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Chapter 2: A Shameless Prince

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA


A long time ago, there was a very small but beautiful country. The King was very kind, the Queen was beautiful, but they had a problem: they have no children. The queen prayed to God every day, and one day, God responded to her.

God said, “Beautiful daughter, what was the King like when you first met him?”

The Queen said, “We were very young at that time. When he saw me for the first time, he looked afraid.”

God asked, “When you fell in love with him, what was he like?”

The queen said, “He was already a King, diligent in government affairs every day, and very hard-working.”

“So, what was your wedding night like?”

The Queen blushed, “Ah… How can I say that, what a shame…”

God said to her, “Okay, you will have three children, but none of them will be perfect. Will you love them even then?”

Of course the Queen will love her children. She thanked God and told her husband the good news. Soon after, the Queen gave birth to triplets. They were three very healthy little princes. The King and Queen were very happy to see their three children grow up day by day.

But gradually, people in the palace discovered that something was wrong. The Queen remembered what God had said, and now those words echoed in the three princes.

The big prince’s name is Bree. He was handsome and strong, but he was too brave and often ignored danger and did things that scared everyone. He is a man of no fear.

The second prince’s name is Swin. His advantage was that he worked very hard and was not afraid of fatigue. Sometimes the King and Queen almost worried that he would make himself sick. He is a man of no pains.

The case of little prince Sher is a little special. He is as handsome as his two brothers, but he had one thing to worry about since he was a child: he was very shameless.

He never had a sense of shame, no fear of image, and does not know what behavior should be carried out in private. When others put forward that something was wrong, he thought about it and couldn’t understand why he should be ashamed. No matter how he was taught, the King and the Queen couldn’t change his mind. In the end, they had to threaten him: if you don’t do what we say, we’ll be angry, even if you can’t understand, you can only obey.

Fortunately, their threat had an effect. From then on, the little prince knew that people must wear good clothes and could not arbitrarily abolish other people’s clothes.

Year by year, all three princes have grown up. On the day of their joint birthday, the king held a grand celebration.

The castle played happy music, and the streets were full of petals. People gathered in front of the Castle Square, and saw the King and the Queen. Then, the three young and handsome princes came up.

At the celebrations, they made public speeches to tell people how much they love their country. The celebration went smoothly and the three princes were very obedient. Finally, they stood on the terrace in turn, ready to speak to the people.

“I love this country as I love my sword. My sword helps me, and I will never let it break.”

“I love my country as I love my books, luggage, roads, flowers, and fields. My soul belongs to you, and I will dedicate my life to you.”

At last, it was the shameless Sher’s turn. He stepped forward, with a charming smile, and said, “I love this country as much as I love cocks.”

There was an uproar, and the King and Queen were almost unsteady. Sher’s brothers also looked at him in shock. He just said a certain medical term on the body of male mammals, and his expression was magnanimous.

After the celebration, the King was very angry. He ordered Prince Sher to be confined to think about his mistakes, and then he called on many scholars and sages in the country to discuss how to educate him.

“Your Majesty, you must not punish him,” said the sage. “You must have heard of the story of ‘Princess and Salt’. A king asked his three daughters if they loved him. The eldest daughter said, “I love you like sugar.” the second said, “I love you like honey.” but the youngest said, “I love you like salt.”. The king thought that salt was ordinary and cheap, so he was angry and punished and exiled his little daughter. As a result, many years later, the kind-hearted little daughter married the king of a neighboring country. At the wedding banquet, she invited her father but deliberately left his food without salt… “

The King took the Queen in his arms and trembled with fear, “I see. If I punish him for this, he will take away my cock… “

The great sage vaguely felt that the logic was not so simple and crude, but the truth was the same. He nodded his head in pain.

Thinking about it, the King became more and more upset. What can we do if we can’t leave Prince Sher alone or treat him too harshly? If this goes on like this, I’m afraid Prince Sher can’t even find a princess!

The great sage thought of another idea: “The three princes are young and strong. It’s better to let them take swords and luggage and adventure everywhere. Usually, princes who adventure around will find one or two princesses or fairies to save them. The saved princesses will naturally be willing to marry them! Even if you can’t find them, you can hone them and make them better princes. “

The King agreed. The next day, he called the three princes and asked them to take risks far away to save the weak and punish the evil as much as possible. The three princes were willing to do so, and soon packed up and left the castle.

Soon, the princes heard that there was a tower of evil witches in the forest. There was a princess from a neighboring country. She was the most beautiful girl in the world. The wizard threatened her country, if they didn’t give up the princess, he would take the girls from all over the country. The princess was kind-hearted and went into the forest voluntarily.

“We should save the princess,” said Bree, who was not afraid. “There are three of us. We can beat the wizard.”

Swin pushed up his glasses, “I didn’t sleep all night yesterday. I went to find out the details of the wizard. It is said that to defeat him, he must obtain three treasures, without which he will not yield.”

“Whatever it is, we will get it,” said the shameless Sher.

In this way, the three princes went into the forest and through many hardships to the tower of the evil wizard. Looking at the towering tower, the three princes were filled with emotion and asked questions one after another

“Why do wizards live so high up? I think it must be that they are afraid their evil plans will be seen,” Bree said.

“Why can a wizard build a tower so high?” Swin said, “I think it must be that they have great knowledge and magic.”

“Why does a wizard want only a princess, not a beautiful girl?” Finally, Sher said, “I think he must be in bad health and not confident about the size of his-“

In the eyes of the two brothers’ surprise and condemnation, Sher couldn’t finish, but he was convinced of his point of view.

The three princes broke into the gates of the tower, all the way up, not afraid of any monsters suddenly that jumped out. The monsters opened their mouths wide, but when they saw the heroic figures of the princes, they were scared away.

