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Gaze at the Scenes of Debauchery

Chapter 21

Wen Qing gradually started spending more time away from home, drowning his days in a private cinema.

He had to allow the other two to interact privately so they could foster their feelings.

The owner of the cinema was a man who had a big beard and was around ten years older than him. He bonded quite well with the other. As he caught sight of Wen Qing, Big Beard teasingly said, “I’m afraid of you coming here. The room is filled with the stench of tobacco every time you leave.”

Wen Qing smiled, “I’m addicted to smoking.”

Big Beard sneered causing his beard to move along with his mouth, “I haven’t seen someone who’s as addicted as you.” He paused for a moment before he continued, “You should take care of your health young lad, smoking really isn’t good for you.”

Wen Qing laughed indifferently.

Wen Qing liked this place.

It was quite and the lighting was dim. It was a good place to think about things and recollect memories. He could also watch the story on the screen if he ever became bored.

It was the perfect place to waste life.

Wen Qing grabbed the cigarette box to discover it empty. He frowned and flipped through the pockets on his clothes but to no avail, he found none.

Wen Qing slouched on the sofa in front of the screen and was too lazy to get up. He had originally planned to just deal with it.

However in the end, his urges became harder and harder to ignore. His mind grew unexplainably irritable. Wen Qing pulled at his hair and decided to go buy some cigarettes.

Big Beard didn’t sell the brand he smoked.

Wen Qing was contemplating whether to make a trip to the supermarket or to buy some other random packet.

A box of Marlboro suddenly appeared before his eyes. Wen Qing and looked up to see Wen Bai.

He took the cigarettes, lit one up and took a long drag before asking, “Why are you here?”

“To find my teacher.” Wen Bai pointed to Big Beard.

Wen Qing nodded and thought about how he couldn’t even visit this place too often anymore in the future.

He waved the packet of cigarettes in his hand, thanked the other and returned to his theatre box.

Not before long, Wen Bai also entered and sat beside Wen Qing. His hand rested on the edge of the sofa as if he was wrapping his arms around Wen Qing.

“Why aren’t you with Yan Han?”

Wen Qing glanced at Wen Bai before he replied dully, “He’s at home.”

“I heard that Yan Han even repented and returned to the path of virtue for you. I seem to have underestimated the ability of a good for nothing man.”

Wen Qing silently looked ahead at the screen as if he didn’t hear Wen Bai’s mockery.

A senseless anger gradually swelled in Wen Bai’s heart. Why did he lose desire for all food and drink for this man, whilst this man continued to live a life of leisure nonchalantly?

“What? Did Yan Han fuck you until you couldn’t talk?”

Chapter 22

Wen Qing sighed softly.

He finally averted his gaze from the screen to look at Wen Bai, “Big Beard is your teacher?”

“Yeah. He was still teaching philosophy when I was in university.”

Wen Qing lifted the corners of his lips, “How have you been these days?”

Wen Bai didn’t answer, instead he asked, “Didn’t you wish for me to get the hell out and disappear completely from your life?”

Wen Qing laughed nicely and ruffled Wen Bai’s hair, “Of course not.”

Wen Bai suddenly became like a deflated rubber ball. He retrieved his hand that was on the sofa and averted his gaze before he said in low spirits, “You said I resembled him last time.” Wen Bai didn’t really want to mention the other’s name.

“Yeah.” Wen Qing nodded his head.

“Then why can’t you get together with me? It’s okay even if you think of me as a substitute for him.”

Wen Qing looked Wen Bai in the eye and shook his head with a smile, “I couldn’t possibly use another twelve years of my life to wait for your endless affairs.”

“I won’t do that.”

Wen Qing instantly started laughing. He then slightly turned around to hug Wen Bai as he rested his chin on the other’s shoulder beneath the indignant, yet slightly puzzled gaze of the child in front of him, “Kid.”

Wen Bai didn’t dare move and replied with a slightly stubborn tone, “I’m not a kid.” Wen Bai couldn’t see Wen Qing’s face, but he felt as though he was constantly smiling.

