of corpses in their lives, so they would donate the corpses from their homes or companies to relevant organizations. Medical schools were no longer worried about the lack of teaching aids, students even experienced a little oversupply of these “general teachers”.

Later, there was an online corpse exchange forum, where people exchanged corpses with corpses to find the corpses they wanted. Some people even stole corpses from public places to sell them to the people in need. This behavior was condemned by the public.

The worst use of corpses was to vent “personal needs.”. Male corpses can not be used in common ways. Their physiological functions have stopped, and ‘special’ organs have been in a state of non-availability for a long time. Therefore, few women would use them for the above purposes. Instead, some women have developed a hobby of dressing up their bodies.

Men, on the other hand, can do a lot of things with corpses, because the skin, muscles, and so on of the corpses are exactly the same as human beings, which has become a paradise for novelty hunters.

Moreover, in this way, no one else can blame these bad things, because this behavior does not harm anyone else. These bodies are naturally formed, not any living person.

Humans have been living with corpses for a little more than two years, and by the end of the year, it was noticed that bodies began to disappear.

First, in some households, their hangers, platforms, and dolls disappeared. If there were new things on the body, such as new clothes and so on, then the clothes will not disappear with them, but just fall to the original place.

Once, in the anatomy class of a university, a ‘general teacher’ disappeared in front of several classes of students. Its chest and abdomen were still cut open at that time and those even disappeared. At that moment, the students were pulling its fat.

The number of bodies in public places were also decreasing, and the streets seemed to be returning to what they were two years ago. The most unfortunate were those who sold corpses, as the goods in their warehouses evaporated.

In the third year, the bodies disappeared completely. There were no more corpses in any country and region. But another terrible phenomenon was that many living men disappeared with the bodies!

Some of these people were friends with each other, and some had nothing to do with each other. When they disappeared, it was sudden, and their clothes would fall to the ground.

It was out of orbit, out of the moon, out of orbit, into the moon’s orbit, away from the moon’s orbit, and then out of the moon’s orbit.

From the cabin to the bridge, the science officer met the project leader on the way.

“Finally, I can go back,” said the science officer in their own language. “Professor, I didn’t expect that the plan would really work. After a brief period of curiosity and rejection, the earth people quickly accepted them.”

“Yes,” said the professor, “in fact, I learned this idea from Earth people.”

“Oh? What do you say? “

“I have deciphered a piece of earth’s radio wave. The means are relatively primitive. We have not been exposed to such primitive information transmission for a long time. The radio wave is a film about the earthman observing some kind of bird living in the polar regions of the earth. “

“Is it a seal?”

“No, seals are not birds. It’s like penguins. Earth people don’t know about this creature, so they use some materials to make a mimicry that looks like penguins and place them into the penguin colony. Inside the mimicry, video recording equipment is installed to record the daily ecology of penguins. Of course, their video recording methods and prosthesis materials are too primitive to be an absolutely secret simulation. But it’s a good inspiration. Like bionics, a lot of our ideas come from other creatures.”

The science officer nodded: “Yes. As like two peas, we put together the simulant mimicry. The structure and the body parts are exactly the same as the real human being, but we can not make them really active. Originally, I was worried that human beings would not accept it. “

“Penguins don’t repel fake penguins. Our technology is better than humans, and they won’t repel them.”

Walking to the moon-shaped gate leading to the bridge, the scientific officer suddenly thought, “By the way, the captain has taken a captured human out of the observation room without permission. Is this a problem?”

The professor shook his head helplessly: “of course, that is a problem. This is not in line with the regulations. But fortunately, these people have been disinfected, and there are no harmful bacteria on them, and neither are we harmful to them. So there are no concerns about health and safety for the time being. However, the law forbids raising alien creatures without permission. If anyone reports it, it will be held responsible. “

“How long will it take to get them back to earth?”

“It will be returned soon. We need a little time to study them, and when they are put back on earth, they will only feel that they have lost some time and will not remember us.”

The science officer tapped the ground with his tentacle: “Well, I’m not worried about these humans, I’m worried about the captain. I’m afraid that the captain and the pet have stayed together for too long. It’s very painful to separate after feeling attachment. By the way, what are the criteria for choosing them?”

“Oh, this one,” said the professor, “the selection criteria were set by a psychologist from our planet. Mimics have built-in special micro and nano instruments. At the level of human technology, the sensing and filtering system will make it impossible for them to detect the existence of instruments through their original technological means. Then, these instruments will not only record human behavior patterns, but also their physiological acceptance to us.”


“Yes. The expert studied many products of human literature and art. He found that in human literature and paintings, there are always creatures similar to us. They describe a creature similar to our body shape and who occasionally interact with humans in simulated reproductive behaviors. The feedback from humans in the article are usually resistant at first, but most of them show hyperactivity and active acceptance in the end. Oh, people call this kind of literature “chushouplay”. Even in some literature, human beings think that such creatures like us are “gods”, which coincides with a hypothesis in our history! You should have heard of this view, to the effect that our ancestors influenced the evolution of local intelligent creatures in ancient times of earth. Perhaps at that time, our ancestors and human ancestors really often had a close cross-racial relationship. This not only leads to the fact that human beings always write about us, but also explains our special feelings for human beings, our compatriots are always very interested in the “human” image in various literary and artistic works, and the degree of interest exceeds that of any other alien life.”

“I see. After all, one of the topics of this study is the relationship between human beings and us involving biology, psychology, and history. But why are all human males chosen this time?”

“Because they have the behavior of imitating and mating regardless of the object, it proves that their demand for this aspect is relatively high, and such experimental subjects have a high degree of cooperation.”

Walking to the bridge, the science officer and the project leader did not find the captain. The first mate saw them and shrugged helplessly: “The captain really likes some of the earthman. He said he was busy.”

“What about the other people on duty?” The science officer shook his tentacle discontentedly, “How come so many people didn’t come? Even if we cruise automatically, we can’t slack off like this.”

“They all went to watch the human beings, but I told them that they could only watch and not touch. A wayward fellow with the captain is enough to be annoying. I’m afraid of making extra trouble.”

About two months later, the missing humans reappeared one by one, just as suddenly as a corpse appeared.

They returned to the place where they went missing, with no recollection of what happened during that time. When studying this strange incident, some scholars thought about the possibility of an alien hijack, but the mainstream view would not accept this.

Some of the parties agreed to be hypnotized, but hypnosis didn’t lead to more answers. After they entered the state, there was no way to answer the hypnotist’s questions. They just keep saying, “mmm, aha, ohh, help, die, my God,” and went back and forth this way

The phenomenon of the corpses and missing men is known as the first global mystery event after the 21st century.


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A bit strange, but interesting.

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Odd for sure, still intriguing.

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Hahaha. So they took away all the perverts, huh. But it seems the aliens were perverts too.


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