Finally, the door suddenly opened. The wizard sat on his throne in a black robe with a sneering smile.

Behind the wizard, the magnificent velvet curtain inlaid with gold thread slowly opened, and behind it was a row of metal fences, like a huge birdcage. The princess was imprisoned there. She had a gorgeous bedroom and jeweled clothes, but she couldn’t leave half a step as she had gold handcuff-like bracelets and gold shackles- like anklets.

Facing the prince’s rebuke, the wizard laughed, “Warriors, don’t worry. Even if you kill me, you can’t open the cage of the princess. Because there is a spell cast on the cage, someone has to find three things for me before it can be opened.”

“What are the three things?” asked the princes in chorus.

“The first is to find sugar that makes people drunk but does not contain alcohol. Second, to find something warm, but not hot like fire. Third, to find a sword that is frightening but not sharp. “

After finishing the conditions, the wizard added, “Even I don’t know where to find these things, so I can’t give you any tips. Since I can’t find them, I can’t free the princess even if I want to.”

The princes didn’t believe him and wanted to rush into the house. The wizard waved his hand and several monsters appeared in front of the princes. This time, the demons were very powerful, their claws were like sharp swords, and they spat fire from their mouths to prevent the princes from approaching.

The eldest prince Bree raised his sword, called out the names of God and King, and bravely rushed to the demon. The second prince Swin took the opportunity to bypass the fight situation and came to the cage. He took out a large number of various spell books from his heavy backpack and began to experiment with each mantra he had learned, trying to help the princess open the shackles on her body.

Finally, it was Sher, the little prince, who walked into the room with a grin on his face and threw away his cloak.

“You, you stop!” The wizard panicked, and his demon guard was busy fighting with the big prince, unable to protect him.

First prince Bree cut off the head of the first demon, and then cut off the arm of the second, and the monster immediately turned into smoke and disappeared. Now there was only one demon left, and Bree’s victory was in sight.

Second prince Swin succeeded in opening the shackles on the princess’s feet with a spell and was now trying to get rid of them. The princess moved her feet excitedly and sat down beside the cage to cheer for the princes.

Taking advantage of his superior physique from participating in military training all the year-round, Sher, the little prince, put the wizard, who was slow in response by half a beat, in the chair and suppressed the wizard with a series of fairy tales that could not be described in detail. When the last demon was killed, the wizard was weak as a curse in front of the little prince.

Next, the little prince used years of shameless experience to scrap the robe from the wizard. When his second brother succeeded in lifting the handcuffs of the princess with a spell, the little prince trapped the shrinking wizard in his face.

Finally, the wizard found that a weapon that would not appear in any fairy tale was in his body, and he produced a shiver that could not be written in the fairy tale. Little prince Sher said in the wizard’s ear:

“First of all, when I kiss you with my lips, it is clear that there is no wine, but you are as soft as if you have drunk wine. My kiss is the sugar that makes you drunk but does not contain wine; then, you are sweating, and my muscles are warm but not hot. Now, my terms, which do not conform to the fairy tale atmosphere, are threatening you, as long as I am not a fairy tale character but a literary character. From now on, you will say goodbye to fairy tales and become a character in ‘that’ kind of literature. Then you will experience the fun and fear that you can’t experience in fairy tales. This does not hurt your life but makes you afraid. You see, my words which do not belong in fairy tales are the fearsome but not sharp sword.”

The demons disappeared, the shackles were removed from the princess, and the unbreakable cage began to crack, but it did not fully open.

The eldest prince and the second prince collected their swords and books and stood by the cage.

The little prince looked at his brothers and said, “There is another aspect. If you look at the whole country, my eldest brother Bree, he has never been afraid since he was young. He is the most fearsome but ‘not sharp’ sword in the whole country.”

“My second brother, Swin, has never known to not work. He has studied hard and worked himself to bring people knowledge and hope. He is the warmest but ‘not hot’ fire in the country.

“And I, like what I’m doing to you right now, I’m the drunken, alcohol-free sugar.”

The cage broke and the princess was free again.

She looked at the princes outside. She wanted to go to the second prince Swin, but Swin rushed to the wizard’s study.

So the princess had to run to the eldest prince, Bree, and put her arms around his waist to form a brilliant picture of the bright Knight saving the girl.

In the wizard’s chair, the little prince Sher did not relax his vigilance because of his victory. He still tamed the wizard with intoxicating sugar, trapped the wizard with warm fire, and conquered the wizard with a frightening sword, forming a picture that could not be described in fairy tales.

A few days later, the three princes returned to the palace. The King and the Queen were so excited that they hugged and wept. Their sons are very good.

The fearless Bree won the heart of the neighboring princess. Like all the heroes and princesses, they held a grand wedding and lived happily ever after. The king found that since he got married, Bree was no longer brave and had a little more delicacy. He was glad to see that his son had gentleness in addition to courage.

Swin, who did not know how to not work hard, mastered the knowledge of the wizard. He studied day and night, when he met a place he didn’t understand, he asked the wizard directly. He wanted to carry forward these spells and use them in good causes in the future. The King and Queen advised him not to tire himself too much. He said that he would pay attention to rest because he wanted to keep healthy and pass on the fascinating knowledge. The King was very happy. He didn’t have to worry about his second son’s health.

As for the little prince, shameless Sher, though he had no princess or magic, he had the wizard for himself. At first, the King disagreed. After all, how could a prince be with a wizard? But later, the King found that there were certain advantages to this. Since he was with the wizard, Sher was never again shameless in public. The King and Queen were glad to find that their little son had learned to be ashamed at last.

However, things were not exactly as they thought. Sher just learned to be shameless in private. In his own palace, he still had another literary life with the wizard and lived happily ever after.


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