He felt helpless, yet quite pampered.

Surrounded by darkness, Wen Bai asked calmly, “Did you miss me?”

Wen Qing remained silent for a long time before finally replying, “I did.”


“Sometimes I would think about whether someone would miss me if I left.”

Wen Bai’s body trembled. Wen Qing reached out and gently patted Wen Bai’s back, like it was a silent act of comfort, and as if he was facing Yan Han.

“Then I thought about you and I suddenly couldn’t bear the thought of leaving anymore.”

“Don’t leave.”

“I won’t leave. How could I?” Wen Qing’s eyes were slightly unfocused.

When he returned, Yan Han was in the middle of discussing something with Yan ZiChen. The two both held happy expressions.

“Wen Ge, you’re back?” Yan ZiChen sat next to Yan Han and greeted Wen Qing.

“Yeah.” Wen Qing nodded and laughed kindly.

Yan Han frowned, “Where did you go again?”

“I went and sat in a book cafe for a while.” Wen Qing placed his bag down before he removed his coat and walked towards the bedroom.

Yan Han followed him in and hugged Wen Qing from behind as he kissed the other’s neck.

“How many did you smoke this time? Smoking is banned in book cafes.” Yan Han said.

“I couldn’t overcome my addiction to smoking. I stayed in the toilet for half a day.”

Chapter 23

YanHan nodded and released Wen Qing, “Come out and eat, the meal is prepared.”


Yan Han still didn’t leave. Wen Qing turned round and looked in the direction of Yan Han’s gaze. It was the Marlboro Wen Bai had given him.

“What’s the matter?” Wen Qing asked.

“Nothing.” Yan Han smiled, “I was just thinking if I should get you to quit smoking.”

Wen Qing laughed indifferently and went to wash his hands in the bathroom.

By the time he came out, Yan Han had already left. The packet of Marlboro had been tossed in a nearby bin.

During dinner, Wen Qing suddenly said, “I’m going out on a trip in a few days.”


“City H has an international photography exhibition. I’m going to have a look.”

“Aren’t you going to be gone for a few days then?”

“For about a week I think. I’ll take a look around City H while I’m there.”

Yan Han nodded, “Okay.” He paused and looked at Wen Qing before he faced Yan ZiChen and told him, “Then I’ll have to go to your place this week if I want to eat anything delicious.”

Yan ZiChen secretively glanced at Wen Qing before he blushed and quietly said, “I can come over and cook for you.”

Wen Qing lifted the corners of his mouth and drank a mouthful of soup.

One week should be long enough.

Wen Bai accompanied him when he went to City H.

Wen Bai sat right next to him on the plane as if his appearance was to be completely expected. Wen Qing smiled, “I thought maybe you wanted to send me off when you asked me about my flight number, but I never imagined it was because you wanted to go together with me.”

Wen Bai didn’t say anything back.

After a while, when Wen Qing felt a bit sleepy, Wen Bai suddenly said, “Don’t we seem a lot like lovers who are eloping?”

Wen Qing laughed, “Do all kids have such great imagination?”

Wen Bai grasped Wen Qing’s hand, “During this week, you’ll forget about Yan Han and I’ll put Enterprise Wen aside.”

Wen Qing smiled in silence, and allowed Wen Bai’s warm palm to cover the back of his own hand.

Wen Bai followed Wen Qing when he entered the hotel. Wen Qing stopped in front of the hotel room and Wen Bai halted in his movements, waiting for him to open the door.

Wen Qing was just about to say something when Wen Bai walked over and took his luggage in one hand as he grabbed the room card and opened the door to make his way inside. Wen Qing didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he was left behind at the door.

“There’s only one bed.”

“I know.” Wen Bai nodded his head.

Wen Qing continued, “There’s no room for you to sleep.”

“You couldn’t possibly kick me out, could you?” Wen Bai said as he had already started to take off his clothes.

