STSC Chapter 38

STSC Chapter 38

Chapter 38

Since Num El could not take much time, I could only accept Mo Shu’s arm with all power. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

There was no sign, no secret intent. After a few minutes, Mo Shu killed more than 10 unprotected people without shaking their eyes!

It’s completely … Nangage did not know how to express the current shock he felt.

Nan Ge did not allow Mo Shu to kill. Mo Shu did not offend his actions. While trembling, the blood spots fell only from the brilliant sword. After that, Mo Shu released his sword back with his back. He turned to win Nan Ge Er’s head. Listening “What is wrong and it feels cold?” He packed Nan Ge Er with a white coat.

The people on the street were still bored. Each of them screamed inadvertently.

Nage opened her mouth and could not be released. I felt he was trembling greatly.

Mo Shu did not hear what Nan Ge Er said. Then he once knocked the sword and killed it. The blood appears to appear again.

“Go down” He shook the voice he used.

However, when a sword was shot down, three beautiful heads were thrown out at the same time. This picture is again silent across the street.

Dead Silence

Apparently they forgot to breathe and the men were graceful and elegant, similar to the white flowers. Despite the fact that he killed more than 20 people, his mountain was not killed in one place.

How terrible

Nan Ge Er got along with Mo Shu. He felt that he had no power. She also has trouble breathing. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

He killed a person before, but he personally did not return his life. Moreover, all the murders he committed were conditional. However, in the case of Mo Shu, each killing took place so naturally, in fact.

I like food and drinks naturally.

In fact, he did not receive him as a murderer. He seems to have reduced other ends, for example, cutting meat every day in the kitchen.

Nan Ge could not stop her body.

Now he finally realized why the doctor talked about the problem with him about such an important position and why Sajiko and Konpei were so worried.

This is because Mo Shu simply did not have the usual code of conduct that a typical person should have. He will kill in a peeled way, only to those who have blocked their path and settled. Such trivial reasons. Such a cold, merciless reason. Or maybe it was not due to a disturbing reason that someone could disturb my path.

Maybe he just wanted to kill, so he could kill him.

Therefore, the doctor will call him a blood vessel.

Is this not the reason why the doctor told me that I have medicine?

At that time, he thought that the doctor really said that it really was not needed, but now I felt that it was really sensible. It was not a simple blood thirst. Instead, it was a great or rebellious person’s life, so he could easily use the sword. It was as natural and desperate as people who were scavenging antiques.

The huge body of Nan Ge Er was very concerned about Mo Shu. He touched Nan Ge Era’s brow, worried: “What’s wrong?”

This was the only thing Na Ng Ell could stop crying just by chewing his lips. I do not think that something has changed Mo Shumo.

He bent his head according to the treasure. “I do not like the smell here.” Blood blood flows and flows into the air. It almost made him a pig.

When he heard this, Mo Shu was arrested by Nan Ge Er and laid his head on his chest. “We will soon be leaving.

He obviously killed people clearly, but why he does not have blood? What I know is still the pine smell. This clean and clean smell. He obviously killed so many people.

Nan Ge Er could hardly feel his heart out of his box, he became disgusting and shy. As if I was infected with malaria, my thunderstorm became stronger.

However, as if it were, he was desperately lifted up at the man who froze him in the bones.

Fear of fear was afraid. I want to cry – I want to cry – I want to cry – I want to cry. Mo Shu Mo Shu Mo Shu Mo Shao …

Nan Jae Aung realized that when Mo Shu gave him a gentle, short answer, he called Mo Shu’s name from his clothes.

Mo Shu. He took a strong back to Mo Shu’s waist. When he called the name of Mo Shu, he felt even shivering.

Do you kill me Like in the past, do you attack your sword without breathing eyes?

“I immediately took him to a doctor.” Ningen was not good, but he tried to comfort her by touching his forehead with his hands.

Mo Shu’s study slowly made Er Nan Ge, but he made this affection more difficult.

I’m not afraid of death, I really am. I am a person created with rhymes, showing me a sword for fear of death, but, frankly, I am never a person who deals with myself. I’m completely acquainted with someone who kills me except you.

“I’m afraid, you can not beat me, at least I do not kill me, do not let people hit to become.” “I’m afraid you can not beat me at least I do not kill me, do not let people hit to become What you sent, I’m afraid it hurts -. …. It hurts … “He got a little uncontrollable. The anxiety before recording in his soul deeply mixed with the current scene, slipping it into an extreme chaos.

Mo Sou Frosti.

. “Cold – it’s cold – my heart will burst out of pain.” Nan Ge Er is, “… I do not kill me scared me scary, it’s killing me.” His gaze was an inconceivable explosion of astonishingly confusing words. . After repeating his words, in general, his voice grew stronger, gradually “I’m afraid, my pain hurts that something is wrong, was – why did I return to you did not have me here? .. I want to – I hate you you want to go back – I hate you, and I do not like the fire, “he grabbed his neck Mo Shu as a manulo.” I hate black, because I have to live, do not want to hurt pain, it hurts, I do not want to live – as if it is a cry of pain “… I was feeling very painful, crying I was very sad.

He dropped blood from slices of Mo Shu’s neck. Then he turned his hands on his neck and made him calm down. The degree of calm strength was practiced as the death of suffocation.

“I do not want to live – I will die, I will die.” He looked at the psyche of the neck and ran again and again. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

I die twice. Please do not resurrect me again. I do not want to suffer forever.

Mo Shu became a plan. He caught the hand of Nan Ge Eru and stopped him from self-harm.

Nan Jae-e struggled with all power, as if planning to kill his enemies.

Without giving up his choices, Mo Shu gave him a knife to reach Nan Ge Eru. Mo Shu just learned that when Nan Ge Er lost consciousness, he exploded with a shocking sweat. He knew Nana Ge Ers was somewhat hard, but his death did not seem to have heightened it today. When I saw a bright red green mark on the Mo Era’s throat, he could feel a terrible pain in his heart.

Is this a way to make him act like a pain in the worsening?

He has never found any value in the life of strangers, but now the reaction of Nan Ge Er has now become the killing of people before Nans Ge Er Tas was.

Nan Ge Eru has always been in a semi-conscious state for the next 5 days. The amount of food given to him was not a problem, and everything was taken away. Even the water should have been supplied from a small Mo Shu muta. If everything else is given, it will be surprised.

He thought it was a nightmare. He always spends every day every day, constantly killing himself every day, his life humbled without knowing.

In just five days, all Mo Shu pill food efforts over the last 6 months have disappeared. Nana Ge Er was very thin, he almost became his emoji shell, almost as he was in the first Hiroshima.

Many doctors advised. They decided that stress was too high and survival rates were down.

With excitement of anxiety, Mo Shu almost dies of anger, their useless physicians to calm his anger.

Fortunately, the Guang Tian people who lived there reassured him. After all, something was appointed as a doctor’s introduction. Nan Ge Era was finally rescued by taking medication.

When Nan Ge Er regained consciousness, it was already noon. White clothes hanged at the bed attached to the shoulder.

So, Nan Ge Er also woke up, I woke up Mo Shu, discovering Er changes in breathing mode Nan Ge. He saw Nan Ge Er. After being ill, Nan Ge Er was slightly lying. He was not as shy as he was used to.

On the other hand, he did nothing, so he could not act.

Mo Shu noticed that Nan Ge Er woke up, but he did not speak the words. He simply took his hand and flew dark hair at the forehead of Nan Ge Era. For a long time, he suddenly whispered: “I will not blame you anybody.”

Nan Ge Er said as confirmation.

“You’ve died most of me,” Mo Shu continued. As Mo Shu watched every day, I did not feel eating, so he got thin all the time. Therefore, he looked thinner and attractive as if he always climbed the sky.

When Nan Jae’s exploded, his tears began to spill.

Mo Shu. He cried loudly and his voice was low.

Mo Shu hid his head.

“Life is too much work.” His sharp tears suddenly fell on his cheek: “It’s really hard.

Mo Shu carefully wiped out the tears, focusing on her gaze.

“You do not know me, do not mind me, my life is pale, if you invite me, I can live.

After silence silently silently: “Yes! This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

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