Wen Qing subconsciously wanted to avert his gaze, but he also thought that it would seem too deliberate if he did so and thus he forcefully stopped himself. He was already so old. He wasn’t some innocent child anymore.

“You think I’m handsome?” Wen Bai suddenly asked softly.

Wen Qing was initially taken back before he helplessly smiled and nodded, “Yes, yes. You’re handsome.”

Chapter 24

Wen Bai took off most of his clothes until he was just wearing his underwear. He then walked towards Wen Qing and grabbed the other’s hand to place it on his lower region, “This part of me is pretty ‘handsome’ too.”

Wen Qing instantly withdrew his hand as if he had been burnt.

Wen Bai’s hand remained there as he faintly smiled, “We’ve already done it, what is there to be afraid of?” He then hugged Wen Qing tightly and grinded against the other person with his lower body as he huskily said, “You couldn’t have possibly believed that I would merely sleep in peace after rooming with you.”

Wen Qing pushed Wen Bai’s chest away, “I believe there are many people who would be willing to sleep with you.”

“But I only want to sleep with you.”

“But I don’t want to.”

Wen Bai pressed Wen Qing’s hips tightly against his own and thrusted against him a few times with his already hard lower region. His voice was deep and low, “Perhaps you could try and refuse.”

The kid’s proficient skills did indeed give him little chance to refuse.

When Wen Qing came in Wen Bai’s mouth, his feelings of self loath suddenly reached its maximum.

Wen Qing arched his neck and allowed Wen Bai to bite him all over with a mouth stained with cum. He closed his eyes. His entire mind was filled with images of Yan Han sleeping with other people.

Whatever. What was he fighting for in the first place? Their relationship was already torn and tattered.

Plus… he was going to leave him soon anyways.

That night, Wen Qing was unusually initiative and enthusiastic. Wen Bai found it hard to control himself. Towards the end, Wen Bai would move once and Wen Qing’s body would uncontrollably convulse before he exuded a few drops of clear liquid.

Wen Bai gazed at the person before him whose face was crimson red. His mind went crazy with a hint of despicability. He wanted Wen Qing to completely forget about Yan Han and then fill the emptiness with himself. Wen Bai looked at the white liquid leaking from Wen Qing’s behind and felt physically satisfied.

He still felt slightly unwilling when he carried Wen Qing out to wash up in the end. However, there were many more years to come. There would always come a day when Wen Qing would be his.

Wen Bai smiled with the aggressively wild heart of a young man.

Wen Qing watched Wem Bai in a daze as if he had returned to the past to when he was still young.


Wen Qing didn’t successfully get out of bed the next day.

He was tightly tucked into bed by Wen Bai as he was fed congee.

Wen Qing felt slightly depressed. Why was it so hard to just go out and enjoy a diversion from his worries?

When there were only three days left of his one week trip, Wen Bai left due to urgent matters at work. Wen Qing breathed out a sigh of relief. He could finally had some time to take a breather.

He couldn’t go to the photography exhibition anymore, so he settled with the idea of wondering around the local area.

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August 8, 2018 11:06 am

I’m looking forward to the course that I will take on the one hand I would like you to accept WB but at the same time I would like you to remain alone and focus only on the same
Thanks for the chapter! 💕💕💕

August 8, 2018 11:18 am

Thank u for the new chapters!

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I don’t want Wen Qing to go out with Wen Bai
But I don’t want him to stay with Yan Han either…..
It’s really something that Wen Qing isn’t blaming the patissiere for taking yan han from him, I get the feeling that something unexpected will happen.
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Wen Qing need some time to be alone. Without any relationship, it can take weeks, months or even years. And let’s see if Wen Bai will still love him. Or Yan Han would miss him…

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For me, a HE would involve Wen Qing alone, maybe traveling abroad to study or explore and take some time for self-reflection. You can’t really love someone else until you love yourself, and there’s a lack of self-love happening in Wen Qing’s life. The cigarettes are a reflection of that fact; he’s not suicidal but he’s not caring about himself at all.

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